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    I'm back a ready to start my new journey with everyone who going to come with me.
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    Objective Load scripts not from your standard `rathena/npc` directory but instead, from a remote server via http/https. Design goals Parameters for NPC script loading would be: (a) remote http/https URL (b) support for request header for authorization purposes (e.g. API key) e.g. https://some-ro-developer.com/servers/some-ro-server-1/scripts/my-private-script?version=0 Authorization: Bearer <API token or key> The API token or key can be stored in a git ignored ENV file, so that unauthorized users don't have access to the source code Failure to download the script will result to no operation- warnings but not fatal server crashes The downloaded file must be a single `.txt` file The file is then hashed by the server, and cross-checked to ensure data consistency e.g. https://some-ro-developer.com/servers/some-ro-server-1/scripts/my-private-script?version=1.0.0&type=hash returns "70460b4b4aece5915caf5c68d12f560a9fe3e4" which should match the file's hash The file's existing supported versions can be checked (returns JSON array) e.g. https://some-ro-developer.com/servers/some-ro-server-1/scripts/my-private-script?type=versions returns ["1.0.0", "1.0.1", "1.1.0"] Caching - Can download the files into a git-ignored directory on the actual server for caching purposes If the requested file and version already exists in cache AND the file's hash matches the hash of the server, no need to download the file again NOTE: Not entirely sure yet if I want the download to be perform the caching, because it goes against the whole idea of "not having the source code on your server" aspect. Benefits By adding this source capability, we: enable RO developers who produce intellectual property (NPC scripts in this specific case) to have some control over their IP. NOTE: It is still possible for RO developer scammers to sell shady scripts/sell scripts that aren't theirs, grant their customers temporary access, and then remove access from their customers. enables RO developers to sell licenses to their IP, and revoke license (disable API token) after some validity period (e.g. 3 months). Opens up the opportunity for a monthly or yearly pricing of their NPC script licenses. enable RO developers to share their rAthena server folder to co-developers without risk of accidentally granting them access to other IP that they aren't supposed to share. e.g. RO Admin builds server. RO Admin buys 10 NPC scripts, with license to use in one RO. server. RO Admin hires RO Support dev. RO Support dev granted access to rAthena server files because they have work to do. RO Support dev now has access to npc scripts they didn't purchase, and is a vulnerability. Related source code Specifically, the following files need to be changed/extended: int npc_addsrcfile(const char* name, bool loadscript) - in src/map/npc.cpp Probably adding a new function called int npc_addremotesrcfile(const char* resource_url, char* resource_hash, char* resource_version, bool loadscript) - in src/map/npc.cpp Usage Potentially using it on an npc script would look like this: remotenpc: <URL> <VERSION> <HASH> remotenpc: https://some-ro-developer.com/servers/some-ro-server-1/scripts/my-private-script 1.0.0 70460b4b4aece5915caf5c68d12f560a9fe3e4 Thoughts I wanted to get the thoughts/vibe of the community before pushing through with this idea. I know that we're an open-source community that wants to encourage full-sharing of source code. But I think that the strict constraints that follows from that is something to consider. It limits the number of developers you can onboard onto your team, or needing to think about whether "you trust everyone". I think doing this (a) encourages developers to produce great NPC scripts, (b) enables developers to make good money on it, (c) positions rAthena or whoever to start up some kind of dependency management/NPC scripts platform (similar to npm, or composer) where server owners can shop for NPC scripts. Securely designed remote script access enable developers to focus on writing NPC scripts opportunity for NPC script customization layer developers can now easily scale up their marketing on some dependency management/NPC scripts platform well-paid developer happy developer more scripts happy community I will definitely be exploring this on my own, but I wanted to know what the community thinks about it. PS: Potentially a source of revenue as well for rAthena to sustain itself. I am open to the idea of assisting in the architecture design for that platform.
