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  1. Free

    costume enchant

    it enchant every slot in your costume
    selectable slot to enchant and reset
    consume 10 silvervine fruit.
    feel free to modify as you like
    //= 1st slot ( class stone lv1) ==============================
    //= 2nd slot ( class stone lv2) ==============================
    //= 3rd slot ( costume stone ) ===============================
    //= 4th slot ( effect stone ) ================================



  2. Free

    Battleground Extended 2020 ! With Bomberman/Poring Ball

    Mystic Project is about to open its last opus. For the occasion, Mystic Project has decided to make a gift to the community of rAthena and release one of its contents ! We've chosen the Battleground Extended, a memorable feature created by the eAmod and adapted for the new version of rAthena 2020.
    What are Battleground Extended ?
    They are an upgrade of the official Battleground made by the eAmod years ago and enhanced overtime.
    Battleground guide Name Description Flavius Same as official. The Goal is to destroy each's crystal. Flavius Capture The Flag The objective of the Flavius Battle CTF is to score 3 points before your enemy, by capture their Flag. To capture a Flag you need to take the enemy flag, and bring it to your base flag. If your base flag is captured too, you need to kill the flag carrier and take the flag back to your base. Flavius Death Match Each team has a certain number, Kill all the enemy players to let their Team without points. Protect your army. Flavius Stone Control Take the Stones in the middle of the battlefield and put in on your base, in the Stone Points. Each Stone will give points to your team. First team reach 99 points wins the game. Protect your stones from to be captured by the enemy. Tierra Eye of Storm There are two bases, North and South which teams can capture by holding position on the Base more than the other team. Each base will give you points each 5 seconds of Domination. If your Team control both bases the amount of points increases. To get additional points, in the middle there is a Flag spawn, capture it and put it on any of your team Bases. The first Team reach 99 points wins the match.
    Tierra Bossnia Attack the enemy base and destroy each MVP Guardian. To do damage to the guardian your team must capture the Balance Flag in the middle base. Each team have 5 guardian to be protected or killed.
    Tierra Domination There are three bases, North, Center and South which teams can capture by holding position on the Base more than the other team. Each base will give you points each 5 seconds of Domination. The first Team reach 99 points wins the match.
    Krieger Von Midgard (KVM) Same as official, regular PVP. Double Inferno There are 2 teams in the battlefield, your team and the opposite enemies. Kill the enemy players, collect the skulls and bring them to the Sacrifice Totem to win points. You can collect your own team skulls and bring then to your Sacrifice Totem to avoid other teams to score but it won't count as points. If you get killed all your skulls will be drop to the floor, including your own skull. First Team to get 80 points wins the battle.
    Conquest If you are Attacking, destroy the enemy defenses and it's Flag. If you are Defending, protect your castle defenses and the Flag.
    Rush Fight to capture the Castle and organize your team to defend it. If you fail on the first capture, kill the defender and take it for your team.
    Poring Ball It is a soccer game, a poring (the ball) will be in the middle of the field. The match lasts 5min. The team that has the most goals win the game. Super Bomberman The classic game specially made in Ragnarok Online. The goal is to defeat the enemies by putting bombs that will explode on them. It is a 2vs2 version of the game.
    Peco Peco Racer Coming soon... ( Mario Kart - RO version : Preview Alpha Version Video )  
    New Battleground Queue System

