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  1. Heya, You can use Scripts > Magnifier. It's a multiplier, so simply use a number below 1 to make it smaller.
  2. Heya, Your files are encrypted and they cannot be read/extracted from the GRF. That is the purpose of an encryption tool. Your GRF is not locked in any way. It can be merged, it can be patched, it can be modified, etc. It's meant to protect your work, sprites, custom maps, etc. What you're looking for is an anti-cheat software and this is not one...!
  3. Heya, There are no built-in tool for what you want to do, so you have to write it yourself from the script tool. The property you're looking for in your case is "SpriteIndex": foreach (var action in act) { foreach (var frame in action) { foreach (var layer in frame){ if (layer.SpriteIndex == 0 || layer.SpriteIndex == 1 || layer.SpriteIndex == 2 || layer.SpriteIndex == 9) { layer.OffsetY += 10; } } } } // or act.AllLayers(layer => { if (layer.SpriteIndex == 0 || layer.SpriteIndex == 1 || layer.SpriteIndex == 2 || layer.SpriteIndex == 9) { layer.OffsetY += 10; } }); // or foreach (var layer in act.GetAllLayers()) { if (layer.SpriteIndex == 0 || layer.SpriteIndex == 1 || layer.SpriteIndex == 2 || layer.SpriteIndex == 9) { layer.OffsetY += 10; } }
  4. Heya, Use the latest vesion (from the mediafire links), it supports the costume key...!
  5. Please help me! SDE ver 1.1.8 doesn't support FTP connection. I'm use xampp with Filezilla Server. Any solution to connect my server database? maybe the lower version of SDE is support FTP connection? Thanks you so much!....

  6. If it fails to extract, it means the password was incorrect and it didn't properly decrypt the files.
  7. No it is not. You have to edit skill_tree on your own. The field is added because it is part of the skill_db file.
  8. Hmm, that was back when rAthena was using achievement with a libconfig format; there is no yaml parser in SDE at the moment.
  9. The latest version is always provided with the latest mediafire link. Updated to Fixed a bug when adding a large number of files that ended up ignoring some of the added files. Updated GRF Editor Decompiler to fix some annoying issues with the LUB files. The "Use GRF Editor Decompiler" can no longer be unchecked. Removed the third-party luadec decompilers. Esc now works in the Text encoding window. The Image converter tool now works in batches and automatically set purple (and its variants) as transparent. Added more default paths when making thor files. Extracting broken directory links will no longer stop the file extraction. Brought back the software's sources for those interested: Sources
  10. This option was removed quite a while ago, sorry!
  11. That means you have a broken accname.lub file and it won't let you save the file until the issues are fixed (to prevent removing some work that you have done in the file yourself). In short, it means that you have lines with identical keys, for instance: [ACCESSORY_IDs.ACCESSORY_HAT] = "_ÇÞ", // ... [ACCESSORY_IDs.ACCESSORY_HAT] = "_¸®º»", will not be allowed. You can disable the lub files from Settings > Edit lua settings > Uncheck "Update accessory tables when saving..."
  12. Heya, You need to drag and drop your GRFs in the resource files as well (not just the data folder). So add your.grf, data.grf, etc. There are many ways to add new mob skills: Copy paste existing mob skills (with ctrl-c/ctrl-v). It will create a new entry by default, because mob skills are not unique and can have multiple identical entries. Edit the copied line afterwards. Ctrl-N or Edit > Add entry. Copy other mobs' skills and then edit them: Go in the mobs tab Select the skills from the Mob skills box, then right-click > copy. Go back to the mob you were editing in the mobs tab, right-click the Mob skills box > paste (this method sets the mob id automatically, which is much faster).
  13. Hmm, I'll have to disagree here. Those are nice suggestions, but the memory gains aren't worth the trouble of having non-loaded maps or having to reboot a server due to not having it in the map cache. And... as far as I know, rAthena doesn't have memory issues/huge memory usage.