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  2. [Error]: buildin_dispbottom: fatal error ! player not attached! [Debug]: Function: dispbottom (1 parameter): [Debug]: Data: string value="You got the Antonio Leader's christmas gift!"
  3. Help! Script for broadcast WoE countdown for 1 Hour WoE. I saw one rathena script but its 2 hours. I already change 120 Timer to 60 but its wrong countdown. heres the script of 2 hours woe count down. but i need 1 hour woe count down. Thank You! - script WOE_Countdown -1,{ OnAgitStart: goto STARTWOE; end; OnAgitInit2: goto STARTWOE; end; STARTWOE: .woe_countdown = 120; initnpctimer; end; OnTimer60000: .woe_countdown--; if ( .woe_countdown < 10 || ( .woe_countdown % 10 ) == 0 ) { announce "[WOE ANNOUNCER] Left "+.woe_countdown+" minute(s)",bc_all; } if ( .woe_countdown == 1 ) { stopnpctimer; sleep 30000; for ( [email protected] = 30; [email protected] > 0; [email protected] ) { announce "[WOE ANNOUNCER] Left "+.woe_countdown+" second(s)",bc_all; } } else setnpctimer 0; end; }
  4. Yesterday
  5. i think this will make ur server to crash if @killmonster command is used so be careful since clif_broadcast needs to have player attached ok small update on the codes to prevent mapcrash //A Rare Drop Global Announce by Lupus if( mvp_sd && drop_rate <= battle_config.rare_drop_announce ) { char message[128]; sprintf (message, msg_txt(NULL,541), mvp_sd->status.name, md->name, it->ename.c_str(), (float)drop_rate/100); //MSG: "'%s' won %s's %s (chance: %0.02f%%)" if(&sd->bl == NULL) continue; clif_broadcast(&sd->bl, message, strlen(message) + 1, BC_DEFAULT, ALL_SAMEMAP); }
  6. goto src -> map -> mob.cpp Find //A Rare Drop Global Announce by Lupus paste the below codes //A Rare Drop Global Announce by Lupus if( mvp_sd && drop_rate <= battle_config.rare_drop_announce ) { char message[128]; sprintf (message, msg_txt(NULL,541), mvp_sd->status.name, md->name, it->ename.c_str(), (float)drop_rate/100); //MSG: "'%s' won %s's %s (chance: %0.02f%%)" clif_broadcast(&sd->bl, message, strlen(message) + 1, BC_DEFAULT, ALL_SAMEMAP); } the one your showing is pc.cpp item drop by steal skill.
  7. @meyraw There are many ways to encrypt code, I have worked with other types of games that use various forms of encryption, it is only a matter of finding the most correct way to encrypt what you have done, but you are still in time to put your apk as intellectual property.
  8. dear Slammer! Something went wrong, the item still restores sp without the gear equipped. 515,Carrot,Carrot,0,15,,20,,,,,0xFFFFFFFF,7,2,,,,,,{ itemheal rand(18,20),0; if (getequipid(EQI_HEAD_LOW) == 18683) specialeffect2 332; if (getequipid(EQI_HEAD_LOW) == 18683) itemheal 0,rand(2,4); },{},{} But I solved it by individualizing the effects separatedly.
  9. @JinYuichi You may be right. It's much harder to protect Java bytecode than a C++ native code. Having that said, even Gravity tried to pack their EXE with Themida, but it still got cracked. Maybe I was too naive thinking that one member of a p-server community won't steal from the other. @Vy Low Thank you for your support. Don't worry, I'm not going to stop working on the project.
  10. This is why talented developers like @meyraw have stopped working on their projects since we condone spreading other people's work. To be honest, he has the right to do so regardless of the price meyraw set because he is the one who developed it. Its not mandatory for everyone to purchase it but only those who wish to avail. What I'm trying to say is we should never support distributing the works of other just for our own benefits. Let's support Legit developer who contributed their works for our beloved game.
  11. BadWolf

