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  1. Ragnarok Philippines also launched a restart recently, they call the mix of classic and renewal as Revo-Classic https://ragnarokonline.com.ph
  2. I might! I'm getting interested in RO again, with all the new learnings I've gathered in the past years I've been away. I think I can contribute more greatly this time haha! Thanks for the warm response <3
  3. Whats up guys? its been awhile ? special post to say hi and for KingJ and Jeff and the ROPH openkore community. I hope rAthena is doing great this year. I can see forums has improved alot!
  4. I'm old but definitely not at the level of the people you mentioned. I know the names though. ☺
  5. I don't see the need to move you in the Community Contributors group btw. whos this guy? gtfo?
  6. Same, I really wanted to do one with Z3R0 but then he vanished and I kinda got lost with other stuff lol.
  7. I summoned Jman, and he banned ya'll to oblivion and now I OWN THE HILL.
  8. I'm pretty sure Jman knows about hosting an IRC server more than anyone on this forum. from service configuration to the actual irc moderation, commands and shit.
  9. ew Jman you suck for quitting ,GEEEEEZ, w/e
  10. this won't run on Linux wine, because WPF UI is not supported and Mono only supports WinForms, you can create and compile a commandline version to work on Linux though , since the GRF class is pure C# and will run 100% on mono/linux
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