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  1. Hourly Points check

    Wrong section. Moved to "Scripting Support".
  2. Need Guideline about making my own server?

    Wrong section. Moved to "Installation Support"
  3. Need Guideline about making my own server?

    read https://github.com/rathena/rathena/wiki/installations
  4. H>Script Problem

    the default script broadcast the announce to the player him/herself only. only the super fabre will be broadcast to everyone in the same map.
  5. Secoundary VIP System

    perhaps you can try save timestamp (total seconds until vip expired) and not days. on char login, check if the timestamp exceed the stored value, if exceed then cancel the vip else attach a timer with the remaining seconds and cancel the vip upon timeout.
  6. Guild Skill Cooldown Release

    Wrong section. Moved to "Source Support".
  7. Character Rollback NPC

    these query should be executed during the char isn't online ...preferable during shutdown/maintenance of server. its useless to execute this query when the char is online, the server will simply re-insert the exact same data into the server when the char relog which is why its not provided as a npc script in the first place.
  8. thai to korean

    tried replace with a data folder that content are in korean language....?
  9. Duplicate NPC but not the ITEMS

    capuche has already show you the way to setup 2 different shop using the same npc script, without need to trouble to duplicate a new npc script.
  10. store the GID to a variable upon summon it ....attach each monster with their own event to trigger upon death. what you gonna do with the GID as the monster already died....
  11. remove poring npc in event

    npc/scripts_athena.conf#L194 I wonder how many time shall we spoonfeed you with the same kind of question to add/remove npc? Perhaps starting trying or search first before ask any similar questions?
  12. how to insert tcg for quest requirements

    TCG is an item .... just add it to the "Required Item ID" ...
  13. how to remove map tele

    menu "Last Warp ^777777["+lastwarp$+"]^000000",-, " ~ Towns",Towns, " ~ Fields",Fields, " ~ Dungeons",Dungeons, " ~ Guild Castles",Castles, " ~ Guild Dungeons",Guild_Dungeons, " ~ Instances",Instances, " ~ Special Areas",Special; change to menu "Last Warp ^777777["+lastwarp$+"]^000000",-, " ~ Towns",Towns, " ~ Fields",Fields, " ~ Dungeons",Dungeons, " ~ Guild Castles",Castles;
  14. remove npc

    mr smile npc/pre-re/scripts_athena.conf#L81 npc/re/scripts_athena.conf#L152 guide npc npc/pre-re/scripts_athena.conf#L14-L35 npc/re/scripts_athena.conf#L21-L51
  15. Character Rollback NPC

    something like.. TRUNCATE TABLE `skill`; UPDATE `char` SET `class` = 0, `base_level` = 1, `job_level` = 1, `base_exp` = 0, `job_exp` = 0, `str` = 1, `agi` = 1, `vit` = 1, `int` = 1, `dex` = 1, `luk` = 1, `status_point` = 25, `skill_point` = 0, `body` = 0, `weapon` = 0, `shield` = 0 ; UPDATE `inventory` SET `equip` = 0; make sure you backup before execute.. @hendra814 maybe he wanted to keep the progress of the char, example quest, variable, ranking or etc...especially anything that tied with char_id