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  1. pajodex

    Battlegrounds w/Commands

    You could've used the search function.
  2. pajodex

    Announce item name and ID

    add something like.. announce "["+strcharinfo(0)+"] has just obtained a ["+getitemname( [email protected] )+"("[email protected]+")] from a Custom Box.",0;
  3. pajodex

    Euphy's WOE Controller Rewards

    I just read your code right now, I think there is a better way to do that.. (without using SQL) just few notes : 1. Use script commands available at doc/script_commands.txt such as *getguildmaster, *getcharid, *strcharinfo, *attachrid.. 2. You are using "$" as variable.. read in script_commands the functions of the variables.. you can just use "[email protected]" instead.. "[email protected]$" 3. Since I still didnt check Euphy's script, I assume it ran in a loop.. [email protected][[email protected]] -> already contains account ID of something? you can run it using *attachrid sample: attachrid [email protected][[email protected]]; // attaches the [email protected] getitem 501, 10; // gets the item.. detachrid; // detaches the rid As they say, there is still room for improvements.. I constantly learn from my mistakes and being pointed out is not a bad thing.. it means new thing you will learn which will improve your skills a lot.
  4. pajodex

    Remove equip garment Costume

    Yes, check this part: table : `char` columns : `head_top` , `head_mid` , `head_bottom` I don't think it is possible.. Never tried it tho
  5. pajodex

    how to following NPC ?

    Yeah, actually I did not give you off the full code, I want you to learn how to do it yourself. TIP: read about *getmapxy
  6. pajodex

    Euphy's WOE Controller Rewards

    no problem! I know you knew how to do it yourself
  7. pajodex

    Euphy's WOE Controller Rewards

    if you just copy and pasted it, of course it wont.. I said :
  8. pajodex

    how to following NPC ?

    untested but it should work.. if you want to learn more.. check doc/script_command.txt.
  9. pajodex

    how to following NPC ?

    how about let then use @storage command and for the buff, there is always item scrolls? If I am not mistaken, there are pets that can give player buffs.. im not sure but I think there was.. (never tried it). PS: There are lots of healer / buffer npcs here. you can look them up at the search bar.
  10. @wakefield21 Not for now here in rAthena... DM me here or in Discord if you want a copy of this.
  11. pajodex

    Euphy's WOE Controller Rewards

    I assume you have basic script knowledge.. if (strcharinfo(0) == getguildmaster( getcharid(2) )) // checks if the player interacting the npc is a guild master... getitem 45000, 1; // if so... guild master reward is given here else getitem 45001, 1; // if not.. guild member reward is given here That is just a psudo-code, meaning you still have to configure it to make it work with euphy's script (which I obviously didn't check )
  12. pajodex

    WoE points who killed a player

    True but if there is no active woe, it will still count... I don't see the point of making this script if you don't add the agitcheck() - script asdfg -1,{ OnPCKillEvent: setarray [email protected]$, "aldeg_cas01", "aldeg_cas02"; // maps if ( getcharid(3) == killerrid || !agitcheck() ) end; // auto end if player kills himself and also if woe is not active for ( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < getarraysize([email protected]$); [email protected]++) { if ( strcharinfo(3) == [email protected]$[[email protected]] ) { #WOE_POINTS++; dispbottom "Gained 1 WoE Points. Total : "+ #WOE_POINTS +" WoE Points."; } } end; }
  13. - script asdasdasd -1,{ OnNPCKillEvent: ++$mobkillcount; // mob kill counter if ( $mobkillcount > 20000 ) { // triggers when mob counter reaches 20k $mobkillcount = 0; // reset the counter to 0 [email protected] = 1001; // MOB ID of the monster setarray [email protected]$, // list the maps you wish to spawn the mobs "prontera", "prt_fild01", "prt_fild02"; // summons mob id to the maps listed for ( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < getarraysize([email protected]$); [email protected]) { monster [email protected]$[[email protected]], 0, 0, "--ja--", [email protected], rand(10,20); // random of 10 - 20 mobs spawns } announce "World Bosses has invaded the server!", bc_all; // announce } end; } not tested but you should get the idea
  14. pajodex

    Easycore's Extended BG NPCs Errors

    Obviously Easycore's Extended BG needs SRC Mod..
  15. pajodex

    Add check for bounded items

    --------------------------------------- *getinventorylist {<char_id>}; This command sets a bunch of arrays with a complete list of whatever the invoking character has in their inventory, including all the data needed to recreate these items perfectly if they are destroyed. Here's what you get: @inventorylist_bound[] - the bound type of the items (see BOUND_* constants) This could be handy to save/restore a character's inventory, since no other command returns such a complete set of data, and could also be the only way to correctly handle an NPC trader for carded and named items who could resell them - since NPC objects cannot own items, so they have to store item data in variables and recreate the items. Notice that the variables this command generates are all temporary, attached to the character, and integer. Be sure to use @inventorylist_count to go through these arrays, and not 'getarraysize', because the arrays are not automatically cleared between runs of 'getinventorylist'. ---------------------------------------