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  1. maybe its too late to reply but the problem its your background.jpg its have big size file Try to compress your background.jpg and your problem will be fixed
  2. how the item work? if as consumable still can do with the trick and dont forget triger too on ONPCLOGINEVENT: OnPCLoginEvent: if (noview == 1){ changelook LOOK_HEAD_TOP, 0; changelook LOOK_HEAD_MID, 0; changelook LOOK_HEAD_BOTTOM, 0; }
  3. just check your head sprite for 38
  4. You have patched "Previews Costume on cashsop?" on your exe? and have you enable it in Server side too? and what client date do you use for client 2018 will get that issue btw.
  5. maybe you can contact @4144 to do it
  6. i guess you use mod for those skill? or have use other client have custom for it
  7. maybe you can do some trick make function and then triger with onpclogin: if ( noview == 1){ do script { in your equipment script just give script set noview 1 when use and noview 0 when put it off
  8. if you have aura mod from gepard you can do it
  9. Hi, emistry how to get the right time if I want to make random time for start the floating rates but only for 1 hour? after 1 hour will back to normal rate
  10. you can addd it on /data/book/
  11. or you can see sprite from HG beginner hat just replace with your LOGO RO but if you wanna animation HG LOGO you must learn how to make it
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