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    Version 2.2.0


    Third Job Costumes + New Classes The Correction With the advent of jRO releasing new Job Costumes, and also, the new classes from the Taekwon branch, many of server owners want to replace the vanilla sprites or even, implement the bodystyle system. But, there's a catch! Originally jRO, and now, even kRO spriters, have made it completely off of the default pattern of palette. In a classic example, you can notice the pattern of the RO palettes. What matters is the position of the colours, as an example, for all jobs, the white-ish tones will be always on the same row, so we can use it to create custom palettes. See how it works: But jRO didn't follow the classic pattern, making it incompatible with custom palettes (@Kamishi ones included). So, I edited frame by frame of each job sprite, of each gender, mounted or not, correcting them, converting them in a way so many of the previously created palettes will work. This package includes: Alternate Outfits: Alternate Royal Guard M/F + Gryffon Battlemount + Lion Mount Alternate Ranger M/F + Warg Battlemount + Ostrich Mount Alternate Minstrel/Wanderer + Ostrich Mount Alternate ArchBishop M/F + Alpaca Mount Alternate Warlock M/F + Fox Mount Alternate Mechanic M/F + Savage Mount Alternate Genetic M/F + Savage Mount Alternate Guillotine Cross M/F + Hyena Mount Alternate Shadow Chaser M/F + Hyena Mount Alternate Sorcerer M/F + Fox Mount Alternate Sura M/F + Alpaca Mount Alternate Rune Knight M/F + Dragon Battlemount + Lion Mount New Classes Star Emperor M/F + Wolf Mount Soul Reaper M/F + Wolf Mount As requested by @Emistry, I also added an extra, making it more compatible to default palettes: Kagerou/Oboro + Frog Mount Following the another @Emistry's request, all files are now already on GRFs. The previous version had no Cashmount palette included, this one fixes the issue. Only the already released costumes are supported at this moment. The Rune Knight seems to be the last of them, it's over a year from the first release! As a final part of the package, I'm including Classic Palettes for all Alternate Costumes. Enjoy the final product!


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    To make an RO offline server usually you need: setup and configure MySQL database git clone emulator source code get from somewhere client files create a database for the emulator set correct permissions for database users which will be used via emulator for working with DB download and install Visual Studio Community 2017 with all packages (size ~10GB) configure mechanic, turn off some SRC functionality and so on Take from somewhere exe file, apply correct patches to your exe Build a GRF with all required for exe resources and files Compile the server (from sources to a binary file (what you can run on your OS)) Configure server-side (emulator), set proper settings, and so on to make it work copy-paste your game-client files and exe to kRO game client start MySQL database, run the emulator, launch game client This is hard for newbies. Because you will do a lot of mistakes because you can't know different details. The package solve almost all steps above and leave to you only 2 last steps (copypaste, launch, and play) How to make everything work (2-minute guide) Download Extract Watch video or read readme.txt Launch OpenServer and start server (Green Flag) Copy-paste 1 time only game client files to kRO folder Launch emulator Launch game exe from kRO client folder Login and play This is super easy, is not it? I have prepared for you almost everything, to make sure that you will skip painful newbie entry point with making it just work. This package can be used as a template for building your own server (if you really wish to and will be stuck somewhere). All emulators, client, repository folders are connected to remote repos, so you can always easy update emulator or client by yourself without waiting for any updates from my side. I made almost everything what you need to keep always up to date emulator. But for making it up to date, please read the section below later, this requires some steps and understanding from your side (I failed to make 1 click solution to update it, because of problems inside emulator) Download Links Google Drive | Fast Mirror 2 | Mega Please download the whole folder what you see if you are newbie. Current Full Pack Size: 3.36 GB (include kRO client and everything else) 1.2GB = emulators, packed grfs, tools, openserver, and so on (this is raw package) 2.16GB = kRO clean game client which is required for the files above (07_clean_kRO_client) Old topic (first version from 2017 year): https://web.archive.org/web/20180420124127/https://rathena.org/board/topic/109823-ragnarok-online-complete-local-server-client-pack-2018-make-your-ro-server-in-less-then-5-minutes Please read readme.txt before asking any question. Changelog: 01 June 2018 - updated and repacked kRO client (merged rdata.grf into data.grf for reducing total size of full kRO client), updated rAthena codebase up to 01 June 2018, recompiled all servers, fixed reported bugs related to the VIP system, fixed crash issue with Gentleman Pipe, all download links updated, if you want to take the update, re-download the whole package. 02 May 2018 - added VIP system options April 2018 - second unbounded version from the anacondaqq (you can update manually the whole package) March 2017 - initial release
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    Version 1.0.2