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    Abra o arquivo statpoint.yml na pasta db/pre-re/ e remova os # para habilitar os demais pontos de níveis... já tem pronto até o nível 255
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    To add a custom monster summon branch, the steps are: Add MOBG_G_D_Branch_01 before MOBG_MAX in https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/2f311bd1ef6abf0de642f93690eb37bebbb34d14/src/map/mob.hpp#L116 Add MOBG_G_D_Branch_01 after export_constant(MOBG_TAEKWON_MISSION); in https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/2f311bd1ef6abf0de642f93690eb37bebbb34d14/src/map/script_constants.hpp#L4625 After compiling your server should have created a folder named "import". Add your custom branch data in import/mob_summon.yml Header: Type: MOB_SUMMONABLE_DB Version: 1 Body: - Group: G_D_Branch_01 Default: MAYA Summon: - Mob: MAYA Rate: 100000 - Mob: DEVILING Rate: 700000 - Mob: Drake Rate: 700000 4. In import/item_db.yml - Id: **** AegisName: name Name: name Type: Usable Buy: 10000 Weight: 200 Flags: BuyingStore: true DeadBranch: true Script: | monster "this",-1,-1,"--ja--",-1-MOBG_G_D_Branch_01,1,""; All other steps are unnecessary (I think you just forgot to compile according to the error in your first post).
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    Are you using a custom prontera map? have you updated your mapcache? Open your GRF with GRF Editor and press alt+ctrl +s will repack GRF and can be read by browedit. kudos to sir @Functor for this.
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    Need the latest kRO Install folder for your private server? Look no further! ----> Download <---- Latest: 2020-01-24 Installation: Official kRO Updated: 06/04/2021 Download Link: http://bit.ly/latestkro Package contains RSU RO Patcher Lite for kRO and kRO RE by [Ai4rei] This package is maintained by [Akkarin] This ZIP archive is 3.50GB in size and includes all BGMs plus the latest RSU ([2021-02-19] Release Simply download, extract, play! A fan of this topic? Hit the rep button
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    The topic has been removed because of rAthena staff double standards and hypocrisy things. (rA staff blame me that I made a money on this topic while it's not and never was) All that I did for the last 2.5 years with around ~1k answers from my side is help for free for newbies here, but to rA staff, my topic is a pain in the ass. Sorry guys, but the topic can't be maintained on such a community anymore because of its admins. Bye
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    Here this works: 1. Go to the path -> db/ 1.1 Add in item_randomopt_db.yml: Footer: Imports: - Path: db/pre-re/item_randomopt_db.yml Mode: Prerenewal - Path: db/re/item_randomopt_db.yml Mode: Renewal - Path: db/import/item_randomopt_db.yml 1.2 Add in item_randomopt_group.yml: Footer: Imports: - Path: db/pre-re/item_randomopt_group.yml Mode: Prerenewal - Path: db/re/item_randomopt_group.yml Mode: Renewal - Path: db/import/item_randomopt_group.yml 2. Go to the path -> db/re 2.1 Copy item_randomopt_group.yml and item_randomopt_db.yml 2.2 Add both files in db/pre-re 3. Have fun
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    VPS > https://www.ovhcloud.com/es/vps/ (Recomendable Ubuntu 18.04+) Web Hosting > https://www.a2hosting.com/web-hosting
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    Hi all, I am trying to modify the account info and all other credit balance on the FluxCP to actually displaying the in-game Cash point balance as below. Thanks
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    //for map //cutin2(<"map">,"<filename>",<position>); function cutin2 { freeloop(true); [email protected]$ = getarg(0); [email protected]$ = getarg(1); [email protected] = getarg(2); [email protected] = getmapunits(BL_PC,[email protected]$,[email protected]); for([email protected]=0;[email protected]<[email protected];[email protected]++){ if(([email protected] = convertpcinfo([email protected][[email protected]],CPC_CHAR))) cutin([email protected]$,[email protected],[email protected]); } return; } //whole server //cutin3("<filename>",<position>); function cutin3 { freeloop(true); [email protected]$ = getarg(0); [email protected] = getarg(1); [email protected] = getunits(BL_PC,[email protected]); for([email protected]=0;[email protected]<[email protected];[email protected]++){ if(([email protected] = convertpcinfo([email protected][[email protected]],CPC_CHAR))) cutin([email protected]$,[email protected],[email protected]); } return; }
