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  2. This is not clear. How big is normal. Use specialeffect2 475; Using this can do full screen cover. I don't know where to tweak these effects.
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  4. Hi friend, many thanks to you for helping me, you have a mini map too?
  5. Yes, are you using 'increase zoom patch', in official servers are not possible uses an big zoom like this img.
  6. a SKILL dos bio MAX PAIN quando eles ativa reflete todo o dano dobrado porem so aparece max pain rapido na cabeça do mob e some se ele soltar outra skill ne da pra ve q deu max pain então eu queria saber se enquanto o MAX PAIN dos bixos estiver ativo ter um X grande na cabeça ou uma marcação distinta que a gente consiga diferenciar MAX PAIN: https://ragnaplace.com/pt/bro/skill/716/max-pain
  7. Hello, everyone Full screen cannot be covered with dark effects. sc_start SC_BLIND, 30000, 0; How to fix this. Request Support.
  8. hi everyone, can help me to add guild member healer plese ? i use this script for my buff and VIP buff need item "7854 (VIP Badge, Type:ETC" for use VIP buff. but i want add 1 more item "7608 (Premium Ticket) Type:ETC" for use VIP buff, only need 1 guild member have this item for 1 guild can use VIP buff. === i aldy search and find this but i dnt knw where i can put this code thankyouu
  9. Item 1: 19803,rGT_04,[DROP]Item rG,4,40,,200,,,,1,0xFFFFFFFF,7,2,1024,,0,0,929,{ bonus2 bDropAddRace,RC_All,50; if((isequipped(19803) && isequipped(19804) && isequipped(19805))) { bonus bRestartFullRecover; } },{},{} Item 2: 19804,rGT_05,[DROP]Item rG,5,20,,200,,,,0,0xFFFFFFFF,7,2,2048,,0,0,158,{ bonus2 bDropAddRace,RC_All,25; },{},{} Item 3: 19805,rGT_06,[DROP]Itemr rG,5,20,,200,,,,0,0xFFFFFFFF,7,2,4096,,0,0,818,{ bonus2 bDropAddRace,RC_All,25; },{},{} This script is not giving drop bonus rate, does anyone know whats wrong?
  10. Hi map_morroc_rebuilding.gpf
  11. Thanks for the quick response ! We indeed did not install the x86 ones yet on this PC. All works again !
  12. That usually means you're missing a VC++ library, though I don't remember which one it was compiled on. I'm guessing it's most likely VC++ 2010 (maybe 2008 as well). I'm guessing you picked x64 instead of x86 though.
  13. hello, How is this going? This is a really nice project. How can we get in touch? Thanks
  14. Heya! Co-admin currently running into same issue as ermit123 . The pc recently was reinstalled/got a fresh install of windows. .net framework is installed, Microsoft visual C++ from 2005 until 2022 is installed yet the following error continues to occur: Failed to load the decompression library (Files.lzma.dll). What we have tried so far: Reinstalled grf-editor Reinstalled .net framework Reinstalled microsoft visual c++ Disabled UAC Moved a working grf-editor folder to this PC Deleted files in appdata -> Reinstalled. Tried different install locations / installed as admin Opened grf editer as admin / tried compatibility mode. Manually added the .dll file to system32 Any other ideas?
  15. Hello, everybody. I tried setmapflag "prontera", mf_nightenabled; It was tested, but it didn't work. Also, I plan to use it on my own custom maps, including instance. Only the specified map turns into night, and I don't know how to do that. it didn't work
  16. Tengo un error con los sprite, al parecer se sobre montan los Head_low con los head_top como en la imagen, ¿Alguien me guia para poder solucionarlo por favor?
