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  2. First, I apologize for my English, I'm using google translator. I'm creating some custom pets and intend to put an evolution on them. I managed to make the 2 pets work, the normal one and its evolution, however the option to evolve on the screen of the first pet does not appear. In PetEvolutionCln_sak e PetEvolutionCln 21061 is normal pet egg ID 21062 is it's your evolution I've already tried changing the egg IDs for the pet ID too in pet_db.yml in petinfo.lub I added lines for both pets, the images appear and everything is ok, only the evolution and autofeeding MENU don't appear thank for support
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  4. I'm trying to make all my stats balanced, and this is pretty easy with ideas like accuracy, damage, and damage resist, but I'm having a hell of a time with regen. While accuracy, damage, and damage resistance all interact with each other, regen does not nicely interact with them. If 1 SP allows you to do 10 damage, and you start with 120 SP, then you could do 1200 damage before you run out. If each attack takes 1 sec to cast, it would take you 120 secs to run out of SP, and then you would have to wait to until you regenerated your SP. If you regen 3% Base SP per 6 seconds (not adding bonus Max SP values in), it would take you 240 seconds to get to full. Now, if I put this into total damage output over time, this base would look like this: At 2 minutes (No Stat Boosts): 60 SP Leftover 1200 damage done At 16 minutes (No Stat Boosts): 0 SP leftover 6000 damage done And then if you compare a double regen boost vs a double Max SP boost, it would look like this: At 2 minutes (Regen Doubled): 120 SP leftover 1200 damage done At 16 minutes (Regen Doubled): 120 SP leftover 9600 damage done -- At 2 minutes (Max SP Doubled): 120 SP leftover 1200 damage done At 16 minutes (Max SP Doubled): 0 SP leftover 7200 damage done As you can see, in the long run, depending on how you set base regen, when you double it, it doesn't tend to balance out. This is even more problematic for HP regen, because if you double 3% HP per 6 seconds, it becomes 1% HP per second, which usually is more than most people think is balanced. On top of this, we come into the problem of potions. If a game is using potions or Inns, a person then has to calculate the value of regen vs how cheap potions are or how time consuming it is to get to an inn. If potions are cheap, regen loses value. If it's easy to travel and get back to an inn, regen also loses value. It can be a really tough concept to balance with stat boosts. Any ideas on how you all would balance it?
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  6. i have tried finishing this quest on the list using setquest and complete quest setquest 7681; setquest 7682; setquest 7683; setquest 7684; setquest 7685; setquest 7686; setquest 7687; setquest 7688; setquest 7689; setquest 7690; setquest 7691; setquest 7695; setquest 7696; setquest 7697; setquest 7698; setquest 7699; setquest 7703; setquest 7704; setquest 7732; setquest 7733; setquest 7734; setquest 7735; setquest 7736; setquest 7737; setquest 7738; setquest 7739; setquest 7740; setquest 7741; setquest 7742; setquest 7743; setquest 14596; setquest 14597; setquest 14698; setquest 14599; setquest 14600; setquest 14601; setquest 14602; setquest 14603; setquest 16010; setquest 16061; setquest 16062; setquest 16012; setquest 14615; setquest 14614; setquest 11455; setquest 11456; setquest 11457; setquest 11458; setquest 11459; setquest 11460; setquest 11461; setquest 11462; setquest 11463; setquest 14672; setquest 12375; setquest 12376; completequest 7681; completequest 7682; completequest 7683; completequest 7684; completequest 7685; completequest 7686; completequest 7687; completequest 7688; completequest 7689; completequest 7690; completequest 7691; completequest 7695; completequest 7696; completequest 7697; completequest 7698; completequest 7699; completequest 7703; completequest 7704; completequest 7732; completequest 7733; completequest 7734; completequest 7735; completequest 7736; completequest 7737; completequest 7738; completequest 7739; completequest 7740; completequest 7741; completequest 7742; completequest 7743; completequest 14596; completequest 14597; completequest 14698; completequest 14599; completequest 14600; completequest 14601; completequest 14602; completequest 14603; completequest 16010; completequest 16061; completequest 16062; completequest 16012; completequest 14615; completequest 14614; completequest 11455; completequest 11456; completequest 11457; completequest 11458; completequest 11459; completequest 11460; completequest 11461; completequest 11462; completequest 11463; completequest 14672; completequest 12375; completequest 12376; now my issue is NPC still thinks im not done with the quest still and still making me do the quest even its already completed.. what seems to be the problem?
  7. https://github.com/llchrisll/ROenglishRE whenever github is back up..
  8. Last week
  9. Rename import to import2 that should help. If not working try rename mob_db.yml to mob_db_.yml in import folders.
  10. I am having this issue when i try to open an grf using GRF editor -------------- Stack trace -------------- at GRFEditor.ApplicationConfiguration.GrfEditorErrorHandler._reportAnyManagedExceptions(String message, Exception exception, ErrorLevel errorLevel) at GRFEditor.ApplicationConfiguration.GrfEditorErrorHandler.Handle(Exception exception, ErrorLevel errorLevel) at GRFEditor.EditorMainWindow.<>c__DisplayClass61.<_load>b__55() at System.Threading.ThreadHelper.ThreadStart_Context(Object state) at System.Threading.ExecutionContext.RunInternal(ExecutionContext executionContext, ContextCallback callback, Object state, Boolean preserveSyncCtx) at System.Threading.ExecutionContext.Run(ExecutionContext executionContext, ContextCallback callback, Object state, Boolean preserveSyncCtx) at System.Threading.ExecutionContext.Run(ExecutionContext executionContext, ContextCallback callback, Object state) at System.Threading.ThreadHelper.ThreadStart() -------------- Exception -------------- System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at GRFEditor.EditorMainWindow.<>c__DisplayClass61.<_load>b__55() -------------- Inner exception --------------
  11. Crash log attached. game_crash_log.txt
  12. use nocommands mapflag if u want to disable all commands. if certain commands, this idea might helps
  13. Thanks you, sir Start_ and to you too ItRas. Now all is ok. Problem Solved What I did: Replaced src folder and after did the changes how I wanted.
  14. ser ! this is working on pvp map but i use on prontera no command or not working
  15. i need to avail only prontera map
  16. ser ! this is working on pvp map but i use on prontera no command or not working
  18. Hello Everyone, One of my developer installed Custom damage effects but one Taekwon Class having issue when using any skill game getting crashed. Now that developer didn't fix that issue and left i don't no how to fix that issue can any 1 guide to fix that? Thanks in Advance.
  19. Oh I didn't know that. Please create issue in GitHub for them.
  20. in episode 15.1 i think can stack bro? skill song like pre renewal
  21. Yes currently it should been like that.
  22. help guys when i use skill idun, and next i use bragi.. > idun effect Dissapear
  23. 1. Git your src folder + Commit files (No need to push to public). 2. Replace your src folder with latest rAthena src folder. 3. Revert your lost source edition (If need). 4. Clean and build.
  24. Hmmm I didn't get these error when I patch it manually. Make sure you add it correctly, kindly double check. Showing 4 changed files with 17 additions and 15 deletions.
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