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  1. Syouji

    [Showcase] Yavin1b

    Incredible work. Well done
  2. Syouji


  3. RIP mapping mast3r :'(

    1. Pedrooo


      What happened to him? 
  4. Syouji

    BrowEdit 2.0 [Redesigned]

    When you run the exe it'll search for borf.default.json. Ensure you have that file and it should find it.
  5. Syouji

    BrowEdit 2.0 [Redesigned]

    I'm not sure what map you're referring to. PM me and let's discuss
  6. Syouji

    BrowEdit 2.0 [Redesigned]

    Hey Emistry! He's on r230 -:> Yeah, from what he's mentioned, its a lot easier to code, better library files, and a heck of a lot faster.
  7. Syouji

    [Showcase] Volcanic PvP

    When did you get back into mapping Chem? Great work! Clean, organized, excellent lighting and object orientation/placement. A very solid & fun looking map to play on
  8. Syouji

    BrowEdit 2.0 [Redesigned]

    There sure is Borf poked me today and he's already completed some edit modes. He's definitely making amazing progress. PS: Hi everyone
  9. A++++ is an understatement. You deserve more lol. This is incredible.
  10. Amazing work Olrox. Your work is an inspiration to all of us.
  11. Where have you gone Syo! =[

  12. Syouji

    Eating the middle part

    Here you go. =) EndlessGuild_VS3 Middle Edit.7z