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  2. this is the latest version on the github.
  3. yeah ofcourse clear the data on table database and change the value of #FreebiesReward = 1;
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  5. Mirakol-

    mado error

    good day, every time i activate mado i get this error message. can someone help me with this error please. kindly find attached fyr. thanks! server and client setup: client using: 20180620e data folder: zackdreaver kro: latest and fully pathched mode: renewal
  6. Najara


    Hi there! ReverieRO is a passionately handcrafted mid-rate server with astonishing customizations to game-play and visual appearance. Our competent, multinational team strives to deliver an immersive experience by combining old Ragnarok Online classics with completely new, revamped and tweaked content, which is going to be released in custom episodes on a regular basis. We'd be thrilled for you to check us out and deep-dive in our fresh take on the battle against evil within Rune Midgard and beyond!Note: The server is currently under development and will make it's big debut on February 1st, 2020. A count-down timer to reflect that date has been placed on our domain, for your convenience. General Episode: 13.2 Setting: Pre-RE Platform: rAthena Max Level: 150/70 Max Stats: 120 Max ASPD: 192 Instant Cast: 160 DEX Anti-Cheat: Gepard Shield 3.0 Rates Base/Job/Quest/Boss EXP: 30x Usable/ETC/Cards Drop: 30x Equipment Drop: 10x NPCs View the 'NPC' section on our domain! Features & High-lightsOur features include amazing content such as our beautiful seasonal themes of our capital city ━ Prontera ━ which accommodates dozens of NPC, some never seen before in Ragnarok Online. Be sure to explore our vast character customization opportunities, such as: a ton of hairstyles, an extensive amount of clothing & hair color palettes as well as the ability to switch between outfits of your class branch (including the alternative third job set). Furthermore, we offer a generous amount of auras to choose from upon reaching the max level and have a completely custom quest-line available ready for you to explore.What else? Voting for points with a server-wide monthly vote goal system, daily presents that only requires you to log in in order to collect, player peak gifts when certain online milestones are reached, a Multi Job Master that lets you reborn into different classes, inventory charms, a colored character names modification, +5x bonus EXP during the weekend, regular headgears as well as costume headgear quests, plenty daily EXP quests to complete, exhilarating altered card effects, a revamped guild creation system, multiple custom currencies which can be obtained through voting, events and defeating monsters to exchange for various goodies. Our server packs a hard punch in terms of fierce dungeons, which will leave you hungering for more and more challenge. Be sure to bring a friend or three to tackle our all new, unique instances, filled to the brim with the most vicious of foes. We'll guarantee a fresh experience to new players and hardcore RO enthusiasts alike. There's much more, though! To learn all about it, be sure to check out our (WIP) Game Manual!Lastly, our server is ran by a group of competent and dedicated staff, which is ready to tackle any problems that may arise concerning your gaming immersion. With strict rules and expectations we've laid upon ourselves, we'll never interfere with your ReverieRO experience nor be unjust towards our player-base.In the name of all of ReverieRO's team, I want to thank you for your time and your kind consideration, we hope you'll find a new and blissful ragna-rocking home within our server. Download • Rules • Game Manual • Discord • Staff
  7. Where can I download servers for 2020?
  8. For Future reference: I was able to do a work around for special effects for my custom skill. This is more of replicating already existing skills. (i.e RK_SONICWAVE). I've used in skill.cpp: case MY_SKILL: skill_attack(BF_WEAPON,src,src,bl,RK_SONICWAVE,skill_lv,tick,0x1000); --> 0x1000 prevents the skill being "shouted" by the character overhead. This basically uses MY_SKILL to call RK_SONICWAVE. in battle.cpp since I personally do not want to use the battle calculations for RK_SONICWAVE, I implemented an if statement of -- if(sd->class_ == MAPID_ENTERJOBHERE ) skillratio += your values; With this I've basically cloned RK's sonic wave along with the special effects (proper direction), without the overhead skill shouting as well as implementing my own damage calculations. Hope this helps anyone in the future facing the same issue.
  9. yes it is inside the conf directory, the file name is motd.txt
  10. Hi guys, I've read some of the existing questions regarding the default location of the default server announcement but i didn't see any posts regarding the default location, do you guys have any idea what exact folder it might be? thank you!
  11. @Dark Lunacy Wow I'll try this now!!! Ill let you know after
  12. need to make sure whatever that is has an AttackRange within the skillinfo.lub
  13. Yesterday
  14. Hi there, im new to Rathena. Can someone please help me about this? Everytime i try using the Homunculus skill Caprice, this error came out. Please help, it's hard to play with this thing bugging me around. Thanks in advance.
  15. It's pretty neat and good script, dont doubt this guy he is good.
  16. Sorry, but I don't want, you can search in 'doc\script_commands.txt' and 'src\map\' to understand how it works and make it yourself. Probably you'll need make some source modification.
