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  1. 1) Enable it in configs. in pet_db write about it => #SupportScript Bonus script to execute when pet_status_support is enabled. (Default: null) // Whether or not the pet's will use skills. (Note 1) // Note: Offensive pet skills need at least pet_attack_support or // pet_damage_support to work (they trigger while the pet is attacking). pet_status_support: yes 2) rA missing "SupportScript" when update pet_db to yaml Git Hash: ac558d7c1e58c817744968f70f487c3d3d16aac2 1056,SMOKIE,Smokie,633,9015,10019,537,80,60,30,100,250,20,1000,150,1,0,600,600,100,{ petskillbonus bPerfectHide,1,3600,0; },{ bonus bAgi,1; bonus bFlee2,1; } add in your yml db next lines to Smokie: SupportScript: > petskillbonus bPerfectHide,1,3600,0;
  2. jRo icons: data\texture\effect\»çÀÚ(a).bmp data\texture\effect\µ¶¼ö¸®(b).bmp kRo icons: data\texture\effect\»çÀÚ(a).bmp data\texture\effect\µ¶¼ö¸®(b).bmp
  3. Replace this files in your client "system" folder. monster_size_effect_new.lub monster_size_effect.lub
  4. Where are you get it? Official client don`t have this file. Update your lua: data/luafiles514/lua files/signboardlist.lub Or put this custom image to texture/유저인터페이스/information/... eden_group_warper.bmp
  5. On the quest we need to kill Gaster? Is that right? // From this file "Illusion Vampire" 14672,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,"Preparing for the Firework Festival" 14673,4:00,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,"Time to Make Bombs" rA quest_db // Rock Ridge 14672,0,3740,15,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,"Preparing for the Firework Festival" 14673,4:00,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,"Time to Make Bombs"
  6. View File Simple Thor patcher theme Simple theme for Thor patcher. Free for use Submitter Balfear Submitted 07/23/2019 Category Patchers Video Content Author Balfear  
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Simple theme for Thor patcher. Free for use


  8. Balfear

    Quest DB

    It means that quest cooldown end at 4:00 AM. // Time Limit* can be: // - in seconds ; date limit will be at [Current time + Time Limit] // - in HH-MM format ; date limit will be at [Time Limit] of the current day or at [Time Limit] // of the next day if [Time Limit] is lower than the current date.
  9. Try to change sql config, write this in sql console: SET GLOBAL sql_mode=(SELECT REPLACE(@@sql_mode,'ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY','')); It`s should be slove your problem.
  10. Balfear