    Lost cart

    Yes, of course /src/config/packets.hpp // Copyright (c) rAthena Dev Teams - Licensed under GNU GPL // For more information, see LICENCE in the main folder #ifndef CONFIG_PACKETS_HPP #define CONFIG_PACKETS_HPP /** * rAthena configuration file (http://rathena.org) * For detailed guidance on these check http://rathena.org/wiki/SRC/config/ **/ #ifndef PACKETVER /// Do NOT edit this line! To set your client version, please do this instead: /// In Windows: Add this line in your src\custom\defines_pre.hpp file: #define PACKETVER YYYYMMDD /// In Linux: The same as above or run the following command: ./configure --enable-packetver=YYYYMMDD // #define PACKETVER 20180620 // #define PACKETVER 20200401 #define PACKETVER 20211103 #endif #ifndef PACKETVER_RE /// From November 2015 only RagexeRE are supported. /// After July 2018 only Ragexe are supported. #if ( PACKETVER > 20151104 && PACKETVER < 20180704 ) || PACKETVER >= 20200902 #define PACKETVER_RE #endif #endif #ifndef PACKETVER_RE #define PACKETVER_MAIN_NUM PACKETVER // Undefine all sakray server definitions #undef PACKETVER_RE #undef PACKETVER_RE_NUM #else // Undefine existing definition #undef PACKETVER_RE #define PACKETVER_RE PACKETVER #define PACKETVER_RE_NUM PACKETVER // Undefine all main server definitions #undef PACKETVER_MAIN_NUM #endif #if PACKETVER >= 20110817 /// Comment to disable the official packet obfuscation support. /// This requires PACKETVER 2011-08-17 or newer. #ifndef PACKET_OBFUSCATION #define PACKET_OBFUSCATION /// Comment this to disable warnings for missing client side encryption #define PACKET_OBFUSCATION_WARN #endif #else #if defined(PACKET_OBFUSCATION) #error You enabled packet obfuscation for a version which is too old. Minimum supported client is 2011-08-17. #endif #endif /// Comment to disable the official Guild Storage skill. /// When enabled, this will set the guild storage size to the level of the skill * 100. #if PACKETVER >= 20131223 #define OFFICIAL_GUILD_STORAGE #endif #ifndef DUMP_UNKNOWN_PACKET //#define DUMP_UNKNOWN_PACKET #endif #ifndef DUMP_INVALID_PACKET //#define DUMP_INVALID_PACKET #endif /** * No settings past this point **/ /// Check if the specified packetversion supports the pincode system #define PACKETVER_SUPPORTS_PINCODE PACKETVER >= 20110309 /// Check if the client needs delete_date as remaining time and not the actual delete_date (actually it was tested for clients since 2013) #define PACKETVER_CHAR_DELETEDATE (PACKETVER > 20130000 && PACKETVER <= 20141022) || PACKETVER >= 20150513 /// Check if the specified packetvresion supports the cashshop sale system #define PACKETVER_SUPPORTS_SALES PACKETVER >= 20131223 #endif /* CONFIG_PACKETS_HPP */
  12. Hi, I also having same problem. All links above not working. Anyone have the sprites? Thanks in advance.
  13. if you offline mode Try use xampp, friendly for use. xampp include php, mysql and web service.
  14. you can setting at this if you want add misc or consumable item just add this // ETC func_AddItem(7444, 969, 3);
  15. for YML - Id: 515 AegisName: Carrot Name: Carrot Type: Healing Buy: 15 Weight: 20 Flags: BuyingStore: true Script: | itemheal rand(18,20),0; if (getequipid(EQI_HEAD_LOW) == 18683) itemheal 0,rand(2,4); for TXT 515,Carrot,Carrot,0,15,,20,,,,,0xFFFFFFFF,7,2,,,,,,{ itemheal rand(18,20),0; if (getequipid(EQI_HEAD_LOW) == 18683) itemheal 0,rand(2,4); },{},{}
  16. If it crashes you probably have a syntax error in the file. Make sure you used spaces instead of tabs and the number of spaces is correct. That's the most common mistake I make. Looks like you put too many spaces before the script part.
  17. Good morning dear community, for me it is a pleasure to return to rathena. This time I ask for help with the isequiped check, I am working in a low rate server without sp consumables, and I came up with the idea of creating an additional bonus for the lower item id: carrot in mout "https://ratemyserver.net/index.php?page=re_item_db&item_id=18683". I want this item, while being equipped on lower head, to cause carrots to restore sp when consumed. I made the function already: 515,Carrot,Carrot,0,15,,20,,,,,0xFFFFFFFF,7,2,,,,,,{ itemheal rand(18,20),0; callfunc "zanabria"; },{},{} Now I need help in this part: function script zanabria { if (isequipped(18683)) specialeffect2 332; itemheal rand(0,0),rand(2,4); end; } This is the aditional sp restore effect while equiped, but I NEED help here for the else exception, because it sill restoring sp withput the equiped carrot in mouth.
  18. Maybe something like this? block off; unit walk; block on; end;
  19. So what I'm trying to do is use the script 'unitwalk' on a character while he's in 'setpcblock PCBLOCK_MOVE, true;'. 'unitwalk' only works when the PCBLOCK_MOVE is off. Any help so that 'unitwalk' can bypass 'PCBLOCK_MOVE' itself, without turning off the PCBLOCK_MOVE on the player.
  20. Hola vi que algunos server privados estaba ofreciendo el 4job, me gustaría saber como implementarlo, cuando uso el comando para @JOBCHANGE me sale como opción la 4 clases. al intentar cambiar a esa clases me cambia al sprite de novice y la ventana de skill de 2job se bugea y se solapan los skills. alguna idea de que debo modificar para implementarlos. saludos gracias
  21. @meyraw The only thing you have to do is , register your app as intellectual property to protect what you did, anyone who knows how to decompile apk, can make a scan of such applications, pandro from what I've seen is only interface modification but it is still the same andro code.
  22. Last week
  23. not working in latest git. anyone can update this?
  24. Kusoo

    Lost cart

    Did you update the PACKETVER ? #define PACKETVER 20211103
  25. its never late to explain how to fix things, thx
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