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    ReputationUI File Converter

    Converter that allows you to Decompile Bson files to Json, so you can edit them to your liking, and then Compile from Json to Bson for the client to read.
    How to install?
    • First Install Python and check this option "Add Python to Patch"

    • Install the Modules.
    • Now you can Compile or Decompile.
    Example File:
    Editing the Json file. and then compile to Bson

    Result in the Game:



  2. Free

    Ragnarök Login Background Generator

    resize , convert and slice the image to fit Ragnarok Login Background

    Drag and drop the image you want onto the exe application.
    Do not double click the application, just drag and drop the image onto the application.
    A 'data' folder will be created next to the image (not the application unless they are in the same folder).
    You can add that folder as it is in your '.grf' file.

    This application requires .Net Framework 4.7.2
    I know there is other tools, however it didn't work for me, and I am bored of debugging every time I want to create a login background ?
    Source Code: https://github.com/sader1992/Sader-Ragnarok-Login-Background




  3. Free


    Tool to convert text encoded in windows code page 949 to utf-8 (but not vice-versa).
    The name is taken from the old tool "UnBollox" or "RO Unbolloxiser" by StelTechCor in the year 2004. Their tool converts filenames and directory trees whereas this tool just converts text.
    ./zunbollox -h zunbollox 1.0.0 Usage: zunbollox [-h] [-f <filename>] If no options are provided the program will convert the file "unbollox_me.txt" to "clean.txt". Options: -h Print this help message. -f <filename> Convert specific file. The file must be ascii/latin1 encoded. License: MIT



  4. 8.00 USD

    Tool for Edit Navigation Sistem

    Tool developed to assist in editing and adding information to the navigation system, assistance for the following files:
    With this tool you will be able to easily add new monsters and npcs to the internal search system of the navigation system.

    The system for calculating the distance between the maps will be developed soon.

    Discord: Mccloud#8701

    Tool for Navigation System - Video

    8 purchases   12 downloads


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    Simple Client-Side Generator [itemInfo/accName/accessoryID]

    Hello rAthena! I have been struggling with adding large amounts of custom items into my client-side, so I made a little tool that would help with just that, and I'd like to share the tool with the community!
    I will continue to update this project over time; adding a user interface & specific parameter options.
    Important Reminders:
    - You need the latest Java Verison to run this program. Download: JDK 15 Download
    - Both input_sprite.txt & input_display.txt must have the same number of lines.
    - input_sprite.txt MUST have a underscore (_) for white spaces.
    - If there is one-character-value or less in the input_sprite.txt & input_display.txt files, that line will be omitted with a empty line.
    - Once Java has been installed, you must use the run.bat file to open the program.
    Helpful Articles:
    - How to Open Jar | Reference: https://www.wikihow.com/Run-a-.Jar-Java-File
    - Java SE Downloads | Link: https://www.oracle.com/java/technologies/javase-downloads.html
    Click for Demo Video



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    2018-06-21aRagexeRE Client - Modified

    I have been thinking if it is correct to name this client as "fixed" or "modified", if you have a better option for the title, please leave it as a comment, btw here is a version of the client 2018-06-21aRagexeRE with some features that many people have been looking for for a while:
    Number of players with numbers instead of words:

    Fixed visibility of fake emblem from bg eAmod (It is not necessary to use the nemo patch for this)

    Fixed character removal time (I know there is a nemo patch for this, but a time ago there wasn't, btw it is not necessary to use that patch with this client)

    Extra information:
    For the modification of the "Number of players with numbers instead of words" to work you must do something before...
    first go to src /login/login.cpp and modify this:

    to this:

    And that's it, enjoy your client exe ? And thank @Functor, without his help this would not be possible.



