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RAGNAROK 4K (Ai upscale)

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I have been fiddling around with it and found a way to actually make "ok" sprites with it

This was my result:



We should try training a model with ToS Sprites maybe? ---------> https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B92X6lQqXBPSbFBfQVdwcHpRaG8


Here are the models I used and the order.. there might be better ones or better order but wtv 



Can you please tell me which models did you use for rune knight?


I have been playing around and I found that there are no Pixel res-upscalers that soften the edges which is what almost everyone wants im sure. So the only way I found is to re-pixelize it after it was upscaled to your desired size, these are my results

Tests are here: 






One of the most consistent ways of doing this that I've found is 1x_Alias_200000_G.pth > cartoonpainted_400000.pth after that sharpen the result in Photoshop with Smooth focus 300% 3pix Radius 100% Noise Reduction this usually works best with sprites so Its worth tryng it

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Looks awesome ! It reminds me the first ro web few years ago (when all RO sprites were reworked). See



A 4K rework of RO sprites is the future for me (Gravity gonna release it in next ~10 years).


And what about upscaled head sprites? 


I'm curious to see an upscaled 60fps walking Riding Rune Knight. May someone make it for me ? 😛

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Hi OP,

this looks very intriguing! I’m very keen on the 60 FPS Sprites. 

Whats’s the current state of this project? Furthermore, how can I achieve a 60FPS rework in my own? Do I need any special hardware/software? 

Thank you in advance and keep it up! 💌

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This looks absolutely amazing. I'm gonna take a look at how this works cause I'd love to help with this project 😄

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This is absolutly amazing. How can I help to improve aplication and sprites viability? This would be a "simple" yet great improvement to the game.

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Posted (edited)

Here is a sample of my work. Didn't really upscaled the image. Just readjusted the color.



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