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  1. I can't see anything with that resolution...
  2. Please provide screenshot. Also, you are using free hosting. It is likely against their TOS and causing network issues.
  3. I dont see a problem with config, but i still dont fully understand your problem. Missing progress bar? Also, try the latest version.
  4. And most importantly, patcher version and os version?
  5. @Aeomin, are you planning to add the features? Current version is feature freeze. You will have the flexibility to launch the game after patching complete in next major version, but still working on it. For things like checkboxes, I will think about those after that, UI component like these are pointless if it can do only few things.
  6. Why not release something first then improve it?
  7. Hi, please send me the link to the problematic patch file. From replies above, it seems large patch files increase the chance crashing patching thread. While I do have suspicion on possible reasons, but it would be hard to track down without data that can reproduce the problem. Hopefully it's not another "Oh I fixed in the upcoming major release, but forgot to backport".
  8. But oh hey, it runs on my venue 8 pro! So yes it can run on windows tablet if have touch support (and carrying 20kg battery pack).
  9. My guess is that it is corrupted and cps's implementation is to ignore zlib error. That may not be the case though.
  10. Twice the space, twice the fun! I think you mean by keep gat files in zlib so that server can read it?
  11. Interesting idea, though I have been thinking if possible to shrink down grf by removing files no longer in use.
  12. Looks like your graphics card is not supported...
  13. Unable to reproduce, send me the patcher. Probably one of those buggy generator. Speaking of bug, I think would cause crash on windows xp. It should get fixed in next version though.
  14. Translator? cool o:

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