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  1. Hi, I think you search this http://roworkshop.com/andro/main/index.html
  2. Delete only && !(rnd()%100). Did you recompile the server?
  3. in grf: data\luafiles514\lua files\signboardlist.lub
  4. You have error with elemental bonus, change it to bonus2 because it use two var. bonus2 bMagicAddEle,Ele_All, [email protected]/4*5; bonus2 bMagicAddEle,Ele_Neutral, [email protected]/4*5;
  5. do you change scale in act file?
  6. If change image size then the sprite loses quality in game.
  7. I am not satisfied some part of sprites and they need to be reworked, when i finished to rework npc sprites i can share it. I test jobs sprites in new clients 2020-04-01 and UI still don`t read scale from ACT. And it looks like this: For now i can`t find any way to slove this problem. I can share RuneKnigh (male) + RuneKnigh Mount (male) sprite for test, maybe anyone find the solution and I can finished rework jobs, then I`ll share it for free. RuneKnight.grf
  8. Gravity don`t give any info about release date. http://ro.gnjoy.com/news/devnote/View.asp?category=1&seq=4064142&curpage=1
  9. prontera,150,190,4 script Example_changer 83,{ mes "Hello!"; mes "I can pack your items in the box."; mes "What items you want to pack?"; next; [email protected] = select(.menu$+"Cancel")-1; if([email protected] == getarraysize(.boxid)) { mes "Bye~"; close; } mes "To make "+getitemname(.boxid[[email protected]]); mes "I need ^0000FF"+getitemname(.item[[email protected]])+"^000000 - "+.amount[[email protected]]+" ea."; next; select("Ok"); if(countitem(.item[[email protected]]) < .amount[[email protected]]) { mes "You don`t have enough items."; close; } mes "Here your "+getitemname(.boxid[[email protected]])+"~"; delitem .item[[email protected]], .amount[[email protected]]; getitem .boxid[[email protected]],1; close; OnInit: setarray .item[0], 608, 607; setarray .amount[0], 30, 15; setarray .boxid[0], 12534, 12535; for( [email protected] = 0; [email protected] < getarraysize(.boxid); [email protected]++ ) .menu$ = .menu$ + getitemname(.boxid[[email protected]])+":"; end; } Hi, i write a simple script for you, you can add new item and box after OnInit. If you want to show items name and ea. change .menu$ = .menu$ + getitemname(.boxid[[email protected]])+":"; to .menu$ = .menu$ + getitemname(.item[[email protected]])+" - "+.amount[[email protected]]+" ea.:";
  10. Do you save icons in png format with transparent background?
  11. in grf: data\luafiles514\lua files\signboardlist.lub
  12. Hello, you can use vip_status(1) if (vip_status(1)){ specialeffect2 EF_INCAGILITY; sc_start SC_INCREASEAGI,240000,10; specialeffect2 EF_BLESSING; sc_start SC_BLESSING,240000,10; }
  13. Yes, you can controll mob params from npc. For example HP controller. prontera,160,190,4 script Mob_HP_controller 4_EP16_GRANZ,{ switch(select("Create monster","Change monster HP(%)")){ case 1: mes "Monster created."; close2; monster "prontera",160,185,"--ja--",1100,1,"Mob_HP_controller::OnMobControll"; .monsterid = [email protected][0]; end; case 2: getunitdata .monsterid, [email protected]; mes "Current mob HP: ["[email protected][UMOB_HP]+"/"[email protected][UMOB_MAXHP]+"]"; input [email protected]; next; mes "Monster HP changed."; [email protected]_per = [email protected][UMOB_MAXHP] / 100 * [email protected]; setunitdata .monsterid, UMOB_HP, [email protected]_per; close; } } You can read more about mob params in script_commands > setunitdata <GID>,<parameter>,<new value>;
  14. Max job level for Summoner is 60. MaxLevelTable = { BaseLevel = 99, BaseLevel3rd = 200, BaseLevelExtend2 = 200, BaseLevelUpperJob = 200, BaseLevelHomun = 200, BaseLevelDoram = 200, JobLevelNovice = 10, JobLevelSuperNovice = 99, JobLevelBase = 50, JobLevel2nd = 70, JobLevel3rd = 70, JobLevelExtend2 = 70, JobLevelUpperJob = 70, JobLevelDoram = 60 }
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