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  1. Emistry are you selling instances? PM me

  2. Hello , I am currently running a server http://inroplus.in/. I am looking for gepard protection and it's installation . Will be looking to pay as well. If possible can you reply me back on [email protected] You can share how can we continue our talks on this further. 

    Awaiting your reply. Thanks

  3. prontera,155,181,5 script Sample#prtg_cas01 4_F_KAFRA01,{ [email protected] = getcharid(1); [email protected]$ = strnpcinfo(2); [email protected]_id = getcastledata([email protected]$, 1); if ([email protected]_id) { if ([email protected] == [email protected]_id) { mes "your guild owned this castle."; if (getcharid(0) == getguildmasterid([email protected])) { mes "You're guild master."; } else { mes "You're guild member."; } } else { mes "Your guild doesn't own this castle."; } } else { mes "Castle aren't occupied by any guild yet."; } close; } something like this?
  4. Emistry

    help NPC Email Updater Script

    while (input ([email protected]$,5,39)); query_sql ( "UPDATE `login` SET `email` = '"+escape_sql([email protected]$)+"' WHERE `account_id` LIKE "[email protected]+"");
  5. Emistry

    HELP - stat bonus bug

    check if you have any npc script that give bonus statuses check if your src are edited check if your item_db are edited check if your job_db2.txt are edited
  6. Emistry

    Refine stay at +10 if fail to refine to +11

    if (getequiprefinerycnt(EQI_ARMOR) > 10) downrefitem EQI_ARMOR, 1;
  7. Emistry

    OnDay Problem

    - script WoEScheduler -1,{ OnHour00: OnInit: disablenpc "WoECoreSystemProntera"; disablenpc "WoECoreSystemPayon"; disablenpc "WoECoreSystemGeffen"; disablenpc "WoECoreSystemAldebran"; disablenpc "WoECoreSystemArunafeltz"; disablenpc "WoECoreSystemSchwaltzvalt"; [email protected] = gettime(5); if ([email protected] == 1 || [email protected] == 16) enablenpc "WoECoreSystemProntera"; else if ([email protected] == 2 || [email protected] == 19) enablenpc "WoECoreSystemPayon"; else if ([email protected] == 4 || [email protected] == 22) enablenpc "WoECoreSystemGeffen"; else if ([email protected] == 7 || [email protected] == 25): enablenpc "WoECoreSystemAldebran"; else if ([email protected] == 10 || [email protected] == 28) enablenpc "WoECoreSystemArunafeltz"; else if ([email protected] == 13 || [email protected] == 29) enablenpc "WoECoreSystemSchwaltzvalt"; end; } you can try something like this.... disable it using OnInit ... and enable it whenever you need it.
  8. Emistry

    Help with Euphy's multi currency (pods shop)

    OnInit: if (strnpcinfo(2) != "") end;
  9. Emistry

    Help with Euphy's multi currency (pods shop)

    that's because you duplicated the main script that generate the shop. prontera,143,99,5 duplicate(Rewards) Rewards#prt 114 alberta,139,71,5 duplicate(Rewards) Rewards#alb 114 morocc,127,77,5 duplicate(Rewards) Rewards#mrc 114 geffen,97,71,5 duplicate(Rewards) Rewards#gef 114 you can fix it by adding this line under the OnInit label.. OnInit: if (strnpcinfo(1) != "") end;
  10. Emistry

    NPC Rental Items

    prontera,155,181,5 script Sample#rent 4_F_KAFRA1,{ for ([email protected] = 0; [email protected] < .item_id_size; [email protected]++) if (!countitem(.item_id[[email protected]])) rentitem .item_id[[email protected]], .rental_duration; end; OnInit: .rental_duration = 3600; setarray .item_id, 5001, 5002, 5003; .item_id_size = getarraysize(.item_id); end; }
  11. Emistry

    [Showcase] Ttmoon

    nice one a space station ... that's rare to see some unique idea for map nowadays ..
  12. Hi, First of all would like to thank you @Anacondaqq for create & supporting the topic for such a long time, and answering everyone's questions as much as he can. The topic getting so popular among the members which assist them to setup their very first server. Out of curiosity, I have spent several hours to take a look into the topic for the huge amount of replies. But I stumbled when it came down to the replies made by members. There are often some members asking for help in the middle of the process to setup the server, which is great, they stay in the topic and asking relevant questions. But for the rest? They are often out of the topics and non-stop asking for repetitive questions again and again. Do you all actually know what's the purpose of this setup guide topic are made? Its to help you to setup the server, nothing else, especially customization for your server. You all shall focus on the setup issues, shouldn't be asking anything out of the topic. This topic doesn't serve to assist you to customize your server settings, change the source code and npc scripts. Ex: How to change my server EXP rate? How to add npc script, source modification? How to make it online? (seriously? did you even read the topic title?) I have seen many member asking for the same questions over and over again. These questions already have their own area to ask for it. Check the support / release forum. These forum exists to provide support for their respective categories. Kindly make use of the search feature in the forum, most of the questions that you all could think of, are most likely already asked by others and answered by someone in the past. So, use it and stop being a spoon-feed baby. Basically, the moment you manage to setup the server, and login into the game, then you're done. You've completed and successfully setup the server already, the topic has served it purpose. Anything beyond this points aren't relevant to this topic anymore, ask at the appropriate forum. So, do us a favor, ask in the correct forum for each of your questions, feel free to ask any of the moderator around if you're not sure which forum to post. Any non-relevant posts made for the topic will be removed if found. I've basically removed roughly ~20 pages of replies from this topic, lol. Thank for the time reading, and sorry for the bad english as well as if my post make any of you feel uncomfortable.
  13. Emistry

    WoE Customization

  14. Emistry

    Code - for one time claiming

    store some helpful info that allow your script to check it, so that the script could tell if there already exists someone claimed it before. ex. store a value into a variable/database, and have the script check for it when another player try to claim it. sample like freebie script are your easy target for references.
  15. Emistry

    Need script randomizer status

    - script sample -1,{ OnPCStatCalcEvent: if(countitem(7129)) { bonus bAllStats, 100; end; }