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  1. Free

    [SCRIPT COMMAND] Fake Player

    This modification allows you to create fake players without further using mob_avail for such behavior.

    [email protected] = fakeplayer( map, x, y, name, job_id, sex, hair_style, hair_color, weapon, shield, head_top, head_mid, head_bottom, option, cloth_color );



  2. Free

    Sader Attendance Requirement

    this patch make the player must have a variable true to claim his attendance reward
    the variable is
    #Attendance_YYYYMMDD ofc the variable change each day
    this will allow you to create a script to make for example a quest that the player must do every day to claim the attendance
    like for example the player must kill 500 monster before he can claim his attendance
    or must gather items
    or must be x level
    or must player x amount of time in the day so he can claim the reward
    of all the above
    the file include an information script file
    that have 2 function , one to set the variable and one to get the variable value (if you want to use them , just add them to your rathena/npc/other/Global_Functions.txt)
    it also include 2 example quests for you to get some inspiration to create your own script
    TODO: create function for gepard



  3. Free


    Updated CELL_PVP.
    Git Hash: d80e111

    Added cell_pvpnoparty.
    Added cell_noguild
    Removed Deathmatch.
    Removed Autobuff Script. 

    Some Credits from:



  4. $30.00

    Dropped item with random enchant of Random Options

    An upgrade version of item_randomopt_group.txt to support randomize of (as example) Vicious Mind Weapon Enchants.
    This is a source mod, with new database file and item_randomopt_group.txt file is dropped. Crimson Weapon entry is moved to new file.
    The diff file is only made for rAthena after "Updated the YAML parsing method" at Git Hash: 78eed022, for before this version DO NOT buy this mod download from download page!
    Bonus files
    const.db for new RDMOPTG_ Example entries to make random enchant just like Ragnarok Journey (ignore the fact if this RO game was closed), so as example Knife dropped with compounded card (random of 1-4) Drops Card, Fabre Card, Hornet Card, Lunatic Card, Farmliar Card Example entries of Vicious Mind Weapon Enchants itself (exclude the mob_db)  

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  5. $15.00

    @autostore - Picked item will be sent to storage automatically

    Type (at)autostore Choose the option Kill monster, pick item  

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  6. Free

    Script command: itemlink to generate <ITEML>

    To simple generate <ITEML> string by using itemlink. <ITEML> is string that auto-parsed by client that support item link feature, when user SHIFT+Click the item or equipment.
    These people from OpenKore: lututui, exaxia, and jchcc



  7. $25.00


    Stormbreaker is a large modification system which adds a collection of new features, bonuses and script commands to your own rAthena server. This package is designed to augment your server with new features which can breathe new life into your gameplay, and comes with a getting started guide, a Git patch file, and some optional client resources. Stormbreaker is developed against the latest version of rAthena, and will be continually updated to the latest on a weekly basis. (Videos will be coming soon highlighting each feature.)
    This package includes the following:
    New item bonuses (83) New script commands (10) New GM commands (9) Item Bazaar Shop system Item Durability system Item Craft system Item Enchantment system Item Passive Script system Item Passive Status system More features are actively being developed and will be released in the near future.
    Item Bonuses
    All item bonuses are the same as those found on the Bonus Expansion Pack thread. If you're looking to acquire this package solely for the item bonuses, please be advised that these will be released soon for free on that thread. Stormbreaker will be updated with newer item bonuses as more are recommended.
    Script Commands
    Item Bazaar Shop
    The bazaar shop system functions similar to that featured in Final Fantasy XII. As a player accumulates and sells items to shops, you can configure items which become available for purchase at specialist bazaar shops by the sale of certain combinations of items. These can be items which become permanently unlocked, can be unlocked multiple times, or those which can only be purchased the once and can never be unlocked again. This feature provides a great way to reward players for farming and killing monsters, and unlocks great potential for introducing unique items and equipment available only after acquiring and selling combinations of materials.
    Item Durability

    The item durability system works much like the Witcher 3 durability for equipment. All equipment has a durability score (a percentage) which determines how much more stress it can take before breaking. As players engage in battle, their equipment will slowly degrade (completely configurable), which can lead to weakened bonuses, weakened ATK and DEF modifiers, and chances of breaking. All equipment can be repaired through special NPCs (using new script commands described above) and can also receive protection with the Chemical Protect skills (configurable.) Item durability can be configured to decrease on a fixed percentage per attack (a denomination as low as 0.0001%) or based on the amount of damage dealt/received.
    Note: For the item durability percentage to be visible as in the screenshot, this requires client version 2015-02-25aRagexeRE or later.
    Item Craft