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    to save time and replies here is a step-by-step rathena/src/map/script.cpp search for BUILDIN_FUNC(cutin) { TBL_PC* sd; if( !script_rid2sd(sd) ) return SCRIPT_CMD_SUCCESS; clif_cutin(sd,script_getstr(st,2),script_getnum(st,3)); return SCRIPT_CMD_SUCCESS; } replace if( !script_rid2sd(sd) ) with if (!script_charid2sd(4, sd)) search and replace this BUILDIN_DEF(cutin,"si"), with BUILDIN_DEF(cutin,"si?"), DON'T FORGET TO RECOMPILE YOUR SERVER! and this is an example on how i would have done it prontera,0,0,0 script gdfjfhadh 444,{ function cutin2; announce("test 1",BC_ALL); cutin2("prontera","pc.bmp",2); sleep 3000; announce("test 2",BC_ALL); cutin2("prontera","",255); sleep 3000; announce("test 3",BC_ALL); cutin2("prontera","pc.bmp",2); sleep 3000; announce("test 4",BC_ALL); cutin2("prontera","",255); end; function cutin2 { freeloop(true); [email protected]$ = getarg(0); [email protected]$ = getarg(1); [email protected] = getarg(2); [email protected] = getmapunits(BL_PC,[email protected]$,[email protected]); for([email protected]=0;[email protected]<[email protected];[email protected]++){ cutin([email protected]$,[email protected],convertpcinfo([email protected][[email protected]],CPC_CHAR)); } return; } }
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    Summoning: Quintuple Rashōmon Summons five Rashōmon gates to block an incoming attack. Reference: Skill: https://streamable.com/o9gn67 Skill : Gojuu Rashomon By: @SyncMaster e @NettHacker Bugs fixed by: @Zell 3D Models by: @SyncMaster
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    You'd still need to modify your source to do that. You can be more restrictive as well and attach more "parameters". killerid won't work as it isn't added to the script yet. So something like... if (src && src->type == BL_PC && bl->type == BL_MOB && damage > 0) { struct mob_data *md = (struct mob_data *)bl; mapreg_setreg(reference_uid(add_str("[email protected]_mid"), 0), md->id); mapreg_setreg(reference_uid(add_str("[email protected]_gid"), 0), md->bl.id); npc_event_do_id("MyNPC::OnEvent", src->id); } OnEvent: switch([email protected]_mid) { case 1002: if (rand(100) < 5) { getitem 501, 1; } break; } end;
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    Using search bar is not prohibited.
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    function script LHZ_Boss { OnInit: set .mob_id, rand(1646,1651); or if you want different id you can use f_rand .mob_id = callfunc("F_Rand",1,2,3,4,5,6,7,11,10,9); monster "this", -1,-1, "--ja--", .mob_id[[email protected]], 1, ""; } For ITEMDB callfunc "LHZ_Boss";
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    Después de varias pruebas me pude percatar que al entrar con el personaje con el basic skill en 3, osea ya cuando se puede sentar pues no se pega el personaje me parece extraño pero eso me pasa no se si solo a mi o alguien mas pasa por esto. Lo comento por si es un bug o algo que pasa normalmente. Gracias, saludos!
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    You actually made a duplicate post on this forum. This is your answer right here, check the wiki about map cache.
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    I still don't understand exactly how you want to change these effects though.
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    The first part I didn't look yet. For the second part I think you need to replace the `announce` keyword with the `mapannounce` keyword.
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    isn't it you can just follow the example you give above, if you want it to work on gvg use mf_gvg, as for woe can use mf_gvg_castle for specific, or compare map name with g_cas like in woe controller script and for koe you need custom mapflag like mf_koe as condition and same other too, I can said this is strange question.
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    SQL]: DB error - Table 'nostalgic_main.pvpladder' doesn't exist It means that the table pvpladder is not available on your database.
