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  1. Greetings, do you sell custom weapons???? ?

  2. Greetings, excuse you sell colors of clothes and hairstyles with their colors?
    1. Zikoziz


      new cloth 3job


    2. KamiShi


      Hello, yes, please check my facebook https://www.facebook.com/kamishi/

  3. Hi, just to confirm I am Andrés Garbanzo from Facebook and the owner of eAmod.

    Y soy de Costa Rica.


  4. olá boa noite eu gostaria que vc me ajudasse tou tendo um problema com meu servidor ragnarok eu criei um creador o bug ta no homuculo eu coloco ele pra matar algum bicho ele ataca de boa o problema dele é que ele nao upa vc ve a exp dele subindo mais quando vai ver alt+r  fica la no mesmo lv 1 e nao sai desse level queria saber como ageito isso passo a passo a outra coisa ja rodei varios sites atras de 2 npc sala vip com os npc dentro da sala e o outro devilsquare esses 2 npc nenhum rodou no meu servidor

  5. I'm... back x_x

    Is it the light I see?



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    2. Olrox


      no one cares love

    3. Roxas_V




    4. Kido


      I'm also about to come back hohoh :3 WB!

  6. hello kamishi..

    i want buy your elemental race system.. how much ?
    email : [email protected]

  7. I need to buy Elemental Race system. How much it is?


  8. i need to buy Elemental Race System How much to paid ?

  9. About Paid Service (Drawmove - Free Animated Flux CP Theme- 2.0)

    Dear Sir,

    may i know what kind of features you give for your paid server? and how much is it?




    1. KamiShi


      Sorry... Not doing that anymore.

  10. Hello sir Kamishi is Adelays still working?

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    2. Rook1es


      Its ok sir Kamishi . can i try :) is the code free :D . do you know about ring-0 protection

    3. KamiShi


      I have no idea where I put the file. I must dig into my old stuff. But I will probably release it in one month or two now that i am back =) 

    4. Rook1es


      Ok sir kamishi . just update us :) more power

  11. Hi Kamishi, are you still around? a fellow customer here from before and i kind of need your support for one of the files that you have.


    would be great if you could contact me thanks.

  12. Hello how much is i will buy this kind of headgear??


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