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  1. Saran saya ambl semua file dari KROnya, jadi cemplungin client Rolove kamu di folder KRO saat menjalankan gamenya
  2. wah maaf, mirip2 sih, kirain yang server indo. kemungkinannya client baca grf kalau gitu, jadi kamau harus buka grf si forever love, masukin map nya kesana Pakai applikasi grf editor
  3. Sory mau tanya, ini kamu pakainya untuk amen online ragnarok forever love atau kamu setting offline? Lagian kalau pake buat ofline bakal banyak file yang kurang kalau pakai client ROFL.
  4. Add di client, kalau pakai data folder masukkan ke data folder kalau pakai custom grf masukkan file yang dikasih optimus ke custom grf
  5. @rolandiex Thanks, the problem already solve
  6. Are you using lastest rathena, because on mine work well
  7. Dear, Today i got error when using this feature, could you help me to fix it here the screen shoot of the error on char console
  8. rathena already have that feature try look at npc\re\merchants\shadow refiner.txt
  9. Please check your database, are the item already have in your database universal catalog gold item ID 12571 Unlimited fly wing item ID 17229 HP Pill item ID 12274 SP PIll item ID 12275 Authoritative Badge item ID 622 Unlimited concentration item ID 17226 Unlimited Awakening Item ID 17227 Unlimited Berserk item ID 17228 Unlimited Giant Fly Wing item ID 17314
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