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  1. Emistry

    lucky spin problems

  2. Emistry

    Emistry Vendor Script

    i believe your script already hit some error like infinity loop since you removed this line from the script. // sleep 100; uncomment it
  3. Emistry

    Detect dropped item from monster

    if i recall correctly, monster drop are recorded in picklog as well with the monster ID and item ID with the action of drop (D). @n0tttt nice try, didnt realize there exists a script command for getareadropitem. but the script wont work for autoloot.
  4. Emistry

    Missing Sprite [Summer, Xmas]

    you didnt have the sprite for xmas / summer Check your kRO grf, if doesn't exists then download from other sources and add to your grf.
  5. Emistry

    Problem with Holy Water

    set the cells of the map to water cell.
  6. Emistry


    remove the char deletion delay? conf/char_athena.conf#L168-L171 delete a char through SQL aren't recommended, unless you're familiar with which other tables also related with it and delete the data from those other table too.
  7. Emistry

    Detect dropped item from monster

    none, currently you cant retrieve the info of item dropped when you killed a monster using the OnNPCKillEvent... you could edit the source to have it store the item info when the monster drop, then retrieve it when it execute the OnNPCKillEvent.
  8. npc/merchants/cash_trader.txt
  9. restart server, i dont recall there are any command for you to reload the client cash shop if you ever updated. reloadscript are only possible if your cash shop are write as npc script.
  10. Emistry

    Add item on Jobchanger for High Novice

    ensure you didnt accidentally edit anything at the end of that line, especially unicode that you're not aware of. you could just rewrite the whole line and save it again or remove anything that exists at the end of that line.
  11. Emistry

    Para Market Restock

    the shop shall restock every day npc/re/merchants/eden_market.txt#L83-L121
  12. Emistry

    Euphy quest shop duplicating

    there are no nid to change the quest_shop name everytime. You could have follow the instruction/guide given. prontera,179,195,3 script Basic Quests 757,{ callfunc "qshop5", 1, 2, 3; } // open shop 1, 2, 3 prontera,179,195,3 script Basic Quests 757,{ callfunc "qshop5", 4, 5; } // open shop 4, 5 and etc...
  13. Emistry

    Floating Rates after a certain condition

    try this. https://pastebin.com/kT7Gy5NH
  14. Emistry

    Want to make script Comeback is real npc

    shutdown server and execute this query ALTER TABLE `login` ADD `last_login_date` DATETIME; UPDATE `login` SET `last_login_date` = `last_login` WHERE `last_login_date` IS NULL then load this npc. https://pastebin.com/hduVVqPB
  15. Emistry

    How edit accname ?

    both are same, the below picture show the korea letters. for grf, you just need to change the encoding. GRF > Setting > Display Encoding > Korean