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  1. Try to run as administrator Greetings, Rynbef~
  2. Thor Patcher doesn't available to use SSL (https). Do u have 301 redirection activated? If yes, u need to disable it. Rynbef~
  3. Yes it's not really complicated. U can check if the killed mob is a boss monster or a monster of a list/an array. Save the mob ID of the latest monster u've attacked and the dealt damage in an array. Than OnPCKillEvent check if this monster u've killed is the monster u've attacked before. Than u can save ur dealt damage in a database. Later u can sort the damage by "highest first" and u have ur ranking. U can update a database entry which structure is like: "Char ID, Latest Mob ID, Latest Dealt Dmg, Total Dealt Dmg, Create Date, Latest Update Date" or u can use the account ID to combine the Dmg of all characters of an account. Rynbef~
  4. On the top of the PHP Files there are a <table> between the PHP Open Tags. Just copy this in your website and import the PHP files. But your HTML files need to be named as PHP. https://www.w3schools.com/php/php_includes.asp <?php require "status.php"; ?> Rynbef~
  5. Wow! It looks rly amazing. Do u use Esrgan? Whould u release it? Rynbef~
  6. Write a DLL File and inject it to ur client. That catch the login Paket sending and change it before u send it. After this u Can use Thread.sleep (C#) to wait like u said 60 sec. After this build a new packet and send it to the server by using the client function. U can easily find out how the structure needs to be. Look at the Doc of ur server. If I don't know what u are doing, the guard will easily bypassable. Rynbef~
  7. U can embedd it to ur executable or use a hackshield which generates a checksum/hash and check it every start. Gepard as example. Rynbef~
  8. Maybe this is what ur looking for: *getiteminfo(<item ID<type>) This function will look up the item with the specified ID number in the database and return the info set by TYPE argument. It will return -1 if there is no such item. Valid types are: 0 - Buy Price 1 - Sell Price 2 - Type 3 - maxchance (max drop chance of this item, e.g. 1 = 0.01%) if = 0, then monsters don't drop it at all (rare or a quest item) if = 10000, then this item is sold in NPC shops only 4 - Gender 5 - Loc 6 - Weight 7 - ATK 8 - DEF 9 - Range 10 - Slot 11 - View 12 - eLV 13 - wLV 14 - SpriteID from 'db/item_avail.txt' 15 - eLVMax 16 - matk if RENEWAL is defined
  9. U can use the cerescp an implement only the registration Form or write a small own script. It's not rly hard. I've send u a privat message. Rynbef~
  10. Hey, U have to increase the MAX_MAP_SIZE from 512x512 to the size of this large map. U can find it in src/map/map.hpp #define MAX_MAP_SIZE 512*512 Rynbef~
  11. On Herc is more activity to this. Pls any suggestion on Herc. https://herc.ws/board/topic/19027-program-needed/ Rynbef~
  12. Hey, On your clientinfo.xml u can add the files or replace the original jpegs/bmps https://github.com/rathena/rathena/wiki/Clientinfo.xml Rynbef~
  13. Thx for the suggestions. I will w8 for more and maybe I will let the community vote for. Rynbef~
  14. OK and what should I change? Why I should create a new one? Rynbef~
  15. Hey guys, I'm wanna create a new programm for the community but I don't know what. Its can be an old programm which needs remaked or a new programm which isn't exists yet. Please leave an idea and if u mean a programm should remaked. Please make a list of all features the programm has, which things a good or bad and which things whould nice to have Of course its can be a web application too. Ps: I don't create a Str editor. Best regards, Rynbef~
  16. Here is a thread about it: https://rathena.org/board/topic/117168-packetver-20180620-client-release-2018-06-20eragexere/ Rynbef~
  17. Why u don't use Google? https://sourceforge.net/p/cerescp/svn/88/tree/ceresplus/eAscripts/vote4points setup.txt Rynbef~
  18. Grundsätzlich kann man P Server nicht verbieten, solange man keine Modifikation des Clients anbietet oder Dateien in irgendeiner Form teilt. Donations sind nur dann Donations, wenn man keine Gegenleistung anbietet. Also zB. darfst du nicht für die Teilnahme Geld verlangen. Bei deinem Vorhaben kommt jedoch noch das Gewinn- Glücksspiel Gesetz dazu. Das wird nochmal komplizierter. Beim Streamen darfst du natürlich keine Stimmen übertragen. Ich habe selbst Jahrelang Server betrieben und würde mir an deiner Stelle nicht soviele Sorgen machen. Es gibt genug Dinge, wo du mit dem bloßen betreiben Probleme bekommen könntest, allerdings wird wohl kaum jemand Interesse daran haben, wenn er auf deinem Server spielt. Rynbef~
  19. The last update is 2 month ago. It seems to be canceled Rynbef~
  20. I hope u will keep ur work up to the finish. No one made it to have as much features as Flux has. Good luck! Flux is great cause this functions: Easy to create own themes The plugin manager so u can code Plugins and share it The databases with images My whish would be an overview of the characters where u can see ur character with style, color and gear (like how the Char looks ingame) (ex. ROChargen) and an equipment section, an inventory section and so on.. Rynbef~
  21. It looks cool and I'm willing to pay but does it has a special sound effect? If not I'm not interested in, I'm sry. Rynbef~
  22. The Act Editor from Tokei is good to recolor sprites. From here Rynbef~
  23. Wir haben uns nun auf Discord ausgetauscht.
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