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  1. What's the point of rAthena afterwards?
  2. View File Red Card Template Corresponding Thread: By default, the file includes a reworked Satan Morocc Artwork. Edit the layers with GIMP/Pohotoshop in the provided .XFC file. Credits @Gravity & aBsolitude (Artwork) Submitter Chuu Submitted 05/17/2019 Category Other Video Content Author Chuu  
  3. Chuu

    Red Card Template

    Version 1.0.0


    Corresponding Thread: By default, the file includes a reworked Satan Morocc Artwork. Edit the layers with GIMP/Pohotoshop in the provided .XFC file. Credits @Gravity & aBsolitude (Artwork)


  4. Hello @Joam, I used a font called "DejaVu Math TeX Gyre", 15 Size and -1.0 letter spacing. (Using GIMP on Manjaro Linux KDE) It's not the original font that Gravity uses in their cards but it looks quite similar. Furthermore, don't forget to outline the title with white color. le
  5. Dear rAthena folk, I was looking for a way to replace the Artwork of the Satan Morocc (or Morroc - whatsoever) card. Gravity never officially released this card. After couple hours on GIMP I decided to share the blank card and my rework with the community. File is in .XFC format, but it should be compatible with Photoshop as well. Compatibility: Export the file as 24bit BMP & "write color space information" unchecked, otherwise the Client won't recognize the .bmp file. Left: Old Artwork | Right: Reworked Artwork Artwork Credits: Gravity | aBsolitude You can change anything in the provided .XFC file thanks to layering.
  6. I think you have to patch the .grf as a whole to sustain full encryption. Otherwise, the patched files will be unencrypted.
  7. Hi, I'd like to ask if it is possible to remove Doram / Summoner from the char creation in the 2018-06-20RagexeRE? Couldn't find any diff or string with HxD in this date of client. I hope there's a solution to remove this piece of catnip.
  8. Problem solved by setting <langtype>1</langtype> in the sclientinfo.xml
  9. Guten Tag, planst du deinen Server erstmal Lokal aufzusetzen? Welches Betriebssystem benutzt du? Für weitere fragen stehe ich zur verfügung in Discord: Chuu#3381 Grüße
  10. To make it easier, there is no special diff needed except "Read .lua before .lubs" Then navigate to ".../RO/System"ItemInfo.lua" and paste in a translated ItemInfo.lua file.
  11. Hello rA, as you can see, the basic Taekwon branch job names are still in Korean language. On my 2015 client they are not korean. I can't find the source files to edit the job names in my 2018 client. I'm using the 2018-06-20e RagExeRE.
  12. Schon mal anderes Client date benutzt? Welches client datum benutzt du aktuell?
  13. Royr

    Hey! is there wa i can get the FONT name of the 'Character Creation'

    Thanks for the release!

    1. Chuu


      Uhm.. what? I can't understand you.

    2. Royr


      FONT name you used.

    3. Chuu


      It's the default ragnarok font. If you ask for the bottom text, I'd say Calibri. I don't remember that any more. 🙂

  14. What if you removed Doram race from your server and client... ...but it just left a ugly space on the char creation window? Well here comes the solution. I simply edited the file and made use of the space. You can edit it individually. A .psd file is included for Photoshop/GIMP edits. (Instruction is also included) Download here ~ Requirements: