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  1. please delete(ignore) my post thank, my issue already fix thank for Balfear
  2. 1. how to change HP/SP bar under character ? (appearance, not width) 2. according this thread , right now rAthena did support it ?
  3. at my test server, i lost a lot of files so i can't put it work.. texture\ilusion\.... anyway thank for your hard work.
  4. Hi guys. first...forgive me for poor english. My problem is i want add custom button(Mode=2) but i did some poor code ( [Button:StartBlack] not work). ClientEXE='Ragexe.exe' ClientParameter='-2sak2 /account:clientinfo0.xml' [Button:Start] Default='images/start4.png' OnHover='images/start5.png' OnDown='images/start6.png' Left=238 Top=401 Hook='Start' [Button:StartBlack] Default='images/start1.png' OnHover='images/start2.png' OnDown='images/start3.png' Left=356 Top=401 Mode=2 Action='Ragexe.exe -1free1 /account:clientinfo0.xml' my think is Parameter issue, but i dont know how to modify it .... Thor Patcher version : []
  5. Check your SQL delete_date for table `char`
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