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  2. How did you figure that out? Did you try on all droppable armor and weapon?
  3. How to create server status/online peak/registered account count/server time script for website normal php non flux cp website
  4. Hello, I'd like to extend palettes at my server. Classes are until transcendent (reborn - paladin, high wizard, etc...) I would like to have a set of palettes with normal basic colors, good looking, and maybe classified by colors/categories in order to be sold through NPC for specific dyes. I do not want to have ugly black palettes, shiny colors, or aesthetics breaking palettes. Please contact me for a showcase. Thanks. Jensens.
  5. Today
  6. pueblodefairy

    verus04 enchant npc's

    May I have this script too, please? I really appreciate your help with your script
  7. Drego

    waitingroom nuevo

    Se hace mediante lua, sign algo, no recuerdo bien el nombre.
  8. Hi, Functor. i'd like to buy Gepard Shield. Could you please contact me

  9. I'm having an issue where I was able to connect to the server and play once, but when I restarted the server I can no longer connect, what could be the issue? nothing in the configuration has changed
  10. i want purcharse Gepard Shield

  11. El exe me parece 2013. si sabes como puedo verificar te agredezco que me digas como, otra cosa no se que es SDBE, a la verdad soy un noob pero ya he avanzado mucho estoy a la fina. pero no puedo seguir haciendo nada si no logro cambias las descripcion. otra cosa men mi itemlua esta todo en otro idioa raro completamente, desde el inicio hasta el final, te agredeceria que me agregues en fb Yolin cuevas, ( para comunicarnos y usar teamvierw y asi me puedas ayudar.
  12. TheDerpySupport

    Account Credits

    Theres a lot of people who withdraw funds and they have to be done manually by Akkarin. If I recall they're done every tuesday
  13. Yesterday
  14. M4karov

    Account Credits

    Is it normal to take so much time to withdraw the money?
  15. systemD2540

    notice vip system not working

    I'm setting account to VIP without GM account So VIP Member not show % just a working rate server last one
  16. systemD2540

    Earth deleter card can use long attack help

    diff src change to earn HP from all physical
  17. systemD2540

    Read questid2display.txt for 2018-03-07 or newer

    questid2display.txt put to /data RecommendedQuestInfoList.lub put to /system
  18. Follow the guide from start to finish. Can login but cannot get past the server selection screen. When I select my server I get a "disconnected from server message".
  19. pueblodefairy

    PSD+NPC Daily_Reward_System_EP5

    Hello, and thanks for this daily reward, really excellent. Can you help me to add a @command to open the progress of my daily rewards?, inside the script mention something but i dont understant. Thanks for your help.
  20. Evrard

    Can't see custom items

    Still the same errors
  21. Neceistamos ayuda con un nuevo proyecto. basicamente, base de datos de items, y un poco se scripting. si esta disponible nos gustaria charlar.
  22. Stolao

    [w0w] Mini World Project

    It's nice to see more mappers around. Looking good keep it up.
  23. w0wZukuBg

    [w0w] Mini World Project

    Just a small update to show) We continue to expand! Over the Mini New World, some improvements have been made. 1) The Gates Now the appearance of the gates in the new world corresponds to the original: 2) [email protected] There was added a new space simulating a [email protected] location: 3) Shining crystals Now all the crystals in the snow zone are highlighted by the corresponding color:
  24. chabiles


  25. Coldy1309

    Job Changer

    First of all, thank you so much for taking your time to read this. Can someone make me a unique Job Change NPC. This Job Change NPC follows the level requirements for job change. And pls dont include 3rd job classes cause this is for pre-renewal (pls also dont include Kagerou/Oboro , Rebel, Baby Class, and Expanded Super Novice). All Scripts that I've seen so far includes 3rd job. Again, thank you so much. Much love.
  26. Zell

    I believeimage.png.9a84753046f486ba09753c3ac6c148d3.png

  27. Zell

    GRF: GRF Editor

    You can get some idea by looking in SDE, too by Tokei.
  28. IsabelaFernandez

    script for costume

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