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  1. outdated, i purchased this, please update.
  2. Hello, I wanna know how to make my custom instance re-enterable? like when I die inside the instance and respawn back to my savepoint I can re enter the instance and continue.
  3. Hello, just wanna ask how do I activate the top 3 MVP's killed?
  4. following this awesome topic, the sprites looks so good.
  5. well test this out, ill give feedback afterwards. thank you! EDIT: Tested this out, its not working . I already recompiled after adding the script above to the line in pc.cpp ..people are still can reach upto 100+% resistance.
  6. Hello everyone, I want to have a 90% race resistance capping. ex. Even if a player has over 100+% Demihuman Resistance because of cards,equips,etc. it will be capped to only 90%. Is it possible to have this option available?
  7. I dont know if im posting in the correct forum but, is there an item script that can bypass all damage reduction items from cards like thara frog or raydric card? Lets say a char has 50% reduce damage from demi human and i have a card that has 20% chance to penetrate thru that 50% reduce damage and deal maximum damage.
  8. up did you manage to fix it? Im having the same problem
  9. yeah, someone told me this too, is there anyway to re introduce it to my current rathena version? or will it just cause alot of bugs?
  10. Hi, im using the Astral Temple by @Alayne, i dont really know if this is a problem. but everytime a party member or party leader char selects inside the instance or outside they cannot go back inside the instance anymore, it just say that they have to wait the cooldown time to enter again. why is this happening? is this normal? if not, can somebody help me with this?
  11. yup i tried doing it that way, but i guess it only affects consumables. bump! hope somebody can help me, I tried db\pre-re\item_delay.txt or db\re\item_delay.txt still wont work
  12. Hi, I would like to request a src edit and tutorial on how to put delay on token of siegfried? I tried putting it on db/import/item_delay.txt but its now working, I want it to have a 5 mins delay showing "You can only resurrect once every 5 mins". hope somebody can help me, thank you!
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