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    Sader's File Verifier

    Sader's Files Verifier
    Version 2.0.2: Adding get_information.php with it you can generate the information.txt directly in your webhost use it carefully DO NOT ALLOW IT TO BE PUBLICLY ACCESSIBLE!!!!!!!! you can change the file name or put a password, or create a cron job for it change '$verify_dir' to the dir of your files. change the '$informationfile' to the name of your information file. the information file will be created in the same dir as the php file. Version 2.0.1: Adding Pre-Compiled Version so Visual Studio is not needed if you only want it to run without any customization . Version 2.0: Adding Design . Adding support for Multiple folder layer .
    Adding Pre-Compiled Version
    no need for visual studio , you just need to fill out the information and generate the file >> it will build Sader Files Verifier.exe and get_information.exe in the directory you run the program from
    this how it look

    an application that check the files you want to check and download if they are missing or corrupt
    this program in C# , Visual Studio 2019 , and need .Net 4.5 (you can lower the version if you put some work in to it)
    Video on how to setup (slow it down if you can't follow my steps) [This video with the non design version 1.0 but it's the same thing]
    this file made for Ragnarok private servers community
    you should not add the data.grf and rdata.grf as files as the player better just re-download the full client again
    do not add your custom.grf as you will edit it every update , unless you are planing to generate new information file every update
    same thing for your .dat from Thor Patcher don't add it
    if you have custom.grf that you will never change with the updates , you can add it i would recommend that
    you better not add files that you update them a lot like iteminfo.lua , unless you are planning to update the information file and the files in the webhost every time you change it!
    this to do list i may or may not do it , however you are free to do it your self!
    Encrypt information.txt
    Compress uploaded files and decompress after download



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    HighPriest_081105 - Client + PDB

    We are familiar of a Ragnarok Client HighPriest_081105 and its corresponding PDB file.
    This resource is invaluable for understanding the Ragnarok Client and was used on projects involved in diffing or original RO client development.
    I've been asked if I had a link for it by many potential developers so I thought it was very important to share and keep it live on rAthena.



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    2018-03-07 Client with read questdisplay2.txt

    - support read data folder first
    - not auto close if input a wrong password
    - removes the gravity ads and logo
    - read license screen
    - Read questdisplay2.txt (don't ask me how to make it work, because i'm already forget which NEMO i'm used to enable this option)
    - Restore Cash Shop Icon
    - Restore Roulette
    - Show Replay Button
    - Load Custom lua (iteminfo.lua)



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    ebm Converter

    This is a small and easy-to-use tool for converting Gravity’s Emblem files. It can decode ebm files to bmp and bmp files back to ebm format. This is the first tool of my long planned RO-Tool project. Orginally it was only a test-tool for testing my libebm. But after the work was done I’ve decided to release it as a simple standalone tool. I didn't update this for long time, but it's working fine.
    Encode bmp files to Gravity’s ebm-format Decode ebm-files to bmp  
    latest Changes:
    Fixed Bug in For-loops (first file in folder was skipped) now uses libebm 1.01 first release version  
    Project page: http://15peaces.com/blog/index.php/ebm-converter/



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    EBM View (Emblem viewer/exporter)

    A really old emblem viewer / exporter I had somewhere in a backup and want to share so it won't be forever forgotten.
    I don't know the original author, only that was brazilian (the original file had the buttons in brazilian portuguese, but I translated them), so if anyone knows, please tell me and I'll give them proper credits.



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    Tk Hash Tool

    Hey everyone,
    TkHashTool is a software primarily aimed to help users resolve issues with their client files. It does so by taking a 'snapshot' of the files in the Ragnarok folder and creates a scan report. This scan can then be compared with a working version of the client to identify the problems. This is the first released version, so if you find bugs don't hesitate to go forward and tell me. Your comments below (in the support forum) are greatly appreciated. This tool was a request someone [will put the name here if the person doesn't mind] suggested to me and I liked the idea. I thought I'd upload it before I forget about it .
    How to install
    There is no installation required. Simply run the executable within the zip file.
    End-user requirements
    The software was developed using .NET 3.5 SP1 Client Profile. This framework is the same one used by GRF Editor, and it's compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, WIndows 8 and later versions. However, it's NOT installed by default on Windows XP and Windows Vista. To solve this issue, I've made a wrapper in .NET 2.0 which is already installed on all common Windows versions. The wrapper checks if the framework is installed and prompts the user to download it (sends you to microsoft's webpage), otherwise it starts the application normally.
    It works with UAC, but applying patches may require the application to be run with admin privileges (the user will be prompted if that's the case).
    General information
    The TkPath syntax is used everywhere in the software : [file name on the hard drive]?[relative path within the container]. Containers are either .grf, .gpf or .rgz files. Examples :

