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GRF Sharper [Update Jan 26, 2012] v0.2

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About This File

Hello everyone this is my GRF Explorer tool,

So why another GRF Tool you ask? well here are the reasons

  • The current ones are old
  • The current ones are un-maintained (not all of them)
  • The current ones are written in C X_X;
  • I want to make my own biggrin.png

So what are the features gonna be?

  • GRF Merge
  • Fast GRF Filter and Search
  • Open Multiple GRFs in another tab
  • Transfer files between tabs
  • Live preview of files in the grf ( even sprite , map , acts ) :D
  • On the spot editing of grf files biggrin.png (no need to extract, edit , put it back, just double click edit and save tongue.png)
  • Open sourced biggrin.png
  • Well documented
  • Its C#! So faster development speed( I made the UI 2 hours ago ) tongue.png
  • It works on Linux , Mac and Windows

Notes: It only supports 0x200 GRF version and the DES Decryption algorithm is still broken ( that means its not able to extract some files in data.grf yet , coming soon)




Ok let me tell you the truth! This is a part of an effort called "Managed Athena Project or mAthena"

the goal is to port the existing eAthena software and the Open-Ragnarok

https://gitorious.org/open-ragnarok/ into managed C#/.NET/Mono Code

This is just the beginning , I am not expecting to do this by myself. That is the reason I am posting this. To let everyone know about the project. And if your a skilled but totally bored programmer and want to build your own stuff for RO. then this is our chance

I honestly dont think it will replace our beloved eAthena project, but this will be an alternative and hopefully a competition for eA in the future



ROInt Project -

https://gitorious.or...bs/master/grf.c(GRF Engine)

KeyWorld for explaining to me the GRF File structure, DES Encryption and everything else

scriptor has forked it on git hub and added the support for the following file formats. (SPR, PAL, TGA)


@GreenBox for adding "file save support"

don't forget to rate it 5 starts if you like it


What are you waiting for? fork it now!

What's New in Version v0.2


  • - Added Extract and Add File support
  • - Added Progress UI to stop hanging problem
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