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    Shouldn't it be something like this? case PR_SANCTUARY: hp = (skill_lv > 6) ? 777 : skill_lv * 100; if (target->id == MOBID_EMPERIUM) { hp = 1; } At least in my case, the argument to the skill_calc_heal method describing the target of the skill is called literally target. /** * Calculates heal value of skill's effect * @param src: Unit casting heal * @param target: Target of src * @param skill_id: Skill ID used * @param skill_lv: Skill Level used * @param heal: True if it's the heal part or false if it's the damage part of the skill * @return modified heal value */ int skill_calc_heal(struct block_list *src, struct block_list *target, uint16 skill_id, uint16 skill_lv, bool heal) { EDIT: Actually I think this would be better and safer: case PR_SANCTUARY: hp = (skill_lv > 6) ? 777 : skill_lv * 100; if (target->type == BL_MOB && target->id == MOBID_EMPERIUM) { hp = 1; } I'm not 100% sure, but I think that it could be possible for another type of entity to have the same ID of the Emperium. So maybe checking the type of entity to ensure it's a monster is wise.
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    just Add this script when player finish the instance setd #INSTANCEPOINTS, #INSTANCEPOINTS+ 100;
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    I just said make pc_status_def_rate to 0... But i honestly do not know if this affects card resistances too so you better try
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    try this, untested in game or compile : bHPGainRateWhenHit.patch
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    search for the item id.
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    Time for some good news! The impromptu forum maintenance earlier this evening allowed me to upgrade our forum version to 4.3.1 - with the new version comes some new features! Emojis We've enjoyed Forum Emoticons for years, and as the rest of the world has been integrating Emoji's into their software, it's about time we had some too. The old forum emotes have now been removed and the custom RO specific emotes are now in their own category under the emote icon on the text editor. I've opted to use the Twitter style instead of the EmojiOne style as they are what we're used to seeing as the default Discord Emojis, but if enough members would prefer those instead then we can switch. Github uses a Native style, and we can only pick one. Apple Pay / Google Pay Many users have been sending me messages, PMs, hate mail, death threats, etc over the fact that we swapped Paypal for Credit/Debit Card only payment processing. I'm pleased to announce that our updated forum software is compatible with Apple and Google Pay platforms for both mobile devices and supported browsers. Spammers Over the last two to three months we've seen a dramatic increase in spambots posting their topics on how to grow your or build some . The new update includes several new algorithms that allows spambots to be caught more effectively without Moderator intervention. Searching It has been noted that the search method in the older IPB 3.x forum software was much smoother than the recent implementation - so IPS 4.3 has changed it all. We should now* have more accurate search results displaying when searching for more than one word, and don't forget you can encase your phrase in quotes "to search the string as-is". *When the search index has finished re-caching.. will probably take 5-6 hours still. ReCaptcha Those daft "type the words as you see them" have now been removed in favour of Google's "Invisible ReCaptcha" platform. The forums will now determine whether or not you're human and let you use the forums to one's heart's content without being randomly asked to read unreadable text. There are other improvements but nothing worth mentioning as normal members won't see/interact with them. If you come across something that doesn't work as it should, please let me know by posting as much detail as possible in https://rathena.org/board/forum/224-forum-issues/ I think that's enough good news for one day. Akky out~
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    The rAthena have changed the default PACKETVER to 20180620 because we support all required features or have them on some pull requests in the Git repository and because of that I'm releasing this client. That's all. Important Note: This client uses sclientinfo.xml instead of clientinfo.xml. Download link: 2018-06-20eRagexeRE.exe (MediaFire).
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    A whole map dedicated to traders to sell/buy. You can either choose to put NPCs for players to buy all kinds of stuff or let players set up their shops in their own tents. It also includes a little beach island with deckchairs, some shadey/hidden areas that can lead to indoors (for illegal shops? xD) and also walking access on some ships and boats.
