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  1. You can find it in db/(pre or re)/homunculus_db.txt // Structure of Database: // Class,EvoClass,Name,FoodID,HungryDelay,BaseSize,EvoSize,Race,Element,bASPD,bHP,bSP,bSTR,bAGI,bVIT,bINT,bDEX,bLUK,gnHP,gxHP,gnSP,gxSP,gnSTR,gxSTR,gnAGI,gxAGI,gnVIT,gxVIT,gnINT,gxINT,gnDEX,gxDEX,gnLUK,gxLUK,enHP,exHP,enSP,exSP,enSTR,exSTR,enAGI,exAGI,enVIT,exVIT,enINT,exINT,enDEX,exDEX,enLUK,exLUK // Legend: b: base, gn: growth min, gx: growth max, en: evolution min, ex: evolution max // NOTE: Only the growth values are in a 1/10 scale, the other stats are 1/1 (eg: 5 gmAGI means 0.5 agi) Where gn = min.bonus and gx = max.bonus gnHP,gxHP,gnSP,gxSP,gnSTR,gxSTR,gnAGI,gxAGI,gnVIT,gxVIT,gnINT,gxINT,gnDEX,gxDEX,gnLUK,gxLUK When homuncul take a new level, server calculate random stat.bonus: growth_max_hp = rnd_value(min->HP, max->HP); growth_max_sp = rnd_value(min->SP, max->SP); growth_str = rnd_value(min->str, max->str); growth_agi = rnd_value(min->agi, max->agi); growth_vit = rnd_value(min->vit, max->vit); growth_dex = rnd_value(min->dex, max->dex); growth_int = rnd_value(min->int_,max->int_); growth_luk = rnd_value(min->luk, max->luk); exemple for 1>2 lvl: 6001,6009,Lif,537,60000,0,1,7,0,700,150 base homuncul HP at 1 lvl,40,17,20,15,35,24,12,60,100,4,9,5,19,5,19,5,19,4,20,6,20,6,20,800,2400,220,480,10,30,10,30,20,40,30,50,20,50,10,30 current HP + rand(min.bonus ~ max.bonus) 150 + rand (60 ~ 100)
  2. Balfear

    The guild does not have a guild storage

    Storage permissoin can change only Guild Master from Guild UI.
  3. Balfear

    The guild does not have a guild storage

    If you don`t want use new guild storage system you can disable it in src/config/packets.hpp Comment next lines and recompile your server: /// Comment to disable the official Guild Storage skill. /// When enabled, this will set the guild storage size to the level of the skill * 100. // #if PACKETVER >= 20131223 // #define OFFICIAL_GUILD_STORAGE // #endif
  4. Balfear

    The guild does not have a guild storage

    You need to update skillinfoz (lua) in your client. I use luas from @zackdreaver SkillInfoz link
  5. Balfear

    Dragon Breath

    You can increase or decrease skill damage in db/skill_damage_db.txt Add new line like: RK_DRAGONBREATH,BL_PC,6,-50 // In PVP and GVG, players deal -50% (half) damage to other players with Dragon breath.
  6. Balfear

    The guild does not have a guild storage

    Your guild must learn skill "Guild storage". Added Guild Storage Expansion Skill
  7. Balfear

    How to check if the player is online

    Hi, you can use my simple script: - script GmOnlineStatus -1,{ OnPCLoginEvent: // Show message when player login if (isloggedin(2000000,150000) == 1) { // isloggedin(Login_id, Char_id) dispbottom "Game master [Balfear] : Online.",0x00FFFF; } else { dispbottom "Game master [Balfear] : Offline.",0xFF0000; } end; }
  8. Balfear

    Looking for new kRO maps files

    Hi mp3NameTable.txt star_frst.rsw#bgm\\14.mp3# star_in.rsw#bgm\\14.mp3# [email protected]#bgm\\40.mp3# maps.rar
  9. Balfear

    identify item without remove random option

    You can change this code to one script command: atcommand "@identifyall";
  10. Balfear

    rent item duration in SQL

    inventory > column 'expire_time'
  11. Balfear

    Where can I find this official sprite?

    If your client show erorr when use this sprite then add new lines in: data\luafiles514\lua files\datainfo\npcidentity.lub JT_4_FIRERING = 10270, data\luafiles514\lua files\datainfo\jobname.lub [jobtbl.JT_4_FIRERING] = "4_firering",
  12. Balfear

    Where can I find this official sprite?

    This sprite use in kRo Zero client. Sprite - T_4_FIRERING.rar
  13. Balfear

    invisible NPC

    Hi. It is Guild Storage NPC. kRo notice 2016.02.01
  14. Balfear

    Error Langtype 15 with Ragexe2017-03-07

    Hi! By default new client support only next language: LuaFiles514\Lua Files\service_korea\zero_server\ExternalSettings_kr LuaFiles514\Lua Files\service_usa\ExternalSettings_usa LuaFiles514\Lua Files\service_japan\ExternalSettings_jp LuaFiles514\Lua Files\service_china\ExternalSettings_ch LuaFiles514\Lua Files\service_taiwan\ExternalSettings_tw LuaFiles514\Lua Files\service_thailand\ExternalSettings_th LuaFiles514\Lua Files\service_indonesia\ExternalSettings_id LuaFiles514\Lua Files\service_philippine\ExternalSettings_ph LuaFiles514\Lua Files\service_brazil\ExternalSettings_br LuaFiles514\Lua Files\service_france\ExternalSettings_fr Try use this Nemo: and use patch "AlwaysReadKrExtSettings"