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  1. Upper and mid Head head equipment for Custom Monster

    Wrong section. Moved to "Database Support".
  2. Refiner & Derefiner

    search engine exists for a purpose .... please use it. https://rathena.org/board/topic/90636-rde-refiner/?do=findComment&comment=236416
  3. Clearing User data after beta

    Wrong section. Moved to "Database Support".
  4. filtering doram

    if (BaseLevel < 99){ } else if (Class == JOB_SUMMONER) { // mes "Summoner cant use"; } else { }
  5. filtering doram

    Wrong section. Moved to "Scripting Support".
  6. H> How to add time?

    when the round start or NPC disguised into monster, use initnpctimer; when the player answered it correctly npc "You spent "+getnpctimer(0)+" milisecond to answer."; stopnpctimer; when time's up or event ended stopnpctimer;
  7. Item db not readable

    are you directly editing the files and uploading the files (like using any FTP client) ?? few years back, I had a similar issue, I was editing the item_db and save, at the background it was uploading the file to the server. however, I didnt realize that its still uploading, and I did a reloaditemdb command, everything become an apple, broken. to fix that, I just re-save the item_db and have it re-upload to the server, wait for the progress to complete before do the reloaditemdb command. * not sure if you're doing the same things i did tho.
  8. Disguise reward item into points

    find getitem <item_id>, <amount>; replace with #CASHPOINTS += <amount>;
  9. in Herc it use 3 parameters https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/blob/stable/doc/script_commands.txt#L2376-L2384 *strcharinfo(<type>{, <default value>{, <GID>}}) This function will return either the name, party name or guild name for the invoking character. Whatever it returns is determined by type. (0) PC_NAME - Character's name. (1) PC_PARTY - The name of the party they're in if any. (2) PC_GUILD - The name of the guild they're in if any. (3) PC_MAP - The name of the map the character is in. (4) PC_CLAN - The name of the clan they're in if any.
  10. Beitrag einfach gelöscht ?

    advertisement of server shall be made here. https://rathena.org/servers/
  11. Filter Guild on Certain map

    https://pastebin.com/f9aFiDfv the variable name was wrong. fixed. @Annie Ruru well, if it was multiple guild and multiple map, then ya it should be another loop to check for guild the sample above are just made for 1 map for 1 guild.
  12. wow yo're back? :D long time no see

    1. AnnieRuru


      also amaze you still there ~ xD

      catch me on discord later

    2. Emistry


      great to see you're back. cant wait to learn more from you :)

    3. Elysium



  13. Filter Guild on Certain map

    https://pastebin.com/f9aFiDfv you can try something like this.
  14. how i can change my lub to lua

    use LUB decompiler to decompile it into LUA
  15. Lub to lua?

    use LUB decompiler software ... alot of guide to decompile LUB to LUA accessible in the forum, search for it