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  1. Free


    i recoded older rAthena Serv Monitor by DarkIrata in newer WPF

    -> Added Multithreading Server Start
    -> Added 1Click-Restart Server Button
    -> Added the WebServ
    -> Errorlogs are working and saving without crashes
    -> New design

    the open-src code -> https://github.com/AoShinRO/rAthena-ServMonitor-ByAoShinHo



  2. Free


    hello, rAthena
    this editor is poor copy of mob skill editor function of SDE.
    Be sure to backup your files before using this editor!!
    attached source code is python script
    you need to install PyQt5 and yaml to run script
    you can also download prebuild windows binary file at git release page.
    Supported feature
    multiple mob_skill_db.txt support Not Supported
    undo/redo auto backup



  3. Free


    This editor is a scripting support tool.
    I made thid editor for my own use and Ruby study.
    So don't request new feature

    You can find some links to download binary installer for Windows at the top of the Official HP
    I use RubyInstaller Ruby Gems
    After Ruby installation finished,open command prompt and type commands below Gtk3 gem install gtk3  
    GtkSourceView3 gem install gtksourceview3  
    win32-clipboard gem install win32-clipboard  
    Open 'db.yml',and add your original ItemDB/MobDB file path Run 'editor.rb' Load item script by selecting `Load` button at the right-top of window Edit script Select `Inject Script` button to overwrite your ItemDB file Repo



  4. Free

    String Editor (npcs.. etc)

    A while ago I searched for everything for a program that separated all the strings in a file so that I could translate more easily, well I didn't think so I paid a developer to help me create, unfortunately I lost the source code of this incredible editor because of a ransomware, but I managed to find the executable, I hope it helps many people as it helped me!
    Description: Basically if you want to translate something or just edit the strings of an npc just import your .txt file and it will separate and you can edit / translate as you prefer.

    Demonstration video: 
    Importar button: you import the.txt file
    Button "Criar arquivo codificado" :you create a file only with the strings all in line and encoded for windows 1252.
    button visualizar : you can preview the result.
    and Finalizar button it saves!
    obs1: take care not to increase the number of lines and nothing else will be out of order.
    obs2: You need to press on preview to apply the changes
    obs3: And be careful also when using it, as it can confuse a string with text, it identifies everything inside a string, so it can have this pattern:
    "here" ok "here"
    I'm sure it will be easier to translate into your language.
    using it is just a matter of habit, if I find the source code I will post it for free.
    would you like to donate to this project?
    paypal: [email protected]




  5. Free

    Item Slotter

    A simple .NET core application that will change all the slots of your items from an item_db.txt. Great if you want to have 4 slots on all items. But it also has customization. Please read the readme.txt.

    Four slot all items! And more! Free to use and share.

    It's called Item Slotter "2" because the original I made just for myself, but I wanted to make a version everyone can use. Hope you enjoy.



  6. Free

    Super Simple and Lightweight Mysql Database Backup

    A super simple and lightweight SQL Database Backup System.  
    This auto backsup your database every 24 Hours or more. Can't go less.
    - NodeJS v12+  
    - Understanding
    - Download the Code. (can use git)  
    - Go to the main directory of the code using your terminal/cmd. (Where index.js is)  
    // run $ node . // or $ node index
    How to run this 24/7?
    This will close when you close your terminal. I good way to keep this up without closing is using `pm2`.  
    To install `pm2`, simply do the following.  
    $ npm install pm2 -g // or $ yarn add pm2 -g How would i run it?
    $ pm2 start index.js (Make sure you're in the main directory of the code. Where index.js is)  
    That would make it run 24/7 even when closing the terminal/cmd.
    {   "mysql": {     "username": "username",     "password": "password",     "host": "localhost",     "port": 3306,     "databases": [       "rathena4444_rag",       "rathena4444_log"     ]   },   "backupInterval": 86400 } config.mysql is where all your mysql data would be.  
    *.username is what your mysql username is.  
    *.password is the password for your mysql username.  
    *.host is where the mysql server is hosted. or localhost for the same host or vps.  
    *.port is the port of the mysql host.
    *.databases[] an array of the name of the databases to backup.  
    config.backupInterval is the amount of seconds to wait before creating a new backup. Default is 86400 (1 day).  
    Take note that you can't go less than 86400.
    How does this work?
    I simply used child_process to create a new process and would run mysqldump to export Mysql databases.  
    After exporting, the code closes the process of the ran command and then would wait for the interval to be finished, then repeat the process.