    Battleground Commands
    @joinbg will warp you to the battleground room.
    @leavebg will leave you from the current battleground.
    @listenbg display or not the battleground explanation.
    @order is only for the leader, giving orders to the team.
    @reportafk is only for the leader, expulsing someone who is AFK.
    Battleground Skills
    @bgskill is used by the leader.
    The leader can use the following skills:
    - Emergency Recall : TP everyone from the team to the leader.
    - Battle Orders: All guild members visible on the Guild Leaders screen will receive a +5 bonus to STR, DEX and INT.
    - Regeneration: All guild members visible on the Guild Leaders screen increase their HP and SP regeneration rate.
    - Restore: All guild members visible on the Guild Master screen will have their HP and SP restored to 90% of the respective maximum.f
    Kill Count
    Each person killed on a battlefield will be counted in your guild information. This is like a rank.
    In bg_common.txt, you will find this. If you already use OnPCKillEvent, I recommend you to remove this code and add it to yours.
    Red / Blue Teams
    Upon your arrival on the battlefield, you are going to see yourself in a clan (alt + g) and a guild (ctrl + g).
    Blue Team : 
    Red Team : 
    Each team-mate will have this emblem by their character's name. Enemies will be displaying the opposite emblem.
    Some battlefields will change your cloth dye as well for the attributed color but don't worry, you will get yours back as soon as the game is over.
    You can communicate with your team through the guild chat.
    When you leave the battlefield, the clan will be removed and you will be back in your actual guild.
    Battleground Happy Hours
    ground Happy Hours happen everyday from 4pm to 8pm during which, rewards obtained are increased by 20%.
    Battleground Rewards
    Telma/Erundek NPCs from the official battleground are there to exchange Consumables / Stuff.
    However, some of you rather customize the rewards. It's up to you to remove Telma/Erundek.
    If you want to customize Rewards, here is a frame (located in bg_common.txt) made to buy stuff directly with badges. 
    Poring Ball
    Youtube Video Demonstration : Ragnarok Online - DaRO : BattleGround Extended + - YouTube
    The original Poring Ball Map was created by us 14 years ago. (On the left). At the time, we had poor experience in mapping so my apologies if you don't find it attractive. However, you can always purchase the beautiful rework done by Olrox (on the right): https://olroxgraphics.com/index.php?/store/product/107-soccer-stadium/

    Depending on which map you will pick, you need to configurate the Poring Ball. I assume you already have Olrox's map so by default, it is this configuration. If you want the free map that is included in this pack, you need to comment /* */ Olrox Poring Ball Map and remove the comment of Grenat Poring Ball Map (See orange sign)
    Video Demonstration : Super Bomberman Ragnarok Online YouTube Video
    I've read a lot of times people asking about it ! We are releasing the new Bomberman Battleground Version with 3 bomberman maps (two of them are made by us)

    In bg_bomberman.txt, you will find this code. Make sure to remove it and add it to your OnPCStatCalcEvent, otherwise just leave it there. Some newer rAthena version doesn't have OnPCStatCalcEvent anymore, you may need to reinstall it.
    Installation :
    In this package, you will find :
    - BattlegroundExtended.diff : You will need to apply this patch. (cmd -> cd rathena -> git apply BattlegroundExtended.diff ) It has been created in 2020 and work with the latest rAthena. (Possibly working on previous version from 2018+).
    - NPC folder: I strongly recommend to delete all BG NPCs and only install the ones that are in this folder. It is compatible with the new BG Queue Systeme. Please review Poring Ball.txt to configurate your poring ball as well as bg_common for the happy hour rate.
    - DB: I did put items in txt and yml files since I don't know which version you guys are using. DO NOT copy paste in your db folder. Only take what's inside each files.
    - Client: Contains items/maps/texture/files/lua (for the new BG queue system)/bomberman music etc... Extract the contents inside your RO client folder.

    This patch modifies a lot of files, you may need to install the diff manually depending on your rAthena version. Once installed, please recompile your map_cache with the client data installed in the directory/grf the server reads to compile it.
    Configuration :
    Your server might be different than ours. This is why, it is important to configurate well the system.
    conf/battle/battleground.conf -> Search for battleground eAmod and configure them.
    db/battleground.xml -> "Color" represents the clothes palette given upon arrival on the battlefield. The player's Palette will come back to the original one when the BG is over. If you don't want players to have different cloth color, just put 0 or do not put anything at all. In our server, Color : 6 is blue, and 22 is red. Therefore, this is our configuration. I let you configure yours.
    Additional New Script Commands :
    * getnpcinfo <type>{,<char_id>}
        type: NPC_X: X, NPC_Y: Y
    * setporingball; (When activated, it would be like an OnClickedCell, almost ;), it calls a script for the poring ball (Or other things if you want to add things there).
    * getporingballx() / getporingbally(); (Get coordination of a clicked cell)
    * removeporingball; (Remove poring ball mode (Clickable cell calling a script)
    * getunitdir <unit_id/account_id>; (Get direction the unit is looking)
    * ispcsit <account_id> (Get information if a pc is sit or not)

    * unitpush <unit_id/account_id>,<dir>,<cells>; (Push (knockback) a specific target in a specific direction)
    * areaeffect( effect id, x, y);
    Any Questions ?
    You can contact me on Discord: Grenat50#5220 for support  regarding the installation.
    Support post : Release: Battleground Extended 2020 ! With Bomberman/Poring Ball - Source Releases - rAthena
    Team Mystic Project.