    In this script Custom NPCs to exchange listed costumes becomes Upper/Middle/Lower/Garment Enchant Stone Box Custom NPCs to enchant listed costumes by selecting the enchant stones (50% success, failure will delete the stone only) Custom NPC to exchange Enchant Stone to Upper/Middle/Lower/Garment Enchant Stone Box (require: 2,000,000,000 Zeny) Not in this script All items (server-side) that are not present in rAthena All items (client-side) that are not present in kRO (or other official clients) because idRO Klasik customization Lucky charms Exchange it Enchant it Woops, I need to find another stone


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    Version 1.0.0


    STAFF SIGN CUSTOM HEADGEAR BUNDLE Greetings again, rAthena! I'm Haziel, you might know me from the work I've done for the past years, I'm now posting new releases every week. Staff Signs is a bundle of Custom Headgears, it has all necessary files to be appropriately implemented, such as Equip Sprites, Icon and Collection files! This package contains four different Headgears to represent each Staff position, such as Community Manager, Event Manager, Game Master and Administrator! Let me know in the comments below if I'm missing any other! I hope you enjoy the final product! If you're interested in my work, Contact me on hyering or through one of the channels below! By downloading this file, you agree to my Terms of Service: • YOU WILL NOT remove my signature from any of the included files. • YOU WILL NOT alter, edit, recolour any of my files unless for your personal use. • YOU WILL NOT repost, repass or mirror my work nor edited versions of it anywhere. • YOU WILL NOT sell, resell or in any manner, ask money or rewards using my work as an exchange. • YOU WILL NOT claim my work as yours.


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    Need the latest kRO Install folder for your private server? Look no further! ----> Download <---- Latest: 2018-03-27 Installation: Official kRO Updated: 27/03/2018 Download Link: http://bit.ly/latestkro Package contains RSU RO Patcher Lite for kRO and kRO RE by [Ai4rei] This package is maintained by [Akkarin] This ZIP archive is 2.81GB in size and includes all BGMs plus the latest RSU ([2018-01-21] Release Simply download, extract, play! A fan of this topic? Hit the rep button
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    Project will expire in 6 months and 11 days

    Walkthrough Conversion of Episode 16.1 * Main quest and the 2 instances Ritual of Blessing (pre-requis) and Room of Consciousness (daily quest) * Sidequests around the families, the kitchen, underground prison and old prontera * Enchants NPCs (enchant abusive robe and co.) > 17000 lines of npc script
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    Version 1.0.0


    I Decide to release it for free Enjoy!


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    Version 1.0.0


    Just two trains on the routes: Lighthalzen <-> Einbroch & Einbroch <-> Einbech. You may customize airship.txt script or make a new one. P>S> For this map you may need materials of NewProntera, Malaya and Malangdo.


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    Version 1.0.0


    New Script Commands homexp <exp>{,<char_id>}; based on idea on https://rathena.org/board/topic/115769-getexp-for-homunculus/ hom_heal <hp>,<sp>{,<char_id>}; hom_sc_start <type>,<tick>,<val1>,<val2>,<val3>,<val4>{,<char_id>}; Edited Script Commands mercenary_sc_start <type>,<tick>,<val1>,<val2>,<val3>,<val4>{,<char_id>}; Feature added Stores SC Datas for Mercenary and Homunculus to covers Issue: 3070 (assumed Mercenary and Homunculus are always char bound) Important, don't forget to execute the SQL upgrade (included in .diff file) ALTER TABLE `sc_data` ADD COLUMN `bl_type` VARCHAR(3) NOT NULL DEFAULT '1'; Sample NPC homscript.txt PS: The screenshots are just random pics