  17. can add option for Ranking System and Points and % to make it
  18. Hey guys, how are you doing? I've seen some scripts similar, but nothing like this. This is my version of this event, 'Crack The Code'. Description: Video showing how the script works: Crack The Code V1.1 Some changes were made after this video. Features: I have one 'limited' version what I want to share with you guys. crack_the_code_v1.0_rathena.txt Limitations of this version: I'm accepting suggestions. (I'll not make changes in limited version) Sorry for my english and thank you for the attention. I hope you guys like. Special thanks to @Radian, for helping me with feedback and support me.
  19. hello all!! im playing around with RoBrowser, but in my Chrome browser i get this error. is this familiar to someone ? ( i striped out the ip adress , username and pass , for privacy. ) [Network] Success to connect to -----:6900 Online.js?26:229751 [Network] Send: PACKET_CA_EXE_HASHCHECK {HashValue: "FA5C3249FEDEADL33TC4FEB4B3CA9924"} Online.js?26:229751 [Network] Send: PACKET_CA_LOGIN {Version: 26, ID: "-----", Passwd: "----", clienttype: 9} Online.js?26:229875 [Network] Packet "0x4753" not register, skipping 34 bytes. I can see the connection attempt on my server, no packet error on serverside , yet it doesnt connect. thanks in advance !
  20. If you would like to use your root account you can go straight to fluxcp installation guide below HOW TO MAKE SECONDARY MYSQL/PHPMYADMIN ACCOUNT FOR YOUR FLUXCP 1. I recommended to make a secondary account of mysql/phpmyadmin, for this step you need to login in your mysql/phpmyadmin as root and find the User Account in the upper 2. After you click the User accounts find the Add user account in the center left and press 3. After you click the Add user account make your User name and Password and make sure that you put in the Host name is Any host so that your web hosting can connect and now press the GO in the lower right 4. Now that you've added secondary account, all you have to do is press Database in the upper left 5. Once you get there look for your database and highlight it and press GO in the lower right 6. Check all selected database and press GO in the lower right 7. Now you have a secondary account HOW TO INSTALL FLUXCP 1. You need to download FluxCP and upload in your Web hosting File Maner /www/public_html/ 2. Goto your FluxCP config/ edit your applications.php ServerAddress This is your domain name like .com .net and etc.. BaseURL This is the path where your fluxcp located, if you used FluxCP Folder in /www/public_html/FLUXCP make sure your 'BaseURL' => '/FLUXCP', InstallerPassword You need this when you need to update your fluxcp or install 3. Goto your Fluxcp config/ edit your servers.php Hostname Your ragnarok server IP Username Your root/secondary username Password Self explanation Database Your ragnarok database 4. And now go to your to setup your FluxCP and put your InstallerPassword in your config/applications.php and press the Authenticate 5. After you authenticate your InstallerPassword you will need to login your root/secondary mysql/phpmyadmin account and press the Update FluxRO<- If you dont change the 'ServerName' in the config/servers.php 6. Congratulation your FluxCP is installed correctly
  21. Still not working for me with same error The date is same in the lub file and the yml file Any help please @sader1992?
  22. 20151104 please sir norm. The mod looks great! ^_^
  23. Ich glaube du hast mich missverstanden. Das mit der inter_athena.conf ist mir bekannt. Es soll aber immer nur am Wochenende auf 175 gesetzt sein. Unter der Woche dann nur 25 Level. Das ganze soll automatisch geschehen.
  24. prontera,155,181,5 script Sample 4_F_KAFRA1,{ if (!quest_random) { // quest not taken or completed, check the date and time. if (quest_random_next <= gettime(DT_DAYOFYEAR) && gettime(DT_HOUR) < 6) { mes "you have completed today quest, come again tomorrow, thank you!"; close; } quest_random = rand(1, 2); mes "You have been assigned with a new quest."; next; } switch(quest_random) { case 1: setarray [email protected], 4001, 1; setarray [email protected], 512; setarray [email protected], 100; break; case 2: setarray [email protected], 4002, 1; setarray [email protected], 501, 502, 503; setarray [email protected], 3, 1, 2; break; default: mes "invalid quest."; close; } mes "Quest Requirement(s):"; [email protected] = getarraysize([email protected]); for ([email protected] = 0; [email protected] < [email protected]; [email protected]++) { mes " > "[email protected][[email protected]]+"x "+getitemname([email protected][[email protected]]); if (countitem([email protected][[email protected]]) < [email protected][[email protected]]) [email protected]++; } if ([email protected]) { next; if (select("Submit Quest", "Cancel") == 1) { for ([email protected] = 0; [email protected] < [email protected]; [email protected]++) delitem [email protected][[email protected]], [email protected][[email protected]]; getitem [email protected][0], [email protected][1]; quest_random = 0; // Set next day limitation to take the quest. quest_random_next = gettime(DT_DAYOFYEAR); } } close; } you can try this
  25. Thanks for the help, but unfortunately it didn't work. The npc appears but is not clickable. Does not open any dialog boxes. I'm posting the error that gave in the putty. I didn't understand what removes the player's variable preventing him from doing the quest 2 times in the same day.
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