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    @Funkybeatz15 ja gab leider paar Probleme im Reallife wodurch der Server nicht weiter entwickelt worden ist. Aber wurde alles geupdatet. Information für die Community, Das House Rental System wurde komplett eingepflegt alle wichtigen Städte Prontera,Geffen,Alberta,Izlude,Morroc,Aldebaran besitzen nun Häuser die gemietet werden können. Das System funktioniert 100% und man kann es komplett nutzen.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Experiment your First Bootstrap Flux. Design by @Mihael Flux Integrated Themes. Some of New rA Devs msg me to share the themes in Flux Integrated, Here you go I hope you like it. Thank you very much rAthena Developers. Installation: Step 1: upload the Addon Folder on your flux name skyzone.zip make sure it is extracted. Step 2: upload the themes on your themes name is purple_themes. Step 3: open the applocation.php that located on your config Folder Step 4: find 'ThemeName' => array('default', 'bootstrap'), and add the purple themes it is look like bellow + 'ThemeName' => array('purple_themes', 'default', 'bootstrap'), NOTE: - do not remove the default to override all pages on the default flux. - this is 100% free release. do not sell. - Orange Themes by Mihael will be next upload.


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    Hey everyone. I wanted to share something I started working on this month for a server. While these features are very new, the work ive been doing for them have been quite a trip so far and are still in heavy development at the time of this posting. But after a lot of work and testing im finally able to see it all in action. Here's a screenshot of the progress made so far and a peek at the future of RO. There's still a lot of work to do but the main parts are close to done. I may post more pics in the future as more progress is made. Note: My work is now in a project called 4CrAM and I have a topic made for it here....
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    Replace them. https://herc.ws/board/files/file/269-collection-fixed-dungeon-maps/
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    View File Ragnarok Emojis v2.0 __________***PLEASE READ***__________ I updated a variety of ragnarok emojis. Example: became > Feel free to do whatever with the graphics. Use parts of it or fully, use them as a base or else - but please follow these rules: ________________________________________ Rules: Do not sell these graphics to anyone. Do not ask me to fix, adjust or change something unless you're willing to pay for it. If you upload them somewhere for others to download, please credit me and/or link back to herc.ws's download section. Contains: Ragnarok Emojis Contact Discord: 방탄#4526 Submitter Daifuku Submitted 02/10/2019 Category Other Video Content Author Daifuku  
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    Version 1.2


    In response to this post : https://rathena.org/board/topic/122667-woe-ranking-script/ https://rathena.org/board/topic/121631-woe-rankings-script/#comment-373249 https://rathena.org/board/topic/96397-woe-ranking/ https://rathena.org/board/topic/109488-ranking-woe/ By downloading this file, you agree with my Terms of Service: • You are not allowed remove my signature from any of the included files. • You are not allowed claim my work as yours. If you like it, give me a


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    UPDATED, NOW HAVE 72 HEADS UPDATED, NOW HAVE 84 HEADS !!!!! Here a Compiliation of basic customs Hairs from Ragnarok Online, This include the 29 oficial heads. All of these heads aren't made be me, with exception of #68, #69, #70 and #71 male heads and female #70 and #71 heads, this pack cames from internet and a bit of search, the authors put the credit on Spr files... But who diferent on that pack? - Repeated Heads Removed; - Missaligned Heads Fixed; (like #48 and #61) - 6 Unique Heads. - Now this pack is mixed with smokim pack (from cronus) - No Female Heads in Male pack, with exception of classic #43 I'm Still Working On this Pack to change female heads into male heads (like #43, #55, #56 etc - Male Hairstyles), to make all heads in Oficial Collors (1~7 to work with them), To Increase this into 100 Hairstyles Pack. Preview: DOWNLOAD: 84 Heads.zip Mirror 4Shared Mirror MediaFire