    The item craft system uses the new refine user interface with a completely custom crafting database. Players can drag a source material and catalyst material into the refine window to be given the opportunity to craft something new. This feature isn't restricted to just equipment, but any other sort of item too! Your players could be upgrading their basic Red Potions to Orange Potions using Jellopies or Grapes, or could be upgrading their Knife[3] to a Knife[4] by combining it with a special material. The crafting database allows for a lot of flexibility, including key features like equipment being able to retain their refine level, cards, random options, and even item durability!
    Note: For the new refine interface and the crafting system, this requires client version 2016-10-12aRagexeRE or later.
    Item Enchantment
    The enchantment system similarly uses the new refine user interface to provide a beautiful and unique point for being able to upgrade equipment with random options! The custom enchantment database lets you build your own system for allowing players to add unique or powerful random options to their equipment, restricted at a per-item level. Every item supports up to a maximum of 4 different enchantment types, and can be configured with custom chance rates and costs, which can further be configured depending on the current number of enchantments already on the equipment! New server configurations let you control how many enchantments can be added to each type of equipment to add finer control. With this system, players could enchant their boring Knife with ATK + 10% by using some rare or valuable material.
    Note: For the new refine interface and the enchanting system, this requires client version 2016-10-12aRagexeRE or later.
    Item Passive Script
    The passive script system is designed to augment and empower the already powerful item database. The bespoke item passive script file lets you add new "equipment" scripts which are active while an item is stored in the players inventory! A player holding a rare coin in their miscellaneous item tab might find themselves with a constantly active HP + 5%, or perhaps they have acquired a sword which provides a permanent HIT - 30 while the item is held by the player. The system could also be used to reward players with EXP or Zeny increasing items. This system works with any existing or new items, and just needs a line adding to the file!
    Item Passive Status
    The passive status system works similar to the passive script system, except that the player receives a permanent (cannot be dispelled nor removed by death, nor cured from healing items) status effect while an item is held in their inventory. You could grant players a permanent Increase Agility effect while holding a magic feather, or perhaps afflict them with Poison while they carry some cursed tome. The passive status system is designed to improve on existing mechanics where equipments can provide permanent bonuses, with special flags indicating whether equipment provides the status only when equipped or when in the inventory.
    I intend to provide continual support with Stormbreaker by keeping the files up-to-date, on a weekly basis, with the latest hash of rAthena. Each week I will upload a new version of the Stormbreaker archive, along with any new augmentations (such as item bonuses, script commands) and bug fixes. If you encounter problems when running or using the new Stormbreaker features, please feel free to contact me directly on here, to my email address [email protected], or on our Discord server, and I will respond as soon as I am able (usually on the day, otherwise within 1-2 days.) For support on applying the Stormbreaker project to an older version of rAthena, again please contact me directly on here or on the Discord server.
    Click here to join the Discord server.
    Stormbreaker © Chris Copeland 2019. All rights reserved. By purchasing this package you agree that you will not share or redistribute any and all files included in the package without the express written consent of myself (Epoque, Chris Copeland), and that you will not upload this package onto any secure or unsecure file sharing websites.

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  8. Free

    Snatch Modification

    SRC Modification of skill "RG_INTIMIDATE, Snatch".
    Teleport the player near a mob with the same id or near a monster with the same race present on the current map (if none, on random location).
    That's only a patch to apply on your rathena folder.
    Don't forget to thumbs up me if you like my content~



  9. Free


    Here is my version of the famous command @partybuff.
    What is it?
    Display buff state of your teammates.
    Format : [BAFS+] Nickname
    B : Blessing A : Increase Agility F : Chemical Protection Weapon/armor/helm/shield S : Soul Link + : Devotion   Enjoy ! Vykimo~



  10. Free

    @norecall command

    @norecall/@nr : Don't be recalled by Emergency Call skill.

    It's only a .diff file to Apply on your rAthena folder.
    I made this free release starting of the idea of @YtalloNv here :



  11. Free

    bonus bXDefReturn

    bonus bXDefReturn
    Add resistances against return damages.
    bonus bPhysicalDefReturn,n;          +n% damage reduction against physical reflect attack
    bonus bMagicalDefReturn,n;          +n% damage reduction against magical reflect attack



  12. Free

    Glicko-2 rating system - Now on rAthena

    This source edit provides two script commands for you to get and sets rating of a player, and adjust them relative to another player after two of them battled.
    This implementation uses Glicko-2 rating system, an improvement of Elo system.
    If you still have no idea what you could do with this, this source mod is not for you.
    You can also get the code on GitHub.
    The rAthena implementation of Glicko2 itself fell under the GNU GPLv3 license that rAthena uses.
    Glicko2 library by Taylor Petrick:
    tldr of the license here.



