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  1. 21.00 USD

    Addon retiradas!

    Linguagem PTBR.
    Addon V2 concluído versão final para FluxCp, Visualizar Saques feitos pelo sistema RMT.
    1º P: O que ele faz? R: Ele coleta informações essenciais para que os jogadores possam acompanhar os pedidos de saque realizados pelo sistema RMT dentro do servidor.
    2º P: O que há de especial nele? R: É uma fonte de informação para os jogadores sobre o sistema RMT, o que pode aumentar a confiança do jogador no sistema
    3º P: Quais arquivos vem? R: Addon Retiradas+Sql utilizada em sistema RMT, não vai o Npc é so o Addon.

    Adicionado na V2.Ultimate:
    > 1º Limitado para 20 consultas de saques via Sql por pagina, visualização da ultima retirada feita ate a primeira.
    > 2º Adicionada a paginação das informações que não tinha anteriormente.
    > 3º Adicionado Status do saque.
    > 4º Texto centralizado.
    > 5º Add > Minhas retiradas, ao esta logado no fluxcp essa opção te mostra so os pedidos de retirada da sua conta.
    > 6º Add > Cores nos statos quando o player olha suas retiradas.
    > 7º Add > Gerenciamento de Retiradas, feito para o ADM gerenciar os saques pelo fluxCp tendo todas informações necessárias so para o ADM. Ex: colocar como Cancelado caso o player tenha errado p cadastro de suas informações, tendo que entrar em suporte para resolver entre outras coisas. Addon terminado ultima versão.

    Instalação facil.
    Baixe o arquivo, extraia ele para obter uma pasta com o nome de Addon retiradas depois copie essa pasta e coloque dentro da pasta addons do FlucXP e renomear a pasta para retiradas, ela vai aparecer no menu Other do Fluxcp, ou utilize essa lina no fim do seu link do site > /?module=retiradas

    PS: No entanto, não muda o fato de que a Administração do Servidor é quem decide se o addon é benéfico ou não.

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  2. 20.00 USD

    SMS Authentication for FluxCP

    This Addon will allow server owners to require SMS Authentication when players register their account. Players who are not logged in will be able to see a new link in the primary navigation for SMS Authentication. When they enter their account name and the code sent to them via SMS, the account will become unbanned and the player can login.
    There is a reasonable-sized readme file with instructions of what to do and where to register your account to access the API used in this Addon. Other APIs can be used but will not be supported. The code provided with the included function can be used in other areas of FluxCP with a little bit of rewriting. You're only limited by your imagination!
    After purchasing, send me a Discord DM with your rA Order ID and PingedOut email address and I'll get some free Credits added to your account for testing, or just to start you off.

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  3. Free

    Admin Cashshop Logs FluxCP FREE

    Addon for FluxCP created for you administrator to have control of what else is being sold in your Cashshop!

    - Prohibited the sale of this addon;
    - Do not remove the credits;




  4. Free

    Char Deletion Code for #3272

    So the example usage for  Sub-query  part of Pull: 3272 can be tested by using this FluxCP Addon: Char Deletion Code for #3272. No source mod needed (iirc lol). The plot is to not using birthdate, email, nor pincode as deletion code for deleting character (the confirmation part after the char deletion date's turned blue). The code will be sent into the registered e-mail. This is not OTP (one true pair couple... errrr One-time Password) but has expiration time, so make sure your FluxCP has same timezone with your server timezone (don't ask me).
    Have this Pull Request merged into your working rAthena Pull: 3272 For FluxCP from https://github.com/rathena/FluxCP Tested only after https://github.com/rathena/FluxCP/commit/e0fa6a8347db17de99b3fe0926dc87c0769262fc Make sure your server enable to send e-mail You can edit the addons/delcode/module/create.php to disable Captcha check or merge this PR to your FluxCP https://github.com/rathena/FluxCP/pull/196 Installations
    Import table from char_delcode.sql into database that has your login table Copy addons/delcode directory to your FluxCP's addons directory Edit the char_deletion_code value to char_deletion_code: (SELECT `delcode` FROM `char_delcode` WHERE `account_id`=`login`.`account_id` AND `expired` > NOW() ORDER BY `id` DESC LIMIT 1) Copy data/templates/delcode.php to data/templates directory on your FluxCP's
    That's all
    Example Usage
    PS: The menu labels were edited



  5. Free

    Vending Extension

    This is an expansion to currently existing vending module. It allows listing of all vending items and filter list by item name.
    Download the file Extract it to addons folder of flux That's it. Click the Vending Info menu then click the List Items sub menu.



