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  1. hendra814

    R> Double exp and droprates every weekend

    I think i has already give it to you - script DoubleEXP -1,{ OnSat: OnSun: announce "Double Experience Begin!",bc_blue|bc_all; set .br,getbattleflag("base_exp_rate")*2; set .jr,getbattleflag("job_exp_rate")*2; setbattleflag("base_exp_rate",.br); setbattleflag("job_exp_rate",.jr); atcommand "@reloadmobdb"; end; OnMon: announce "Double Experience already finish!",bc_blue|bc_all; atcommand "@reloadbattleconf"; atcommand "@reloadmobdb"; end; }
  2. hendra814

    Disguise Event using rathena latest git

    try this //===== rAthena Script ======================================= //= Disguise Event //===== By: ================================================== //= GmOcean //===== Current Version: ===================================== //= 5.1 //===== Compatible With: ===================================== //= rAthena Project //===== Description: ========================================= //= Guess a monster name correctly for prizes. //= //= NOTE: Requires PCRE library installed. //===== Additional Comments: ================================= //= 5.0 Last update by GmOcean. //= 5.1 Cleaned and standardized, mostly. [Euphy] //============================================================ prontera,160,155,4 script Disguise Event 795,{ // Currently set to run every two hours. // To change times, edit the OnClock labels below. set [email protected],60; // GM level required to access NPC. set [email protected]$,"[^0000FFDisguise NPC^000000]"; if (getgmlevel()>[email protected]) { mes [email protected]$; mes "Select an option."; next; switch(select("Turn ON/OFF Event:Event Settings")) { case 1: mes [email protected]$; if (.EventON) { mes "The Event is currently: [^0000FFON^000000]"; mes "Would you like to turn it OFF?"; } else { mes "The Event is currently: [^FF0000OFF^000000]"; mes "Would you like to turn it ON?"; } if(select("Yes:No")==2) close; if (.EventON) { set .EventON,0; set .Timer,0; setnpctimer 0; stopnpctimer; announce "A GM has decided to turn the Disguise Event off. As a result no further prizes will be given.",bc_map | bc_blue; deletepset 1; setnpcdisplay "Disguise Event",795; close; } set .EventON,1; set .Timer,1; setnpctimer 0; initnpctimer; set .ResetCounter,.ResetCounter+1; announce "The Disguise Event will begin in 3 minutes.",bc_all | bc_blue; announce "The Event is being held in Prontera.",bc_all | bc_blue; close; case 2: mes [email protected]$; mes "Pick a setting to modify."; next; switch(select("Monster Display:Number of Rounds:Prize Settings")) { case 1: setarray [email protected]$[0],"Disguise as all monsters.","Disguise as MVPs only."; mes [email protected]$; mes "Choose a disguise rule."; next; set .Rule, select(implode([email protected]$,":")); mes [email protected]$; mes "The Disguise Rule has been set:"; mes " > ^0055FF"[email protected]$[.Rule-1]+"^000000"; close; case 2: mes [email protected]$; mes "Input the number of rounds you want the event to last."; mes "Current number: [^0000FF"+.Rounds+"^000000]"; next; input [email protected]; set .Rounds,[email protected]; mes [email protected]$; mes "The number of rounds has been changed to "+.Rounds+"."; close; case 3: mes [email protected]$; mes "Input the Item ID of the prize given each round."; mes "Current item: [^0000FF"+getitemname(.Prize)+"^000000] (ID #"+.Prize+")"; next; input [email protected]; mes [email protected]$; if (getitemname([email protected])=="" || getitemname([email protected])=="null") { mes "That item does not exist. Please try again."; close; } set .Prize,[email protected]; mes "Input the amount to be given."; next; input [email protected]; mes [email protected]$; if ([email protected]<=0 || [email protected]>=10000) { mes "That amount is invalid. Using default amount of 1."; set [email protected],1; next; mes [email protected]$; } set .PrizeAmt,[email protected]; mes "The Prize has been changed successfully."; mes "Prize: "+.PrizeAmt+"x [^0000FF"+getitemname(.Prize)+"^000000]"; close; } } } if (.EventON) end; mes [email protected]$; mes "Welcome."; mes "How may I be of assistance?"; if(select("Information:Nothing, just passing through.")