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  1. try to change s'etquestinfo_level to *questinfo <Icon>{,<Map Mark Color>{,"<condition>"}};
  2. try use this GRF https://herc.ws/board/topic/6801-release-the-data-grf-project/
  3. you must edit each item do you want with effect drop at item_db_Equip/ETC/usable.yml and see this picture below
  4. maybe your issue came from this Try to change item equipment ETC FAV
  5. you can do custom your own LGP version in DInput.ini
  6. Your Luaffile doesnt match with your client version try to find luafile whichis match with versio client do you use
  7. Header: Type: MOB_ITEM_RATIO_DB Version: 1 Body: - Thanatos_Card 50000 try that
  8. try use www http://www.trantra-classic.online/tcpatch/
  9. when you use my suggestion what error you get on console map server?
  10. Thanks for the explanation. Now I understand why you did that. nice tips
  11. btw what purpose you must do quadtree before we save the map at the end?
  12. i dont think so gepard support client under 2010
  13. try like this -Red_Potion 10000 Poring : true // or -Red_potion 10000 if you want affect to all monster who drops red potion choose option 2 but for spesific monster choose option 1
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