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    You're looking for showscript: harboro1,215,212,3 script #rockno04 111,5,5,{ end; OnTouch: showscript "West: The Inn, East: The Sheriff's Office", getnpcid(0, "#rockno04"), SELF, getcharid(3); end; } If you want others to see it as well, then you'd use: harboro1,215,212,3 script #rockno04 111,5,5,{ end; OnTouch: showscript "West: The Inn, East: The Sheriff's Office", getnpcid(0, "#rockno04"); end; }
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    Version 1.0.0


    (!) You may need new Prontera, Malaya, Malangdo or Dewata staff Includes custom textures and minimap


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    Version 1.2.2


    Features: - Freebies Character Selection, You have to select the character where you want the freebies to claimed. - IP Address Restriction, You can only use the code per IP Address. Freature can be disabled or enabled per code. - Editing Freebies, You can edit the Code, Items, Zeny, Credits, Expiration, IP Restriction, Usage Limit and Description(optional). - Adding Freebies. - Usage Limit, 0 for unlimited or until it expires. - Items, item_id:amount,item_id2:amount2 or just item_id for 1 item. - Expiration, Setting the expiration date for the freebies. - Zeny, Giving an amount of zeny to selected character. - Description(optional), You can give a small description for the freebies to avoid the confusion. - Deleting Freebies. - Freebies History, List of all claimed freebies by the user. 1.2 Version - Use for Account ID or Character ID. Feature can be disabled or enabled. - ex. Account ID 2000000:2000500:2000600to2000700 (The Account ID with 2000000 and 2000500 and from 2000600 to 2000700 will be able to use the code) Compability: - Tested on Xantara's FluxCP for rAthena - https://github.com/m...ntara/fluxcp-rA Rules: - Do not steal the credit of this work. How to Install: - Make folder named freebies in your addons folder. - Extract the file to freebies folder - Update your database. - Done. If you find a bug, please contact me. Email: [email protected] rAthena: Feefty Buy me a coffee


