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  2. The redirects are automatic anyway o.O I'm still confused on why you'd need to change the redirects.
  3. @Akkarin I only want to know how to change the redirect from ?module=account to something else like ?module=account&action=userlogin
  4. Why would you need to redirect to a different page? If you want something else to be displayed on the login page (extra info?) you can copy the current data from /themes/default/account/login.php and paste it to /themes/<your custom theme>/account/login.php and then add whatever you need.
  5. Kick player out of map after vip expire

    What map? How do the players get to the map? If it's viper only then check onpcloadmapevent... then run a loop timer on players that have entered that map and check their status... if expire warp out.
  6. Please , How can I manage the redirect urls like when I type : localhost/cp/?module=account it redirect me to : localhost/cp/?module=account&action=login can i edit that to redirect from localhost/cp/?module=account to localhost/cp/?module=account&action=userlogin ( I know that i must edit the page in themes and modules and i already edited it but flux still not redirecting me to the new page )
  7. kRO prontera cherryblossom map

    thank you for sharing
  8. The title self explain .... its possible? Thanks
  9. Today
  10. RoBrowser Revival

    Congratulations for this work, I don't have time, sorry bro. I hope you can do it well!
  11. Make RO great again

    Thanks for your support guys ! That means very much. Winter effects are coming
  12. just follow a first post at the topic, everything explained in that
  13. RoBrowser Revival

    Hi! Can you show your work? Can i connect to your server with your roBrowser?
  14. View File VIP Buffer Function Configurable In Game This script allows you to give VIP Buff to player or Guild Just typed to NPC Controler.. Easy use and don't need editing script or input in SQL for add VIP Buffer to Player or Guild just Use NPC Features Easy Use just Add this script in your NPC Script and load them Automatically Create SQL Table if you load this NPC so don't need to import table to you SQL Add Player Or Guild to VIP Buff and Time Expired Info Time Expired for Player and List anyone who is have VIP Buff for GM How To Use Just add this callfunction syntax in your healer Script: if (callfunc ("F_CheckVIPBuff")) { // Put in here syntax of Buffer what you want } If you are still confused .. please see my demonstration video below.. By buying this script, you agree to these terms: You are not allowed to redistribute this script in any way, shape, or form. Chargeback scams are not tolerated and will get you punished on rAthena. I still retain all rights to this script. Terms above may be changed or adjusted without prior notification. I assume that the client will accept all the terms of services Submitter Ilfan Zulkarnain Submitted 08/12/2017 Category Utilities Video Content Author Ilfan Zulkarnain  
  15. Ghost Palace - rAthena

    thank you very much =)
  16. change this part OnClock0000: OnClock0200: OnClock0400: OnClock0600: OnClock0800: OnClock1000: OnClock1200: OnClock1400: OnClock1600: OnClock1800: OnClock2000: OnClock2200: OnClock2400: its currently set to every 2h ps- not really necessary to ask some question in multiple threads
  17. check your pm pls.

  18. Neues Projekt
  19. OGH Map texture minor bug

    Mystery solved...
  20. Neues Projekt

    Heyho,ist hier überhaupt noch wer aktiv der sich mit der Entwicklung auskennt?Suche noch paar Leute für ein neues Projekt.Skype: funkybeatz15Discord: Funkybeatz#8089
  21. OGH Map texture minor bug

    The thing is...when I use data.grf from kRO then there are no issue.... When I use data.grf from rA lite data.grf which is 1.4 gb, this issue appears xD So, I dont think it's map file related...
  22. [Meteor Storm] Maybe an issue?

    Having the same issue. The meteor is only dealing damage when the caster moves. If the caster is stood still, no damage is being dealt. I'm pretty sure this is not the right behaviour.
  23. OGH Map texture minor bug

    Why not remove that OBJECT via BrowEdit? Or check the map via BrowEdit check the log_worldeditor.txt what's missing?
  24. Monster no walk.

    Thak you so much!!
  25. oh my god i'm not asking for any costums tho.. I just really wish it would working right away as you says thank you sir
  26. helpMalangdo Cat Paw Merchants - A Comerce System

    now i have question, how to change time reset ?
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