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  • GRF Editor By Tokei

    • 26,415
    Hey everyone, This is a GRF tool I started to develop for my own personnal use, but I thought I'd share it since I've upgraded the UI. Its primary goal is to be easy to use while offering a wide variety of options and customizations. The software is quite stable and can handle large operations easily. How to install Download the zip archive provided from the download link at the bottom of this description or directly from there :
  • Third Job Costumes & New Classes: Corrected By Haziel

    • 19,128
    Third Job Costumes + New Classes The Correction With the advent of jRO releasing new Job Costumes, and also, the new classes from the Taekwon branch, many of server owners want to replace the vanilla sprites or even, implement the bodystyle system. But, there's a catch! Originally jRO, and now, even kRO spriters, have  made it completely off of the default pattern of palette. In a classic example, you can notice the pattern of the RO palettes. What matters is the position of the
  • Dress changer ~ Change your appearance between classes. By Secrets

    • 1,063
    This NPC let your players change their appearance to other classes in their class line plus their jRO costume at a price. For example, a sniper can change his/her appearance to hunter and ranger (plus jRO ranger costume).