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  2. Oooh thx! Now I discover that "differencce level" also affect the DROP RATE?!?! What??? So, if i am looking for a low level mob card.... I really have less drop chance? Do the servers edit this?
  3. Descargue los archivos. Edité el archivo "skilldescript.lub" para corregir los textos que quería. Ahora, donde copio este archivo? Mi carpeta "data" está vacía. Y no se si debo "introducir" este archivo ("skilldescript.lub") en el archivo ".grf"
  4. It's basically is the max of both values. So if aDelay is 76ms and aMotion is 384ms, then the delay between the attacks is 384ms. Basically "aDelay" determines the time a monster has to wait until it can attack again. "aMotion" determines the time a monster cannot do anything at all after an attack. If aMotion is higher than aDelay, the monster has to stand still until it can attack again (aMotion). If aDelay is higher than aMotion, then the monster can already move again after aMotion milliseconds, but still cannot attack until after aDelay milliseconds. Divine Pride currently has incorrect ASPD display because it only considers aMotion, not aDelay. So you cannot get the aDelay value from Divine Pride at all. I notified Dia, he will fix it on Divine Pride.
  5. 1) You add the numbers together that you want it enabled for. For example if you only want Heal and Sactuary to be boosted by this bonus, then you would put "3" (1+2). If you want everything to be affected from that list you put 1+2+4+8+16+32+64+128+256=511. 2) If you are running renewal, you can define the exp and drop penalty here: https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/master/db/re/level_penalty.yml
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  7. Solo copia y pega y ya esta, no tienes que modificar nada.
  8. You can add a skill in pc.cpp (src/map/pc.cpp) int pc_skillheal_bonus(map_session_data *sd, uint16 skill_id) { int bonus = sd->bonus.add_heal_rate; nullpo_ret(sd); skill_id = skill_dummy2skill_id(skill_id); if( bonus ) { switch( skill_id ) { case AL_HEAL: if( !(battle_config.skill_add_heal_rate&1) ) bonus = 0; break; case PR_SANCTUARY: if( !(battle_config.skill_add_heal_rate&2) ) bonus = 0; break; case AM_POTIONPITCHER: if( !(battle_config.skill_add_heal_rate&4) ) bonus = 0; break; case CR_SLIMPITCHER: if( !(battle_config.skill_add_heal_rate&8) ) bonus = 0; break; case BA_APPLEIDUN: if( !(battle_config.skill_add_heal_rate&16)) bonus = 0; break; case AB_CHEAL: if (!(battle_config.skill_add_heal_rate & 32)) bonus = 0; break; case AB_HIGHNESSHEAL: if (!(battle_config.skill_add_heal_rate & 64)) bonus = 0; break; case CD_MEDIALE_VOTUM: if (!(battle_config.skill_add_heal_rate & 128)) bonus = 0; break; case CD_DILECTIO_HEAL: if (!(battle_config.skill_add_heal_rate & 256)) bonus = 0; break; } } for (auto &it : sd->skillheal) { if (it.id == skill_id) { bonus += it.val; break; } } return bonus; } skill_add_heal_rate: 487 <--- means skill number designed, 1 = Heal Skill, 2 = Sanctuary Skill, etc so 487 means Heal + Sanctuary + Potion Pitcher + Cheal + highness heal + mediale + dialectio
  9. Todo lo que tenga que ver con client side no se toca con el emulador, en este caso es client side y no tienes que compilar nada.
  10. Thank you very much, I already solved the problem with your help.
  11. Me acordé que hablas español. La pregunta es si simplemente copiando el archivo en la carpeta correspondiente ya empieza a funcionar. O si hay que encriptar o compilar o algo.... Supongo que compilar "rAthena.sln", minimamente
  12. You can download directrly trough this link: https://github.com/llchrisll/ROenglishRE
  13. Sorry for reviving this old thread, but I would like to know as well. The idea is to prevent people from griefing by casting a warp portal (skill) exactly at the spawn point when you enter/exit the warp portal (npc)
  14. 1) Help here // Skills that bHealPower has effect on // 1: Heal, 2: Sanctuary, 4: Potion Pitcher, 8: Slim Pitcher, 16: Apple of Idun, // 32: Coluceo Heal, 64: Highness Heal, 128: Mediale Votum, 256: Dilectio Heal skill_add_heal_rate: 487 <--- default This is on the skill.config archive and do not know how to add varius skills. The 487 is the default numer, but... if i wanna add heals and sanctuary.... how i add both of them? Just: skill_add_heal_rate: 24487 ??? Dunno 2) Is editable the penalty EXP by difference level between mob and user?? Where?
  15. Thx my dear. And how should "implement" this type of files? Just by copying the file on the right folder make it works?
  16. I kinda figured it out, but I still can't make the item drop on the coordinates where the monster died. Tried getunitdata, but no success. OnMonsterKilled: .@dropchance = rand(1,100); if(.@dropchance <= 5){ getmapxy(.@map$,.@x,.@y,BL_PC); setarray .@fateshard[0],1000258,1000259,1000260,1000261,1000262; .@randomshard = rand(getarraysize(.@fateshard)); makeitem (.@fateshard[.@randomshard]),1,.@map$,.@x,.@y; } dispbottom "Rand: "+.@dropchance; } Also, since i'm a complete newbie at scripting, I still don't understand the different scopes of variables, can you enlight me on this one?I've read the doc/script_commands.txt file, but it's not clear to me. Like, when should I use ".@" vs "." var?
