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  1. i already download, but when i start start_console.cmd it's not showing any windows. i'm using windows 10 X64 bit version edit: found the problem, can't run inside another folder. but got error like this, please help
  2. hendra814

    you are not allowed to use the attendance system

    Check at some folder -first conf\battle\feature.conf, check is the feature already on -second db\re\attendace.yml, check the date and item reward -third at system\checkattendance.lub, same as db folder check the date and item reward here my ss
  3. hendra814

    Iteminfo.lua bugged

    update 2 lua files at data\luafiles514\lua files\datainfo - accname.lub - accessoryid.lub
  4. hendra814

    Hello everyone :D I nedd your help please !!

    The problem is you missing iteminfo_sak.lua or you diff your client to read another iteminfo file name.
  5. hendra814

    How do I install mysql on cygwin?

    Maybe you could use this method https://rathena.org/board/topic/111269-guide-lightweight-compiler-for-windows-for-replacement-heavy-visual-studio-ide-compile-rathena-faster-save-your-bandwidth-and-disk-space/?page=0#comment-326230
  6. hendra814

    Iteminfo.lua bugged

    i'm suggest you to use zack dreaver iteminfo here the link https://github.com/zackdreaver/ROenglishRE check on system folder
  7. hendra814

    [ask] cara menggunakan baju gm

    pakai client versi berapa? untuk yang sudah pakai sclientinfo.xml setau saya langtypenya di set 0
  8. hendra814

    R > @savealoot and @loadaloot command

    Only for allotid not include @autoloot like before so call @save to input all item you want to save and then load it using @load - script AutoSetting -1,{ end; OnLoadcommand: if (auto_settings & 1 << 0) atcommand "@alootid +"+auto_settings_alid_1; if (auto_settings & 1 << 0) atcommand "@alootid +"+auto_settings_alid_2; if (auto_settings & 1 << 0) atcommand "@alootid +"+auto_settings_alid_3; end; OnSavecommand: while(1) { switch( select( "@alootid "+auto_settings_alid_1+" "+auto_settings_alid_2+" "+auto_settings_alid_3+" ["+((auto_settings & 1 << 1) ?"^00C000ON^000000":"^FF0000OFF^000000")+"]" ) ) { case 1: if (auto_settings & 1 << 0) { auto_settings_alid_1 = 0; auto_settings_alid_2 = 0; auto_settings_alid_3 = 0; auto_settings = auto_settings^1 << 0; } else { mes "Input Item ID #1"; input [email protected]; mes "Input Item ID #2"; input [email protected]; mes "Input Item ID #3"; input [email protected]; next; mes $cf$; mes "^808000==================================^000000"; mes "Item ID #1 ^0000FF"+getitemname([email protected])+"^000000 ("[email protected]+")"; mes "Item ID #2 ^0000FF"+getitemname([email protected])+"^000000 ("[email protected]+")"; mes "Item ID #3 ^0000FF"+getitemname([email protected])+"^000000 ("[email protected]+")"; mes "^808000==================================^000000"; next; if (select("Cancel","Ok") == 1) close; auto_settings_alid_1 = [email protected]; auto_settings_alid_2 = [email protected]; auto_settings_alid_3 = [email protected]; auto_settings = auto_settings|1 << 0; } break; } } end; OnInit: bindatcmd("save",strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnSavecommand",0,99); bindatcmd("load",strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnLoadcommand",0,99); end; }
  9. maybe you could use this https://rathena.org/board/files/file/3883-at-with-afk-hat-very-easy-modify/
  10. hendra814

    Some "How can's" here

    for number 5 i think you could try edit this option on conf\battle.conf
  11. idk, it's happen to me too. Try post issue on the NEMO gitlab
  12. hendra814

    Quest Information Null 2010-07-30 client

    Try use this quest2display.txt questid2display.txt
  13. hendra814

    Where can I download 20180621RE EXE?

    Use zack translation files, already update all into english
  14. hendra814

    client error

    put all resource file for new prontera in your custom grf if you use grf or in your data folder if you use data folder. not only prontera.rsw, porntera.gnd, and prontera.gat
  15. hendra814

    [Diff] Help Read Data Folder First

    from 3 client in this package what client version do you use in your src. - 20181015 client - 20171011 client - 20161128 client