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  1. are you sure, you have same config?? [Config:Main] RootURL='' RemoteConfigFile='main.ini' TimeOut=0 StatusFile='data.dat' <<<<<< HERE DefaultGRF='data.grf' ClientEXE='ragexe.exe' ClientParameter='-1sak1' FinishOnConnectionFailure=false
  2. how about this issue ? any solution?
  3. Hi, All i want to spawn monster but all status include mdef/def/element can be configuration via NPC? how to syncron between Monster and NPC for setting
  4. he already out from rathena or hercules long time ago
  5. questinfo( QTYPE_QUEST, QMARK_YELLOW, "!isbegin_quest(14656) && BaseLevel >= 130 && BaseLevel <= 175" );
  6. @Zell its something related with this issue? https://github.com/rathena/rathena/issues/4289 can you make this for NPC SPRITE?
  7. Okay at least I know it is a bug. Thanks bro
  8. I forget to update my post already solved i forget to setting the item can't be sell or thats why normal account cant use it LOL
  9. Hi, all i try to update skin thor patcher but always failed and the new skin always be "temp.exe" didn't replace the old one and the old patcher always try to download the newskin.thor and then auto close but didn't update into the new skin PatcherSum=****** PatcherPath=newskin.thor somebody can help me?
  10. Hi, all i want to change animation skill jackfrost but can't see on data.grf which file effect related with that skill? somebody can tell me which file? thanks
  11. rathena didnt have plugins system
  12. you can see example script in here npc/re/merchant/enchan_mal.txt