  7. Free


    ServerConfig is a free tool for automatic configuration whit your rAthena Server.
    Very simple to use.
    Just 4 click and your server are ready.
    .NET Framework 4.0
    How to use:
    1° Unrar the archive
    2° Select a root rAtehan folder. ( for example:   C:\rAthena )
    3° Click Detect in IP Address configuration, or put ip address in this filed.
    4° Check Enable sql Server if you like use rAthena sql
    5° Click Update Server Files
    After patching, you can test if your roter Port are enabled.
    Plase report bug or error.



  8. Free

    Item_db.txt Translator Sync with iteminfo

    Hello everyone. Many ask me how I translate my item_db with my iteminfo, so today I came to teach how to do it.

    1 - Download the program that I made available.
    2 - Replace iteminfo.lua inside content with your iteminfo.lub or lua content.
    3 - Run the program.
    4 - A file named item.txt was generated.
    5 - Copy the contents of this file and now into ServerDatabaseEditor, click on Tools after loading your database and copy all contents of item.txt and after that click on Run.
    6 - Okay, you just translated your item_db into the language of your iteminfo!
    Special thanks to Tokei for making the most difficult, which was the SDE



  9. Free

    Ragnarok Deleveled

    The Ragnarok Deleveled project tries to remove the use of the Base Level from the game, making so not only you can go anywhere you want, but
    also your progression shifts towards equipments and classes.
    This project has been at work just for fun, I've been studying ways of making the level of the monsters and their status, tells how hard it is to face them,
    but the program I created - which is used to scale the monsters and item status - isn't stable yet, since depending on the levels and status sum you set
    to the players and the monsters, the monsters may either be too easy, or too hard to face, one example you may find while testing, is that Thor Volcano
    is actually a end-game instance, because the monsters there has absurd status, most likelly because of the sum of their status values.
    On other hand, I've been testing the project on a Pre-Renewal server, so I have no idea how the project will work on a Renewal server, because I didn't
    built a client for that yet, so basically It's a "test at your own risk" in that case.
    Do beware aswell, that since base level will no longer be a thing, the grinding may shift towards the job leveling, so better prepare yourself a pack full
    of quest npcs or event npcs, or else the game will be boring quickly.
    The instalation guide is inside the zip file, and enjoy.



  10. Free

    Simple MySQL Backup & Restore v1.1

    Hello guys,
    I would like to share one of my simple and small program that i used to backup SQL Database. I am new in making programs as i am learning it in school together with php, so i hope you guys can pardon my noob code. It been created to help my dad and brother to backup their mysql database remotely. Now i would like you guys to try it and give suggestions on the programs.
    The field in the programs need to be write manually as that is what my dad and brother requirements.
    This is the post about the previous version (Discussion Post)
    # The program have been updated to v1.1
    using .net 4.5 slightly change the way backup is save (using only .sql) added restore function with create database option (create database function will only create to a non-exist database) change how the connection been to the MySql server is made The guides will be updated later.
    Please try it and give suggestions for me to improve. You can contact me at [email protected]. If you guys like my work you can buy me a coffee so i can keep my money for my school 
    p/s : If you would like to take a look or use the source code, it been upload to github. Please comment about the source so i can improve the way i write the code. Thank you.
    SimpleMySql Github



  11. Free

    sader's Monster Mode Generator

    this application help you calculate the monster mode
    for more info about the monster mode
    Update v2.0:
    this update only for rAthena +2016
    support sql , support reverse result , add reset button

    Contact me for Errors



  12. Free

    Random Group Generator by Vincentore

    Hello rAthena!
    Today I release this little tool:
    It allows you to quickly populate new groups.
    Small Guide:
    1. Download and unzip the tool.
    2. Copy your item_randomopt_db.txt into the unzipped path. (Replace the File inside)
    3. Run the Tool.
    4. Insert your GROUP_ID to use in the First textbox.
    5. Select any option in the first box
    6. Add the minumum and maximum value.
    7. Click Generate.
    8. Now the bottom box will output the combination of all your options chosen and it will min/max the values.
    I want that the Item option roll 1000 or 2000 HP and 100,200 or 300 SP.
    That is 2x(HPin 1000Steps) times 3x(SP in 100Steps)




