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  1. I can't find the .exe to diff, where can I download the appropriate one for my client ?
  2. Ok, I modified it like this: mmo.h: #ifndef PACKETVER #define PACKETVER 20130209 //#define PACKETVER 20120410 //#define PACKETVER 20111116 #endif And packet_db.txt like you said. Do I have to recompile?
  3. No, I've come here just after seeing that the packetver in mmo.h didn't match with my client. How should I edit packet_db.txt?
  4. So I decided to make my own test server. I'm following Judas' Bible, and I got to the client part where it says to make sure that packetver corresponds with your client's packetver, but mine don't. In mmo.h, packetver is 20120410, and my client is 02092013 (latest miruku rore client). What I want to do is run a pre-renewal test server with all the new mobs, classes and whatever else they added. How can I do that with this client I have? Is it even possible to use this one? Is it a stable and reliable client to work on?
  5. Here, try this. Remember to edit the first line converter.txt
  6. What I mean is can you somehow read a players IP by having him/her interact with an NPC?
  7. What files could I have messed with for this error to show up?
  8. [Error]: File not found: conf/plugin_athena.conf [Error]: File not found: conf/plugin_athena.conf [Error]: File not found: conf/plugin_athena.conf I just updated to latest version and I'm getting this error. Is this a bug?
  9. File Name: Rentals NPC File Submitter: megablox File Submitted: 22 May 2012 File Category: Utilities Content Author: megablox This NPC allows you to rent a mount (peco peco, cart, falcon, mado, dragon, gryphon, anything else). If you use this, please give credits ! Click here to download this file
  10. megablox

    Help Russian

    Вы должны разместить это здесь. p.s: я использовал Google Translate
  11. megablox

    TXT to SQL?

    I updated it, seems to work now. Thanks ! Stumbled upon another problem: it appears it's putting double backslashes (\) when it should be a single one. This happens near " 's ", and causes a syntax error.
  12. megablox

    TXT to SQL?

    Thanks ;] Hey, while running the generated script for item_db, I stumbled upon a syntax error. Apparently this line of the item_db is causing some errors. I looked at the line, and I found out there's a colon (70:105). I think that may be the cause item_db.txt line 1231,Bazerald,Bazerald,4,20,,500,70:105,,1,0,0x028F5EEE,7,2,2,4,36,1,1,{ bonus bAtkEle,Ele_Fire; bonus bInt,5; },{},{} MySQL error 0 21:23:04 REPLACE INTO `item_db` VALUES (1231,'Bazerald','Bazerald',4,20,NULL,500,70:105,NULL,1,0,0x028F5EEE,7,2,2,4,36,1,1,' bonus bAtkEle,Ele_Fire; bonus bInt,5; ',NULL,NULL) Error Code: 1064. You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ':105,NULL,1,0,0x028F5EEE,7,2,2,4,36,1,1,' bonus bAtkEle,Ele_Fire; bonus bInt,5; ' at line 1 How can I fix that?
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