  3. Free

    Charm item (New Code Source)

    I took a modified version of the original and fixed it for the current version of rathena 2020+, I saw that there were a lot of people asking for it, so I decided to post my diff, the project is not mine nor the code, I just fixed it for the new emulator.



  4. $3.50

    Item Use, Drop & Pickup Events

    A handy extra set of script events and variables for you to maximise your event and quest scripts!
    New Variables: DroppedItemID, DroppedItemQTY, UsedItemID, PickedItemID
    New Scripted Event Triggers: OnItemDropEvent, OnItemUseEvent, OnItemPickupEvent
    Includes 3 Test NPC scripts e.g.
    - script onusetest -1,{ end; OnItemUseEvent: dispbottom "Found item use event"; dispbottom "Using on "+ UsedItemID; switch(UsedItemID){ case 501: dispbottom "You used a Red Potion!"; break; } end; } As an example use-case, I've previously used this code in an Easter event script where each time you pickup any 1 of the 13 different eggs, specific code will run for effects, item swapping, costume changes, play sounds, etc. The possibilities are enormous!

    5 purchases   8 downloads


  5. Free

    Inject - Allows running dynamic scripts in running time

    This script commands allow you to "Inject" scripts inside other scripts.
    But Zell, why I want this?

    Well, you can use a script code from a SQL table! Imagine that now you can change scripts code blocks without reloading scripts direct from your database or you can even do like me where I'm building scripts from a API!

    Sample Script:

    prontera,150,150,5 Script Inject Test 91,{ [email protected] = rand(1, 100); mes "Let's test Inject"; mes "I will declare variable [email protected] as " + [email protected] + "."; mes "My npc id is " + getnpcid(0), " "; mes "[Inject Code Start]", " "; // This script text coud be loaded from a SQL table! Inject( "mes \"Running NPC is \" + getnpcid(0); " + "mes \"Value of [email protected] is \" + [email protected]; " + "next; " + "[email protected] = rand(200, 500); " + "mes \"Now value of [email protected] will be \" + [email protected];" + "close2; " ); mes "[Inject Code End]", " "; mes "Inject was ok and [email protected] is now " + [email protected]; close; }  



  6. Free

    [QOL] Costume/Shadow no weight

    This small src modif make you don't worry if you have some costume items in your item_db with some weight, they'll all be calculated at 0.
    Make only the costume having no weight on the player
    Make costume and shadow having no weight on the player



  7. Free

    [Mapflag/QOL] NoDeath_Count

    A mapflag that doesn't increment death count when a player dies. Usefull to preserve super novice bonus.



  8. Free

    (QOL) Taekwon Mission printing % every monster killed for the mission

    A small QOL some players asked me to add.
    It justs print each time a monster is killed for the taekwon mission the % completed



  9. Free

    [Script Command] viewcondition

    This mod allows you to set some conditions to a player can see or interact with a NPC.

    viewcondition( npc_name, int_variable_name, compare_method, value_1, { value_2 } );

    Compara Methods Avaiable:
    EVC_LESS - If player variable is < value_1
    EVC_EQUALS - if player variable is == value_1
    EVC_MORE - if player variable is  > value_1
    EVC_BETWEEN - if player variable is  >= value_1 and <= value_2
    EVC_DIFFERENT - if player variable is != value_1

    You can apply more than one condition to a npc, but if one condition fail, the npc will not be seeing by the player.

    Script Sample:

    new_1,55,111,5 Script Lupina#1 10078,{ mes "You can see and talk with me because your @teste variable is less than one!"; next; mes "Now, I will set @teste to 2 and you will no longe see me when goes outsight me or if use @refesh!"; close2; @teste = 2; end; OnInit: viewcondition( strnpcinfo(0), "@teste", EVC_LESS, 1 ); end; }  



  10. Free

    [Script Command] getdconst & setdconst

    First of all, yes, I know that this break the "const" concept, but I really miss "static values" in script engine.
    Yes, I know that we can use $vars but it's a lot pretty using const logic.
    If you don't know what is a "const", open your db/const.txt file
    In the end of file, you can add something like this:

    And now, you can call X_VALUE in any script and the script will know that X_VALUE is not a player script, it's a """"global"""" variable, so you can call it with or without a player attached.