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    Spent a good hour figuring out how vferrari did this, and while I'm not very good at tutorials, I'd be happy to upload my results. Please see attached files for Meteor Storm (I don't have much experience with renewal files so I didn't bother with Comet). While my attempt was extremely accurate with the grid that would be hit by MS, the downside of this is that when the screen is rotated, the effect remains the same and thus becomes inaccurate in predicting which cells would be hit by MS. This is the reason why I release these files to you now, instead of keeping it for myself. Also, I am not great with recording or making GIFs, so please feel free to test them out yourself. Please download ALL the files. 0lordbl.bmp meteor1.str meteor2.str meteor3.str meteor4.str
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    Version 1.1.1


    Ehh since my event scripts are piling up, I decided to make an Event Manager // Basic Event Manager // By Mabuhay /*-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Currently added are the ff : {#} NAME - "NPC_NAME" [1] Bombring - "Event_Bombring" [2] Dice - "Event_Dice" [3] Last Man Standing - "Event_LMS" [4] Novice V Zombie - "Event_NvZ" [5] Poring Catcher - "Poring_Catcher" [6] Poring Hunter - "Poring_Hunter" (Added 12-15-2019) -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-*/ // For easier management of Event NPCs ///////////////////////////////////// // NOTE: // ///////////////////////////////////// // I don't support any modifications unless I want to. // But if you want to change things especially the rewards, // Please refer to my F_Reward Functions // https://rathena.org/board/files/file/4068-itemvariablepoints-reward-function-for-beginners-or-lazy/ // You should be able to easily change the rewards // If you have basic scripting knowledge Header Settings: OnInit: // 1 = item reward // 2 = variable/cashpoints reward // If you want to set item and variable/cashpoints rewards, do 1|2. // If you only want 1, just choose between 1 or 2 $event_options = 1|2; // If item reward enabled // What items will be rewarded setarray $event_item_reward, 501, 10, 502, 5; // If variable reward.. set to your variable. // If cashpoints.. set to #CASHPOINTS / #KAFRAPOINTS (Free Cash Points) $event_var$ = "#EVENTVARIABLE"; // Variable name? // If cash points, set to Cash Points // If your custom var, set to the name of that thing. $event_var_name$ = "Custom Points"; // How much points gain if #VAR / #CASHPOINTS / #KAFRAPOINTS? $event_var_gain = 1; $event_item_arr = getarraysize($event_item_reward); // @eventstart for GM bindatcmd "eventstart", strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnStart",60,60; // @eventjoin bindatcmd "eventjoin", strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnJoinEvent"; end; You may now use @eventstart for GMs to select which ones to start. @eventjoin for players to enter and see which event is currently active Event timers / Clock are to be set here : // OnClock<hour><minute>: donpcevent "<npc_name>::OnStart"; OnClock0000: donpcevent "Event_Bombring::OnStart"; end; //----- 12 mn OnClock0100: donpcevent "Event_Dice::OnStart"; end; OnClock0200: donpcevent "Event_LMS::OnStart"; end; OnClock0300: donpcevent "Poring_Catcher::OnStart"; end; OnClock0400: donpcevent "Event_NvZ::OnStart"; end; OnClock0500: donpcevent "Poring_Hunter::OnStart"; end; OnClock0600: donpcevent "Event_Bombring::OnStart"; end; //----- 6 am OnClock0700: donpcevent "Event_Dice::OnStart"; end; OnClock0800: donpcevent "Event_LMS::OnStart"; end; OnClock0900: donpcevent "Poring_Catcher::OnStart"; end; OnClock1000: donpcevent "Event_NvZ::OnStart"; end; OnClock1100: donpcevent "Poring_Hunter::OnStart"; end; OnClock1200: donpcevent "Event_Bombring::OnStart"; end; //----- 12 nn OnClock1300: donpcevent "Event_Dice::OnStart"; end; OnClock1400: donpcevent "Event_LMS::OnStart"; end; OnClock1500: donpcevent "Poring_Catcher::OnStart"; end; OnClock1600: donpcevent "Event_NvZ::OnStart"; end; OnClock1700: donpcevent "::OnStart"; end; OnClock1800: donpcevent "Event_Bombring::OnStart"; end; //----- 6 pm OnClock1900: donpcevent "Event_Dice::OnStart"; end; OnClock2000: donpcevent "Event_LMS::OnStart"; end; OnClock2100: donpcevent "Poring_Catcher::OnStart"; end; OnClock2200: donpcevent "Event_NvZ::OnStart"; end; OnClock2300: donpcevent "Poring_Hunter::OnStart"; end; //----- 11 pm Currently I just alternately activate events per hour. You can change the event time as you wish. You may choose any of the ff: OnClock<hour><minute>: OnMinute<minute>: OnHour<hour>: On<weekday><hour><minute>: OnDay<month><day>: I hope this helps. If you want me to add more, just PM me on an event script that needs to be updated. Thank you. Compatibility is your responsibility. No backward Compatibility Support. Enjoy! NOTE : If you find this useful, please click the Upvote button to motivate me to do stuffs like this And you are welcome!