  6. 10.00 USD

    BG & WOE Ranking

    Addon for FluxCP. For working needed eAmod

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  7. Free

    PvP Ranking System

    So I took geromes pvpranking add-on and changed some things and updated it to work with newest rathena fluxcp



  8. Free

    Maps and monster spawns

    Moderators Note: As of 2022, Does not work with the latest version of FluxCP.
    MonstersSpawn add informations to mobs (their location) and maps with list of the monsters are on the map. Most map image are in the folder /data/maps/ but not all.
    Folder maps_spawn move to addons (addons/maps_spawn)
    Folder data (map images) must be combine with you data
    Then create tables with mobs and maps (http://your.site/?module=admin_spawn) and upload file *Athena/db/(re|pre-re)/map_cache.dat to filling the database.
    All your scripts with mobs (*Athena/npc/(re|pre-re)/mobs) you must create zip archive, and upload too.
    Script tested on last FluxCP(29.07.2015), rAthena 17726, and Linux
    Sorry for my English
    GitHub (Last Version) - https://github.com/F...l/monster_spawn



  9. Free

    HTML Ragnarok Sprite Tag

    This is a Javascript file which extends your browser so that it can display SPR/ACT files as if they were interactive images.
    You can use it for anything you'd like - no need to credit me.
    Requires a fairly recent browser. Confirmed to work in Chrome 29, Firefox 23 and Opera 12.16.
    Simply add it to the your HTML head like this:
    <head> ... <script src="HTMLRagnarokSpriteElement.js"></script></head>
    You can now add Ragnarok SPR/ACT files as if they were regular elements:
    <ragnarok-sprite src="alice.act"></ragnarok-sprite>
    Note that for the above example to work, both alice.spr and alice.act needs to be hosted.
    The ragnarok-sprite tag supports the following attributes:
    (URI string) src - URI to the SPR/ACT files. You don't need the .act extension.
    (number) speed - animation speed
    (boolean) animated - whether to display animation
    (number) width - absolute width of the element
    (number) height - absolute height of the element

    The src attribute is the only one which is required. Note that if width AND height are not specified, the element will automatically be as large as it needs to display every action in the ACT file.
    If your browser has support for custom elements (see below) you can also create new instances of the element from JavaScript.
    var alice = new HTMLRagnarokSpriteElement();alice.src = "alice.act";document.body.appendChild(alice);
    Should I use this?
    Go ahead if you find some purpose for it - but not if you need it to work smooth for everyone. Many people are still on old browsers. It's also relatively resource heavy, and SPR/ACT files are not suitable as web formats. While it will run in most recent browsers it's bad practice to use non-standard features such as adding a new pseudo-tag.
    However, in the near future adding tags will be a feature, as defined by W3. This script already uses these features where available, which at present seems to be in Chrome 31 and Firefox 23 with experimental web platform support turned on.



  10. Free

    Mercenary Ranking Addon FluxCP

    Sorting by Loyalty or/and Contracts
    Separetely for each mercenary class
    Search by character name or id
    Sources: https://github.com/S-anasol/sanasol/tree/master/mercenary_ranking
    Buy me beer



  11. Free

    Freebies for FluxCP - FREE

    - Freebies Character Selection, You have to select the character where you want the freebies to claimed.
    - IP Address Restriction, You can only use the code per IP Address. Freature can be disabled or enabled per code.
    - Editing Freebies, You can edit the Code, Items, Zeny, Credits, Expiration, IP Restriction, Usage Limit and Description(optional).
    - Adding Freebies.
    - Usage Limit, 0 for unlimited or until it expires.
    - Items, item_id:amount,item_id2:amount2 or just item_id for 1 item.
    - Expiration, Setting the expiration date for the freebies.
    - Zeny, Giving an amount of zeny to selected character.
    - Description(optional), You can give a small description for the freebies to avoid the confusion.
    - Deleting Freebies.
    - Freebies History, List of all claimed freebies by the user.
    1.2 Version
    - Use for Account ID or Character ID. Feature can be disabled or enabled.
    - ex. Account ID 2000000:2000500:2000600to2000700 (The Account ID with 2000000 and 2000500 and from 2000600 to 2000700 will be able to use the code)
    - Tested on Xantara's FluxCP for rAthena - https://github.com/m...ntara/fluxcp-rA
    - Do not steal the credit of this work.
    How to Install:
    - Make folder named freebies in your addons folder.
    - Extract the file to freebies folder
    - Update your database.
    - Done.
    If you find a bug, please contact me.
    Email: [email protected]
    rAthena: Feefty
    Buy me a coffee



  12. Free

    FluxCP WoE Countdown Timer (eAthena & rAthena)

    -It doesn't use SQL.
    -Just extract, overwrite, enjoy.
    -Actually you need to change the value of offset in countdown.js (Line: 18, as long as you haven't modified any line before that)
    -It only works inside the module, pity. But the idea's there. You just have to edit it to your liking (the jS script isn't complex either)
    -I might upload one, but meh seriously this is easy I just wanted to share this script.
    Real Description:
    1. It shows the countdown (how much time left for the WoE to start or the woe to end).
    Sorry, my english isn't really good.