    Regular expressions are not available in the paths, but wildcards (*) are allowed. You can use paths such as *.gnd and *.grf?*.txt
    Files generated are saved in the application data folder. They are usually followed by a 'bunch of numbers', which simply represent the date : year-month-day-hour-minute-second.
    How to use it
    Start the application with TkHashTool.exe and you should have the 'Generate hash tool' tab already selected. The available options are rather straightforward and there are tool tips if you need more information on them.
    The exclusion list contains files that will be ignored (excluded files are set before anything else). For example, if you set "data\afile.txt" to scan and you put *.txt in the exclusion list, then the file won't be scanned. If you want to ignore all the map files, you could add : *.rsw, *.gnd, *.gat.
    Let's say you want to hash only the lua and lub files, you can select "Hash from specific files or folders" and use :
    *.lua, *.lub, *.grf?*.lua, *.grf?*.lub
    Using 'Files can be hashed more than once' scans files even if they've already been processed elsewhere (from another GRF or from the data folder). This is not always a good option because the patch generator cannot know what files to replace afterwards (since it doesn't know in what order the GRFs are being loaded). It will actually replace all files it finds instead.
    The third mode, 'Hash by using the configuration in data.ini' is similar to the second mode, except that files entered in the text box below will be treated as data.ini files. If you want to scan the same way the client reads the files, you could put : data, System, AI, DATA.INI.

    Click on the gear or on 'Generate client hash tool' to generate a client version. The config file alongside the executable is not necessary for the application to run. It simply tells the program to use .NET 4.0 if it's available.
    Reading HashObject
    A HashObject is simply a scan (.tko).

    All paths are saved in Unicode and casing is ignored. The scan contains information about all the paths hashed, the head directory from which the software has been launched and the settings used for the search. The partial option indicates wheter or not the scan has been completed entirely. These files are also heavily compressed.
    Comparing objects
    Simply open the 'Compare HashObjects' tab, drop your master .tko file in the first text box and the user one in the second. You can view the settings used for each one of them by using the 'View file headers...' option.

    As for the errors, just chek the tool tip for more information. Here's a list of the errors it can detect :
    HoMissingFile This file is missing from the user directory.HoHashMatch Both the user and the master files have the same hash.HoDuplicateFile This file has been found twice in the GRF (lower casing issue?).HoGenericError This file couldn't be decompressed or there was an unknown error while reading the file. Or the file size is over the size limit.HoHashDifferent The user and master files are different.HoExtraFile This file doesn't appear in the master object, only the user has it.HoPathOverride The user data path overrides the file in the master files.
    Scanning content
    Scanning the files is pretty straightforward, you can cancel the scan at any time by using the X button on the progress bar. Files larger than 25 MB will not be scanned (this doesn't include containers). They will appear in the scan with the HoGenericError code.

    You can change the current working directory if you're using the master version; this option lets you change the root directory of the scan.
    Use this tab to apply a patch file (.tkp). These are applied to the current directory where the software has been launched from. This operation should be really quick as it doesn't repack the GRFs at all. It uses the quick merge option which will fragment the GRF, but if it gets too fragmented, then it'll get packed automatically.



  13. Free

    Client Cleaner

    Hi everyone,
    Few mounths ago, I decided to develop a software which is able to clean all the files useless to the private server creation process in official Ragnarök Online client. It deletes by default all the files related to the client's protection such as nProtect GameGuard and HackShield. Moreover, it is simply customizable thanks to its interface.

    Key features :
    Multilingual software (English and French)
    Management interface
    Selecting files to delete
    Add a file to delete
    Delete a file added
    Restore the default files
    Add / read the description of a file
    Restore default descriptions
    Choice to create a zip file containing deleted items (folder "backup" to the root of the executable)

    Things to do :
    Complete the database
    Saving preferences
    Restore backup with software
    Code optimization if necessary (bug(s) correction, improvements to the developer maniac I am, etc.)
    Sharing sources if you wish

    This application is developed in C# with WinForms, if you don't have an updated Windows, you must download the .NET Framework 4. Several features will be created based on the feedback I have.
    Also, sorry for my bad english. I hope it will be useful !



