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    cp_itemdesc populed table

    I don't know the reason but on my Fluxcp the system "UPLOAD ITEMINFO.LUA" never worked and so I took the file "itemInfo.lua" file translated by "my hero" zackdreaver (https://github.com/zackdreaver/ROenglishRE/) with all the descriptions of the translated objects and I have made a SQL file that inserts the data in the `cp_itemdesc` table which should be enabled on the Fluxcp "Add Item Info" page.
    It depends on the configuration of your "phpmyadmin" (if you use it), but it is very likely that you will need to split this SQL file into several parts to avoid timing out during the query run.
    (sorry for my eng and thanks a lot again for all those who are still committed to the development of this project... you are my heroes!)



  2. Free

    Registration WebTemplate / SemiCoded

    Hi guys, just designed a web template, too lazy to php/sql it, so... ill give it away for free to anybody who wants to give it a good use.
    * Do NOT sell it as a personal work.



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    Add file to guild storage

    Hello guys,
    I've create this page because some one requested it. It's easy to configure but very useful.
    With this page you can add an item to the guild storage of any guild you want.
    You can configure a key which anyone need to access this site.
    You can configure the min. group id which anyone need to add an item to any guild.
    The page check the following:
    - Does the guild exist
    - Does the guild have the item already
    - And last but not least does the user have the right group id to access
    I hope it can help anyone. If you find some bug or issue let me know this If you want to request any else I can help you too.
    Best regards
    //Copyright by Garkor.
    //Dont steal it. Dont name it as yours. Dont remove the copyright.
    //You can change something but you aren't allowed to remove the copyright/watermarks.



  4. Free

    CeresCP Control Panel Skin

    CeresCP Control Panel powered by me and Ike3da, no remove ours credits!

    //config.php//sql connections$CONFIG['rag_serv'] = ''; // SQL Ragnarok Host$CONFIG['rag_user'] = 'root'; // SQL Ragnarok User$CONFIG['rag_pass'] = 'vertrigo'; // SQL Ragnarok Password$CONFIG['rag_db'] = 'ragnarok'; // SQL Ragnarok Database name$CONFIG['log_db'] = 'ragnarok'; // SQL Ragnarok Log Database name$CONFIG['cp_serv'] = ''; // SQL CP Host$CONFIG['cp_user'] = 'root'; // SQL CP User$CONFIG['cp_pass'] = 'vertrigo'; // SQL CP Password$CONFIG['cp_db'] = 'cp'; // SQL CP Database name//map,char,login servers settings$CONFIG['accip'] = ''; // Account/Login Server IP$CONFIG['accport'] = '6900'; // Account/Login Server Port$CONFIG['charip'] = ''; // Char Server IP$CONFIG['charport'] = '6121'; // Char Server Port$CONFIG['mapip'] = ''; // Zone/Map Server IP$CONFIG['mapport'] = '5121'; // Zone/Map Server Port// Vote4Fun1 => 'http://www.topragnarok.com.br/'; // Vote4Fun One2 => 'http://www.topragnarok.org/'; // Vote4Fun Two3 =>'http://www.topservers200.com/'; // Vote4Fun Three



  5. Free

    ERODS unfinished web template

    This was supposed to be the new design for my online Ragnarok database, ERODS, but I never finished it.
    I think it's an okay layout and some parts look OK, so I decided it's better to share than to keep it dusting on my disk. It needs a little work, but maybe someone wants to refit it to their page?
    Image is of the (unfinished) HTML coded design. Download also contains PSD source files.



  6. Free

    ERODS Fusion

    I get asked for this every one in a while, so I figured I might just upload it here for those still interested.
    This is a web database system for PHP 5.3 which I made some years ago. It was originally a clone of the RO-Empire database, and is similar to the one at RateMyServer. Because max file size here is 25MB I can't upload the item, monster, card and map images. If you want those graphics you'll have to generate those yourself. Please be aware that the included database is ancient, so this is of very limited use to most people.
    Advanced monster search
    Advanced item search
    Map viewer
    World map
    English, Spanish and Portuguese languages included

    For a live demo, just try searching on Google for something like "erods fusion" and you might find a site which still uses it.



  7. Free

    Ceres CP Addon: Show Vote Points

    Hi there, i just made an simple php script for showing the vote points on ceres control panel.
    based on this request:
    write your database / username / pass etc. in the header of the php file.
    put the file into the main directory of your ceres cp.
    Open the "vote4points.php" and add:
    and you are done. simple but working.



  8. Free

    [PHP] Simple rAthena Status Script

    Show your eAthena / rAthena server status and count player online
    requires: PHP5.2+ , MySql
    Sorry for my bad english



  9. Free

    Iris Acccount Registration

    Account Registration form



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