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  2. Missing textures upon using extended vending system

    Its just like how you add any custom items. but only drop sprite is required. Also you need to change the id of the zeny/cash because I think the id you used is already in the item_db.txt. Check this for the clientside item addition. (You don't need the male/female, only the drop and texture(item/collection) ). Or you can just use the coins sprite in itemInfo like this : //This is same sprite like Bronze Coin [ZenyItemID] = { unidentifiedDisplayName = "Zeny", unidentifiedResourceName = "µ¿È­", unidentifiedDescriptionName = { "" }, identifiedDisplayName = "Zeny", identifiedResourceName = "µ¿È­", identifiedDescriptionName = { "Zeny Item Description.", "^FFFFFF_^000000", "Weight:^006600 0^000000" }, slotCount = 0, ClassNum = 0 }, //This is same sprite like Mithril Coin [CashItemID] = { unidentifiedDisplayName = "Cash", unidentifiedResourceName = "¹Ì½º¸±È­", unidentifiedDescriptionName = { "" }, identifiedDisplayName = "Cash", identifiedResourceName = "¹Ì½º¸±È­", identifiedDescriptionName = { "Cash Item Description.", "^FFFFFF_^000000", "Weight:^006600 0^000000" }, slotCount = 0, ClassNum = 0 }, Change the "ZenyItemID" and "CashItemID" to the one you use in extended vending system.
  3. Free Thor Patcher Skin v4

  4. Utility : Promotional Code

    Hi sir! I'm using your script and it's awesome! But i want to make a npc for it. But if i input the atcommand "@claim" in the script, it says @claim is unknown command. How do i fix this? Thanks
  5. Whips Problem

    oh my god.. thanks very much... so this feature to prevent social hacking with similiary name...
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  7. Spawn a warp portal npc when kill the boss

    Hi everyone. Can someone please help me to make a npc with menu that can open a warp portal and close it? Thanks
  8. Доброго времени суток! 1) Скачайте клиент. 2) Скачайте необходимый вам RagExeRe. Например: 3) скачайте патчер для exe - Nemo. 4) Откройте патчером скачанный EXE и выберите все необходимые вам настройки, желательно применить все рекомендованные настройки (кнопочка в Nemo). После чего примените выбранные настройка и перенесите EXE в ваш клиент. 5)Откройте в папке с вашим сервером /src/config/packets.h и укажите версию вашего EXE. #ifndef PACKETVER #define PACKETVER 20170517 #endif 6) Скопмилируйте ваш сервер и перезапустите. По вопросам: В clientinfo.xml необходимо прописать ваше название сервера, ip адрес сервера и порт куда будет подсоединяться клиент. kRo_FullClient_20171009 это чистый клиент. ехе скачивается тот который вам необходим, он же указывается в настройках сервера. Патчить его необходимо для отключения официальной защиты и прочих настроек и улучшений, как отдаление камеры, цвет сообщений и прочее.
  9. Do you have the monsters minions of the league of legends?

    I am creating a BG moba style league of legends.

  10. Missing textures upon using extended vending system

    @crazyarashi this is what happened when i changed the lang type. @GodKnows Jhomz i'm not really sure on how to do that. can you please give some examples. sorry for such a noob question haha
  11. Whips Problem

    you can disable the friend list check using nemo :))
  12. собрал и запустил сервер на centos7 по инструкции. после вовда пароля, почти сразу в консоли сервера выдает [Status]: Request for connection of dias (ip: [Notice]: Authentication accepted (account: dias, id: 2000000, ip: [Status]: Connection of the account 'dias' accepted. [Info]: Closed connection from ''. в связи с чем 2 вопроса 1) как узнать что прописывать в clientinfo.xml в раздел <version> инструкции с сайта не подходят, нету тех файлов в клиенте где написано посмотреть 2) какой клиент использовать? скачать kRo_FullClient_20171009 где брать экзешник, как и зачем патчить - непонятно, вообще бьюсь четвертый день. перепробовал кучу клоиентов с чужих серверов. но больше всего бесит что непонятно какую версию клиента вписывать. в сервере ее нигде нет.
  13. Whips Problem

    Please help me when I do a whisp to shin the error appears as below. but not valid on other char why ya?
  14. Okay, so, I was using multiple variables which was absolutely wrong because every time I was setting it as an "if" variable I would have to keep track of every single variable I set beforehand, so I just used one variable and increased/decreased its value depending on the progress of the entire quest, to be more precise, here is the fully working version of the "errand":
  15. Missing textures upon using extended vending system

    You need to add the client side files (Drop Sprite/Item and Collection Texture) for Zeny/Cash (They have own item id So you need to add the files for new item).
  16. it would be good to post here how you resolved it so other having the same issue maybe cam learn from it atleast :))
  17. Missing textures upon using extended vending system

    try changing your clientinfo langtype to 0 so we can define the missing files name
  18. HELP HEXED 2017

    2017-01-25a Ragexe 2017-06-14b Ragexe
  19. I've already resolved the issue, I misunderstood how variables worked when it comes to running quest. Thanks for the input. P.S. How do I delete a topic?
  20. Changing Cash shop categories

    thank you
  21. Changing Cash shop categories

    find "Scrolls" at data/msgstringtable.txt and changed it to your like.
  22. Changing Cash shop categories

    after changing a sample location how do i change the mouse pointer it said scrolls not cards
  23. Venom Splasher Countdown

    skill_cast_db.txt Change //-- AS_SPLASHER 141,1000,0,0,5000:5500:6000:6500:7000:7500:8000:8500:9000:9500,60000,0 to //-- AS_SPLASHER 141,1000,0,0,3200:3400:3600:3800:4000:4200:4400:4600:4800:5000,60000,0 this will not go from a 5 - 9.5 -> 3.2 - 5 second timer
  24. Need some help

    I have released a new version update
  25. Released a Version 2 for testing, its a separate file Update Info 2.00 Origional Make 2.01 Fixed Logic Bug 2.02 Fixed Year Multiplier 2.03 Added an IP check 2.04 Split Rewards up 2.05 Move ip check to Daily reward collection 2.06 Added ability to see next day via commands/relogging 2.07 Added Delay 2.08 Moved Delay to none VIP only 2.09 Removed some useless lines 2.0A Removed Menus due to bugs 2.0B Fixed VIP Cutin 2.0C Added it showing previos day cutin 2.0D Added a for loop 2.0E Fixed Ramined logged in time calculation (visual bug) 2.0F Added a F_InsertPlural to "more minute" 2.10 Added a Mac Check 2.11 Changed the IP check to [Sader1992] version 2.12 Enable Bound Type 2.13 Added 'collectreward', 'dailyreward', 'collectdaily' Commands 2.14 Added 'nextreward' Command 2.15 Added Daily Buffs 2.16 Added Exp Rewards 2.17 Removed Reards for Autotraders 2.18 Move Buffs to Daily so VIP wont trigger twice 2.19 Optimized Slightly 2.1A Fixed a bug with VIP getting bonus rewards in normal rewards 2.1B Fixed some documentaion
  26. Update 2.09 Updated Mail to RoDex 2.0A Fixed infinite loop in Emp event 2.0B Fixed Lucky Pick using account instead of character id 2.0C Added at_endevent 2.0D Readded Old Mail support (in case somone uses) 2.0E Added a 'BugTest' Event to test rewards (at_runevent only)
  27. Basic Complete Renewal Data English Folder

    all v 1.0 links are dead, could anyone upload it, please?
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