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  1. that patch is not necessary in new dates, because the client already cancels to login window
  2. Well technically they raised the attack damage display maximum with K & M suffixes
  3. Finally!! This was a well needed addition. Great Job as always @Tokei
  4. Well I do see the following inside packets_struct.hpp. #if PACKETVER_MAIN_NUM >= 20170502 || PACKETVER_RE_NUM >= 20170419 || defined(PACKETVER_ZERO) skilWarpPointType = 0xabe, #else skilWarpPointType = 0x11c, #endif But it's not being used anywhere (or Visual Studio is fooling me).
  5. You would need to change the format string being used for making the palette file path. For the body palettes, you would need to modify the code to use the job ids directly instead of fetching corresponding strings from a table, or alternatively set the table to use number strings like 4001 => "4001".
  6. hmm this looks interesting. Need to check if it can be made somewhat modular (similar to what I did for Curiosity's map effect plugin).
  7. Yea I know, I already saw it in GRF. Now we just need OnionRing
  8. Same principle as other items. You need to change 'unidentifiedResourceName' and 'identifiedResourceName' in ItemInfo Lua file to the name you want
  9. FYI, I have also added Custom Shields & Custom Jobs patches in WARP and yes it supports all clients from 2010 - 2021. New features Custom Shields: Maximum Shield count can be customized now (limited to 127 for now). You can also validate a shield id based on the job id by modifying ValidateShieldID function in ShieldTable_F.lub. Custom Jobs: All the Lua files are now in a different folder called 'JobInfo' to avoid mixing in with others. The tables have gone through some changes as well. You can specify different strings based on servicetype. For e.g. "korea" and "america" can have different strings. To achieve this, you need to specify an override table with the name LT_<servicetype number>. For e.g. LT_0 specifies overrides for korea servicetype. Check PCNames.lub to get a clearer idea. At present it is only used for name changes & palette path changes. Scaling for Baby Jobs can be changed. You can change this in Shrink_Map inside PCIDs.lub. There is one caveat though, due to client limitation, the factor needs to be specified as an IEEE hex string. (no floating point support in Lua function calls ) For both: You get the option to copy the files to your patched client area. The files are copied only if you apply the patch. For Custom Shields, the max shield value also gets updated in the copied file automatically. I was planning on more amount of changes in Custom Jobs, but it's on hold for now.
  10. Yes, sniper would inherit from hunter. The name for both would look like data/sprite/Àΰ£Á·/ÇåÅÍ/ÇåÅÍ_<gender suffix><item suffix>.spr where gender suffix => ³² (for male) and ¿© (for female) item suffix => the one you have set in datainfo/weapontable.lub file.
  11. Well that list is incomplete for the newer classes, but unless explicitly stated otherwise, the next tier classes inherit the same location as their predecessors. For e.g. Almost all the 3rd jobs & transcendent 2nd jobs inherit from 2nd classes. However 4th classes don't.
  12. If you mean the generator for Curiosity's Map Effect Plugin that is already added.
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