  17. Hello @Bringer what did you config to again that kind of asura? only Skill.c / Skill_db?
  18. Hi, in before "google it": I did, alot. I am trying to compile rAthena on a raspberry pi and for some reason I run into this error. Since I am a noob when it comes to coding I was following this guide: https://habilisbest.com/rathena-setting-up-ragnarok-online-private-server And this is the error message any possible way to fix that? Is there a more up-to-date guide that I should consider? Thank you so much! edit: Additional info: I run these commands aswell ./configure --enable-packetver=20070521 --enable-prere=yes make clean make server (this is where it "breaks")
  19. Hey Folks, I'm looking together to gather what little remains of EP2 Pre-Comodo data, correct any glaring gaps/issues and hopefully, one day put it in eA/rA compatible format (starting with TXT and then SQL). So far, I've consolidated information from sources I could find online (old eA scripts, Wayback Machine sites -- including a few non-English ones) in this Google Sheet. So far, the data does pass "the sniff test" -- Smokies in Payon Dungeon, Poison Spores in Geffen, Anolians in Clock Tower basement. However, it is missing a bunch of data, most notable monster stats, mobs & spawn details for XMas Island and Toy Factory etc. Card Details are not completely captured and this is something I'm currently working on -- some of the cards such as Pupa (MHP+50) do seem accurate. Requesting inputs from folks that have been playing RO since the early days to help with this exercise. I'm also willing to take a look a any first-party sources such as files from old emulators from this era to refine the sheet above. Planning to xpost this request to a few other RO forums as well. Would appreciate reposts to closed communities/discord groups as well.
  20. Hey Folks, I'm trying to get a rather ancient (406aSakexe) client working, but have run into the following problem: the text from "idnum2itemdesctable.txt" is not displayed in the client, even though it picks up the item name and icon/picture correctly. This problem exists for all items, including default stuff such as "Apple": The first thing I checked were "idnum2itemdesctable.txt" and "idnum2itemdisplaynametable.txt" -- these files are normal and have the correct descriptions in readable English. I've also verified that the item numbers are correct across both the files such that there's no mixup in title/description: I also tried a few things such as: saving the files in different editors and running them thru dos2unix and iconv (to make sure this is not a char encoding issue) repacking/rebuilding the GRF with different tools (GRFBuilder, Gryff and AGRFTool) changing the "<servicetype>" to "korea,america and japan" (and "<langtype>" to "0,1 and 2" respectively) in sclientinfo.xml different client EXEs "sakexe0628a" and "sakexe0911a" but could not solve this problem and the text shows up as gibberish. Would really appreciate any pointers on how to solve this problem.
  21. Last week
  22. Due to my server I played, it can not edit these files via GRF Editor. I use to be edit by systems in Ragnarok folder, by .lua and .lub (TBH, what the hell is .lua and .lub) I heard it must encode it and how. I can just only adjust monsters size. BUT, how do I edit monsters sprite die instantly, and motion movement? Thanks in Advance,
  23. prontera,128,213,5 script Coin Manager#1::CM 733,{ // Your Server Max Zeny Amount set .MaxZeny,1000000000; // Coins Item ID and each Coins Costs setarray .Coins[1],677; setarray .Zeny[1],10000000; set [email protected]_zeny_per_day, 50000000; // Quest setarray [email protected]_need, 7227,5, 7444,100, 969,100, 999,100; [email protected]_need = getarraysize( [email protected]_need ); set @Menu$,""; for( set [email protected],1; [email protected] < getarraysize( .Coins ); set [email protected],[email protected]+1 ) set @Menu$,@Menu$ + getitemname( .Coins[[email protected]] )+":"; while( 1 ){ mes "Hello I am the Coin Manager, if you are interested in coins you have to talk with me,What can i help you with?"; next; switch( select( "I want trade Coin to Zeny:I want trade Zeny to Coin" ) ){ Case 1: mes "Very well. But im only interested on really expensive Coins made of Platinum:"; for( set [email protected],1; [email protected] < getarraysize( .Coins ); set [email protected],[email protected]+1 ){ mes "^0000FF"+getitemname( .Coins[[email protected]] )+" ^FF0000"+.Zeny[[email protected]]+"^000000 Zeny."; } next; set [email protected],select( @Menu$ ); mes "Select the