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  1. obviously, you might be using an old emulator or another emulator.. keep your emulator updated..
  2. @NakedWolf I assume you are using an older server files.. you can fix that by putting the "++" after the variable.. for example from: [email protected] ++.redpoints to: [email protected]++ .redpoints++
  3. pajodex

    downrefitem debug

    This is most likely caused by the NPC itself.. check script.. or post it here
  4. pajodex

    how to put countdown?

    make to mes "[自動倒數器]"; announce "The race will begin",bc_all,0xFF0000; initnpctimer; // initialize npc timer end; and here to OnTimer35000: stopnpctimer; // stops the timer announce "0",15; end;
  5. Hi, it could be available any time soon.. as of now, my finger is badly hurt and needs time to recover.. i'll get back on this soon..
  6. pajodex

    gift npc

    Im pretty sure it has been made recently in a post here.. maybe use search engine next time.. or from @AnnieRuru or from me: or you can simply scroll thru trunk/doc/script_commands.txt and you will find conditions and be able to make as simple as this.. - script askdmasd -1,{ if( BaseLevel != 99 ) { // When a player reaches Lv 99 mes "You need to be lvl 99 to claim rewards"; close; } if( getreward ) { mes "You can only claim reward once per character"; close; } mes "Congrats! You've reached level 99"; getitem 501,10; // gets reward getreward = 1; // Prevent abuse close; }
  7. pajodex

    Race to 99 Per Class

    look goto line 69 or look for this : for ([email protected] = 0, [email protected] < getarraysize([email protected]); [email protected]++) { set $rewarded$[[email protected][[email protected]]], ""; } and change to : for ([email protected] = 0; [email protected] < getarraysize([email protected]); [email protected]++) { set $rewarded$[[email protected][[email protected]]], ""; } Typo error only.. just changed the comma "," to semi colon ";"
  8. pajodex

    Clan System

    Yup I found most of it in src.. also, adding clan seem to have to do with sql too.. that's why I put it in database xd The ones found when you press `ctrl+g` and you can find them on prt_in something..
  9. pajodex

    Clan System

    Hi, I don't know if this is the right section.. Anyways, is it possible to add custom clans?
  10. Or follow instructions in here:
  11. pajodex

    R> Raid Boss event
  12. pajodex

    Queue Script Command

    Yup.. True.. But it would still be cool if rA also implements this system. As this system, if I am not mistaken, can reduce the usage of loop script commands for checking players, can be accessed by other npcs, and etc.. And it would be easier for other scripters to understand how the script will work.. And this would also make sense.. But still the convenience it would contribute would be a great help. Well, this is just my selfish suggestion.. It is not really something important at all..
  13. pajodex

    Queue Script Command

    Hi, So, I hope I would be hear out.. browsing thru Hercules forum, I found this particular topic.. What interest me the most is the Queue Iterator Script commands. These are the commands from Hercules which can be used also here in rAthena. (Copied and pasted from that post) My point is.. can this also be implemented in rAthena or something a-like? This would greatly help improve all scripts that will utilize queue system.. especially BGs.. This is just a suggestion.. Though it is possible to make a queue using arrays and stuff but it is more convenient when it has its own script command. Thanks!
  14. pajodex

    Zeny in separate table Try my version.
  15. pajodex

    How i do make a invencible mob?

    Set defense to max.. Wont get 0 but only 1.. I never tested it.. But it should work