==2) close; next; mes [email protected]$; mes "This event is quite simple."; mes "At the start of the event, I will"; mes "disguise myself as a random"; mes "monster. You have to shout"; mes "that monster's name out loud."; next; mes "If you are correct, you will receive"; mes "a prize. If not, keep trying!"; mes "That's all that there is to this event."; close; OnInit: hideonnpc strnpcinfo(3); set .EventON,0; set .Wait,0; set .Winner,0; set .ResetCounter,0; set .Rounds,10; set .Prize,512; set .PrizeAmt,1; set .Rule,1; setarray .MVP[0],1038,1039,1046,1059,1086,1087,1112,1115,1147,1150,1157,1159,1190,1251,1252,1272,1312,1373, 1389,1399,1418,1492,1502,1511,1583,1623,1630,1646,1647,1648,1649,1650,1651,1658,1685,1688, 1708,1719,1734,1751,1768,1779,1785,1802,1832,1871,1874,1885,1917,1980,2022,2068,2087,2131, 2156,2165; set .BlackList$, "1003,1006,1017,1021,1022,1027,1043,1075,1136,1137,1168," + "1171,1172,1173,1181,1187,1210,1217,1218,1222,1223,1224,1225,1226,1227,1228," + "1233,1284,1407,1411,1414,1495,1501,1900,1996,2000,2001,2002,2003,2004," + "2005,2006,2007,2011,2012,2025,2028,2029,2030,2031,2032,2033,2034,2035," + "2036,2037,2038,2039,2040,2041,2042,2043,2044,2045,2046,2047,2048,2049," + "2050,2051,2052,2053,2054,2055,2056,2057,2058,2059,2060,2061,2062,2063," + "2064,2065,2066,2067,2075,2076,2077,2078,2079,2080,2081,2083,2084,2085," + "2086,2087,2088,2089,2090,2091,2092,2093,2094,2095,2096,2097,2098,2099," + "2100,2101,2012,2103,2104,2105,2106,2107,2108,2109,2110,2111,2112,2113," + "2114,2115,2116,2117,2118,2119,2120,2121,2123,2124,2125,1496,"; end; OnClock0000: OnClock0200: OnClock0400: OnClock0600: OnClock0800: OnClock1000: OnClock1200: OnClock1400: OnClock1600: OnClock1800: OnClock2000: OnClock2200: set .ResetCounter,.ResetCounter+1; set .EventON,1; set .Timer,1; set .Wait,1; announce "The Disguise Event will begin in 3 minutes.",bc_all | bc_blue; announce "The Event is being held in Prontera.",bc_all | bc_blue; setnpctimer 0; initnpctimer; end; OnTimer10000: if (.Timer || .Change) end; set .Wait,0; goto iDisguise; end; OnTimer30000: if (.Timer) end; set .Change,0; setnpcdisplay "Disguise Event",795; npctalk "Disguise Event : You took too long to guess what I was. Please wait 10 seconds while I disguise again."; specialeffect EF_DETECT2; set $MonsterName$,""; deletepset 1; stopnpctimer; setnpctimer 0; initnpctimer; end; OnTimer60000: if (.Timer!=1) end; announce "The Disguise Event will begin in 2 minutes.",bc_all | bc_blue; announce "The Event is being held in Prontera.",bc_all | bc_blue; end; OnTimer120000: if (.Timer!=1) end; announce "The Disguise Event will begin 1 minute.",bc_all | bc_blue; announce "The Event is being held in Prontera.",bc_all | bc_blue; end; OnTimer180000: if (.Timer!=1) end; announce "The Disguise Event has begun!",bc_all | bc_blue; announce "The Event is being held in Prontera.",bc_all | bc_blue; hideoffnpc strnpcinfo(3); set .Timer,0; stopnpctimer; setnpctimer 0; initnpctimer; iDisguise: if (.Rule==1) { set .Winner,0; set .Monster,1000+rand(1,995); if (compare(","+.BlackList$+"," , ","+.Monster+",")) goto iDisguise; if (.Monster==.LastMonster) goto iDisguise; set .LastMonster,.Monster; set $MonsterName$,getmonsterinfo(.Monster,0); } if (.Rule==2) { set .Winner,0; set .Monster,rand(49); set $MonsterName$,getmonsterinfo(.MVP[.Monster],0); } deletepset 1; defpattern 1,"([^:]+):.\\s*"+$MonsterName$+".*", "iCorrect"; activatepset 1; if (.Rule==1) setnpcdisplay "Disguise Event",.Monster; if (.Rule==2) setnpcdisplay "Disguise Event",.MVP[.Monster]; set .Change,1; setnpctimer 0; end; iCorrect: if (.Winner) { dispbottom "Someone has already won this round."; end; } set .Winner,1; set .RoundCount,.RoundCount+1; deletepset 1; activatepset 1; getitem .Prize,.PrizeAmt; announce strcharinfo(0)+" is correct! I was disguised as: "+$MonsterName$+"",bc_map | bc_blue; if (.RoundCount>=.Rounds) { setnpcdisplay "Disguise Event",795; set .RoundCount,0; set .Change,0; set .EventON,0; setnpctimer 0; stopnpctimer; hideonnpc strnpcinfo(3); npctalk "Disguise Event : Thank you all for playing. That was the last round of the Disguise Event. Come play again later."; end; } setnpcdisplay "Disguise Event",795; set .Change,0; setnpctimer 0; end; }
  3. hendra814

