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  1. conf/battle/misc.conf#L64-L75 // Choose if server begin with night (yes) or day (no) night_at_start: no // Define duration in msec of the day (default: 7200000 = 2 hours) // Set to 0 to disable day cycle (but not @day GM command). // Except 0, minimum is 60000 (1 minute) day_duration: 0 // Define duration in msec of the night (default: 1800000 = 30 min) // Set to 0 to disable night cycle (but not @night GM command). // Except 0, minimum is 60000 (1 minute) night_duration: 0
  2. NPC no longer exists, example: happen commonly when you talking to a NPC but someone do a reloadscript before you finish talk with the NPC.
  3. src\map\clif.cpp /* * Request to Open the banking system * 09B6 <aid>L ??? (dunno just wild guess checkme) */ void clif_parse_BankOpen(int fd, struct map_session_data* sd) { //TODO check if preventing trade or stuff like that //also mark something in case char ain't available for saving, should we check now ? nullpo_retv(sd); if( !battle_config.feature_banking ) { clif_messagecolor(&sd->bl,color_table[COLOR_RED],msg_txt(sd,1496),false,SELF); //Banking is disabled return; } + else if (sd->bank_vault <= 0) { + clif_messagecolor(&sd->bl, color_table[COLOR_RED], "You haven't open a bank account yet.", false, SELF); // Banking is disabled + } else { struct s_packet_db* info = &packet_db[RFIFOW(fd,0)]; int aid = RFIFOL(fd,info->pos[0]); //unused should we check vs fd ? if(sd->status.account_id == aid){ sd->state.banking = 1; //request save ? //chrif_bankdata_request(sd->status.account_id, sd->status.char_id); //on succes open bank ? clif_bank_open(sd); } } } add a condition to block the Bank Button access if bank vault have no Zeny. use the NPC script below to deposit Zeny into the vault. prontera,155,181,5 script Bank 757,{ if (#BANKVAULT > 0) { mes "Enjoy using your Bank Account."; } else { mes "Would you like to open a Bank Account?"; mes "How much Zeny you gonna deposit?"; input [email protected], 0, Zeny; mes "You deposited "+F_InsertComma([email protected])+" Zeny."; Zeny -= [email protected]; #BANKVAULT += [email protected]; } close; }
  4. dispbottom "You've successfully mined the ore."; if (MineExp < 100000) { if (@minechance >= 12) [email protected]_exp = 3; else if (@minechance >= 7) [email protected]_exp = 2; else if (@minechance >= 1) [email protected]_exp = 1; } if ([email protected]_exp) { MineExp += [email protected]_exp; dispbottom "You've gained "[email protected]_exp+" Mining Exp."; }
  5. - script day_night_npc -1,{ OnInit: bindatcmd("summonwarps", strnpcinfo(3) +"::OnWarpact"); end; //OnClock1151: //OnInit: OnWarpact: sleep 1; // if you want to use different script file, then slow down the script execution if(gettime(DT_DAYOFMONTH)==10) { // day warp enablenpc "launchwarp#1"; disablenpc "nightwarp#1"; } else { enablenpc "nightwarp#1"; disablenpc "launchwarp#1"; } end; } map,90,87,0 warp launchwarp#1 1,1,iz_int,18,26 //test your event label is wrong, and your script has extra curley bracket that ended the script, and causing errors
  6. you can also use this to search for the card in a user inventory *checkequipedcard(<card id>) This function will return 1 if the card specified by its item ID number is inserted into any equipment they have in their inventory, currently equipped or not.
  7. item_combo effect should be done at db/re/item_combo_db.txt this way, you won't need to worry about same effect triggered multiple times. isequipped(61500, 61501, 61502, 61503, 61504); using this would tell you how many items are currently equipped.
