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    Ticket Refine Script

    This is not mine this is sir @Euphy's script, i just tried using it and tried fixing it, im noob at scripting and anything else, but tried and fixed the script to my liking, you can add single npc for single +1 upgrade. i dont know how to say this maybe just look at screenshot :3 i just posted this because i think many ppl wants ticket refining like this or i dont know..
    item      +      ticket        =        item
    +4                    +5                        +5
    does not let you refine if ur item is lower than the desirable refine..and does not let you refine if ur item and ticket is the same.



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    Utility: Job Master Episode 10.4 with Rebirth Item Requirement

    Jobmaster Episode 10.4 Build without Taekwon,Ninja,and Gunslinger
    Needed Heroic Stone to Rebirth like official (IDRO)
    Credit to : Euphy, Mazvi, Braniff, and Jey for who want make this script until Now work in rAthena 😄



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    Exchange NPC Script for FluxCP

    This is a NPC script for FluxCP Credits and Vote points in order for the
    players to exchange them for Cash Points ingame.
    Credits to JayPee Mateo
    But this script was completely changed so that no lines were used from the original
    Make sure to replace "ragnarok_db" with your database name on line 19 and 20



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    Stylist with doram limit hair style and hair color

    This is a very simple edit on default rathena and hercules sylist(Is the same) for summoner class(doram) limit hair color and style.
    * in line 18 you can change the max hair style.
    * in line 19 you can change the max hair color.



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    Folkvang - The Forgotten Plains

    Welcome on Folkvang, the Forgotten Plains. 
    This is the Land Freyja rules, a plain where dead people are brought to prepare the Ragnarok. Fight here all those who falled on the battlefield, and that Freyja and the Valkyries recognized as valorous warriors.
    This is a custom dungeon with an evoluting content. The mobs, exception made of Freyja, are composed by Clones of all players dying around your server. The stronger they are, the toughest the dungeon will be. 
    Everything's configurable, so you can set the minimum and maximum level to be cloned, the highest number of clones per players, or on the whole map, the reward for killed monsters....and so on.
    On the screens, the map used is [email protected] The script is therefor build for br_lb map, which is provided in the rar and was created by Loutch, thanks to him.
    Credits: Do not claim my work as yours.
    Feel free to use it, even modify it, but leave the credit on file header

    Special Warning: This content was first designed on Hercules Emulator. While being tested, there must be some error or bugs. Feel free to report them so I can fix them.



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    TARTs | Dual Equipment



  7. Free

    Proof of Donation NPC

    Find and change your desire



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    Monsterspawn Event

    Every half hour will start the event and spawn Monsters.
    The event stats with a broadcast massage.
    How to start/stop the event?
    - Whisper the npc with "npc:MSE" and write a random word.
    How to changed the settings?
    - At line 10 you can change the requried GM Level.
    "set .gm,99;"
    - At line 46 you can change the time when the event should start.
    - At line 49 you can change the monster that will be spawned.
    "set (.mobid,1002);"
    - At line 50 you can change the monstername.
    "set (.mobname$,"EventMonster");"
    - At line 51 you can change the monstercount that will be spawned.
    "set (.moba,5);"
    If you have any questions, don't be shy to ask me.



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    New Izlude Town

    Hi everyone,
    this is an little Patch File for those of you who use an updated kRO RE Client which already contains the new Izlude Town Map which is now used on kRO as the new Tutorial Map!
    Because of this, the Izlude Town Map has been remodelled by Gravity and the NPC and Warp Locations have also been changed to match that new Map, however we on rAthena currently can't support the new Map officialy until we've found an Solution to properly split Pre-RE and RE Content with the rAthena Emulator.
    So I made this File for those People who can't or won't wait until that happens and wants to use it for their Servers which as I said have the new Izlude Town Map.
    I'll also add an updated map_cache for those of you who need it ^^
    Map Cache: