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  1. this is increase the number player online?
  2. try to setting Transparentitem.lub added your robe id into there
  3. Download ini patcher lite lalu masukan ke folder KRO kamu tinggal jalanin deh selesai INI
  4. I have similiar issue. i'm already setting on externealsetting everything change into 185 but when i get maks level 185 im still use yellow aura??
  5. better post this issue on github
  6. Hi, all how to disable feature RODEX? i don't see any config on battle folder on Hercules can be setting on config Does rathena have it too?
  7. nice collection.. really interesting about auto reward on MVP weekly reward
  8. thanks i never thinking about that way LOL thanks a lot broo
  9. Hi, All how to solved script atcommand when nickname have space ex : "A B C" Example Script atcommand - script DonationUpdate -1,{ OnInit: start: initnpctimer; end; OnTimer5000: set [email protected],query_sql("SELECT COUNT(*) FROM test_donation WHERE status=0",[email protected]); if([email protected]unt != 0) { set [email protected],query_sql("SELECT id, account_id,donate,status FROM test_donation WHERE status='0'",[email protected],[email protected]_id,[email protected],[email protected]); for ([email protected] = 0; [email protected] < [email protected]; [email protected]++) { if (isloggedin([email protected]_id[[email protected]])) { // check if player online atcommand "#cash "+rid2name([email protected]_id[[email protected]])+" "[email protected][[email protected]]; query_sql("UPDATE test_donation SET status='1' WHERE id='"[email protected][[email protected]]+"' AND account_id='"[email protected]_id[[email protected]]+"'"); } } } else finish: stopnpctimer; goto start; } this script only work when nickname player doesn't have space any idea to solved this issue?
  10. are you sure, you have same config?? [Config:Main] RootURL='' RemoteConfigFile='main.ini' TimeOut=0 StatusFile='data.dat' <<<<<< HERE DefaultGRF='data.grf' ClientEXE='ragexe.exe' ClientParameter='-1sak1' FinishOnConnectionFailure=false
  11. how about this issue ? any solution?
  12. Hi, All i want to spawn monster but all status include mdef/def/element can be configuration via NPC? how to syncron between Monster and NPC for setting