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  2. to solve your error you need to declare setdir first in src/script. BUILDIN_FUNC(setdir) { TBL_PC *sd; if ( script_hasdata(st,4) ) { if ( data_isstring( script_getdata(st,4) ) ) sd = map_nick2sd( script_getstr(st,4),false ); else sd = map_id2sd( script_getnum(st,4) ); } else sd = map_id2sd(st->rid); if ( sd ) { int value = 0; if ( script_hasdata(st,3) ) { value = script_getnum(st,3); if ( value < 0 || value > 2 ) value = 0; } pc_setdir( sd, script_getnum(st,2), value ); clif_changed_dir( &sd->bl, AREA ); } return SCRIPT_CMD_SUCCESS; } BUILDIN_FUNC(checkdir) { TBL_PC *sd; if ( script_hasdata(st,3) ) { if ( data_isstring( script_getdata(st,3) ) ) sd = map_nick2sd( script_getstr(st,3),false ); else sd = map_id2sd( script_getnum(st,3) ); } else sd = map_id2sd(st->rid); if ( sd ) { int value = 0; if ( script_hasdata(st,2) ) value = script_getnum(st,2); script_pushint( st, value > 0 ? sd->head_dir : sd->ud.dir ); } return SCRIPT_CMD_SUCCESS; }
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  4. your skill_db and skill_tree look like Hercules not rAthena ---skillinfolist.lub [SKID.NJ_SENBON] = { "NJ_SENBON", SkillName = "Senbon", MaxLv = 1, SpAmount = { 2 }, bSeperateLv = true, <- change to false AttackRange = { 9 }, _NeedSkillList = { { SKID.NJ_KUNAI, 1 } } }, ----skill_id.lub NJ_SENBON = 8443 for Hercules custom skill range you can use only 900 - 999 for rAthena custom skill range you can use only 800 - 999 GOOD LUCK!!!
  5. someone who can help me put the inva with mvp at the end I already have it for waves I only need one mvp at the end
  6. In Fusion, modders are able to create their own weapons without replacing existing ones. There is a small issue though, if you want to actually use added weapons, you need to have a map which contains this weapon and ammo for it, because already existing maps will have same weapons placed by creator. Mywifiext Not anymore! This mod provides a set of scripts that allow you to change weapons in existing levels without modifying them, right in the game! HOW TO USE MENU: First of all, subscribe to this mod and all mods marked as required for it (Weapon Resources Database, Network Script Resources); Run moddable version of the game. To do that, run Fusion through Steam games library and select "moddable" option; Go to "Extras->Workshop packages" and make sure that all mods (this one and required ones) are enabled there. If they aren't, enable them; If they aren't there, try restarting the game and/or resubbing to mods; Next, go to "Settings->Keyboard and Mouse->Configure keys". If all previous steps are performed correctly, you should find an "Open/Close CWM/RWS/Loot menu" command in there. Assign some key to this command; Start any level and press the key you assigned. If everything is subscribed and enabled, menu will open; If it doesn't, check again that you did everything correctly; If the menu still doesn't open (or any other issue occurs) close the game. Navigate to "/Steam/steamapps/common/Serious Sam Fusion 2017/Log/" folder. Open file "Sam2017_Unrestricted.log" with any text editor, copy all text from it and paste it onto Create the paste and post a link to it in the comments along with the description of the issue; If the menu opens, but when you click on a weapon in "Weapon List" it shows the message "Weapon X has been awarded" but you didn't get the weapon, this means that some files, required for the weapon, are missing. Make sure that you are subscribed to all items required for that weapon and that they are all enabled, try resubbing to it. This is not an issue on CWM side, but rather on weapon creator's or yours. Each weapon which is present in CWM has been tested, meaning it worked 100% at the time it was added to the database.
  7. See this : ( In your data folder )
  8. Entendi, muito obrigado!! Pode fechar!
  9. I do not know what it means "ATQM" I will assume it is magic attack. master/db/re/item_combo_db.txt 30041:30042:30041,{ bonus2 bSubRace,RC_DemiHuman,5; bonus2 bSubRace,RC_Player,5; bonus bMatkRate,5; }
  10. Boa noite, Gostaria de editar um elmo id 30041 e, caso ele esteja equipado com a asa 30042, e meio 30043 ele acrescenta 5% de resistencia a humanoides 5% ATQM Alguém pode me ajudar nessa conf? Agradeço desde já!
  11. @HD Scripts Somente alterei o item itemInfo.lub e funcionou, obrigado HD! @Disabled LOOLP Onde precisa alterar eu sei, o que eu não sei é a configuração que preciso colocar de acordo com a classe, exemplo 0xFFFFFFFF é novice, o 0 na frente quer dizer o job? então algoz seria 4013xFFFFFFFF ? ou nada a ver com isso rsrs
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  13. Wow cool! Okay I will try now... Another question.. How can we incorporate Musical Lesson level 10? maybe thats the missing part ? Because it also affects the quality of Bragi Idun and Sunset. Thanks in advance!
  14. I just tried it and it works perfectly.
  15. Try this, it's the Apple of Idun. prontera,154,156,5 script Performer 479,3,3,{ end; OnTouch: if( .aidun < gettimetick(2) ){ // triggered within area 7x7, start Apple of Idun if not on delay unitskilluseid getnpcid(0),322,10; // Apple of Idun(322) level 10 set .aidun,gettimetick(2) + 180; // delay 3 minute for npc to cast song } end; OnInit: setunitdata getnpcid(0),UNPC_INT,150; // set npc INT 150 setunitdata getnpcid(0),UNPC_DEX,150; // set NPC DEX 150 setunitdata getnpcid(0),UNPC_AGI,150; // set NPC AGI 150 end; }
  16. Hi thanks for the fast reply. I have tried this script however the Bragi Skill is so different . Its like the Stats INT and DEX are not working. Can you check if the script is somewhere broken ??? Thank you so much
  18. Hi I would like to request for an NPC script. Where the NPC will cast Bragis Poem and Sunset with NPC stats 150 int 150 dex 150 agi whenever a character is in range. thanks in advance
  19. nitrous

    Master login

    Flux doesn't support it out of the box, you'll need to develop it yourself. Ceres does support it, but it's pretty old and I'm not sure it'll work without some modifications. You're looking for a feature only a couple servers have, and those servers have developed it themselves.
  20. U need to know your mysql/phpmyadmin username and password. After that u can change the details in conf/inter-athena.conf
  21. I can't even login to my SQL and also I can't even add MySQL username and password.
  22. Make sure you have user named localhost with the IP as host.
  23. maybe its mysql privilage issue, your username dont have permission to access its database, double check your mysql users acces
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