    And now we came to my commands.
    getdsconst allow you to get a constant dynamically like getd.

    For sample:

    [email protected] = getdconst( "X" + "_" + "VALUE" );
    This would return 1005.
    And now with setdconst we can change those as well.

    setdconst( "X_VALUE", 2020 );
    Remember, when you restar t your server, this constant will be 1005 again!
    Here another sample script:
    prontera,150,150,5 Script CommandsTest 90,{ [email protected]$[0] = "SWORDCLAN"; [email protected]$[1] = "ARCWANDCLAN"; [email protected]$[2] = "GOLDENMACECLAN"; for( ; [email protected] < getarraysize( [email protected]$ ); [email protected]++ ) mes "Contant Value of [" + [email protected]$[[email protected]] + "] is " + getdconst( [email protected]$[[email protected]] ); next; mes "I will now, change all const values to +1"; for( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < getarraysize( [email protected]$ ); [email protected]++ ) setdconst( [email protected]$[[email protected]], getdconst( [email protected]$[[email protected]] ) + 1 ); close; }  



  11. Free

    [Script Command] npcisnear

    This commands verify if any NPC is near the distance of a player. Can be useful for some script restrictions.
    Script Sample:
    prontera,150,150,5 Script Curious Boy 90,{ [email protected]$ = "[Curious Boy]"; [email protected] = 5; mes [email protected]$; if(isnpcsnear(getcharid(0), [email protected])) mes "Sorry, I will only talk with you when no NPC is near you!"; else mes "Hi!"; close; }  



  12. Free

    [Script Command] isselling - Discovery if a npc is selling a item by ID

    This commands verify if a npc is selling, returning 1 to yes and 0 to no.
    Its very useful to black market scripts for players who knows item id and don't want to lost time searching where items are sold.
    Obs: Didn't test the sample script, but you can have a idea in how to use.
    Sample Script:
    prontera,150,150,5 Script Who's Selling 90,{ [email protected]$ = "[Who is Selling]"; mes [email protected]$; // Its nice to put a delay in this script if you use a lot of stores in one map and in your .npc$ array // I'm using 5 seconds in this sample. if((gettimetick(2) - whosell_delay) < 5) { mes "You have to wait 5 seconds to use me again."; close; } mes "Tell me the item ID you want to know what npc's is selling it!"; input [email protected]; // You can test this sample with 607 ID whosell_delay = gettimetick(2); for( [email protected] = 1; [email protected] < getarraysize(.npcs$); [email protected]++) { [email protected] = isselling( getcharid(0), .npcs$[[email protected]], [email protected] ); if( [email protected] ) { next; mes "Ha, this item is " + getitemname( [email protected] ) + ", right?"; next; mes [email protected]$; mes "Who is selling it is " + .npcs$[[email protected]] + "!"; close2; showevent QTYPE_EVENT,QMARK_YELLOW,getcharid(0),.npcs$[[email protected]]; // Show in npc a ballon to player end; } } next; mes [email protected]$; mes "No npc selling it :)"; end; OnInit: setarray .npcs$[1],"Store 1","Store 2"; end; } prontera,151,150,5 shop Store 1 90,607:1000 prontera,152,150,5 shop Store 2 90,610:1000  






  13. Free

    @market clone update patch

    This is my updated @market clone as per this topic:
    Im currently using a sever file from December 2019. But I dont think it would not work on latest server files.



  14. Free

    Event Consumables (a Telma patch update)

    So, I decided to update this patch :
    However, I didnt realize that this is already available just right after I finished updating it from this :
    But... I gonna release this anyways... But made some modifications...
    So, what I did was I made my own consumable named 'Event'. These consumables can only be used on maps with "event_consume" mapflags.
    This patch is NOT to be diffed if you have Extended BG Pre-installed or If you are planning to install it in the future ESPECIALLY IF YOU DON'T KNOW A SINGLE THING ON SRC. This is likely for Servers who dont/wont have the Extended BG but wants to have this feature. Unless you know what you're doing. You can actually add this to Extended BG by Easycore. I intentionally coded it similarly and avoided conflicts to it for people who wants to add this but have Extended BG installed in their servers.
    Enjoy! I hope this will be to any use of any of you.
    Compatibility is your responsibility.
    No backward compatibility support.



