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Any resources to help the client (GRF's, Hexed clients, Diff tools, etc.)

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  1. Free

    Encode & Decode .CSV files

    New clients are ditching some .txt based files to use .csv encoded files instead.
    The .CSV files are base64 encoded, provided scripts will decode and encode ass you wish.
    Both scripts will work the following way:
    Decoder will look for all .csv files on the folder that doesn't have "_decoded" on its filename.
    Decoder will iterate over each element, decoding from base64.
    Finally, generates a file with the suffix "_decoded" added to its filename.

    Encoder will look for all .csv files on the folder with "_decoded" on its filename.
    Encoder will iterate over each element, encoding to base64.
    Finally, generates a file with the suffix "_encoded" added to its filename.



  2. 10.00 USD

    Content Odin_Past

    Content in the archive.
    -item_db Odin_past.
    -Mob_db Odin_past.
    -Mob_Spawn Odin_past.
    -Mob_Skills Odin_past.
    bonus content:
    -Sprites C;

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  3. Free

    Fix Blank Eye Error from Custom Hairstyle

    Have you been experience error from Blank eye using Custom Hairstyle ?

    I made it for you and it support up to Hairstyle 99 Female and Male Hairstyle . Well to be honest its not really fix the whole custom hairstyle but it provides you what the client is looking for to remove the error



  4. Free

    Customize your iteminfo with import

    Version 2 Information:
    now support more then 2 iteminfo , you can check line 17 to add as much as you want!
    IInfo = {"System.import_iteminfo","System.kro_iteminfo5","System.kro_iteminfo4","System.kro_iteminfo3","System.kro_iteminfo2","System.kro_iteminfo1","System.kro_iteminfo"} now it's much much much faster for big files!
    remove functions.lua
    move url functions to the iteminfo itself
    2 Big files loading test :
    this test is not loading in the client , but loading in the debugger!

    If you are new to this > 
    this an example and template on how you Customize your iteminfo
    read the ReadMe!! file before you ask anything
    this work as the import folders in rathena (if you don't know what i mean than i suggest you use rathena search or google)
    ALL THE FILES MUST BE .lua !!!
    the way it work:
    you add your custom and edited items in the import iteminfo file
    you add kro iteminfo file
    you add the server url in the function file
    the client will read the iteminfo import first than the kro iteminfo
    than you can update your kro iteminfo at anytime you need without any edit to it
    without the need to re-add your custom and edited items to a new kro iteminfo
    the kro_iteminfo included is from https://github.com/zackdreaver/ROenglishRE (which is old , I suggest you use the one from https://github.com/llchrisll/ROenglishRE)
    this file is added for example on how you use it
    I suggest you get the last iteminfo after you make sure there is no error!
    I would highly suggest you check out his great project every time you want to update your iteminfo!
    Please report any error in the forum post not in the PM , Thanks.



  5. Free


    XRay Client 2008-05-28a v12.0.0.1-FINAL (Silent version). Doesn't show the XRay announcement when log in.



  6. Free

    Sealed MVP Cards

    Hi there rAthena users!
    As the community has taught me a lot during my stay here, I'd thought of contributing back some of the goodiness.
    Currently these are the Sealed MVP Cards that were just recently implemented. (Not all of them are done yet though in terms of scripting)
    However, Here are the Card Images. All of them i've tested and working! Looks great just like the screenshot you can see that i've provided.
    I do not have all cards, however what i do have would be

    //Sealed MVP Cards 4480#Sealed_Kiel_Card#4481#Sealed_Ktullanux_Card#4482#Sealed_B_Ygnizem_Card#4483#Sealed_Dracula_Card#4484#Sealed_Mistress_Card#4485#Sealed_Gloom_Card#4488#Sealed_Dark_Lord_Card#4494#Sealed_Turtle_General_Card#4495#Sealed_Amon_Ra_Card#4497#Sealed_Stormy_Knight_Card#4498#Sealed_Lady_Tanee_Card#4499#Sealed_Samurai_Card#4500#Sealed_Orc_Lord_Card#4501#Sealed_High_Priest_Card#4502#Sealed_MasterSmith_Card#4503#Sealed_Vesper_Card#4504#Sealed_Eddga_Card#4536#Sealed_Atroce_Card#4537#Sealed_Phreeoni_Card#4538#Sealed_Bacsojin_Card#4539#Sealed_Fallen_Bishop_Card#4540#SLD_Lord_of_Death_Card#
    Hope it helps! If you do have new cards that I've not included, feel free to hit me a message and i'll add it in!



  7. Free

    3rd Jobs ASprite GRF

    This a GRF File that converts Transcendent sprites into Third job sprites, nothing more than that.
    Original Release Thread: http://www.eathena.ws/board/index.php?showtopic=221902



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