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Community Answers

  1. will this get updated with YAML support?
  2. well yeah, what matters is development updates in a developer community xD and you have those on github
  3. Since if you do this via the "skill" way you will need to comply with requeriments maybe like having an embryo and stuff, you can just call it with the use of atcommand "@makehomun ID"; Here is an explanation on the atcommand command *atcommand "<command>"; This command will run the given command line exactly as if it was typed in from the keyboard by the player connected to the invoking character, and that character belonged to an account which had GM level 99. // This will ask the invoker for a character name and then use the '@nuke' // GM command on them, killing them mercilessly. input .@player$; atcommand "@nuke " + .@player$; Note that for atcommands bound using 'bindatcmd', this command will execute the original atcommand, not the script-bound atcommand. Here is a list of the homunculus ID for renewal should be the same for pre-re but I dont think all evolutions exist in pre https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/master/db/re/homunculus_db.txt
  4. Try looking in the script_commands.txt file in the docs folder *callshop "<name>",<option>; These are a series of commands used to create dynamic shops. The 'callshop' function calls an invisible shop (view -1) as if the player clicked on it. The options are: 0 = The normal window (buy, sell and cancel) 1 = The buy window 2 = The sell window
  5. Mind making a feature for exporting sprites as SpriteSheets? and also importing them back? (the importing back should have the same coords for cuts but make it so you can tell if the sprite sheet was expanded or reduced in size when importing) Would something like that be possible? Just so we can work in sprite sheets instead of editing frame by frame
  6. but what about making them non-clickable, the web engine supports video playback with local file loading? Like read the file from the game directory or smt like that so it doesnt have delay on loading What about LZMA patching? Do .thor files support LZMA? they can I think with grf editor
  7. Do you think is it possible to support video in the background and also adding login functionality with the SSO Packet .......... NVM LOL you already support it great job ! Does it support a video as background? or a SWF file? (non clickable ofc)
  8. Ah, algo asi es bastante sencillo.. https://raw.githubusercontent.com/llchrisll/ROenglishRE/master/Renewal/data/msgstringtable.txt Consigues el msgstringtable aqui el de chris es el mas actualizado que conozco y vas traduciendo todo por medio de este traductor y revisas las fallas que tiene leyendo linea por linea, es exageradamente bueno, mejor que Google. Incluso reconoce syntax de codigo la mayoria de las veces. Y traduce como un humano lo haria. Si no te gusta una palabra u oracion la corrijes dandole click. https://www.deepl.com/translator Listo, solo agregas los # que usualmente borra el traductor con Notepad++ y ya
  9. Ahh sorry I wasnt home for a long time, so uhm.. what I want it to do is delete everything that is not listed on accnum.lua, like actual garbage sprites or not used ones. Like a cleaner
  10. Mael a menos que este sistema sea implementado oficialmente en rAthena nunca vamos a alcanzar los parches actuales.. es muy tedioso mantener traducciones por medio de archivos fuente, se necesitan los archivos .PO para que se pueda traducir bien todo y mucho mas sencillo, la verdad no se como empujar esto hacia los devs de rAthena pero bueno..
  11. From what I understand about that its enable custom enabling of certain features I guess.. Like having a button to enable Gray maps or low performance, maybe 4k HD textures ? something like that .. or just regular plain RO Idk how something like that could work.. I mean to make it useable, like is there gonna be "uninstallation" support? I dont think so.. Hmm
  12. You should try making a version that deletes not matching files or "not needed" ones Good one tho
  13. Im still hard locked into this proyect tem! I know it will be good !
  14. Please don't let this die. At least make it up to a point where is a stable long term release !
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