  13. Free

    Harmony Logs Viewer for FluxCP

    What it does?
    This addon for FluxCP enables the control panel to display harmony's log.
    1. FluxCP
    2. Harmony
    Patterned from default fluxcp pages. Nothing fancy.



  14. Free

    FluxCP Snippet :: Delete Item Extension

    An extension to delete items.
    WARNING : this will permanently delete the chosen item from your item_db, item_db2, item_db_re tables
    How to install
    Just add in your CP's addon folder to install.
    Open 'addons/deleteitem/config/addon.php' and add/remove item database tables you have

    Create a temporary table for all deleted items so that you can restore it in the future.



  15. Free

    FluxCP Registration Addon via Facebook

    This is a an alternative solution for those who cant make there Email Verification feature to work in there Registration System.
    It uses Facebook to identify if the user has a valid Email Address.
    1.) Making your Facebook Application within Facebook
    As you may know in order for this Addon to work you must create an application in facebook.
    1.1: Login to your facebook account at http://www.facebook.com
    1.2: After you login to your facebook account kindly goto https://developers.facebook.com
    1.3: In developers homepage yoo will see a link name App, click it
    1.4: When your already in the apps facebook you will see the Create New App button, now click it
    1.5: A dialog box will appear, just fill up the necessary fields.
    1.6: After you finished filling up the on the dialog box you will be redirected to your newly created Application Settings
    1.7 The default page whenever you want to edit your application is the Basic Settings page.
    2.) Basic Settings Application Configuration
    2.1: In the Basic Settings page the most important field you need to edit is the App domain ( You will put here the Address where you want to run the Application ex: http://www.mydefaultro.com if you do not specify the App domain the Addon might not work properly), now click also the Website you will enter there also the Address where you will run the Application.
    2.2: Now Save it. It might take several minutes for the settings to take effect.
    3.) Auth Dialog Settings Application Configuration
    3.1: In the Auth Dialog Settings Page just scroll at the very bottom and you will see Authenticated Referrals, now click it.
    3.2: In Authenticated Referrals, in User & Friends Permission kindly enter the value "email" without the doubles quotesbecause the application must ask first a permission to know about the user's email.
    3.3: Now click Save Changes.
    4.) FluxCP Addon Configuration
    4.1: We are now in the FluxCP Addon. Put the addon in the addons folder of your FluxCP.
    4.2: Now edit the config/addon.php and fillup the following:
    * For "FB_API_KEY" enter the Api Id that facebook provided to you, this can be seen in the basic settings of your Facebook Application. This key will be your public api id.
    * For "FB_API_SECRET_KEY enter the Api Secret that facebook provided to you, this can be seen in the basic setting of your Facebook Application. This key will be your private apli id. Kindly do not share this to others.
    Other Configuration's are:
    * 'NoCase' - set to true if you dont want a case sensitive comparison
    * 'UseMD5' - set to true if you want to use MD5 password
    * 'level' - set this to what will be the default level/group_id of the user after registration.
    5.) The Database
    5.1: In schemas folder you will find a .sql file named cp_fb_register, kindly import in your database. This will use for the Facebook Login Addon that I will develop in the future.
    Now run the Addon, Hope it works and Hope you understand my English Sorry I cant provide the Screenshot version of the guide because Im having a hard time making the screenshot due to make broken touchpad.
    Updated version of this addon can be found at: https://github.com/m...-Facebook-Addon
    Future Updates:
    Login Feature - you can use your facebook account to login to the Control Panel
    Auto Login after Registration



  16. Free

    FluxCP Addon: Vote For Points

    This is my vote for points addon for FluxCP that I code from scratch.
    Added Anti-Proxy using PHP $_SERVER['HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR'] - I hope it work
    NPC Script is included see npc script folder
    You can turn off the IP blocking feature which will result to account base blocking system.
    Allowed image to be uploaded to the database is .gif | .jpeg | .jpg | .png

    Some Guides:
    To disable the ip blocking feature just set the 'IP_BLOCKING' to FALSE at config/addon.php
    To edit the max file size upload just edit 'MAX_FILE_SIZE' to whatever file size you want at config/addon.php

    Note: If the IP Blocking System is turn on, the blocking system is IP Address Based and Account Based. While if the IP Blocking System is turn off the blocking system is Account Based only.




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