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  1. Are you already answer all the question with right answerr?
  2. please read at first post, and then apply the script in your server Then register using your char into the NPC
  3. Check your inter_athena.conf at conf folder
  4. not sure, but try with switch(1,3)
  5. Sequence for getmapuser in pub room? i think it's already sequence
  6. nope, my script not use < "+strcharinfo(0)+" > and it's working identification.txt But this only for identification, to get free identification must doing quest.
  7. quiz_02,287,265,4 script Ultimate PvP Warper 417,{ if (.pvp_square$=="") donpcevent "Ultimate PVP warper::OnClock0000"; mes "[PvP Warper]"; mes "Which arena do you want to join?"; switch(select("All Job ["+getmapusers(.pvp_square$)+"/128]:Max lvl 99 ["+getmapusers("pvp_y_2-2")+"/128]:3rd Baby Class ["+getmapusers("pvp_y_1-2")+"/128]")) { case 1: // PVP Square if (getmapusers(.pvp_square$) > 127) callsub S_full; warp .pvp_square$,0,0; announce "Player "+strcharinfo(0)+" join arena PVP All Job !!",bc_all; end; case 2: // PVP Low Level if (getmapusers("pvp_y_2-2") > 127) callsub S_full; if (BaseLevel > 99) { // Edit 150 to any maximum Lvl of a player can enter this room mes "Only for level 1 - 99"; close; } warp "pvp_y_2-2",0,0; announce "Player "+strcharinfo(0)+" join arena PVP Max lvl 99 !!",bc_all; end; Case 3: // Baby Class if (getmapusers("pvp_y_1-2") > 127) callsub S_full; if (class < 4096 || class > 4112) goto L_NotBaby; warp "pvp_y_1-2",0,0; announce "Player "+strcharinfo(0)+" join arena PVP 3rd Baby Class !!",bc_all; end; L_NotBaby: mes "This room only for 3rd baby class"; close; } S_full: mes "Sorry, The arena already full. Please wait..."; close; OnInit: OnTimer5000: delwaitingroom; switch(rand(1,3)) { Case 1: waitingroom getmapusers(.pvp_square$)+" player"+( getmapusers(.pvp_square$) > 1 ? "s":"") +" in arena All Job", 0; goto Timer; end; break; Case 2: waitingroom getmapusers("pvp_y_2-2")+" player"+( getmapusers("pvp_y_2-2") > 1 ? "s":"") +" in arena Max lvl 99", 0; goto Timer; end; break; Case 3: waitingroom getmapusers("pvp_y_1-2")+" player"+( getmapusers("pvp_y_1-2") > 1 ? "s":"") +" in arena 3rd Baby Class", 0; goto Timer; end; break; Timer: initnpctimer; } OnClock0000: // set the "PVP Square" map, based on day of the weeek switch(gettime(4)) { case 0: // Sunday case 1: // Monday set .pvp_square$, "pvp_y_7-2"; break; case 2: // Tuesday case 3: // Wednesday set .pvp_square$, "guild_vs3"; break; case 4: // Thursday case 5: // Friday set .pvp_square$, "pvp_y_7-2"; break; case 6: // Saturday set .pvp_square$, "guild_vs3"; break; } }
  8. Sorry, late update, I already fix the problem on sql part. for sql script, i'm use in first page and it's working now.
  9. here my scipt, yml and sql Personal_storage.txt inter_server.yml personal_storage.sql I'm using lastest rathena.
  10. i've got error on my char server what is this? i already execute the sql part into my sql
  11. already add the files and execute sql file, but get same error what did i miss?
  12. Thanks a alot, i will try import this file
  13. how to upload it into sql? use import or how? Because i'm using MySQL query browser and open it as script and then execute, have error like this