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  1. Looking forward to see developing process. Could be a powerfull tool. Which programming language are u using? Rynbef~
  2. Ein paar Eckdaten wären interessant. Was wird das für ein Server? Welche Positionen müssen besetzt werden? Hast du Discord und wie lautet dein Username? Rynbef~
  3. Rynbef

    Hello again

    Das Problem sehe ich tatsächlich weniger an der Community und ob noch genug Spieler da wären, sondern an der momentanen Abmahnwelle, die Gravity gerade ausrollt und auch schon den ein oder anderen großen Server (International) dahin gerafft hat. Rynbef~
  4. At ur switch statement add a new menu point at last entry. Don't forget to add , at the previous one. Like: (Class==Job_Champion)?"only champ can see this":""; And add a case for it. Rynbef~
  5. @GM WinterThor only able to use http port 80. Not https port 443. Just create a sub domain patcher.example.com and disable SSL/https for this sub domain. Rynbef~
  6. https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/master/doc/script_commands.txt#L3243 Rynbef~
  7. No updates since 5 months. It seems to be dead. Unfortunately. Looking forward to UnityRO https://github.com/guilhermelhr/unityro the project is rly active and the developing process is very fast. Check their discord. Rynbef~
  8. U can use the Unique Game ID and read the information out of the SQL database. And clone it of course. Rynbef~
  9. It looks simple, clean and modern. There are many projects which wasnt finished. I which u able to finish it and I whould like to know which features or main functions u've finished yet. I whould like to here about ur progress. Do u want to use it just for ur own or u want to share it sometime? Rynbef~
  10. Maybe use https://github.com/zackdreaver/ROenglishRE/tree/master/Ragnarok in ur case. Rynbef~
  11. Maybe try to convert to lub. Rynbef~
  12. Don't try to add @Functorin Skype. There are a lot of scammer. He already warning about! Write him a private message here. He's very active and answer fast. Rynbef~
  13. Sometimes it's the easiest and we try the hardest But someone need it sometimes. The script has much features Rynbef~
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