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  1. oo i see, mine using 2020-06-03 thanks for the information.
  2. Hi i want to ask, when i change my char into 4th job why it become poring job. is there any spesific configuration to enable 4th job?
  3. Are you already enable VIP funtion? by default it's disable at src\config\core.hpp
  4. May i know what field you remove from the table? because i look into the table it's still empty Done by import cp_itemshop.20080928225124.sql and refresh after that
  5. not working, i got this error using your method
  6. FYI. This error because client can't show map info when player get warp into town or field. to solve it i get information to put file SCDream4.otf and SCDream6.otf into system\font folder (if you don't have it you can copy and rename the file at C:\Windows\Font)
  7. Please update it for another town like iro
  8. Hi Chris, could you help me with my problem at this thread Since you change github repository folder structure from ragnarok into renewal, i can't get enter map server if the map have mini map. I don't know what issue is this, because already try many composition with diff and changes in translation files, but still got the same error. If you know about this error please tell me, thanks before.
  9. Hi all, need help badly, because i don't know what i suppose to do to fix the error. in 2018 client the game work well, but when using 20200401 client when character entering map like prontera, izlude,payon it's show error like this and when try runserver with debug mode, it's show error like this but when i change it into 2018 client to change player with map without mini map, and change into 2020 client again. It's work, So what suppose i do to fix this error, because i already try with any option in nemo about map. It's still show the same error. here the example map when i using 2020 client after change the map with 2018 client.
  10. Using Chris translation files, it's make me can't entering map server still confuse with this client setting. Note: all work normal now, already found the problem.
  11. could you share the link for ||chris|| Traslation Project Ragnarok, and btw i'm use you nemo option But i can't enter the game, always failed after entering password. could you please recheck your nemo option too?
  12. how you could pick option 13 Disable Ragexe Filename Check (Recommended) because i can't pick this option
  13. what did you do in step 4 and 6 ? could you detail it? i'm still using zack translation files, because i'm not found any translation files for 2020 client and newer. is client suppose to use read grf instead of read data folder first?
  14. Why using 20200401 all npc, warp point and monster not appear. here my diff option Is this problem related to translation client files? because i'm still using zack translation files. But my KRO using lastest update. Is there any new translation project support for 2020 client?
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