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  1. no need to download anything, it`s already in rA, just compile server, and this tool appear in root folder.
  2. After compilation server you get this 2 files. Run them and press Y, it`ll generate new sql tables in sql-files folder. Then import them to flux db.
  3. I remembered the old Aegis chance system
  4. What exe version you use? Minimal requred version is 2020-09-02.
  5. switch(select("- @AT Merchants ^2980B9["+ [email protected]_count + "]^000000:- Exit")) {
  6. For example like this // Get user list on map "prontera" [email protected] = getmapunits(BL_PC, "prontera", [email protected]$[0]); freeloop(1); for([email protected]=0;[email protected]<getarraysize([email protected]$);[email protected]++) { // If user in autotrade mode then increase counter if(checkvending([email protected]$[[email protected]])&2) [email protected]_count++; } freeloop(0); mes [email protected]_count + " @at users on the map."; close;
  7. You should use 2021-10-xx+ exe version (rA don`t support it yet) or apply Nemo / WARP patch for custom jobs. 2021-01-xx and older version don`t have path for weapon animation for 4th jobs.
  8. The best way is set it white color: <ITEM>^EEEEEERed Potion^000000<INFO>501</INFO></ITEM>
  9. Yes, neural network can upscale images so no need to redraw it with photoshop, but repack images into sprite still need to do by hands. (all npcs = ~17k images)
  10. Hi all! I improved the NPC images (1190 sprites up to episode 18.1) using a neural network (ESRGAN) and made new HD sprites. Want to show you my final work! What do you thinking about it?
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