  13. Free

    Mapflag gvg_noally

    This is mapflag  gvg_noally  will ignores guild alliances in GVG maps
    The diff was made for rAthena Git Hash: 55acdb98 / 2018-10-10



  14. Free

    @petstats command

    this command will show you the pet stats
    see the screenshot for more info

    you can add it inside /rAthena/src/map/atcommand.cpp or if you use old rathena add it at /rAthena/src/map/atcommand.c file
    add it like you add any new atcommand
    and recompile



  15. Free

    @at with afk hat very easy Modify

    Inside file have Notice_Board .spr .act and image item for some one No have in data kRO Offcial
    *** Only use for autotrade you can modify New @afk Just need some more from the old version.



  16. Free


    Checking the source files of rAthena I found the Telma Source ... but not compatible for the new versions of rAthena.
    So what I did was take the Source that updated Anubis-K, that was not compatible with the new versions of rAthena and I made it compatible.
    Important:  You must create a character in your sql table "Char" called Battleground and this same must have the id 165100.
    In src/map/battleground.hpp 
    //Brian Bg Items - updated by [AnubisK] #define BG_CHARID 165100 // char named "Battleground" // you can change the character id. #define BG_TRADE 91 // trade mask of BG consumables // You can edit the mask     When you want to use a normal item it is recommended that you do not have a battleground item of the same type in inventory.
    If you want to use a "Blue Potion" with the skill "Potion Pitcher" and you have a "Battleground's Blue Potion" you will first take the BG Pocion and not the normal one.
    This is solved by leaving the Battleground item in the Storage.
    Note:  I'm not the author, the only thing I did was to make it compatible with the new versions of rAthena so that this good file is not forgotten.
               The credits of for the original idea must go to (as fas as I know) Brian one of the devs



  17. Free

    Extended Vending 2.0

    Extended Vending 2.0

    Made in Git Hash: '042b88623bf549b88ba619991aaa186d45f7f998'
    Yet another version of Extended Vending, this one works in actual rA c++.
    It has a few fixes, including vending tax only working with Zeny as currency.
    What is new?
    I tried to improve this amazing mod adding a new feature: Vending Report (Mailbox).
    Basically... whenever you buy items to a vendor, he receive a report that who bough,what items, how many and total profit of them.

    You can disable this feature through conf/feature, or If you want to disable it for a specific player you must set the permanent variable called NOVREPORT (by a NPC/Bindatcmd/Idk)
    For < 2015-05-13 Clients
    Since old mailbox has 300 characters less than RoDex, I decided to take off items name and amount.
    So only will send 'who bought' and 'total profit'.
    Feel free to Donate If you want to support me.



  18. Free

    Extended Battleground [eAmod BG]

    Extended Battleground [eAmod BG]

    Made in Git Hash: '91169d7ebccccaf5008076383c89ff3a6c514a9e'
    Repository (db/npc/clientside):
    Battleground System from eAmod compatibilized with rA c++.
    - Temporal guild System (Fake Guild)
    - Queue System (@joinbg)
    - Guild Skills usable in Battleground
    - Guild Skills separated cooldown
    - Anti AFK system
    - Enable/Disable BG Announces
    @joinbg: queue join
    @leavebg: queue leave
    @order: sends a message to your team
    @leader: change team leader
    @reportafk: kick an AFK player
    @listenbg: enable/disable display bg announces
    Admin Commands
    @bgstart: enable BG queue
    @bgstop: disable BG queue
    @bgmode: change actual BG arena (own creation)
    @bgsize: change min/max players for an Arena (own creation)
    Arenas availables
    - Capture the Flag - Team DeathMatch - Conquest - Rush - Triple Inferno - Eye of the Storm - Domination -
    Feel free to Donate if you want to support me

    Note: This release is not stable, use it at your own risk.



  19. $5.00

    @lockid - Account Protection for Gepard

    Bind your account to the hardware and login the game only from it. Compatible only with Gepard Shield

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  20. $10.00

    MVP Pets

    Client files (idnum2...) Server files (item_db2, pet.conf, pet_db2) Example script Readme instruction You can view Information about MVP Pets from Word file attached below.