  8. //================================================== // gef_fild10 - Geffen Field //================================================== gef_fild10,0,0 monster Orc Warrior 1023,179,5000,0,"sample_npc_name::OnKill" gef_fild10,0,0 monster Orc Lady 1273,55,5000,0,"sample_npc_name::OnKill" gef_fild10,0,0 monster Orc Baby 1686,27,5000,0,"sample_npc_name::OnKill" gef_fild10,0,0,0,0 boss_monster Orc Lord 1190,1,7200000,600000,0,"sample_npc_name::OnKill" gef_fild10,46,350,5,5 monster Blue Plant 1079,3,900000,450000,"sample_npc_name::OnKill" gef_fild10,287,61,5,5 monster Blue Plant 1079,3,900000,450000,"sample_npc_name::OnKill" gef_fild10,300,253,5,5 monster Green Plant 1080,3,360000,180000,"sample_npc_name::OnKill" add a npc event to each of the monster in gef_fild10, and load the npc. - script sample_npc_name -1,{ OnKill: if (!mobcount(strcharinfo(3), strnpcinfo(3)+"::OnBossKill")) { if (.monster_kill < 10000) { .monster_kill++; if (.monster_kill >= 10000) { monster strcharinfo(3), 0, 0, "Lord of Orcs", 1190, 1, strnpcinfo(3)+"::OnBossKill"; } } else { .monster_kill = 0; } } end; OnBossKill: // rewards end; }
  9. - script FindEvt_Script -1,{ OnInit: bindatcmd("achaevt","achaevt::OnAtcommand",50,50); end; OnAtcommand: switch(rand(3)) { case 0: callsub Process,"brasilis",0,0; break; case 1: callsub Process,"prontera",0,0; break; case 2: callsub Process,"geffen",0,0; break; } end; Process: [email protected] = getcharid(0); [email protected]$ = getarg(0); [email protected] = getarg(1, 0); [email protected] = getarg(2, 0); announce "[Ache o Evento] Nós vamos começar um novo evento!",0; sleep2 10000; announce "[Ache o Evento] O(a) Evento irá se esconder em uma cidade do jogo",0; sleep2 10000; announce "[Ache o Evento] O primeiro que descobrir onde é e achá-lo(a) vence!",0; sleep2 10000; announce "[Ache o Evento] "[email protected]$+"!",0; warp [email protected]$,[email protected],[email protected], [email protected]; end; } you can try something like this.
  10. https://rathena.org/board/topic/116439-showcase-npc-buyingstore/
  11. your setting isn't configured correctly. conf\inter_athena.conf // MySQL Login server login_server_ip: login_server_port: 3306 login_server_id: ragnarok login_server_pw: ragnarok login_server_db: ragnarok login_codepage: login_case_sensitive: no ipban_db_ip: ipban_db_port: 3306 ipban_db_id: ragnarok ipban_db_pw: ragnarok ipban_db_db: ragnarok ipban_codepage: // MySQL Character server char_server_ip: char_server_port: 3306 char_server_id: ragnarok char_server_pw: ragnarok char_server_db: ragnarok // MySQL Map Server map_server_ip: map_server_port: 3306 map_server_id: ragnarok map_server_pw: ragnarok map_server_db: ragnarok // MySQL Log Database log_db_ip: log_db_port: 3306 log_db_id: ragnarok log_db_pw: ragnarok log_db_db: ragnarok log_codepage: log_login_db: loginlog
  12. you can try this. - script SupplyTrigger -1,{ OnInit: OnSat1930: OnSun1930: OnAgitEnd: OnAgitEnd2: if (gettime(DT_HOUR) == 19 && gettime(DT_MINUTE) >= 30) { hideoffnpc "Guild Supply#1"; hideoffnpc "Supply#2"; hideoffnpc "Guild Supply#3"; // hideoffnpc "Guild Supply#4"; } else { hideonnpc "Guild Supply#1"; hideonnpc "Supply#2"; hideonnpc "Guild Supply#3"; // hideonnpc "Guild Supply#4"; } end; } as long as the time is between 07:30PM to 07:59PM, the NPC will be enabled.
  13. monster "<map name>",<x>,<y>,"<name to show>",<mob id>,<amount>{,"<event label>",<size>,<ai>}; may refer dead branch item for example.
  14. https://rathena.org/board/topic/74160-remove-buff-from-gospel-when-enter-a-map/
  15. true, but its not really an ideal solution. why? although the emulator is kinda updated but the emulator still assume array value 0 still exists. .array[4001] = 999999; debugmes ".array size = " + getarraysize(.array); // output: .array size = 4002 this meant, your current array total size is 4002, which wasted the memory the allocated for the total of 4001 data from index 0 to 4000, and you dont even need it. dont forgot that card_id could be above 5 digits or even 6 digits ID nowadays, which will end up wasting even more than we expected..
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