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  2. Good job! this is what we can call a good person with a good personality! keep it up! Unlike this person just saying "Unable to reproduce" without testing out everything very unprofessional.
  3. Google is the key my friend.
  4. Sorry for the question, where can I find it?
  5. Yesterday
  6. Use Dynamic Shop for this
  7. I would like a sales system, where merchants can choose sales such as zeny, cash, event point, pvp point, mvp point.
  8. Hello, Sorry to open this topic, im using the same script but somehow i cant open a Vending. And i dont get an error console In the corret cell when i press Vending, nothing happens When i use the Vending in the incorrect cell, If i use Vending in another City, it works
  9. Does anyone know how to activate Respawn map pvp and be able to use the function below. Interrupt the spawn script if the player chooses the option. return last save point
  10. Ok if it solve already just mark this trend solve
  11. script - script RateSelect -1,{ OnPCLoginEvent: switch (individual_rate) { case 1: .@exp_rate_multiplier = 100; .@jexp_rate_multiplier = 100; set .@rate_description$, "x1 (Low Rate)"; break; case 2: .@exp_rate_multiplier = 2500; .@jexp_rate_multiplier = 2500; set .@rate_description$, "x25 (Mid Rate)"; break; case 3: .@exp_rate_multiplier = 5000; .@jexp_rate_multiplier = 5000; set .@rate_description$, "x50 (High Rate)"; break; case 4: .@exp_rate_multiplier = 10000; .@jexp_rate_multiplier = 10000; set .@rate_description$, "x100 (Super High Rate)"; break; default: mes "[Rate Selector]"; mes "Select your preferred server rate for this character."; mes "BE CAREFUL: YOU CAN'T CHANGE IT AFTERWARD!"; individual_rate = select("Low Rate:Mid Rate:High Rate:Super High Rate"); close2; goto OnPCLoginEvent; // Return to case evaluation after selection } // Save the multipliers to the player variables set #exp_rate_multiplier, .@exp_rate_multiplier; set #jexp_rate_multiplier, .@jexp_rate_multiplier; fakeIcon(getcharid(0),2002,0,1); dispbottom "You have chosen the " + .@rate_description$ + " for your character."; end; OnNPCKillEvent: // Retrieve the stored multipliers .@exp_rate_multiplier = #exp_rate_multiplier; .@jexp_rate_multiplier = #jexp_rate_multiplier; .@base_exp = getmonsterinfo(killedrid, MOB_BASEEXP) * .@exp_rate_multiplier; .@job_exp = getmonsterinfo(killedrid, MOB_JOBEXP) * .@jexp_rate_multiplier; // Debug messages to track values dispbottom "[Debug] Base EXP: " + .@base_exp; dispbottom "[Debug] Job EXP: " + .@job_exp; if (.@base_exp > 0 || .@job_exp > 0) { // Use getcharid(0) to specify the character ID getexp2(.@base_exp, .@job_exp); } else { dispbottom "[Error] Experience values are zero."; } end; } stateiconinfo.lub StateIconList[EFST_IDs.EFST_RATE_UP] = { haveTimeLimit = 1, posTimeLimitStr = 2, descript = { { "RATE UP", COLOR_TITLE_BUFF }, { "%s", COLOR_TIME }, { "Increases your Bonus EXP and Job Exp" }, { "x1 / x25 / x50 / x100" }, { "Grants players different rewards" }, { "depending on what they choose." } } } efstids.lub EFST_VIPSTATE1 = 2000, EFST_VIPSTATE2 = 2001, EFST_RATE_UP = 2002, __newindex = function() error("unknown state") end } setmetatable(EFST_IDs, EFST_IDs) stateiconimginfo.lub -- Other official effects [EFST_IDs.EFST_VIPSTATE1] = "SI_VIP.tga", [EFST_IDs.EFST_VIPSTATE2] = "SI_VIP2.tga", [EFST_IDs.EFST_RATE_UP] = "RATE_UP.tga", [EFST_IDs.EFST_YGGDRASIL_BLESS] = "vitata500.tga", [EFST_IDs.EFST_PERIOD_RECEIVEITEM_2ND] = "ITEM_G.tga", [EFST_IDs.EFST_PERIOD_PLUSEXP_2ND] = "EXP_G.tga" } } status.hpp /// @APIHOOK_END /// Do not modify code above this, since it will be automatically generated by the API again EFST_VIPSTATE1 = 2000, EFST_VIPSTATE2 = 2001, EFST_RATE_UP = 2002, EFST_MAX, script_constants.hpp /// @APIHOOK_END /// Do not modify code above this, since it will be automatically generated by the API again export_constant(EFST_VIPSTATE1); export_constant(EFST_VIPSTATE2); export_constant(EFST_RATE_UP); export_constant(EFST_MAX); Install fakeicon: https://rathena.org/board/files/file/4034-fake-icon-stats/ RATE_UP.tga RATE_UP.tga
  12. Yes, yes, it was right and wrong with the option to choose the map to take effect. Thanks!
  13. Skill dmage db is already enabled . You don't need to enable it . Just simply edit it and use @reloadskilldb to your server after applying
  14. Doesnt need to enable it anymore if im not mistaken. just edit the skilldamagedb part
  15. To use the skill_damage_db.txt file, is it necessary to enable it in the src? If yes, where?
  16. He said that the map-server is experiencing peak consumption, it is not constant but it causes intermittency on the server.
  17. Hello ~, I have the problem that when a sound is played with soundeffect and a new sound is played, the sounds overlap. I have not found a function to end a started sound and therefore ask if someone is so kind and could share a function for this. That would be extremely nice and would really help me.
  18. what do you mean by auto consumption ?
  19. Perfeito, é exatamente isso. Não há nenhum tipo de suporte nem mesmo há um canal direto para tirarmos dúvidas sobre isso. Por esse mesmo motivo estou com esse post aqui.
  20. Linux server 4GB 3vcpu I'm having spikes in auto consumption in map-serv... which is causing slight crashes in the game.
  21. A EasyCore não oferece suporte aos seus sistemas BG, conforme indicado em seu site, com suporte até sha ou datado: 12 de fevereiro de 2023 Ou seja, mais de 1 ano sem atualização, então não sei até que ponto é “recomendado” comprá-lo se você estiver usando a versão mais recente do rathena. Também indica que: Nenhum reembolso após adquirir o produto. É sua responsabilidade garantir que funcione corretamente no seu emulador, hash ou data do cliente.
  22. Everything has become easier nowadays. +1 I believe more generators are coming.
  23. you got a pmed, also i added you on discord
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