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    I think I have seen this map on discord, I love it
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    Hello, I'm Haziel. I've been a graphic artist for over 15 years. I've made commissions for several Ragnarök Servers and also, worked on the production of some Indie Games either as Concept or Pixel Artist. Spriter is my main role on game development but I'm also able to perform as Designer, Mapper and Programmer, drop me a PM if you're interested in any of those services. For the previews below, keep in mind: Headgears, Garments, Equipment, Weapon/Shield and Monsters. Headgears Divine Headgear Set A Gem Themed Headgear Set carrying the theme of mystical stones, targeted for each of the main class branches. Dragon Headgear Set In a similar fashion of the previous one, having one main headgear targeted to fit certain classes. Equipment Divergent Set The Divergent Set concept is based on evolution. After meeting some requirements, the player would be able to evolve the basic Divergent Equipment (grey-ish blue), to one of 8 different forms: Demon (Purple), Dragon (Green), Fox (Orange), Ox (Black), Phoenix (Red), Shark (Skyline Blue), Tiger (Yellow) and Wolf (White). Each one with its own properties. The Helmet has it's own appearances while the other equipment will have it's colour changed. Arcane Set The Arcane Set was meant to be a magical bundle of equipment with four options of headgears for combining, it also has a Weapon compatible with Wizards, Sages and their evolutions. Sacred Set Initially, the Sacred Shield was requested, then, a Swordsman Equipment set, I mixed both things and expanded it to an 8-piece Equipment Set. Plate themed, this one is intended for Knights, Crusaders and their respective evolutions, but can be used by any Class. The Shield is currently only available for Crusaders and evolutions but can be adapted for any Class, although a specific Diff from NEMO is required to implement it. An alternative Cursed theme is also available. Elemental Auras Four Aura-like headgears and four monsters/pets to go along the theme. Anime/Show/Game Themed Gears Anime/Game Themed Gears Miscellaneous Gears made based on some Anime/Game characters and/or artefacts. Above, Megaman X and Zero Helmets from Megaman X franchise, Dying Will from Katekyo Hitman Reborn anime, Kaneki Mask from Tokyo Ghoul anime. Sword Art Online 2 Headgears/Garments and 3 Weapons based on the Manga/Anime Sword Art Online. Elucidator and Dark Repulser both are available for Knights and Evolutions, Kirito Weapons for Assassins and Evolutions. Event Gears Valentine's Day Halloween Halloween Package includes 5 Headgears with matching Garments and also the Wicked Set, composed of 2 Headgears and a Garment. Auras 32bit Headgear Auras All of them available in 12 colours. Monsters Defence Turrets Those are monsters meant to be summoned and attack anything that goes near. Originally intended to be WoE-related. Untear, Unseal, Unnes & Undine My take on the concept of evolutive Pets, can also be used as monsters. Miscellaneous Monsters Situational mobs to be used in Custom Maps/Quests. Trickster Collection My own take on Trickster Online conversions. Christmas Boss: Evil Santa Meant for Christmas Events, this boss has some weirdly strong Reindeers as minions! Sword Art Online Collection Overlord Collection RE: Zero Collection Bosses Big Bosses Really Big Bosses VIP Badges Those were intended to be exclusive to certain VIP levels, there are alternate versions for PVP purposes. Logo Headgears I also offer the service of recreating a server's Logo in a promotional Headgear. Headgear Edits Examples of minor works I usually receive requests for, that may be, from little corrections or addition of details to recolours and mixing of headgears. Above, a symbolic gift to Nova and his request about a Sunglass equipped on the lower slot. Garments/Robes Garments are visual items Gravity made on Jan/05 of 2011, but even Gravity itself didn't make much of them. They're equipped on Cape or Costume Cape slot and must be made Class by Class to fit perfectly on each movement. Different from Headgears, they are layered correctly behind the character and does not stay floating around it as some custom content out there. Official examples of it are the Archangel Wings and the Adventurer's Backpack. Wing-Themed Collection My current Wing collection consists of several themes divided on Insect, Feathered, Leather and Other categories. Suitable for all classes. Classes Relics A garment bundle created to illustrate an attribute of each class branch in RO. Miscellaneous Garment Collection Another set of Custom Garments, but with another kind of thematic, instead of the usual wings. Weapons Weapons Weapons are specific for classes, but can be adapted to multiple at once. Miscellaneous Equipment Sets These have no visual appearance, are only intended as common gear. Freebies Headgears Garments Monsters Freebies Click on the preview image to be redirected to download thread! Freebies will be posted weekly! Rules 1. DO NOT steal my work, it takes hours, days, sometimes weeks to be made, don't claim it yours. 