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  21. Free

    Cart Config [Client 2015-08-26 or newer]

    INFORMATION: The main target for usage only for server that use kRO client Client 2015-08-26 or newer or some functions (especially the cart selection) will be fail
    This mod in few words,
    You can set Genetic's cart sprite for level 1 Merchant, change its max weight and max item numbers
    rAthena Requirement: Git Hash: 2e15fae7 (2018-05-05)
    You can config cart related values for
    Weight limit Max item numbers Level requirement Job requirement But, because the client is not customizable (I meant I can't edit the client), there are things that cannot be changed related with client/PACKETVER.
    So, because I modified the MC_CHANGECART to MC_CARTDECORATE (sending ZC_SELECTCART)
    PACKETVER MAX_CARTS ZC_SELECTCART Weight Limit Max Items Level Req Job Req 20150826 + 12 YES YES YES YES YES 20120201 + 9 not supported YES YES useless useless Older 5 not supported YES YES useless useless  
    Don't forget to add MC_CARTDECORATE as quest skill to preferred player.
    Forgot to took SS, so just watch the Video
    Ok, that's all. Any bug & suggestion please tell me. If you find a way or know how to make patch (hex the client) to add more carts, please tell the community



  22. $4.00

    Account bound achievement

    This patch has been made for the June 2018 version of rAthena. It doesn't work with the latest version of rAthena. For more information, you can contact me on Discord.
    This patch allows you to create account OR character bound achievement instead of only character bound achievement.
    - Rewards are available once per account for account bound achievement
    - All characters and newly created characters on the account will get the unlocked titles from account bound achievement
    I provide you the patch and a README.txt which explains you how to use it. You also need to add a column in the achievement table. I provide you the SQL commands as well.
    BEFORE to apply any patch, make a save of the current state of your server.
    If you have issue applying this patch, I will provide support for free for you to have it working and if your emulator is not too old to handle this (have at least the classic achievement working).
    Exemple of yml achievement account bound (the one in the screen):
      - ID: 200000
        Bound: "Account"
        Group: "AG_GOAL_LEVEL"
        Name: "Acquire the first aura!!!!"
        Condition: " BaseLevel >= 99 "
          ItemID: 12549
          Script: " specialeffect2 EF_BLESSING; sc_start SC_BLESSING,30000,10; "
          TitleID: 1000
        Score: 50
    By buying this patch, you agree to these terms:
    - You are not allowed to redistribute this script in any way, shape, or form.
    - Chargeback scams are not tolerated and will get you punished on rAthena.
    - I still retain all rights to this script.
    - Terms above may be changed or adjusted without prior notification.

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  23. Free


    New NPC Label
    OnPCLootEvent: This label triggers when a player picks up an item from the ground in a map marked with the 'lootevent' mapflag. This works with @autoloot and @alootid, this does not work for items given by script. When in a party with shared loot, only the player who looted the item from the ground will trigger this label. The information of the item picked up will be stored in an array called '@looted_data', check the script_commands.txt for the order of the data stored.
    Usage Sample: lootevent_sample.txt



  24. Free

    Hotkey Scripts

    New Script Commands
    gethotkeys({<char_id>}); updatehotkey(<type>,<id>,<lv>,<pos>{,<flag>,<char_id>}); clearhotkeys({<char_id>}); These are just simple commands, that gets, sets, and clears your hotkeys(skill bar).
    Usage Sample: hotkey_sample.txt



  25. Free

    Stores Hom & Merc SC duration, Scripts: homexp, hom_heal, hom_sc_start

    New Script Commands
    homexp <exp>{,<char_id>}; based on idea on hom_heal <hp>,<sp>{,<char_id>}; hom_sc_start <type>,<tick>,<val1>,<val2>,<val3>,<val4>{,<char_id>}; Edited Script Commands
    mercenary_sc_start <type>,<tick>,<val1>,<val2>,<val3>,<val4>{,<char_id>}; Feature added
    Stores SC Datas for Mercenary and Homunculus to covers Issue: 3070 (assumed Mercenary and Homunculus are always char bound)  
    Important, don't forget to execute the SQL upgrade (included in .diff file)
    ALTER TABLE `sc_data` ADD COLUMN `bl_type` VARCHAR(3) NOT NULL DEFAULT '1'; Sample NPC homscript.txt
    PS: The screenshots are just random pics