  15. Free

    @go/@warp delay when hit - Updated

    Here is an updated @go and @warp delay when hit.



  16. Free

    [UPDATE] +7 and above refined item no drop

    This is an update to the original post :
    and a response to this topic :
    Currently working on Git Hash : ea54670



  17. Free

    Multilevel Range

    Tired of multilevel ON and go to level 63 by killing a poring?
    Use this to give a more real levelling experience with multilevel. Useful for highrates and to avoid abuse on Original Quests Exp.



  18. Free

    @voteleader for the Battleground

    Min votes configured: 3 // Can be changed
    Can vote on yourself: Disabled // Can be activated.



  19. Free

    PK mode if MVP is alive.

    When a mvp spawns on his natural map, the pk mode goes on, when he dies, off.
    @monster or script commands doesn't trigger.



  20. Free

    Fake Icon Stats

    This commands allow you to add fake icon stats. Right now the command does not clean the effect automatically after the time, cause who order this command want to be like this, so you can add sleep and remove the icon.

    Sample Script:
    prontera,150,150,5    Script    FakeIcon    90,{
        mes "[Fake Icon Stats]";
        mes "Hey.";
        switch(select("Receive Fake Icon 1 with 5 seconds (display only)","Receive Icon 2 for 10 seconds (display only)","Disable Icon 1 and 2"))
            case 1:
            case 2:
            case 3:



  21. Free

    [SCRIPT COMMAND] Fake Player

    This modification allows you to create fake players without further using mob_avail for such behavior.

    [email protected] = fakeplayer( map, x, y, name, job_id, sex, hair_style, hair_color, weapon, shield, head_top, head_mid, head_bottom, option, cloth_color );



  22. Free

    Sader Attendance Requirement

    this patch make the player must have a variable true to claim his attendance reward
    the variable is
    #Attendance_YYYYMMDD ofc the variable change each day
    this will allow you to create a script to make for example a quest that the player must do every day to claim the attendance
    like for example the player must kill 500 monster before he can claim his attendance
    or must gather items
    or must be x level
    or must player x amount of time in the day so he can claim the reward
    of all the above
    the file include an information script file
    that have 2 function , one to set the variable and one to get the variable value (if you want to use them , just add them to your rathena/npc/other/Global_Functions.txt)
    it also include 2 example quests for you to get some inspiration to create your own script
    TODO: create function for gepard



  23. $15.00

    @autostore - Picked item will be sent to storage automatically

    Type (at)autostore Choose the option Kill monster, pick item  

    9 purchases   27 downloads


  24. Free

    Script command: itemlink to generate <ITEML>

    To simple generate <ITEML> string by using itemlink. <ITEML> is string that auto-parsed by client that support item link feature, when user SHIFT+Click the item or equipment.
    These people from OpenKore: lututui, exaxia, and jchcc



  25. $25.00


    Stormbreaker is a large modification system which adds a collection of new features, bonuses and script commands to your own rAthena server. This package is designed to augment your server with new features which can breathe new life into your gameplay, and comes with a getting started guide, a Git patch file, and some optional client resources. Stormbreaker is developed against the latest version of rAthena, and will be continually updated to the latest on a weekly basis. (Videos will be coming soon highlighting each feature.)
    This package includes the following:
    New item bonuses (83) New script commands (10) New GM commands (9) Item Bazaar Shop system Item Durability system Item Craft system Item Enchantment system Item Passive Script system Item Passive Status system More features are actively being developed and will be released in the near future.
    Item Bonuses
    All item bonuses are the same as those found on the Bonus Expansion Pack thread. If you're looking to acquire this package solely for the item bonuses, please be advised that these will be released soon for free on that thread. Stormbreaker will be updated with newer item bonuses as more are recommended.
    Script Commands
    Item Bazaar Shop
    The bazaar shop system functions similar to that featured in Final Fantasy XII. As a player accumulates and sells items to shops, you can configure items which become available for purchase at specialist bazaar shops by the sale of certain combinations of items. These can be items which become permanently unlocked, can be unlocked multiple times, or those which can only be purchased the once and can never be unlocked again. This feature provides a great way to reward players for farming and killing monsters, and unlocks great potential for introducing unique items and equipment available only after acquiring and selling combinations of materials.
    Item Durability

