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  1. If you don't want the object to cast shadows, go to object edit mode, select the object, then in it's properties there's a check box to stop it from calculating lightmaps on it.
  2. Only export shadows. Dont touch color. Edit with an image program like paint and import back only shadows.
  3. Whaddup Chris :P 4381
  4. RIP mapping mast3r :'(

    1. Pedrooo


      What happened to him? 
  5. When you run the exe it'll search for borf.default.json. Ensure you have that file and it should find it.
  6. I'm not sure what map you're referring to. PM me and let's discuss
  7. Hey Emistry! He's on r230 -:> Yeah, from what he's mentioned, its a lot easier to code, better library files, and a heck of a lot faster.
  8. When did you get back into mapping Chem? Great work! Clean, organized, excellent lighting and object orientation/placement. A very solid & fun looking map to play on
  9. There sure is Borf poked me today and he's already completed some edit modes. He's definitely making amazing progress. PS: Hi everyone
  10. A++++ is an understatement. You deserve more lol. This is incredible.