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    Icabit's Item Builder

    Inspired by Ragre Item Builder
    Used for adding Custom Items in Private Ragnarok Servers
    now supports 2010-2012 clients
    see change logs
    -run the installer "IcabitsItemBuilder"
    -install it
    -go to your desktop look for the IcabitsItemBuilder icon
    -run it
    -choose either you add a custom robe or a custom item(headgears and armors only)
    -follow the instructions and fill up all details to avoid getting errors
    -browse your input and out put folder folder
    -set your descriptions
    -click write and your done
    -go to your output folder and do the rest
    if you encounter an issue with this kindly inform me right away Thank you and enjoy this program
    here's a video guide for 2012 clients!
    sorry i don't know why my mouse doesnt show on the video xD im noob at editing and recording lol



  15. Free

    Quest Maker

    Just want to share to rAthena Community a file im using and saved for a long time and to those who need it you can create simple quest template and re-edit to what you need thank you
    Credits to Vince from eAthena-FR for initially releasing it for free to the community



  16. Free

    client 2012-04-10

    - support read data folder first
    - not auto close if input a wrong password
    - already show "Create Player" when make new character
    - removes the gravity ads and logo
    - skip license screen



  17. Free

    Dewata and Beginner Tutorial Translated.

    This is Dewata And Beginners Quest Translated.
    Credits goes to me , all work is done by me alone,
    Please give credit if you share the work.
    Full English Translated Dewata,Beginner's Quests till 1 November 2012.
    No Credits stealing.



  18. Free

    Ragnarok File Manager

    Do not remove the application from the RO File Manager folder.
    This Ragnarok File Manager was made by using VB.NET 2010.
    If you are having problems on fixing your client side data files and scripting your items this application will help you big time.
    You can add scripts as many as you want at the same time. Then compile everything with 1-click.
    Manage your scripts on the following txt files:

    item_db2.txt and item_db.txt

    Transfer one or more client side data files into your designated path.
    Auto creation of job folder that is being used on weapon files.
    Auto detect and add if the sprite and act file with specific gender does not have gender on its file name.
    item_bonus database and item_db guide.
    Smart guide optional function on creating item scripts. For you to know the only required fields. (Recommended)
    Supports both hercules and rathena item_db.
    Flexible database. You can add more records to be used in item scripting.

    List of tables that you can edit:



    Item_Loc_Tbl (If you want to mix equipment locations for card purposes.)

    Item_Upper_Tbl (If you want to mix job bitmasks.)

    Job_Tbl (If you want to mix job bitmasks for item job requirement purposes.)

    The other tables that's not mentioned must not be touched.

    Do not erase or edit the default record of the database.
    Easy to use.

    I am planning to include the other server and client side scripting.
    Software Requirements:
    .Net Framework 4.0
    MS Access (If you want to edit the database.)

    Important: Do not erase the database. You can add new data but DO NOT REMOVE or edit the default data.
    when you see <Don't Touch> means don't touch, cause the system use this string as breakpoint.



  19. Free

    Gryff SVN

    This program is extremely useful for GRF management and migration. You can easily open a GRF and extract specific contents via a tree-list view. You can also convert the text type of your files to korean characters with a simple click.
    This program was designed by Rasqual Twilight and was originally released for free to the eA community (still is free to use). This upload is merely to preserve this wonderful tool.



  20. Free


    The One and only Toolbox you need for Clients, This collection was released Years ago by Zaku, and obviously can never seem to stay active(all the links for it by everyone including mine(oops) have gone silent.
    This contains the following programs, and in my opinion the only ones you need, I have used them for years with Zero issues
    FileLister(used by the create program to pack files in a GRF
    GRFFactory(Used to View and decompress your GRF)

    RATZ(Used to Compile RGZ files for patching any none DataDirectory Items)
    DePack(to depack your RGZ file)
    Reshacker(To change your icon for your EXE file Very user friendly)
    Maldiablos DiffPatcher



  21. Free

    Ragnarok Background Splitter

    Input Formats Avaiable:
    bmp (Recommended);

    Resolutions Avaiable:
    Custom (automagically resizes)

    Click on 'Browse...' and select your image;
    Make sure the image has a corresponding resolution to the options avaiable;
    Select the image number (the random background thing) -- if you don't know what this is, leave 1;
    Click on 'Split'. The output should be on the same directory as the program.

    Windows XP or above;
    Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or above.