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    I apologize everyone who PMed me during this period. I’m currently working on a project with really strict timeline so I have cut myself off rA forums for a while. I’ll be replying once I get things done
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    I have some question about your services, where can i contact you? thank you!
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    GRF Editor: Encryption The Movie Hello again, rAthena, I'm Haziel. I'm a Pixel Artist and also a Scripter. (Also, you can check my work here and here, and if you ever need any Sprite/Script Service, check here! You can also add me on skype (it's on my signature)) Most of the people who know me or hired me for any kind of service know that I don't charge more than it's fair. What upsets me is the people who use my work without authorization, most of the cases, paid material that took hours, days or, sometimes, weeks to be concluded. So, hoping to protect my work, and the custom content of your servers' owners, I've decided to write a guide explaning in detail how to use @Tokei's awesome tool. 1. List of Materials • GRF Editor, if you're not familiar with this software, it is the best GRF Management Tool ever coded. • The files you want to protect, the encryption is made by file so, there's no need to encrypt the whole GRF. • Your Hexed must be 2012-04-10 or above, it won't work on 2010 Clients. • Decide your Hexed filename, it's essential for the encryption to work. 2. Generating Encryption Key GRF Editor uses a Key Encryption Method, what means that your protection is based on a password. Choose a password you'll remember or note it somewhere, you won't be able to decrypt your files without it and always save a Backup of the files you'll encrypt. Password chosen, you'll need to generate the DLL, the one that will allow your Client to read encrypted files. Open the GRF Editor and navigates on the top menu to Tools > GRF Encryption, you'll see the window below. First, Input your Key on the Encryption Password field. Next, select your Client on the Client Path field, it is needed for the DLL to be coded to its filename or be modified if needed. IMPORTANT: The Client being asked here is for the Hexed, IT IS NOT the Patcher, Launcher or Loader. The name of the DLL can also be changed, it will output a modified Hexed of ready to read it. With everything set, click in Generate File(s), and it will pop up a folder where your DLL has been generated, add/replace the one in your Client folder. 3. Encrypting Files Files can now be encrypted. Open your GRF, GPF or THOR, select the files you want to protect. Right-click it and select EncryptIon > Encrypt. Enter the Password you previously defined, confirm and the file will be highlighted in Orange. The colour might not show up when you're working on a THOR file or opens a GRF/THOR previously encrypted, that's normal behavior. Once the GRF or THOR is saved, you won't be able to read the file. Normally an error will pop, but you can test it ingame, if you've done it correctly, it will be displayed properly. As far as I've tested, the Encrypted Files works in the DATA folder if extracted. If you want to Encrypt or Decrypt a whole GRF, you can select Tools > GRF Encryption with the GRF open by the software and choose the options Encrypt GRF or Decrypt GRF. You will be asked for the Key, and then It'll run the process through the entire GRF and export it to a new folder. The same process can be made with THOR files, even if it displays any reading error, patched Encrypted files will work. I hope that's clear enough and that it may help you. Post any question you may have in the comments below and I'll try to help. My best regards, Haziel
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    I'm sorry, I made a mistake. Here you go, please upvote my post. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // ___________ _____.__ // \__ ___/__.__.________/ ____\__| ____ ____ // | | < | |\_ __ \ __\| |/ \ / ___\ // | | \___ | | | \/| | | | | \/ /_/ > // |____| / ____| |__| |__| |__|___| /\___ / // \/ Scripts \//_____/ // //===================================================== // Name: Race to Max Level // // Description: // This NPC allows for Game Masters to set a reward to // be given to the first player of each 2nd class that // reaches maximum level (base and class). //===================================================== /////////////////////////////////////////////////////// prontera,147,180,5 script Race to Max Level 58,{ set [email protected]_level, 99; // GM level required to set the reward set [email protected], 99; set [email protected], 50; set [email protected], 510; setarray [email protected][0], Job_Knight, Job_Alchemist, Job_Assassin, Job_Bard, Job_Blacksmith, Job_Crusader, Job_Dancer, Job_Hunter, Job_Monk, Job_Priest, Job_Rogue, Job_Sage, Job_Wizard; Begin: clear; mes "[ ^0099ccRace to Max Level^000000 ]"; mes "Hello, " + ((getgmlevel() >= [email protected]_level) ? "master! What do you want to do today?" : "are you here for your reward?"); switch(select(((getgmlevel() >= [email protected]_level) ? "Set Reward:Restart Race" : ":") + ":YES!:...Reward?:Who was rewarded?:Cancel")) { case 1: goto SetReward; case 2: goto RestartRace; case 3: goto GetReward; case 4: goto ExplainRace; case 5: goto ShowRewarded; default: end; } SetReward: clear; mes "[ ^0099ccRace to Max Level^000000 ]"; if ($reward == 0) set $reward, [email protected]; mes "The reward is " + getitemname($reward) + " (ID: " + $reward + ")."; mes "Do you want to change it?"; if (select("Yes:No") == 1) { clear; mes "[ ^0099ccRace to Max Level^000000 ]"; mes "Please enter the new reward item ID."; input [email protected]; clear; mes "[ ^0099ccRace to Max Level^000000 ]"; mes "Set " + getitemname([email protected]) + " as the reward?"; if(select("Yes:No") == 1) { set $reward, [email protected]; } } goto Begin; RestartRace: clear; mes "[ ^0099ccRace to Max Level^000000 ]"; mes "Are you sure you want to restart the race?"; if (select("Yes:No") == 1) { for ([email protected] = 0; [email protected] < getarraysize([email protected]); [email protected]++) { set $rewarded$[[email protected][[email protected]]], ""; } announce "The Race to Max Level has begun! Claim a reward once you reach " + [email protected] + " base and " + [email protected] + " class!", bc_all; } goto Begin; GetReward: mes "Let's see... " + strcharinfo(0) + ", huh?"; set [email protected], 0; for ([email protected] = 0; [email protected] < getarraysize([email protected]); [email protected]++) { if (Class == [email protected][[email protected]]) { set [email protected], 1; if (BaseLevel < [email protected] || JobLevel < [email protected]) { mes "I'm sorry, but you still need to level a bit more."; } else if ($rewarded$[Class] == strcharinfo(0)) { mes "You have already claimed your reward."; } else if ($rewarded$[Class] != "") { mes "Too late!"; mes "The reward for " + jobname(Class) + " was already claimed by " + $rewarded$[Class] + "."; } else goto GiveReward; } } if ([email protected] == 0) mes "You need to change your job."; close; GiveReward: set $rewarded$[Class], strcharinfo(0); clear; mes "[ ^0099ccRace to Max Level^000000 ]"; mes "Congratulations! You were the first " + jobname(Class) + " to reach " + [email protected] + " base and " + [email protected] + " class!"; getitem $reward, 1; announce strcharinfo(0) + " (" + jobname(Class) + ") reached Max. Level and received " + getitemname($reward) + "!", bc_all; close; ExplainRace: clear; mes "[ ^0099ccRace to Max Level^000000 ]"; mes "Yes! When you reach the maximum level for your class, talk to me and you'll be rewarded with a special item."; next; goto Begin; ShowRewarded: clear; mes "[ ^0099ccRace to Max Level^000000 ]"; for ([email protected] = 0; [email protected] < getarraysize([email protected]); [email protected]++) { mes jobname([email protected][[email protected]]) + ": " + (($rewarded$[[email protected][[email protected]]] != "") ? $rewarded$[[email protected][[email protected]]] : "^ff0000Nobody^000000"); } next; goto Begin; } You can change the maxbase and maxjob variables to match your server configuration, as well as define the minimum GM level to set the rewards on the NPC by changing gm_level variable.
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    - script sample -1,{ OnPCLoginEvent: if (getgmlevel() >= 90 && (gettime(DT_HOUR) >= 10 && gettime(DT_HOUR) <= 20)) { // 10am ~ 8pm atcommand "@kick "+strcharinfo(0); } end; }
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    you can try this. https://pastebin.com/1KQSeydF
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    when diff your custom client, select the patch "Use custom font". certain symbols or fonts character may need certain langtype (ex: 11,13,14 etc) to work and not to forget if it ever used in script, it need to be saved as UTF-8 format.
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    Same problem... download patcher.thor file, uncompress in tmp.exe and dont copy over old patcher executable. Configs are correct and revised I think so a bug on thor patcher, last version.
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    Story Time: A lot of players run into problems. They disconnected in an instance, they bought the wrong item, someone is being a nuisance in battlegrounds. After cursing, they usually type `@request`. But alas, none of the GMs you hired are online! You need to dock their pay. The message is lost in the void. Until now. Discord has support for webhooks, which is a way to associate callbacks to HTTP requests. Their developer docs for webhooks can be found here. Basically, you can send a POST to your discord webhook url, and the contents will be printed to the associated channel. "So?" When someone uses `@request`, the message is sent from the map server to the character server, which then sends it back to all map servers, and the map servers send the message to all connected GMs. Because it sends it to the character server, we're able to send the POST request from the character server. This helps performance, since the map server is constantly doing things and the character server generally uses less resources. "That's great! But how do we send this POST request? Do I need a stamp?" If you're on Linux, there's a great command line tool called `curl`. It's mostly used to download files from a server, but it also has support for all other HTTP methods. "Command line? How do we put it in rathena?" Curl also comes with a library called libcurl that we can use in c/c++ programs! "I see, so we use libcurl to send the message to the discord webhook!" Exactly! How it looks: Installation: Two config options are added in this patch: gm_whisp_webhook and gm_whisp_webhook_url This makes a change to configure, and adds a new flag. You need to add --with-lcurl to your arguments. Example: ./configure --enable-prere --enable-vip --enable-packetver=20170614 --with-lcurl Disclaimers: This only works on linux. I don't run rAthena servers on windows, and neither should you. (personal opinion) You need to install libcurl-devel. On some OSes it could be called something else; on Ubuntu, it's libcurl4-openssl-dev. Don't ask me for a lot of help if you can't get it to work. This is supposed to be a showcase, but I'm giving the code out. I made this in a day, it's not the greatest code. Initializing curl and cleaning up on every call is not the greatest, but unless you are getting 100 requests a minute, it should be ok for now. Eventually, I want to add it to src/common or something. But that'll happen in a future weekend. Code: The code is here: https://pastebin.com/Z82M9ssf
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    Hey everybody, I've mentioned wanting to produce some Browedit tutorials for a long time, so I've finally gotten around to starting. These will be posted/updated a a little infrequently- Basically whenever I have the free time and have come up with a good idea. It's noted in the introduction, but my tutorials will focus more on how to make your maps look good rather than being highly technical explanations of how different edit modes work, or how to use third-party programs. There will be some technical stuff, but again, this will be more about style and design rather than technical things. You can post in this thread to offer feedback on what I've written so far, or suggest topics you would like to see me cover. My tutorials are written in publicly accessible Google Docs- It's a nice, easy to use format and lets me make adjustments, edits, and updates easily. Sage's Browedit Tutorials Introduction How To Make Lightmaps Stop Looking Bad In this first post, I'll also write down a few vague ideas I have for future tutorials. Don't take any of these as promises- They might become part of bigger tutorials, or I might come up with a different way to present the ideas, or whatever. I may come up with something completely different, too. Anyway, here are some tutorials I'm considering writing: Retexturing Models - Syouji's video guides explain how to do this, but I think I could probably make a non-video based guide on how to do this that's a little clearer and easier to follow. Making Town Maps - I see a lot of town maps with similar problems that result in them not being very good- Mismatched models and textures, boring and repetitive streets, etc. Global Height Edit - This is a nifty tool with a couple fun/creative applications. Not sure if there's enough to make up its own guide, however. Custom Models are for Suckers - There are a lot of cool 'custom' models you can make by just arranging existing RO models together to form particular shapes. I have a few fun ones I can share to maybe inspire people. Interior Maps - A tutorial on making RO-style interiors in isometric form, and some style ideas for different settings: Homes, castles, abandoned buildings, etc. You're also free to treat this thread as an 'ask me anything' sorta deal, in case you want a quick answer from me on anything regarding mapping or my process or just about anything. yeet
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    Version 1.0.0


