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  1. GERMAN [▼] ______________________________________________________________________________________________ ENGLISH Hello YOU! Since a long time, we're working on a private server project named SeasonRO for now. Due to frequent breaks we didn't reached a release yet. Server information: Currently we're a 4 people team and have invested a lot of time, so we aren't beginning form 0. Furthermore, we're a well-experienced team due to past projects of certain members. What do we offer YOU? relaxed work surrounded by a international team learning from us Modern Setup and facilitated work (Docker, GitHub etc.) decide with your voice and shape the server together with us well-organized team (taks are found comfortably in the Issue Pool) Flexibility Our current occupation (a hand full of people): 2 Developer 1 Client Builder & Manager, Administration 1 Sponsor & Organisator Therefore we're looking for more members. We're looking for: 1 Developer 1 Designer 2 Scripters 1 Mapper 2 Forum Moderation & Managing X Supporters (for simple tasks and later ingame Support) ALLROUNDERS are welcome as well ! What do we expect from you? Teamability Interest in building a own RO Server Bacis player knowledge (WTF is RO? etc.) Interactive, partially independently working And obviously time, but we always work without pressure DISCORD Account (our favourized communcation platform) Interested or questions? GET IN CONTACT WITH US ! ~_~ DISCORD - OR PM us in the Forum =)
  2. @Pysk 1. Setze bei der opensetup.exe den Haken raus bei "Im Vollbild spielen" 2. Das hier : WindowLock =0 zu WindowLock =1 3. Das hier: WindowPosX =0 WindowPosY =0 WindowWidth =0 WindowHeight =0 zu (je nach dem was deine Maximale Bildschirmauflösung ist) WindowPosX =0 WindowPosY =0 WindowWidth =1920 WindowHeight =1080 Das ist sozusagen ein "Fake Fullscreen". Die Vorteile: - schneller ALT + Tab - keine Freezes mehr wenn man das Fenster wieder maximiert, nachdem man auf dem Desktop war dinput.dll dinput.ini Setup.exe
  3. RE Fix Cast Time und V Cast???

    Normy du Schleimer :<
  4. [Guide] Was ist .spr? - ein kleiner "Guide"

    Danke für den Guide, sehr verständlich geschrieben, so dass es jeder deutsche Serverbetreiber anwenden kann.
  5. @Pysk Sieht sehr gelungen aus. Ist ja eigentlich kein Hexenwerk, sondern lediglich ein externer patch im NEMO. Doram würde ich in der src trotzdem deaktivieren, man weiß ja nie. ^^
  6. Hallo @Pysk gern zeige ich dir wie ich es gelöst habe, und wie man diese nervige Katze rausbekommt ;> Schreib mir einfach eine PN und wir sehen weiter ^^
  7. Cool BDRO ist ja lebendiger als YunaRO von @Rynbef und es ist noch nicht einmal online! Den Error kann man auch über Client Änderungen entfernen, :-')
  8. @Pysk & @Rynbeef Meine Lösung:
  9. @Haziel The riding Dragon sprites of the alternate Rune Knight are missing, or am I blind? :c
  10. Act Editor Replace Color for all layers

    Thank you so much, it does work flawless. So many people appreciate your hard work, keep it up!
  11. Act Editor Replace Color for all layers

    @Tokeiburu Is there a script out yet to move everything at once? X_X
  12. Act Editor Replace Color for all layers

    Yes I've tried it after your reply, but sadly it doesn't change the effect. Still just one frame is touched. I think your software is fine, there are just some scripts missing that target all frames at once. Frame 0: Moved Y by +100 Frame 1:
  13. Act Editor Replace Color for all layers

    @Tokei Sorry for reviving this old thread, but there is a similar problem to this. Moving a sprite moves the sprites X Y coordinates in a single frame only... Is there a option/script to move it in all frames at once? In my case, it's a falcon that should be placed higher. Thank you in advance.