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  2. no error no bug no nothing with the one i have (from 6 days ago)
  3. Not sure but would be on Conf/battle/monster.conf There is a option there. On every 3 cells walked chasing a target the mob rethink about this chase and have a random chance to stop following the target. It is a official behaivor.
  4. rAthena Hash: 9827bf6 (latest) Client Date: 2015-11-04a Server Mode: Renewal Description of Issue: Cash is not reducing after purchase and is only subtracted after you relog. @cash-X is not working too. No erros show in Emulator Result: Server's Exploit or End by buying itens without decrease the value spent Expected Result: spend the value after purchase How to Reproduce: Get Cash with @cash or #cash and try to buy anything on cash shop Official Information: empty Modifications that may affect results: nothing can change this Forum's Tag:
  5. My mobs stop chasing players after sending an emote, as if they were lazy or something. How can I change that behavior?
  6. nag uumpisa palang ako mag build ng own server ko not all players are willing to play pRO like the old times and yes the hype is there but in some reason nasanay na mga RO players sa fast paced RO even 99/70 mapa LR/HR/SHR pa yan maybe the reason kung bkt gs2 nila cla lng ang RO server is for them to take all the DONATIONS i also heard na OBT plng mei TOP UP Bonuses na agad
  7. @Akkarin I try to remote from my laptop to the database using heidisql and it work perfectly. I have check the mysql services and it running. I check the firewall, and port 3306 is open. Since I can remote it using heidisql. Only my fluxcp at my webhosting are refusing to connect to the database.
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  9. This could be due to any number of reasons. The most common SQL issue is that your host who's using cPanel have had an update installed and the outbound MySQL port (which is disabled by default) has been removed from the firewall, which happens more often than people realise! However, connection refused is an error message from your MySQL server running on your VPS. Try restarting the service, double check your firewall. No one can give you a definitive answer because the error message is vague.
  10. First at all, I install my fluxcp at cpanel. Then mydatabase is at my vps. Then I configure it to connect my vps database at server.php After installation, my web running well after a couple days. Suddenly I visit my web back & I got error above. Why it suddenly happen ? What should I dot ? What is the problem exactly ?
  11. I have a webhosting at LA. I have a ro server at Asia. What will happen in I put my ro database at my webhosting ? Is that recommended? It will cause lag ?
  12. I guess you need to upgrade your os to centos 7 ( i found centos 6 version have difficulties with latest rAthena) yum install gcc-c++
  13. The problem has been solved!
  14. gumamit po ako ng nemo tpos pinatch ko ung increase damage display then after try ko xa in game pero dpo xa nag aapply ung disable dual window and space on guild name nag apply pero ung attack display ayaw po pa help naman po CLIENT VER 20120410 thx
  15. tried to patch increase attack display it wont apply on game anyone can help? client ver 20120410
  16. i've tried to use NEMO to increase attack display after saving the file it doesnt apply on game anyone can help me with this
  17. if you use vps you need to ask from your vps hosting
  18. When it's finish and ready to "Free Download" ?
  19. Hello! i'm currently using centos 6 32 bit. i have a gcc 4.4.7 how can i update this into latest one? this version gives me error when i try to compile latest rA
  20. go to savedata folder inside the gave folder and open OptionInfo.lua make sure that CmdOnOffList["/showname"] = 1 then patch it with thor patcher or find a way to send it to everyone
  21. View File Ragnarok Thor Patcher This was the Patcher for my server, but I decided to sell it. This file includes the thor patcher The PSD Contact: [email protected] Submitter Noctis Submitted 06/28/2017 Category Patchers Content Author  
  22. I am also getting error when using the NPC.
  23. i suggest u to try on 2015-11-04aRagexe client. this client can be download here.
  24. Already Shows the name ta [name of alliance] Character name picks up if / shown 2 I want to show everyoner
  25. Hello there @MMasters in nemo patcher check: >>> Enable /showname (recommended)
  26. Version 1.0.0


    This was the Patcher for my server, but I decided to sell it. This file includes the thor patcher The PSD Contact: [email protected]


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