  17. https://github.com/llchrisll/ROenglishRE/blob/master/Translation/Pre-Renewal/data/luafiles514/lua files/skillinfoz/skilldescript.lub
  18. gunakan code box formating untuk code agar lebih rapih dan text formating code tidak berubah, script engine pada emulator sensitive untuk tab dan space pada saat parsing code. saya telah meninggalkan beberapa catatan pada script silahkan di telaah. prontera,158,180,4 script VRO Asisten 100,{ mes "[VRO Asisten]"; mes "Halo! Apakah kamu ingin menjual Jellopy padaku? Saya membayar harga yang berbeda tergantung waktu!"; next; // Tampilkan harga yang saat ini ditawarkan mes "Saat ini, saya akan membeli Jellopy seharga "+.selected_price+" Zeny per buah."; next; // Note 1: // Kalau bisa jangan terlalu banyak membuat nesting if else // buat script mudah di baca dan pahami dengan sekilas agar mudah dalam debuging. // Cek apakah pemain memiliki Jellopy if (countitem(909) < 1) { mes "Tampaknya kamu tidak memiliki Jellopy!"; close; } mes "Berapa banyak Jellopy yang ingin kamu jual?"; // Note 2: // gunakan variable type yg tepat // untuk user input seperti ini gunakan temporary script variable type ".@" // Note 3: // ".selected_price" dapat berubah ketika script dalam keadaan "suspended / pause" state // script command yg dapat menyebabkan suspended / pause state, // sleep, sleep2, next, progressbar, menu, select. // sebaiknya preserve value ".selected_price" pada saat user akses time dan bandingkan nanti // apakah value ".selected_price" berubah atau tidak (validasi). .@selected_price = .selected_price; input .@amount; // *Note 1, prevent nesting if else if (.@amount < 0 || .@amount > countitem(909)) { mes "Mohon masukkan jumlah yang valid!"; close; } // *Note 3 validasi value ".selected_price" if (.@selected_price != .selected_price) { mes "Harga telah berubah, silahkan coba lagi!"; close; } // Hitung total zeny yang akan diterima pemain // *Note 2, use apt variable type. .@total_price = .@amount * .selected_price; mes "Kamu akan mendapatkan "+ .@total_price +" Zeny untuk "+ .@amount +" Jellopy."; next; // *Note 3 validasi value ".selected_price" if (.@selected_price != .selected_price) { mes "Harga telah berubah, silahkan coba lagi!"; close; } .@s = select("Jual:Ya,Tidak"); if (.@s == 1) { // *Note 3 validasi value ".selected_price" if (.@selected_price != .selected_price) { mes "Harga telah berubah, silahkan coba lagi!"; close; } // Konfirmasi penjualan dan transaksi delitem 909, .@amount; // Hapus Jellopy dari inventory pemain Zeny += .@total_price; // Berikan Zeny kepada pemain mes "Terima kasih telah menjual Jellopy-mu!"; } else { mes "Mungkin lain waktu!"; } close; OnInit: // Inisialisasi setarray .price[0], 10, 20, 30; // Array harga yang mungkin OnTimer900000: // ubah harga setiap 15 menit. stopnpctimer(); // Menetapkan harga acak dari array .price set .selected_price, .price[rand(getarraysize(.price))]; // use initnpctimer() script command disini untuk membuat loop. initnpctimer(); end; }
  19. as today date , yes i can confirm that using latest git still not working regard on OP post above , maybe someone can help us ?
  20. First of all, sry if this is the wrong place to ask this. I wanna change description of skills. But really dont know how. I could ¿disencript? the skilldesc.lub file, converting to lua and opening it with grf editor. But the lenguage es Korean ,i guess, but the emulator have the descrption in english. So i suppose this is not the right file. So my questions are: 1- Is this the right file? If not, where is it? 2-If this is the right one.... how can I implemente the changes later? Do I need to "re-encript" the file? Thx guys
  21. Yesterday
  22. I remember reading once that, every custom skill is treated as an offensive skill
  23. I noticed that on certain hairstyles, when changing palettes some of them would cause this dark line to appear on the side. This only happens with a couple hairstyles. It doesn't seem to be coming from the sprite or the act. Does any one know what could be causing this?
  24. Hi, sorry if this is the wrong spot, I wasn't sure where to post this. I know that they exist, and I've found the female sprites for RK, but for some reason I've spent the last couple hours looking for the old RK sprites and just can't seem to find them anywhere. Were they removed for some reason? Any help finding a full set for the male + female sprites would be so appreciated. I SWEAR that I used to have them somewhere so they must be available. I just feel like I'm going crazy looking for them again lol. Anyway, for reference, this is the female one I found. https://board.herc.ws/files/file/189-old-rune-knight-sprite/
  25. Sorry for resurrecting an old thread but I'm having same issue with my custom supportive skills. They require '/ns' to cast on players, yet they can be cast on mobs without using '/ns' I'm using 20220406, any thoughts on this? skill.cpp case NV_CLEARS: clif_skill_nodamage(src,bl,skill_id,skill_lv,1); status_change_end(bl, SC_CURSE); break; skill_db - Id: 785 Name: NV_CLEARS Description: Clears MaxLevel: 1 Type: Weapon TargetType: Support DamageFlags: NoDamage: true Flags: IsQuest: true Range: 1 Hit: Single HitCount: 1 CastCancel: true Cooldown: 5000 Requires: SpCost: 20
  26. А есть ли возможность извлечь английский перевод квестов из файлов клиента?
  27. Boa Noite companheiros! Estou com um problema: Criei uma box custom que ao abrir o jogador ganha um custom item (asa,helmo,etc) fiz o item > editei o item_group_db> modifiquei o itemdb.h o script_constants.h > compilei porem ao usar a box,o item vem sem identificar, como fazer pra que o item ja venha identificado?? por favor ajudem! desde ja agradeço!
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