  13. Free

    [TOOL] Item DB Automation

    - PHP version 5.4 and up is required to run this script.
    - JSON File of your item (examples at the end)
    - Open up a terminal
    - Type in "php item_script.php" (without the quotes)
    Creating JSON File:
    The format should be like this (The ordering: https://rathena.org/wiki/Custom_Items#Structure_.28Database.29)
    [26007,"Pink_Fluffy_Valkyrie_Helm","Pink Fluffy Valkyrie Helm",4,1,null,0,null,0,null,1,"0xFFFFFFFF",3,2,256,null,0,1,907,null,null,null]
    - If the value is NULL, type it in small letters.
    - Use quotes on string values.
    - Do not add commas on each line.
    Questions? Ask here: https://rathena.org/board/topic/106186-tool-add-items-to-database-easily/



  14. Free

    Server Database Editor

    This is a new project I've made aiming to manage the various databases as easily as possible. This tool was initially developped using Client database editor's engine, a tool from GRF Editor. It has been adapted to support more database formats and many of the features have been improved.
    How to install
    Download the zip archive provided from the download link at the top right corner of this description or directly from there : http://www.mediafire.com/download/p0zhcc8ipa6cjt3 .
    Install the application with SDE Installer.exe; if you are missing a .NET Framework you will be prompted to download it.
    Once you are done, you can start the program from the link on your desktop.

    Both rAthena and Hercules' formats are supported by the application.
    Many conversions between rAthena and Hercules are possible. Converting items can be done simply by right-clicking on the elements and selecting "Copy entries to clipboard (ServerType)".
    Undo and redo commands are available, as well as navigation commands (quite useful when switching tabs a lot).
    There are many shortcuts within the application, all of which are shown when right-clicking items or going through the menus. I do plan on adding more as well.
    The databases are 'merged' between each other to offer an easier view. This is true mostly for the item and mob databases.
    Flag fields can be entered with either an hexadecimal value or an integer value. You will have to add "0x" if you want to enter an hexadecimal number though.
    For Windows XP users, the program's layout may change a bit. The Aero theme is applied to make sure the application looks like it should.

    Getting started
    Create a new project from File > New project. Go in the settings tab and set the path of your database. If you're using pre-renewal, then drop the pre-re folder in the "Server DB path" box (drop the re folder otherwise). Don't drop your "db" folder, it simply won't work!
    Save your project file to avoid redoing this step everytime you reload the application by going in File > Save project info. The project info file is automatically saved, so you don't need to save it everytime you do a modification in the settings. If you associate .sde files with this tool, you will be able to start up your project from the project file directly (which is more convenient).
    The last setting is the resource files and it is optional. Simply drag and drop a GRF in the paths list. This will add icons in the items list view (it will also make the application slower when scrolling for that list).

    Easy input fields
    All the fields are easy to set and most of them have tooltips. For example, to edit the drops of a mob, simply right-click on the items and change the drop value (both float and integer values are accepted in the field : typing 5.20 is the same as typing 520).

    How to save the database
    There are multiple ways to save the database : quick save, full save and export. Quick save keeps the commands you've applied on the database (Ctrl-S), this is the saving option you should be using. Full save (Ctrl-Shift-S) does not keep the commands and you will not be able to undo any operations afterwards. Export (File > Export to db/SQL) exports the database to another folder and this is normally used to convert databases.
    When saving, the comments are preserved as much as possible, but this is not always possible. For example, the items table from Hercules is always rewritten, so the comments will be lost in this file.
    Unmodified tables will not be saved. Disabling a tab will also prevent the associated table from being rewritten/saved. This can be achieved by right-clicking on a tab and selecting "Disable 'table name'".

    SQL support
    You can export your current database to SQL from File > Export to SQL > ... The first option in the list is the current database format. The other options are used for conversions between rAthena and Hercules.

    Backups system
    The application automatically creates backups everytime you save the database (can be disabled in Settings > Enable backups manager). You can revert to a previous date by going in Tools > Backups manager. This tool's purpose is to make sure you never lose any important data (as well as preventing data corruption).

    Merging or adding lines from another database
    It is possible to merge databases by going in Edit > Add item from raw db line. Simply copy and paste the lines from the database you want to add. You must select the corresponding table before doing so, of course. (Known bug : adding lines with invalid parameters will put the database in an invalid state).
    Synchronize with client database files
    If "Synchronize with client database files" is checked in the Settings tab, you'll be able to turn on all the following features.
    Bind item tabs together (suggested by UltraCat)
    This feature enables you to quickly alternate between the Item and Client Items tabs. Whenever you switch table, it will autoselect the item previously selected. The text search filter will also be applied to all three tables (Item/Item2/Client Items). Subfilters (such as item description, script, etc) will be ignored if the item isn't included in the search result.
    Manage view IDs automatically (suggested by UltraCat)
    This feature allows you to completely ignore the view IDs for headgears and costumes. Only the identified resource's field is taken into account when synchronizing with the client databases, so make sure you set at least this field! You must also set up the lua paths; go in any item table and click on the wheel next to the "View ID" field.

