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  1. pajodex

    I need a random item generator can anyone help me?

    Here rAthena has very sophisticated functions. please use them.
  2. pajodex

    Achievement scores..

    May I know where are the achievement score stored? I cant seem to find it anywhere in sql database..
  3. =========== About My Services =========== I am willing to make any script of your request. Just be creative and I'll do my part as your scripter ( as long as it is do-able in scripting side ). I can do from simple event scripts to complex instances / battleground / pvp scripts.. ( I DONT ACCEPT REPLICATING OFFICIAL QUESTS ) Make sure you'll give me all of the information about the script before I start making it. Any information added after I clarify all the things you said will be considered as modifications and may or may not have additional charges. ( depending on the complexity ) I may also ask for some clarifications while I'm making the script, so, you may need to attend to my queries as soon as possible. ( the sooner = the faster it'll be finish ) I will only send you some videos on how your current script is working before you send me the payment then I'll send you the script. For servers with heavy modified server files, please inform me ahead on what modifications made and so on.. to make sure my script will be compatible with your server files. I give 100% free support on all of my paid script as long as it is verified by both of us. I pretty much do anything related and do-able with scripting.. if you have any more questions, feel free to DM me here or in discord. ( I personally prefer discord since I'm almost always available there ) discord id : pajodex#1328 =============== Pricing =============== Price starts at $5 on simple scripting service... It may increase depending on the complexity of your request. We must negotiate about pricing before I start your request. =============== TOS =============== Don't claim my work as yours, I retain the rights of my scripts No resale or redistribution of my work No refunds once you have accepted the script without any bug reports within 24 hours Free maintenance of the script as long as it is verified by both of us ( only script related problem ) ToS can be changed any time without any notices. ======================= Contact Me ======================= discord id : pajodex#1328 ======================= My Works and Releases ======================= Script Collection PVP MMR System [ COMPLETED ] GitHub Script Collection [ FREE RELEASES ] YouTube Channel
  4. pajodex

    [SHOWCASE] PVP MMR System (complete)

    UPDATE STATUS : COMPLETE PS : This system is 100% compatible with extended battleground
  5. it seems you are using extended battleground src mod... (as I have thought) .red = bg_create ( strnpcinfo(4), 251, 149, 0, strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnRedQuit", strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnRedDie" ); .blue = bg_create ( strnpcinfo(4), 47, 149, 1, strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnBlueQuit", strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnBlueDie" );
  6. extended battleground? screenshot your console error..
  7. not helpful, post your console error.. but im guessing you are using either an old or wrong emulator..
  8. pajodex

    Item view

    *setlook <look type>,<look value>{,<char_id>}; *changelook <look type>,<look value>{,<char_id>}; 'setlook' will alter the look data for the invoking character. It is used mainly for changing the palette used on hair and clothes: you specify which look type you want to change, then the palette you want to use. Make sure you specify a palette number that exists/is usable by the client you use. 'changelook' works the same, but is only client side (it doesn't save the look value). // This will change your hair color, so that it uses palette 8, what ever your // palette 8 is, your hair will use that color setlook LOOK_HAIR_COLOR,8; // This will change your clothes color, so they are using palette 1, whatever // your palette 1 is, your clothes will then use that set of colors. setlook LOOK_CLOTHES_COLOR,1; Here are the possible look types: LOOK_BASE - Base sprite LOOK_HAIR - Hairstyle LOOK_WEAPON - Weapon LOOK_HEAD_BOTTOM - Head bottom LOOK_HEAD_TOP - Head top LOOK_HEAD_MID - Head mid LOOK_HAIR_COLOR - Hair color LOOK_CLOTHES_COLOR - Clothes color LOOK_SHIELD - Shield LOOK_SHOES - Shoes LOOK_BODY2 - Body style Whatever 'shoes' means is anyone's guess, ask Gravity - the client does nothing with this value. It still wants it from the server though, so it is kept, but normally doesn't do a thing. Only the look data for hairstyle, hair color and clothes color are saved to the char server's database and will persist. Body style will also persist if 'save_body_style' configuration is enabled in '/conf/battle/client.conf'. The rest freely change as the character puts on and removes equipment, changes maps, logs in and out and otherwise you should not expect to set them. In fact, messing with them is generally hazardous, do it at your own risk, it is not tested what will this actually do - it won't cause database corruption and probably won't cause a server crash, but it's easy to crash the client with just about anything unusual. However, it might be an easy way to quickly check for empty view IDs for sprites, which is essential for making custom headgear. Since a lot of people have different palettes for hair and clothes, it's impossible to tell you what all the color numbers are. If you want a serious example, there is a Stylist script inside the default rAthena installation that you can look at: 'npc/custom/stylist.txt'
  9. pajodex


    don't use `sleep2` Quoted from doc/script_commands.txt sleep 10000; //pause the script for 10 seconds and ditch the RID (so no player is attached anymore) sleep2 5000; //pause the script for 5 seconds, and continue with the RID attached. I didn't test this but ohh well... prontera,148,195,5 script GM Support Assistant 469,{ mes .n$; if ( !.onlinegm ) { mes "No available GMs at the moment"; close; } mes "No. of GMs Online :"+ .onlinegm; mes " "; mes "Would you like to contact them?"; next; if(select("Yes","No")==2) close; mes .n$; if(gettimetick(2) < #HelpDelay) { mes "You may only send a message every 5 minutes!"; close; } atcommand "@request This player is in need of assistance."; #HelpDelay = gettimetick(2) + 300; mes "Game Masters has been notified."; close; OnPCLoginEvent: if ( getgmlevel() > 10 ) ++.onlinegm; end; OnPCLogoutEvent: if ( getgmlevel() > 10 ) --.onlinegm; end; OnInit: .n$ = "[ ^FF55FFGM Support Assistant^000000; ]"; L_Reload: waitingroom "Number of online GMs: "+.onlinegm,0; sleep 3000; delwaitingroom; waitingroom "Do you want to contact GMs?",0; sleep 3000; delwaitingroom; waitingroom "If you need assistance, please click me.",0; sleep 3000; delwaitingroom; goto L_Reload; end; }
  10. Hi guys, I've been out for quite a while, but now I'm starting to get back on track and finishing my projects being left in hiatus for few months.. For now, I want to showcase this script I made. Have a great day! _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Simple ~ Fun ~ Competitive Find Jakk's Cat Event ~ Mechanics: 1. Find Jakk's cat around Niflheim. 2. You can lure it by using `Fresh Fish` towards Jakk. 3. There is only 1 cat in the map, you will need fight for it. 4. Who ever takes Jakk's cat to him wins the event. Video Preview:
  11. obviously, you might be using an old emulator or another emulator.. keep your emulator updated..
  12. @NakedWolf I assume you are using an older server files.. you can fix that by putting the "++" after the variable.. for example from: [email protected] ++.redpoints to: [email protected]++ .redpoints++
  13. pajodex

    downrefitem debug

    This is most likely caused by the NPC itself.. check script.. or post it here
  14. pajodex

    how to put countdown?

    make to mes "[自動倒數器]"; announce "The race will begin",bc_all,0xFF0000; initnpctimer; // initialize npc timer end; and here to OnTimer35000: stopnpctimer; // stops the timer announce "0",15; end;
  15. pajodex

    [SHOWCASE] PVP MMR System (complete)

    Hi, it could be available any time soon.. as of now, my finger is badly hurt and needs time to recover.. i'll get back on this soon..