Amount of Coins you want to trade into Zeny."; mes "You have "+countitem( .Coins[[email protected]] )+" "+getitemname( .Coins[[email protected]] )+"."; input @Amount,0,countitem( .Coins[[email protected]] ); if( @Amount < 1 ){ mes "You don't have that quantity of Coins."; }else if( ( Zeny + ( @Amount * .Zeny[[email protected]] ) ) > .MaxZeny ){ mes "You can't hold this amount of Zeny."; }else{ set Zeny,Zeny + ( @Amount * .Zeny[[email protected]] ); delitem .Coins[[email protected]],@Amount; mes "Done, you have traded "[email protected]+" of "+getitemname(.Coins[[email protected]])+" into "+( @Amount * .Zeny[[email protected]] )+" Zeny."; } next; break; Case 2: if ( zeny_coin_quest < gettimetick(2) ) { mes "im sory but you have to make platinum permit quest to trade zeny into platinum coins, do you want to make platinum permit quest?"; next; if ( select( "yes", "no" ) -1 ) end; mes "you need :"; for ( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < [email protected]_need; [email protected] += 2 ) mes "- "+ [email protected]_need[[email protected]+1] +" "+ getitemname( [email protected]_need[[email protected]] ); mes "and 100,000,000z"; next; if ( select( "give the items", "leave" ) -1 ) close; [email protected] = 0; for ( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < [email protected]_need; [email protected] += 2 ) if ( countitem( [email protected]_need[[email protected]] ) < [email protected]_need[[email protected]+1] ) { if ( [email protected] ) mes "I'm sorry you need"; mes "- "+ ( [email protected]_need[[email protected]+1] - countitem( [email protected]_need[[email protected]] ) ) +" "+ getitemname( [email protected]_need[[email protected]] ); [email protected]++; } if ( Zeny < 100000000 ) mes "You need "+ ( 100000000 - Zeny ) +" zeny."; if ( [email protected] || Zeny < 100000000 ) close; for ( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < [email protected]_need; [email protected] += 2 ) delitem [email protected]_need[[email protected]], [email protected]_need[[email protected]+1]; Zeny = Zeny - 100000000; zeny_coin_quest = gettimetick(2) + 30 * 86400; close; } else if ( getstrlen( maxchange_zeny_per_day$ ) ) { explode( [email protected]$, maxchange_zeny_per_day$, "|" ); if ( atoi( [email protected]$ ) == gettime(4) && atoi( [email protected]$[1] ) > [email protected]_zeny_per_day ) { mes "I'm sorry you can't exchange more than "+ [email protected]_zeny_per_day +" zeny per day."; close; } else if ( atoi( [email protected]$ ) != gettime(4) ) [email protected]$[1] = 0; } mes "Very well. Here is the list on how much each coin is worth:"; for( set [email protected],1; [email protected] < getarraysize( .Coins ); set [email protected],[email protected]+1 ){ mes "^0000FF"+getitemname( .Coins[[email protected]] )+" ^FF0000"+.Zeny[[email protected]]+"^000000 Zeny."; } next; set [email protected],select( @Menu$ ); mes "Select the Amount of Zeny you want to trade into "+getitemname( .Coins[[email protected]] )+"."; mes "You can get maximum of "+Zeny/.Zeny[[email protected]]+" "+getitemname( .Coins[[email protected]] )+"."; input @Amount,0,Zeny/.Zeny[[email protected]]; if( @Amount < 1 ){ mes "You don't have that quantity of Zeny."; }else{ set Zeny,Zeny - ( @Amount * .Zeny[[email protected]] ); getitem .Coins[[email protected]],@Amount; mes "Done, you have traded "+( @Amount * .Zeny[[email protected]] )+" Zeny into "[email protected]+" of "+getitemname(.Coins[[email protected]])+" ."; [email protected]$ = gettime(4); [email protected]$[1] = atoi( [email protected]$[1] ) + @Amount * .Zeny[[email protected]]; maxchange_zeny_per_day$ = implode( [email protected]$, "|" ); } next; break; } } close; } can anyone update this script? for example i want to limit 5 coins to be exchanged per day. if i exactly input 5 coins it will automatically stop you from exchanging but let's say you exchange 4 coins first and then you exchange 4 again. it wont let you stop from exchanging it will only stop you from exchanging if you input the exact number
  24. Please explain more further that we can understand.
  25. What you means? I'm telling that my Announce Drop Rate is 0.15 Card Rate 0.10 Card Min 1 Max 10000 What I'm trying explain is: When Use Bubble Gum of 200% increase rate drop, when drops card, do not announcement of drop. When use bubble gum of 100% increase rate drop, still announce the drop. (0.15 or less) The ask is: Do it is correct? If 0.10 + bubble gum(100) would not 0.20%?? And the bubble gum(200) would not be 0.30% drop rate when used?
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