    It`s working fine on last rA. But need to change in src/map/atcommand.cpp: sd->state.monster_ignore = 1; to sd->state.block_action |= PCBLOCK_IMMUNE;
  11. Oh, sorry i don`t test it before post, now it works >_< I fix errors, and update post. And here updated files: /lang/submenu.php /themes/default/main/es_es.php <= need to translate new lines in the end of file
  12. I think the simple way to change main/submenu.php: htmlspecialchars($menuItem['name']) to htmlspecialchars(Flux::message('Submenu_'.$menuItem['module'].'_'.$menuItem['action']) here we call messege from lang file for (module_name+action_name) like account+index = Submenu_account_index <?php if (!defined('FLUX_ROOT')) exit; ?> <?php $subMenuItems = $this->getSubMenuItems(); $menus = array() ?> <?php if (!empty($subMenuItems)): ?> <div id="submenu"><?php echo htmlspecialchars(Flux::message('Submenu_name')) ?>: <?php foreach ($subMenuItems as $menuItem): ?> <?php $menus[] = sprintf('<a href="%s" class="sub-menu-item%s">%s</a>', $this->url($menuItem['module'], $menuItem['action']), $params->get('module') == $menuItem['module'] && $params->get('action') == $menuItem['action'] ? ' current-sub-menu' : '', htmlspecialchars(Flux::message('Submenu_'.$menuItem['module'].'_'.$menuItem['action']))) ?> <?php endforeach ?> <?php echo implode(' / ', $menus) ?> </div> <?php endif ?> and add in lang file that you need new lines like: 'Submenu_name' => 'Menu', 'Submenu_history_gamelogin' => 'Game Logins', 'Submenu_history_cplogin' => 'CP Logins', 'Submenu_history_emailchange' => 'E-Mail Changes', 'Submenu_history_passchange' => 'Password Changes', 'Submenu_history_passreset' => 'Password Resets', 'Submenu_account_index' => 'List Accounts', 'Submenu_account_view' => 'View Account', 'Submenu_account_changepass' => 'Change Password', 'Submenu_account_changemail' => 'Change E-mail', 'Submenu_account_changesex' => 'Change Gender', 'Submenu_account_transfer' => 'Transfer Credits', 'Submenu_account_xferlog' => 'Credit Transfer History', 'Submenu_account_cart' => 'Go to Shopping Cart', 'Submenu_account_login' => 'Login', 'Submenu_account_create' => 'Register', 'Submenu_account_resetpass' => 'Reset Password', 'Submenu_account_resend' => 'Resend E-mail Confirmation', 'Submenu_guild_index' => 'List Guilds', 'Submenu_guild_export' => 'Export Guild Emblems', 'Submenu_server_status' => 'View Status', 'Submenu_server_status-xml' => 'View Status as XML', 'Submenu_logdata_branch' => 'Branches', 'Submenu_logdata_char' => 'Characters', 'Submenu_logdata_cashpoints' => 'CashPoints', 'Submenu_logdata_chat' => 'Chat Messages', 'Submenu_logdata_command' => 'Commands', 'Submenu_logdata_feeding' => 'Feeding', 'Submenu_logdata_inter' => 'Interactions', 'Submenu_logdata_pick' => 'Item Picks', 'Submenu_logdata_login' => 'Logins', 'Submenu_logdata_mvp' => 'MVP', 'Submenu_logdata_npc' => 'NPC', 'Submenu_logdata_zeny' => 'Zeny', 'Submenu_cplog_paypal' => 'PayPal Transactions', 'Submenu_cplog_create' => 'Account Registrations', 'Submenu_cplog_login' => 'Logins', 'Submenu_cplog_resetpass' => 'Password Resets', 'Submenu_cplog_changepass' => 'Password Changes', 'Submenu_cplog_changemail' => 'E-mail Changes', 'Submenu_cplog_ban' => 'Account Bans', 'Submenu_cplog_ipban' => 'IP Bans', 'Submenu_purchase_index' => 'Shop', 'Submenu_purchase_cart' => 'Go to Cart', 'Submenu_purchase_checkout' => 'Checkout', 'Submenu_purchase_clear' => 'Empty Cart', 'Submenu_purchase_pending' => 'Pending Redemption', 'Submenu_donate_index' => 'Make a Donation', 'Submenu_donate_history' => 'Donation History', 'Submenu_donate_trusted' => 'Trusted PayPal E-mails', 'Submenu_ipban_index' => 'IP Ban List', 'Submenu_ipban_add' => 'Add IP Ban', 'Submenu_ranking_character' => 'Characters', 'Submenu_ranking_death' => 'Deaths', 'Submenu_ranking_alchemist' => 'Alchemists', 'Submenu_ranking_blacksmith' => 'Blacksmiths', 'Submenu_ranking_homunculus' => 'Homunculus', 'Submenu_ranking_mvp' => 'MVPs', 'Submenu_ranking_guild' => 'Guilds', 'Submenu_ranking_zeny' => 'Zeny', 'Submenu_item_index' => 'List Items', 'Submenu_item_add' => 'Add Item', 'Submenu_item_iteminfo' => 'Add Item Info', 'Submenu_pages_index' => 'Manage Pages', 'Submenu_pages_add' => 'Add New Page', 'Submenu_news_index' => 'Latest News', 'Submenu_news_manage' => 'Manage', 'Submenu_news_add' => 'Add News', 'Submenu_servicedesk_staffindex' => 'View Active', 'Submenu_servicedesk_staffviewclosed' => 'View Closed', 'Submenu_servicedesk_staffsettings' => 'Staff Settings', 'Submenu_servicedesk_catcontrol' => 'Category Control', 'Submenu_vending_index' => 'Vendors', 'Submenu_buyingstore_index' => 'Buyers', and other for each action in modules...
  13. This is only client side not server, just remove or clean manner.txt in your client "data.grf". The other way, you can use patch from Nemo "Disable Swear Filter".
  14. В отсутствии страницы downloads в main? О_о The page you have requested was not found on our server. создай/добавь страницу downloads.php в modules/main/... и в theme/default/main/...
  15. db/import/item_package.txt GroupID, ItemID, Rate{, Amount, Random, isAnnounced, Duration, GUID, isBound, isNamed} add // MyBox IG_MyBox,501,1,1,1,1,0,0 IG_MyBox,502,1,1,1,1,0,0 src/map/itemdb.hpp add to the end of this group "e_random_item_group" enum e_random_item_group { ......... .......... ........... IG_MyBox, }; script_constants.hpp add after /* item groups */ /* item groups */ ....... ......... ........... export_constant(IG_MyBox); getgroupitem <group_id>{,<identify>{,<char_id>}}; Add this to your box script: getgroupitem IG_MyBox;