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Custom Ragnarok Online Maps & 3D Resources found here!

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  1. $5.00

    Winter Prontera ! ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

    Hi Guys ! ❄️
    I present to you the Prontera Winter Version ! ❄️❄️
    I took the base buildings from Prontera but with Snowy textures !
    It is very cold in Winter, the water, lakes are icy as you can see ! 🥶
    I'll let you watch.
    Don't hesitate to tell me what you think. A simple like on the video will be nice.
    You will find in the .rar file: -rsw, gat, gnd file and BMP mini map -Winter Textures You just have to put everything in your own GRF.
    Soon, i will present two more versions of Prontera to you.
    Watch the video for a preview of the in-game map. 
    Thank you !

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  2. Free

    Eyes_Ache ! A labyrinth for the fun !

    Hi Guys 
    I made this map for fun.
    it is an invisible labyrinth.
    The objective:
    be the first to find your way to the exit!
    you can edit the path as many times as you want using browedit -> Gat edit (image 2)
    For those who do not know, it is enough to lower the practicable boxes just below the ground in order to make the game more difficult. (photo 3)
    Players will see the crossed out mouse symbol when they pass over the square.
    The colors, the invisible boxes are made to drive you crazy 🙂
    nice for an occasional event.
    good luck and have fun ! 
    don't hesitate to tell me what you think. leave a like if you like.
    You will find in the .rar : --> Models folder --> Textures folder --> Rsw file, Gat file, Gnd file, Mini map watch this video for a preview of the in-game map:



  3. $5.00

    Paradise Island

    Hi guys !
    this is my first big project on Browedit.
    I started from 0 to arrive at this result. There is a lot to see in it.
    Do not hesitate to tell me what you think above.
    All the resources are provided as well as the mini map
    You will find in the .rar : --> Models folder --> Textures folder --> Rsw file, Gat file, Gnd file, Mini map Watch the video for a preview of he in-game map:

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  4. $5.00

    Spring Prontera

    Hi Guys ! Here is Prontera modified with a spring look. All resources are included You will find in the .rar : --> Models folder --> Textures folder --> Rsw file, Gat file, Gnd file, Mini map a video is available for an in-game preview of the map: https://youtu.be/PVRDAlulkDc If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.  

    3 purchases   4 downloads


  5. Free

    Byakko Town

    A remote town in the center of the sea!
    Good for small scale servers 😄



  6. Free

    Clock Tower Nightmare Mode Expansion

    Do you wish the nightmare version of Clock Tower was more than just an identical version of the original map? More than just darkened elder or clock tower manager sprites? 
    Well if you so desire, you can now apply a fresh coat of paint to the Nightmare Clock Tower maps and sprites, or expand it to include the entire clock tower!
    The download includes the following:
    - Clock Tower Maps ([email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected])
    - Clock Tower Dungeon Maps ([email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected])
    - Minimaps (Taken from the original maps)
    - New Sprites for Clock Tower Nightmare Mobs (Mimic, Rideword, Drainliar, Arclouse, Brilight, Penomena, Bathory, Joker)
    - Retouched versions of the less-than-stellar official sprites (Big Ben, Big Bell, Time Keeper, Arc Elder)
    - Untouched versions of the official sprites in case your GRF happens to not have them (Owl Marquis, Owl Viscount, Timeholder)



  7. Free

    Starry Space and Cage Arena

    • event_01 is a fairly small, simplistic map. It has a walkable area of 63x63 cells, with colorful starry effects that give players the feeling of falling or descending. 
    • event_02 is a simple small map with a 30x31 walkable area inside a spinning cage of chains. 
    The zip file contains the following:
    • event_01.gat, event_01.gnd, event_01.rsw
    • event_02.gat, event_02.gnd, event_02.rsw
    • event_01.lub (to apply special lub effects)
    • particle_rainbow01a.bmp, particle_rainbow01b.bmp, particle_rainbow01c.bmp, particle_rainbow01d.bmp, particle_rainbow01e.bmp, particle_rainbow01f.bmp
    The maps were tested with 2014-04-16aRagexe, therefore they are recommended to use with similar or newer clients. 
    These can be used in quests, events, PVP matches, or just about anything with enough creativity. Please note that the preview gifs can be slightly choppy and is not representative of the actual product's animation.



  8. Free

    Medieval Tavern - [FREE MAP]

    I am Tio Akima.

    This is one of my works in creating maps / graphs.
    Available to the community. (free)
    Medieval Tavern Map
    Map made in Browedit (Thanks Borf)
    3d models made in 3D Max

    Any error / bug let me know so I can fix it.



  9. Free


    This mas is public so don't try to sell it or make it your property.
    It is my first map, i am pretty happy with the result and i will probably make some more.
    You can found me on discord : Sloth#6226
    Github : https://github.com/SlothBM/
    I would like to thank the Borf discord community for helping me with a few issues.
    Want to support my work ?



