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  2. Hello! You can: - or activate mapflag "pvp_nocalcrank" for the specific map - or open ../src/map/pc.cpp and in the function "pc_dead" remove these lines of code: if( sd->pvp_point < 0 ) { sd->respawn_tid = add_timer(tick+1000, pc_respawn_timer,sd->,0); return 1|8; }
  3. does anyone know how can i disable the npc icons from moving? it seems that everytime i try to adjust my camera up and down the npc icons are moving with the camera..
  4. Well, you guys' work is clearly great but where's the logic here? May I ask- if you're not willing to answer quotations, why do you put up a thread in the third party service section (which is bound to get you inquiries)? Just sheer curiosity....
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  6. do someone know how can i disable the respawn in pvp maps after 2 deaths?
  7. how can i add bio labs 5 and their monster in my emulator or data client ?
  8. prontera,155,181,5 script Stats Mistress 757,{ mes "[ Stats Mistress ]"; mes "Hello! I sell ^FF00CC1 stats for 400,000z^000000 would you like to buy!"; [email protected] = select( .stat_menu$ ) - 1; input [email protected],0,( .max_stats - readparam( [email protected] ) ); if ( [email protected] > 0 ) { [email protected] = ( .cost_per_stat * [email protected] ); mes "Stats : "+.stat$[[email protected]]+" +"+F_InsertComma( [email protected] ); mes "Price : "+F_InsertComma( [email protected] )+"z"; mes "Do you wish to continue ?"; [email protected]_stat = readparam("b" + [email protected]); if ([email protected]_stat > .max_stats) { message strcharinfo(0), "You've reached the maximum "+.stat$[[email protected]]; } else if (([email protected]_stat+ [email protected]) > .max_stats) { message strcharinfo(0), "You can't exceed the maximum stats of "+.max_stats; } else if ( Zeny >= [email protected] ) { if ( select( "Buy "+F_InsertComma( [email protected] )+" ^FF00CC"+.stat$[[email protected]]+"^000000" ) ) { Zeny -= [email protected]; statusup2 ("b" + [email protected]),[email protected]; message strcharinfo(0), "Gained "+F_InsertComma( [email protected] )+" "+.stat$[[email protected]]; } } } close; OnInit: .max_stats = 300; .cost_per_stat = 400000; setarray .stat$, "STR", "AGI", "VIT", "INT", "DEX", "LUK"; [email protected]_size = getarraysize( .stat$ ); while ( [email protected] < [email protected]_size ) { .stat_menu$ = .stat_menu$ + "^FF00CC"+.stat$[[email protected]]+"^000000" + ":"; [email protected]++; } end; } I can't teste now.. but, try this. you use "bSTR" all time .. i alter: [email protected]_stat = readparam("b" + [email protected]); received : readparam(bSTR or bDEX) etc etc
  9. @Bringer send me all code
  10. no error but this code not appear even i have max str/int/dex if ([email protected]_stat > .max_stats) { message strcharinfo(0), "You've reached the maximum "+.stat$[[email protected]]; }
  11. i would like an option to spawn a monster that faces a certain direction sort of like a dummy looking straight... I dont really want 5 of the same sprite and thought you may have had a shortcut
  12. This is my honest review for S1 Lykos. I recently hired them to design a few things for me. Quality of work: 9/10 - You get what you ask for. If you're not specific, they're creative enough to envision what you're trying to describe. They are also very lenient if you want something to be adjusted. Timeliness: 7/10 - They take a couple of hours, sometimes a day before they reply so you better put as much description as you can when you request them to work on something (this is partly my fault but still, I still expect a reply within a reasonable time). I was also promised to get my designs by the night of their reply but I actually received the designs almost 2 days after but I'm satisfied with their work so I'm alright with it. Overall: 8/10 - I would still recommend them to people since the quality of their work is pretty good and they seem to be very approachable in terms of adjustments. As for the timeliness, I hope they improve upon it.
