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  1. you can use my old battleground scripts as reference. Most of them doesn't require waiting room limits
  2. yes it is. I tried making a 5v5v5v5v5 bg script before.
  3. I have updated it somehow. I don't know how I did but I did. Since this is a free release, here is the one I was able to update: 0001-sellitem-diff.patch Don't ask for support from me. Im not sure how stable this is but so far its working on my end.
  4. Its only here for showcase until I am satisfied with it.
  5. Rankings of any sorts on this system doesn't make sense guys. There is no actual reason for me to do that. This was inspired by BDO (black desert online) via src changes
  6. Sorry, I don't provide modifications for my free release unless if I see it being very necessary. You are free to modify it as much as you want tho.
  7. I think its only a typo on my part as I was in a game while uploading this file. So, I didn't really mind minor stuffs. The file itself should be v1.2
  8. This is the actual fix, I just found out today but @_Terraseemed to see it first. Version 1.2 is out, waiting for admin approval. Also some fix on selecting the first option on size, race, element type is fixed.
  9. You can fix that part by adjusting this part: function rnd { if(.HardBalance){ return rand(getarg(0),rand(getarg(0),getarg(1))); } return rand(getarg(0),getarg(1)); } To function rnd { if(.HardBalance){ return rand(getarg(0),rand(getarg(0)+1,getarg(1))); } return rand(getarg(0),getarg(1)); } This is to avoid the possibility of getting same value as per the error code.
  10. yes it is possible. prontera,150,180,0 script One Player Only 100,{ if ( .npc_access ) { mes "Some one is accessing."; close; } .npc_access = true; mes "You are the one only being able to access until you press 'close'"; close2; .npc_access = false; end; } This will come with several loop holes and you need to figure it out yourself on how to prevent it and also properly reset the variable used.
  11. you can just add a pvp_noparty mapflag.. *pvp *pvp_noparty *pvp_noguild *pvp_nocalcrank Enables Player vs. Player mode on a map and applies the corresponding damage adjustments. 'pvp_noparty' will ignore party alliances. 'pvp_noguild' will ignore guild alliances. 'pvp_nocalcrank' will disable calculation of PvP rankings.
  12. View File Pet Combination System (RO Landverse Concept) Hi, Just dropping some random scripts on my drive. Enjoy! Script Info: https://maxion-1.gitbook.io/ragnarok-landverse-whitepaper/beginner-guide/pets-system NOTE: This is only a replication attempt. This doesn't have the pet combination UI as per the link showing. This will use NPC Shop UI instead. This is NOT limited to pet combination, you can be creative and change this to item tier combination if you wish. If you know how to read and basic scripting knowledge, then you can edit this script without problem. Use at your own risk. Submitter pajodex Submitted 12/20/23 Category Utilities Video Content Author pajodex  
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