  10. Free

    The Fair

    The Fair is a custom map made by me.
    The idea was to create a place to sell items from your ragnarok server.
    It can be used to create events with discounts or any other way you can imagine.
    Please let me know if you have any problems with this map.
    To facilitate use and avoid errors, the map is contained in a grf with all the files necessary for its operation.
    I recommend using the GRF editor with the merge grf function to add the files to your grf.
    You can use GRF Editor or other software to add files to your GRF.
    I recommend using cryptography in your grf to prevent others from getting the map.
            - all models and textures used in creating the map.
            - rsw, gnd and gat files.
            - mini map in bmp.



  11. Free

    Airship 2

    I made a new airship with custom walls and textures along with many other things made by me
    It features a few retextured models from the Hospital map that fit a more civilized setting
    I dont think ill be continuing it so ill just leave it here
    🤪 Do what you want with it 



  12. Free

    Illusion of Izlude

    Fixed RSW files for new dungeon:
    requare latest data files & rdata.grf



  13. Free


  14. Free

    Santa's Sledge (Rabbit's Christmas Maps)

    First of all, I hope you had a very happy and peaceful Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!
    This is my very first free contribution to the community  (rabbit is my "siggy name")
    It's Santa's flying sledge!
    I made some experiments with this mapperino. It's meant to feel like the sledge is truly moving and going forward. Hopefully it worked!
    I added a custom fog configuration that I highly recommend, and a custom bgm that's optional, but I think it fits perfectly!
    Don't forget to add the lub files, but it's all in the data folder, just add "luafiles514" as it is, alongside "texture" and "model".
    This last Christmas is over, but hopefully you can use it for the next one, if you like it!
    You can also use the recoloured stuff for your own maps, of course! they're under "lapine" (it just means female rabbit in French).
    Enjoy~! o/



  15. Free

    Episode 17.2: maps

    Requared the latest kRo data (2019-10-02+)!
    New maps now don`t crash client.
    Fixed some 3D models and their position.
    Thanks Tokei for converting (rsm2 to rsm) models.
    Textures for models: EP_17.2-textures.grf
    Include only:
    fixed maps (rsw) @Balfear fixed models @Tokei 



  16. Free

    Apartments - Free Release

    I put up a free release of my completed apartment complex
    2 floors of modern models from a typical north american apartment
    Gat is not 100% completed,
    Brick is completed for exterior
    Need up to date iro files to run some textures



  17. Free

    [Free] Matrix Dojo PvP

    Heya peeps. Long time! Sorta got inspired watching the Matrix one day lol so I made a quick and dirty map for everyone to enjoy.
    Its designed as a PVP map but go crazy and change it up to whatever you want.
    The spawn zone is just South of the map in the white space to pretend like its a loading program etc.
    Have fun!



  18. Free

    - Grand Arena PvP - [FREE RELEASE | DO NOT OWN DO NOT SELL ]

    Please do not own / do not sell
    If you need assistance kindly message me here
    or contact me via my facebook accounts
    Special Thanks to @GodKnows Jhomz for prodiving me all the files necessary 😄
    Hello again @Syouji i hope this will be good thanks haha i remember my epic upload last time thanks for letting me know about the details.



  19. Free

    odin past and abyss 4 maps.rar

    odin past and abyss 4 maps.rar
    texture map uploaded



  20. Free

    Mac Anu

    I made this map, all the models and restored all the textures, based off the city of Mac Anu from the .dot//hack infection series.
    I did edit gravity textures.
    No real thanks to give out maybe besides browedit and its development team and gravity for textures.
    I use alot of client features,  I didnt include the water I used cause you guys probably wont use it.
    So the main difference here is your gonna have to add a file to your effect tool lub you can pm me how or post
    This is a PLAYABLE BETA
    GRF is unlocked and no weird stuff.
    Your free to do as you please. Adding more effects to effecttool is just a matter of adding a new emmiter and a new number, you can test it by spawning a bunch and seeing how many are blank. 
    I didnt include any music cause I dont wanna give @Mina-chan a heart attack  (you never know)



  21. Free

    Town of Beginnings from SwordArtOnline

    Town of Beginnings from SAO

    I'm releasing this map that I made a while ago for a SAO-RAG project that has been put on hold, and i felt like it's too good of a map to put it on a shelf ;]

    Hope you guys enjoy the release. ;] Some files inside include the color changes on some texture files, so keep that in mind, and delete them if you want.



  22. $10.00

    Prontera 2 - Legend of the Second

    This is a large map Idea came from Ragnarok 2 - Legend of the second
    Contact me for support!

    28 purchases   62 downloads


  23. Free

    Prontera Mall

    I'm releasing this mall map for free!
    Feel free to message for support add me in skype: keough_99



  24. $5.00

    9 Towns in Map

    Here is my 9 towns in 1 map !
    Contact me for support in skype: keough_99

    27 purchases   42 downloads


  25. $5.00

    Prontera - Barrio Malaya Style

    This is a good map for PH servers!
    Cheap maps

    6 purchases   10 downloads


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