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  1. Hi, I'd like to ask if it is possible to remove Doram / Summoner from the char creation in the 2018-06-20RagexeRE? Couldn't find any diff or string with HxD in this date of client. I hope there's a solution to remove this piece of catnip.
  2. Problem solved by setting <langtype>1</langtype> in the sclientinfo.xml
  3. Guten Tag, planst du deinen Server erstmal Lokal aufzusetzen? Welches Betriebssystem benutzt du? Für weitere fragen stehe ich zur verfügung in Discord: Chuu#3381 Grüße
  4. To make it easier, there is no special diff needed except "Read .lua before .lubs" Then navigate to ".../RO/System"ItemInfo.lua" and paste in a translated ItemInfo.lua file.
  5. Hello rA, as you can see, the basic Taekwon branch job names are still in Korean language. On my 2015 client they are not korean. I can't find the source files to edit the job names in my 2018 client. I'm using the 2018-06-20e RagExeRE.
  6. Schon mal anderes Client date benutzt? Welches client datum benutzt du aktuell?
  7. Royr

    Hey! is there wa i can get the FONT name of the 'Character Creation'

    Thanks for the release!

    1. Chuu


      Uhm.. what? I can't understand you.

    2. Royr


      FONT name you used.

    3. Chuu


      It's the default ragnarok font. If you ask for the bottom text, I'd say Calibri. I don't remember that any more. 🙂

  8. What if you removed Doram race from your server and client... ...but it just left a ugly space on the char creation window? Well here comes the solution. I simply edited the file and made use of the space. You can edit it individually. A .psd file is included for Photoshop/GIMP edits. (Instruction is also included) Download here ~ Requirements:
  9. Update 29.11.18 Topic Layout Edited Custom .mp3 file fix. Some BGM Titles (BGM No#130 and more) were not playable in the client, because of the audiotype and kBit/s Rate Added more custom BGM files that will fit well to your RO server Added two more optional downloads
  10. This is also in my interest. What is the most current, stable client for rA / herc? I really lose the oversight every time a new client pops up. ^^
  11. Awesome release! So much appreciation for this one. I'll use it in my server! :)
  12. Chuu

    Ragnarok Server

    Ah Rynbeef du lebst auch noch? ^^ @Vegas falls du Lust hast kannst du dir gerne unsere Ausschreibung angucken oder uns direkt auf DISCORD besuchen. Derzeit 4 Mann (+1 Hamster ) Projekt. LG Chuu ~
  13. Chuu

    Ragnarok Server

    LEL Ich wollte echt keine Depressionen auslösen
  14. Chuu

    Ragnarok Server

    Wer bist du? O.o
  15. @Pysk 1. Setze bei der opensetup.exe den Haken raus bei "Im Vollbild spielen" 2. Das hier : WindowLock =0 zu WindowLock =1 3. Das hier: WindowPosX =0 WindowPosY =0 WindowWidth =0 WindowHeight =0 zu (je nach dem was deine Maximale Bildschirmauflösung ist) WindowPosX =0 WindowPosY =0 WindowWidth =1920 WindowHeight =1080 Das ist sozusagen ein "Fake Fullscreen". Die Vorteile: - schneller ALT + Tab - keine Freezes mehr wenn man das Fenster wieder maximiert, nachdem man auf dem Desktop war dinput.dll dinput.ini Setup.exe