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  1. Yes unfortunately. Since i own gepard. Maybe i can take advantage of it. Here my login table looks like with gepard colums. No idea what to change in the script. Or is it be that simple to replace 'last_ip' into 'last_unique_id" *EDIT Well ill be damned. I guess it works!
  2. This script is very useful. But if you have proxy ip this feature will render useless. Can i request to check unique id instead of ip? Or better yet mac address checker. Here's @Keitenai.
  3. Very nice release for those who dont have gepard. Thanks!
  4. Very approachable indeed! Can even support your oldest trunk. Keep it up! Check his website. Shakto Scripts – Scripts and sources modifications for rAthena and Hercules Emulator for Ragnarok Online game (ronovelty.com)
  5. Since this setup is intended. Can anyone make a diff regarding this?
  6. Makes a lot of sense. Thank you so much for the enlightenment.
  7. Thank you so much for the reply. Which line should i move it? Thanks!
  8. Wow very nice! Keep it up!
  9. Can i request a diff for us to allow the use of @reloadnpc to complicated NPC's such as Euphy Quest shop? Thanks!
  10. Mine is working 100%. I use @Bringer's
  11. View File Map Information w/ Visuals Heya rA folks! Today i bring you this awesome function that imitates MapInfo for 2020+ clients. This is for 2018 clients and below. Just install the script and merge the files to your main grf and viola! Also, if you dont want the cutins version i made text version as well. Just set [email protected] into 0. PSD file Included. ENJOY!!! P.S. I'm not good at graphic designs but this will do. Submitter Gidz Cross Submitted 07/18/2022 Category Other Video Content Author Gidz  
  12. There are workaround in 2015 clients. But yeah. I wont display properly on your client version. You can just edit the mes info. i would do it this way mes "<ITEM>"+getitemname(602)+"<INFO>602</INFO></ITEM>"; mes " "; mes "Click the link above to see the description of Butterfly Wing"; end;
  13. Replace Oncommand to OnCommand.
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