2. DO NOT redistribute, mirror or redistribute my work. 3. DO NOT edit my work without my permission, It includes recolours. 4. DO NOT remove my signature included among my files, be respectful. 5. DO use my works as Donation Rewards, be kind and just ask me first. Additional Information • I'm a Freelancer and my work is for sale, contact me by PM, Facebook, Discord, E-Mail ([email protected]) or Skype (hyering) if you're interested. • I'll not edit or modify other Artists' work without their permission, be sure to have it before asking. • I do take references on Sprites from TalesWeaver, Trickster and other sources, but I'll not redistribute raw materials or teach how to get it. • Feel free to contact me speaking English or Spanish. I can also understand Portuguese at a certain level. • I'm not a master or a know-it-all, I'll share my knowledge when I feel appropriate to do so.
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    Updated on 14.06.2018: Mjolnir & Stormbreaker new ones: wonder woman's tiara amazon's sword spiderman --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- old ones: (old posts' pictures all ruined, thanks photobucket) Captain America's shield Iron man & War machine s' masks Hawkeye's bow Black Widow doll Scarlet witch's chaos magic Falcon's Wingpack Deadpool
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    Version 1.0.0


    SPPO CUSTOM MONSTER + EXTRAS Greetings again, rAthena! I'm Haziel, you might know me from the work I've done for the past years, I'm back again with new releases every week. And, to begin with, I'm bringing back my old freebies which had their links broken for quite a while now. But, I couldn't do that without improving them and bringing them to the current level of skill I have nowadays. Sppo is a Custom Monster, it has all necessary poses to be used as a foe, and although it doesn't include any performance as a pet a Pet Portrait is included on this package! I've also crafted a Custom Card to go with this little fella, which you can attribute any effect you wish! My recommendation would be something related to HP! As usual, Sound Effects are included and all colours and animations were worked fit RO properly! I hope you enjoy the final product! If you're interested on my work, Contact me on hyering or through one of the channels below! By downloading this file, you agree with my Terms of Service: • YOU WILL NOT remove my signature from any of the included files. • YOU WILL NOT alter, edit, recolour any of my files unless for your personal use. • YOU WILL NOT repost, repass or mirror my work nor edited versions of it anywhere. • YOU WILL NOT sell, resell or in any manner, ask money or rewards using my work as exchange. • YOU WILL NOT claim my work as yours.


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    Hello people~ These are my sprite work that I would like to share with you all. Feel free to use them after you read the Terms of Use below. Please join my Discord channel and click on #freebies to Download. Enjoy!
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    i was trying to recompile my rathena.sln but it was giving me an error "msbuild error msb1008: only one project can be specified". Turns out that there was a missing " " on the path. Nevertheless this whole Guide is a total kick a** Kudos to you! MSBUILD "C:\user\admin\desktop\rathena\rAthena.sln" /p:PlatformToolset=v141 /m
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    Install MS Visual Studio 2012 redist. package. You can find it on the ms website: https://www.microsoft.com/en-US/download/details.aspx?id=30679
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    Version v1.0


    Sorry for the not so good quality newbie spriter hope you enjoy using it


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    please use search engine next time.


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