    I made this very quickly, so, if I might have left something, report if you find anything



  22. Free

    nkwz RO Toolkit

    A multi-purpose tool, written to help Ragnarok users
    - Converts Latin character into Hex value and vice versa
    - Checks MD5 Hash of any files
    - Shows informations about your WAN & LAN IP Address
    - Get selected diff from Shin's Diff Patcher and turns them into a list for easier paste into forum
    - Counts usable characters to be used with WDGTranslateClient.dll
    - Item Maker, to help you create a custom item easily, saved on item_db2.txt
    - Check and generate your own custom packet keys
    - Check for your custom packet keys quality to make sure that your keys are secure enough to use
    Note: For custom packet keys, when you copy-paste the keys from nkwz RO Toolkit into NEMO, don't forget not to select and copy the leading '0x'
    Please report any bugs you find via PM or just put a comment on my status



  23. Free

    [PHP] RagRE Item Builder

    To use this script, you need to satisfy the following requirements:
    - Windows Operating System
    - XAMPP (Get It From Here : http://sourceforge.net/projects/xampp/)
    - ionCube Loaders (http://www.ioncube.com/loaders.php) - Required For Encrypted PHP Scripts (See Below For Installation Instructions)
    How To Install The Script
    This guide assumes that you have installed XAMPP in C:\WWW folder on your windows computer.
    Step 1) Extract the contents of the zip file (RagRE_Item_Builder_vXXX.zip) into C:\WWW\xampp\htdocs\
    Step 2) Open your browser and visit this URL http://localhost/RagRE_Item_Builder/ioncub...ader-wizard.php and follow the instructions (If you don't have Ioncube Loader installed on your XAMPP).
    That's it
    How To Use The Builder
    Step 1) Go into C:\WWW\xampp\htdocs\RagRE_Item_Builder\Input_Folder
    Step 2) Move your custom item's equip, drop, collection & item spr/act/bmp files here (Make sure all your files have the same name)
    Step 3) Now visit http://localhost/RagRE_Item_Builder
    Step 4) Configure the options available on the interface (as you see fit) and click Start button and wait.
    Step 5) Now you get the Preview Screen where you can fine tune each items (if required). Once you are done, scroll down and click the Build button.
    Step 5) Within few seconds (depending on how fast your computer is), the job should be done. You can collect the built contents from theC:\WWW\xampp\htdocs\RagRE_Item_Builder\Output_Folder folder.
    Things You Should Know
    1) Once the script is successfully finish processing the Input_Folder, any items found in the Collection, Equip, Item, Drop folder will be automatically deleted.
    2) Once the script is successfully finished, you should copy the Output_Folder to somewhere (e.g. your Desktop) and leave it alone from here C:\WWW\xampp\htdocs\RagRE_Item_Builder(because, the next time you use the script again, the files will be wiped from the output folder and a new set of data will be created based on what was found in the Input_Data folder.
    Builder Demo
    To demonstrate the abilities of this script, I have included some sample items in the Input_Data folder. To run the script and build the items, all you have to do is, visit the urlhttp://localhost/RagRE_Item_Builder and click the start button and then view the contents of Output_Data folder. This should get you started on how the data goes into the script and comes out.
    RagRE Item Builder Script by Latheesan is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.



  24. Free

    RO converter

    Note: Requires .NET Framework 4.0
    This program converts ansi encoding to item id.
    Step 1: Select your idnum2itemresnametable.txt
    Step 2: Select your textures with ANSI encoded filenames (Unicode won't work)
    Step 3: Select output directory.
    Ste[ 4: Press Convert and wait. It'll take some time so be patient.



  25. Free


    This tool intended to convert old txt files like idnum2itemdesctable, idnum2itemdisplaynametable, idnum2itemresnametable, itemslotcounttable, num2itemdesctable, num2itemdisplaynametable, num2itemresnametable to the new itemInfo.lua format. Although a conversion is available here: https://code.google....p/roclientside/, this tool can be usefull for those, who have translations or dozens of custom item.
    Usage: browse to the folder, where your txt files are located ( using ... button ). Press the convert button, and chose the location where do you want to save the iteminfo.lua. Note: if you want classNum field to be filled, copy your item_db.txt to the same folder, where your client side files are located.



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