    The item durability system works much like the Witcher 3 durability for equipment. All equipment has a durability score (a percentage) which determines how much more stress it can take before breaking. As players engage in battle, their equipment will slowly degrade (completely configurable), which can lead to weakened bonuses, weakened ATK and DEF modifiers, and chances of breaking. All equipment can be repaired through special NPCs (using new script commands described above) and can also receive protection with the Chemical Protect skills (configurable.) Item durability can be configured to decrease on a fixed percentage per attack (a denomination as low as 0.0001%) or based on the amount of damage dealt/received.
    Note: For the item durability percentage to be visible as in the screenshot, this requires client version 2015-02-25aRagexeRE or later.
    Item Craft

    The item craft system uses the new refine user interface with a completely custom crafting database. Players can drag a source material and catalyst material into the refine window to be given the opportunity to craft something new. This feature isn't restricted to just equipment, but any other sort of item too! Your players could be upgrading their basic Red Potions to Orange Potions using Jellopies or Grapes, or could be upgrading their Knife[3] to a Knife[4] by combining it with a special material. The crafting database allows for a lot of flexibility, including key features like equipment being able to retain their refine level, cards, random options, and even item durability!
    Note: For the new refine interface and the crafting system, this requires client version 2016-10-12aRagexeRE or later.
    Item Enchantment
    The enchantment system similarly uses the new refine user interface to provide a beautiful and unique point for being able to upgrade equipment with random options! The custom enchantment database lets you build your own system for allowing players to add unique or powerful random options to their equipment, restricted at a per-item level. Every item supports up to a maximum of 4 different enchantment types, and can be configured with custom chance rates and costs, which can further be configured depending on the current number of enchantments already on the equipment! New server configurations let you control how many enchantments can be added to each type of equipment to add finer control. With this system, players could enchant their boring Knife with ATK + 10% by using some rare or valuable material.
    Note: For the new refine interface and the enchanting system, this requires client version 2016-10-12aRagexeRE or later.
    Item Passive Script
    The passive script system is designed to augment and empower the already powerful item database. The bespoke item passive script file lets you add new "equipment" scripts which are active while an item is stored in the players inventory! A player holding a rare coin in their miscellaneous item tab might find themselves with a constantly active HP + 5%, or perhaps they have acquired a sword which provides a permanent HIT - 30 while the item is held by the player. The system could also be used to reward players with EXP or Zeny increasing items. This system works with any existing or new items, and just needs a line adding to the file!
    Item Passive Status
    The passive status system works similar to the passive script system, except that the player receives a permanent (cannot be dispelled nor removed by death, nor cured from healing items) status effect while an item is held in their inventory. You could grant players a permanent Increase Agility effect while holding a magic feather, or perhaps afflict them with Poison while they carry some cursed tome. The passive status system is designed to improve on existing mechanics where equipments can provide permanent bonuses, with special flags indicating whether equipment provides the status only when equipped or when in the inventory.
    I intend to provide continual support with Stormbreaker by keeping the files up-to-date, on a weekly basis, with the latest hash of rAthena. Each week I will upload a new version of the Stormbreaker archive, along with any new augmentations (such as item bonuses, script commands) and bug fixes. If you encounter problems when running or using the new Stormbreaker features, please feel free to contact me directly on here, to my email address [email protected], or on our Discord server, and I will respond as soon as I am able (usually on the day, otherwise within 1-2 days.) For support on applying the Stormbreaker project to an older version of rAthena, again please contact me directly on here or on the Discord server.
    Click here to join the Discord server.
    Stormbreaker © Chris Copeland 2019. All rights reserved. By purchasing this package you agree that you will not share or redistribute any and all files included in the package without the express written consent of myself (Epoque, Chris Copeland), and that you will not upload this package onto any secure or unsecure file sharing websites.

    36 purchases   178 downloads


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