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  1. Free

    Granny Converter by Ricky92

    Contact: https://www.facebook.com/OlroxMaps
    Since the original link is down, I'll upload this file in rA downloads to ensure its availability.
    Granny Converter made by @ricky92 and thanks also by the contribution of some members on this project in rathena; is a tool used to convert the new granny format available for 3ds max into the Ragnarok Granny version ( making the posibility of using animated 3D boned models in Ragnarok Online as mobs or npc.
    You can find a guide of how to import a ragnarok 3d in the video.



  2. Free

    Runas DOTA

    PT-BR -
    como eu sou um doido por Dota eu criei as runas de lá , espero que todos gostei e espero que ngm retire meus Créditos .
    Em breve - Disponibilizarei MOBS CUSTON [ pudge , roshan ] ...
    Até a próxima , Abraços !
    Inglês -
    like I am a crazy about Dota I created the runes from there, I hope everyone enjoyed it and hope nobody else remove my credit.
    Soon - Custon'll provide MOBS [pudge, roshan] ...
    Until next time, Hugs!



  3. Free

    BrowEdit Revision 586 (Pre-configured)

    The best mapping software out there to create Ragnarok maps packaged for those who wish to unpack and run BrowEdit on the spot. r586 is a pretty stable version and has its benefits over r620 which is why I'm distributing this instead.
    1. Extract "BrowEdit r586" anywhere on your computer (Use WinRAR or 7zip).
    2. Navigate within "BrowEdit r586" folder to data / config / ro.xml (Open with notepad or wordpad)
    3. Locate the following parameters:

    <config> <ro directory="c:\program files\gravity\ro\"> <grf>C:\Program Files (x86)\RO\rdata.grf</grf> <grf>C:\Program Files (x86)\RO\data.grf</grf> </ro>
    Change the pathway of these GRF files to the proper location on your computer.
    4. [Optional] To change the BrowEdit Window Resolution, locate the following parameters within ro.xml:

    <graphics> <resx>1280</resx> <resy>720</resy>
    e.g) For a resolution of 1024x768 change 1280 to 1024 and 720 to 768.



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