    illust's for a system of daily rewards, created by me, based on the official theme of ragnarok online. It works with the script [rathena]: Daily_Reward_System PS: If you like it, and give me reputation, it's important to me and encourages me to continue with my work! best regards, ZelosAvalon


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    Version 1.0.0


    Welcome on Folkvang, the Forgotten Plains. This is the Land Freyja rules, a plain where dead people are brought to prepare the Ragnarok. Fight here all those who falled on the battlefield, and that Freyja and the Valkyries recognized as valorous warriors. This is a custom dungeon with an evoluting content. The mobs, exception made of Freyja, are composed by Clones of all players dying around your server. The stronger they are, the toughest the dungeon will be. Everything's configurable, so you can set the minimum and maximum level to be cloned, the highest number of clones per players, or on the whole map, the reward for killed monsters....and so on. On the screens, the map used is [email protected] The script is therefor build for br_lb map, which is provided in the rar and was created by Loutch, thanks to him. Credits: Do not claim my work as yours. Feel free to use it, even modify it, but leave the credit on file header Special Warning: This content was first designed on Hercules Emulator. While being tested, there must be some error or bugs. Feel free to report them so I can fix them.


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    Ragnarok Online Login Screen Generator (ROLSG) Helps you to cut your private server custom login screen with just a click you dont need any photo edditing software to cut it just click and magically your custom login screen is cut by 12 parts that are needed without errors and you dont need to rename it becuase it rename it self after you generate it and it help the people who is new here this is EASY, CONVINIENT and FREE to use How to use : Just load your custom login screen with a size of [1024x768] then Click Convert It will automatically cut into 12 parts NOTE : I created a folder so that after you convert or generate it will not hard to find P.S. since i request here alot i just want to contribute what i use for myself if the file is corrupted or something let me now i will make some mirrors Credits to : Wiskovisky and to ME for the release i dont know if someone release this here try to help ROLSG.rar
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