  13. Thanks, added checking the equip status first.
  14. Im figuring out my self how to add pub but it seems i cant do it anyone can help me with this here is the code //================= Freebies NPC ================// // by : pajodex prontera,159,193,4 script Freebies NPC 100,{ If(GetFree) { npctalk "Sorry yo! No more freebies available for yo!"; end; } else { mes "[ ^FF0000System^000000 ]"; mes "Welcome ^FF0000"+strcharinfo(0)+"^000000 !"; next; mes "[ ^FF0000System^000000 ]"; mes "Let me help you start your adventure!"; next; mes "[ ^FF0000System^000000 ]"; mes "Here you go!"; if(.char_bound) { for([email protected] = 0; [email protected]<getarraysize(.char_reward); [email protected]++) getitem .char_reward[[email protected]],.char_reward_amt[[email protected]]; } GetFree = 1; if(#freebies == 0 && .account_bound == 1) { next; mes "[ ^FF0000System^000000 ]"; mes "It seems to be your first, here!"; mes "~ Special Freebies from the [ ^FF0000GM Team^000000 ]"; for([email protected] = 0; [email protected]<getarraysize(.acc_reward); [email protected]++) getitem .acc_reward[[email protected]],.acc_reward_amt[[email protected]]; #freebies = 1; } next; mes "[ ^FF0000System^000000 ]"; mes "Goodluck! Enjoy your Adventure ~"; close; } OnInit: // settings .char_bound = 1; // enable character bound rewards (1 = on || 0 = off) .account_bound = 1; // enable account bound rewards (1 = on || 0 = off) // set item (char bound) setarray .char_reward, 501, 502, 503; // item setarray .char_reward_amt, 1, 2, 4; // amount // set item (acc bound) setarray .acc_reward, 501, 502, 503; // item setarray .acc_reward_amt, 1, 2, 4; // amount end; } i duuno where to add the OnInit: waitingroom " Feebies NPC ",0; end; #TIA EDIT: Figured it Out
  15. anyone can convert this to rathena version CREATE TABLE `agit_defend_stats` ( `auto_id` int(11) unsigned NOT NULL auto_increment, `castle_name` varchar(34) NOT NULL default '', `guild_id` INT(11) NOT NULL, `conquest_time` DATETIME NULL, `lost_time` DATETIME NULL, `woe_ended` TINYINT(1) NOT NULL, `defend_time` DATETIME NULL, PRIMARY KEY (`auto_id`) ) ENGINE=MyISAM DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8; // The Emperium has been broken. OnAgitBreak: set [email protected],getcharid(2); // Show and log error if an unguilded player breaks the Emperium. (Should NEVER happen) if ([email protected] <= 0) { set [email protected]$,"Character "+strcharinfo(0)+" ("+getcharid(0)+") broke the Emperium in Castle: "+strnpcinfo(2)+" while guildless. No data will be saved and Emperium respawned."; logmes [email protected]$; debugmes [email protected]$; donpcevent "Agit#"+strnpcinfo(2)+"::OnStartArena"; end; } query_sql "SELECT `auto_id` FROM `agit_defend_stats` WHERE `castle_name`='" + getcastlename(strnpcinfo(2)) + "' AND `woe_ended`='0' ORDER BY `auto_id` DESC LIMIT 1",[email protected]_conquest; if( getarraysize([email protected]_conquest) ){ query_sql "UPDATE `agit_defend_stats` SET `lost_time`=NOW() WHERE `auto_id`='" + [email protected]_conquest + "'"; query_sql "SELECT `conquest_time` FROM `agit_defend_stats` WHERE `auto_id`='" + [email protected]_conquest + "'", [email protected]_time$; query_sql "UPDATE `agit_defend_stats` SET `defend_time`=TIMEDIFF(NOW(),'" + [email protected]_time$ + "') WHERE `auto_id`='" + [email protected]_conquest + "'"; } // War of Emperium has ended. OnAgitEnd: if (strnpcinfo(0) == "Gld_Agit_Manager") end; GvgOff strnpcinfo(2); // If the castle has no owner at the end of WoE, do not kill Emperium. if (GetCastleData(strnpcinfo(2),CD_GUILD_ID)) { KillMonster strnpcinfo(2),"Agit#"+strnpcinfo(2)+"::OnAgitBreak"; } query_sql "SELECT `auto_id` FROM `agit_defend_stats` WHERE `castle_name`='" + getcastlename(strnpcinfo(2)) + "' AND `woe_ended`='0' ORDER BY `auto_id` DESC LIMIT 1",[email protected]_conquest; if( getarraysize([email protected]_conquest) ){ query_sql "SELECT `conquest_time` FROM `agit_defend_stats` WHERE `auto_id`='" + [email protected]_conquest + "'", [email protected]_time$; query_sql "UPDATE `agit_defend_stats` SET `defend_time`=TIMEDIFF(NOW(),'" + [email protected]_time$ + "') WHERE `auto_id`='" + [email protected]_conquest + "'"; query_sql "UPDATE `agit_defend_stats` SET `woe_ended`='1' WHERE `auto_id`='" + [email protected]_conquest + "'"; } end; error console
  16. if(getskilllv("RA_AIMEDBOLT")==10) { bonus2 bSkillAtk,"RA_AIMEDBOLT",5; }
  17. Hello, rAthena How to write this item code. Increase Aimed Bolt damage by 5% when Aimed Bolt Lv10 is learned. Thank you everyone.
  18. I dont see anything wrong in our side since we finished all the project from our past client. We just didnt reply to people who want a quotation.
  19. Would monsters be spawned for a test room form?
  20. Yesterday
  21. You never inform your clients that your going off the grid? xD after sending the files for the page you dont reply anymore.
  22. I am creating a autostorage timer but it dont store the item. Can you please help me check the script. Thanks you. TIMER_FUNC(unit_autostorage){ struct block_list *bl; struct unit_data *ud; bl = map_id2bl(id); if (!bl) return 0; ud = unit_bl2ud(bl); if (!ud) return 0; struct map_session_data *sd = (struct map_session_data*)bl; int i, a; // Store item when weight become 90% if(pc_is90overweight(sd) && sd->state.afk_storeItem == 1){ if (sd->state.storage_flag != 1) { //Open storage. if( storage_storageopen(sd) == 1 ) { return 0; } } for (i = 0; i < MAX_INVENTORY; i++) { ARR_FIND(0, AFKSTOREITEM_LIST, a, sd->state.afk_storeItemlist[a] == sd->inventory.u.items_inventory[i].nameid); if (a != AFKSTOREITEM_LIST) { if (sd->inventory.u.items_inventory[i].amount && sd->inventory.u.items_inventory[i].equip == 0) { storage_storageadd(sd, &sd->storage, i, sd->inventory.u.items_inventory[i].amount); } } } storage_storageclose(sd); } return 0; }
  23. Tbh, id like my money back on this. This is super unorganized and needed almost a 100% overhaul. Not worth the money until fully updated and corrected.
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