    need English storage texture

    in your sclientinfo.xml try use langtype 0
  4. maybe using new option on nemo https://gitlab.com/4144/Nemo
  5. can't use custom AI since 2017-09-20 client https://rathena.org/board/topic/115401-client-2018-custom-ai-crash/
  6. hendra814

    need aggressive AI for homunculus and mercenary

    can't use ustom ai since client 2017-09-20 https://rathena.org/board/topic/115401-client-2018-custom-ai-crash/
  7. hendra814

    increase hairtsyle limit in game patch problem

    use this or this one
  8. hendra814

    Best and Stable 2017 Clients.

    from my experience, there's no bug with this client.
  9. hendra814

    Best and Stable 2017 Clients.

    i think 2017-06-14, already test it for a while
  10. hendra814

    PVP point

    for how many player in the map try this to prevent dual on pvp you can try this
  11. hendra814

    PVP point

    that script doesn't need npc to check how many player on pvp map you must create pvp warper, you could try this prontera.gat,148,192,4 script Ultimate PvP Warper 417,{ if (.pvp_square$=="") donpcevent "Ultimate PVP warper::OnClock0000"; mes "[PvP Warper]"; mes "Which arena do you want to enter ?"; switch(select("All Job ["+getmapusers(.pvp_square$)+"/128]:Max lvl 99 ["+getmapusers("pvp_y_2-2")+"/128]:3rd Baby Class ["+getmapusers("pvp_y_1-2")+"/128]")) { case 1: // PVP Square if (getmapusers(.pvp_square$) > 127) callsub S_full; warp .pvp_square$,0,0; announce "Player "+strcharinfo(0)+" enter PVP All Job !!",bc_all; end; case 2: // PVP Low Level if (getmapusers("pvp_y_2-2") > 127) callsub S_full; if (BaseLevel > 99) { // Edit 150 to any maximum Lvl of a player can enter this room mes "only player with Level 1 - 99 can enter this arena"; close; } warp "pvp_y_2-2",0,0; announce "Player "+strcharinfo(0)+" enter PVP Max lvl 99 !!",bc_all; end; Case 3: // Baby Class if (getmapusers("pvp_y_1-2") > 127) callsub S_full; if (class < 4096 || class > 4112) goto L_NotBaby; warp "pvp_y_1-2",0,0; announce "Player "+strcharinfo(0)+" enter PVP 3rd Baby Class !!",bc_all; end; L_NotBaby: mes "This room only for 3rd baby class"; close; } S_full: mes "Sorry, this arena already full. please wait a while..."; close; OnInit: OnTimer5000: delwaitingroom; switch(rand(1,3)) { Case 1: waitingroom getmapusers(.pvp_square$)+" player"+( getmapusers(.pvp_square$) > 1 ? "s":"") +" in the arena All Job", 0; goto Timer; end; break; Case 2: waitingroom getmapusers("pvp_y_2-2")+" player"+( getmapusers("pvp_y_2-2") > 1 ? "s":"") +" in the arena Max lvl 99", 0; goto Timer; end; break; Case 3: waitingroom getmapusers("pvp_y_1-2")+" player"+( getmapusers("pvp_y_1-2") > 1 ? "s":"") +" in the arena 3rd Baby Class", 0; goto Timer; end; break; Timer: initnpctimer; } OnClock0000: // set the "PVP Square" map, based on day of the weeek switch(gettime(4)) { case 0: // Sunday case 1: // Monday set .pvp_square$, "pvp_y_7-2"; break; case 2: // Tuesday case 3: // Wednesday set .pvp_square$, "guild_vs3"; break; case 4: // Thursday case 5: // Friday set .pvp_square$, "pvp_y_7-2"; break; case 6: // Saturday set .pvp_square$, "guild_vs3"; break; } }
  12. hendra814

    Account Credits

    Mine already make withdrawal from April but until today still not get my credit into my paypal account
  13. hendra814

    help korean text all over my server

    can you give ss what didn't change into english and what translation are you use, zack files or asheraf files?
  14. hendra814

    wheres the renewal refine system?

    are you mention about Refine UI system?
  15. hendra814

    how to enable attendance system?

    are the item in attendance_DB.yml and attendance.lub already same?