    This will bring up a dialog to setup the paths (preferably, the files should be located in your data folder to avoid saving the GRF all the time). They will be automatically decompiled if necessary.

    If everything has been properly set, the View ID field for the headgears and costumes will be grayed out. When saving, you'll notice some view IDs will be switched around, but SDE will try to keep your original IDs as much as possible. The view names will be changed to the item's Aegis Name (has no effect ingame).
    Mob sprites edition
    In the mob tables, you will find a wheel button, similar to the view IDs. Setting up the paths will allow you to see the mob sprites as they will appear ingame (except for granny models, like emperium for instance). The "..." button can let you select the sprites from the mob folder in the GRFs (or data folder).
    Preview images
    With the client tables synchronization, the preview image for items in the list view will be properly displayed. This is handy for custom items.
    Notepad++ support
    There is support for Notepad++ to easily find items in a text (or conf) database. Right-click an item and use "Select in Notepad++".

    Search feature
    The search engine is the same used as CDE, so it should make it easy to find an item. There is also a hidden search option : if you type "[number_of_slots] 4" it will give all the items with 4 slots or "[refineable] true" will give you all refineable items. This can be applied to any attribute in the table which are not shown in the search panel.

    Todo list
    Import from SQL (is that even necessary?).
    Automatically create a table from a file.
    Batch files / command line methods (would be similar to GrfCL).
    Known bug : exporting mob_skill_db from Hercules to SqlRenewalHercules doesn't seem to be parsing properly (for this file only).
    Type safety (check for invalid inputs, use the same SQL rules when loading the databases).

    Hope you enjoy this tool! The sources will be available on githut for the next release. If you have a feedback or suggestions, let me know and I'll probably add them to the software.




  15. Free

    NPC Script Editor

    Easy to use & feature packed NPC Script Editor for RO emulator(s).
    Has a built in plug-in system, so anyone can write their own plugin to extend this editor's feature.
    Now optimized for performance and support NPC Script Parsing / Syntax / Error checking (F6) right in the editor to speed up your coding.



  16. Free

    Yggdrasil Manager

    Yggdrasil Manager is a Ragnarok Serveur Manager (yes another one). It's written in C# (4.5 for client and 4.0 for server) and compatible with Mono (at least 2.10) wich means you can run it under Unix type OS(only the server part, the client part is made for Windows only). I had it run under debian Squeez and it worked like a charm.
    A Manager and a Monitor
    It's a client-server application wich means Manager and Monitor do not have to be on the same computer.
    The Monitor handle all the "server part" wich is starting, stoping, kepping the status (online, offline, maintenance), sending the console output to the monitor and some other stuff.
    The Manager allows you to see the console output of your servers(login, char, map), start, stop, restart them and even put the login server into maintenance mode(we will see what it that a little further). You can also see how many players are connected without having to log into the game.
    Basically it's the "UI" part.
    Manage classic setup with login, char, map. It's the basic configuration that almost every one use.
    Manage multi char setup with one login, and multiple char-map pair (here's a link to multi char server chart founded on rathena wiki http://chart.apis.go...r2--mapserver2})
    .Servers have a auto restart function that you can enable or disable, logins servers can be put into maintenance mode, wich means that only account with group_id > 1 can log into the game. All you have to do is click on a button.
    Console ouput is colored the same way the rathena one is BUT you have to enable "stdout_with_ansisequence" in the conf file.
    Error, Debug, SQL, and Warning counter for easier monitoring (this one was inspired from Irata server manager)
    Navigate to the next error (or debug, sql etc..) with shortcuts CTRL+SHIFT + E/D/S/W (you have to be on the console ouput)
    The application is in french and english (auto detected no need to worry) maybe later I'll add other languages

    Please note that this is a first release, it should work out of the box but nothing's perfect.
    More features are comming as soon as I found new ideas xD. But you can post yours here .
    For Windows Users:
    *Manager : Framework .NET 4.5 AND 4.0
    *Monitor : Framework .NET 4.0
    For Unix/Mac users
    *Manager is only avalable for Windows
    *Monitor : Mono with Framework .NET 4.0 support (Mono 2.10 or higher)
    [How to]
    There are 2 folders in the .rar, Client and Server. The first thing you need to do is configure the manager.xml and monitor.xml
    Start the monitor
    Start the manager
    Connect to the monitor
    After that, you need to setup your server, click on the settings icon and configure it.
    Restart the monitor and your done !



