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  1. @rolandiex Thanks, the problem already solve
  2. Are you using lastest rathena, because on mine work well
  3. Dear, Today i got error when using this feature, could you help me to fix it here the screen shoot of the error on char console
  4. rathena already have that feature try look at npc\re\merchants\shadow refiner.txt
  5. Please check your database, are the item already have in your database universal catalog gold item ID 12571 Unlimited fly wing item ID 17229 HP Pill item ID 12274 SP PIll item ID 12275 Authoritative Badge item ID 622 Unlimited concentration item ID 17226 Unlimited Awakening Item ID 17227 Unlimited Berserk item ID 17228 Unlimited Giant Fly Wing item ID 17314
  6. Are you already answer all the question with right answerr?
  7. please read at first post, and then apply the script in your server Then register using your char into the NPC
  8. Check your inter_athena.conf at conf folder
  9. not sure, but try with switch(1,3)
  10. Sequence for getmapuser in pub room? i think it's already sequence
  11. nope, my script not use < "+strcharinfo(0)+" > and it's working identification.txt But this only for identification, to get free identification must doing quest.