  17. Free

    PowRO laucnher- MIRROR ONLY

    THIS IS ONLY A MIRROR LINK and COMPILED EXE WITH .OCX extensions. credits to Myzter
    Original forum thread.
    Simple to use rathena/eathena server manager turns on/off autostart @ startup and minimize to tray function with low RAM use. Enabled logs.
    Unrar files.
    take the files (POWRO and the .OCX files) and put them in your rathena/eathena root folder.
    Run the POWRO and configure it with your server .exes.
    For more info check original forum thread



  18. Free

    Server Monitor

    !! UPDATE !! 
    If there is still interst in this project, and you really would like a update with better performance. Write me a private message. I would like to renew this, but i dont have any server to test it. Also if no one want a new version, i dont see any reason to rewrite it.
    -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
    This application is made for windows servers, since it doesn't make much sense to have something like this on a linux system.
    Login-, Char- and Map-Server gets started without a window. All Output is redirected to this application so you can see all 3 windows in 1 application.
    Version 2.2.6 is really old, but still have some "nice" features like coloring of [info], [status], etc.
    Also it counts different messages. (Error, Warning, ...)
    1. Download the newest Version.
    2. Unrar it & Place it where you want.
    3. Start the Application and go to "Options".
    4. Configurate the Path to your executables.
    5. Click on Start.
    Have fun.
    I'm sorry. This project is by the time i changed this, about 4,2 years old. After cleaning my github i deleted it without thinking about it.
    The only thing i can say is.. it was a horrible source code... I'm sorry for all the developers who looked at it. ^^

    >> Please, no mirrors without asking. <<



  19. Free


    It has been reported in many places that phpmyadmin has trouble dealing with comments in large sql files that are being imported. I recently ran into the same problem while impotrting the huge item_db sql file to my server's database.
    So here is a solution/ workaround I made to solve the issue. I wrote a small program in c# to take in the Text version of the database and convert into a CSV file. Importing this CSV to the db works without a hitch.
    .Net Framework 4.0+ (Install it only if the software does not run or gives an error)
    The program only converts item_dbs and mob_dbs.
    As it should be expected of a CSV output, the table structure cannot be imported. (read below)
    Not all possible file errors and irregularities are handled. If the text db file works well, the conversion should go well.

    More info:
    For those thinking of importing the item_db.txt as CSV, you need the item_db's structure set-up. There are 2 ways to do it.
    (Easiest) Import item_db2.sql first and then copy the table's structure as a new table i.e. "item_db". To do this goto the item_db2 table and click on "Operations" tab. Then, select the "Structure only" radio button and give the name as "item_db". Click "Go".
    Attached in the archive you will download is a sql script to create the item_db structure. But beware that it will also drop the item_db table if it already exists in your datatabase.



  20. Free


    Author/Creator: Lupus
    The item'o'lupus allows you to manage your item_db.txt and item_db2.txt files. When you run the program you will need to select the item database you wish to read. Upon opening it you can easily make changes to the properties of the item visually.



  21. Free

    eA Sprite Name Generator

    Created By: Myzter (original author)
    Easily generate the correct sprite name and location for sprites including:

    Formatted as an html file.



  22. Free

    MobDB.txt Edittor

    .Net Framework 3.5
    Windows OS

    Add New Mob
    Edit Existing Mobs
    Search Function - allows you to search a mob easily
    Delete Existing Mob
    Configurable Mob Attributes Values see MobInfo.xml

    This is my first version of MobDB.txt edittor. Im not very good in C#.net programming so you may find some bugs or errors. If you found bugs or errors or you have some suggestion kindly report it to me.



  23. Free

    NPC Creator

    NPC Creator

    Hello all, I just recently made this program in order to Help with some of my scripting structure, instead of having to deal with typeing out all those lines or opening that other program eascriptable, with this i can just run the program type in the info and it saves it as a txt file in the directory specified with the structure all laid out.
    If anyone has any suggestions im free to hear them and if this kicks off i'll develop it more, i have a few ideas in my head, Customizeable Quest Scripts through gui and such :3.



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