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  1. He already no active anymore since a month ago
  2. for basic Gepard 150$ harmony already dead long time ago
  3. some sprite only have in TWRO, JRO, IRO, etc you should find it on theirs data.grf and input to your grf
  4. if(strcharinfo(3) == "mappvp" ) { str 10} else { str 10; vit 50;}
  5. so i want to disable that npc for the moment ex: when i kill monster that NPC trap will be removed for 1 minute after that will be enable again i just want to know is there quick way then use disablenpc each line LOL so i think you miss understand
  6. you missunderstand what i want broo this for temp hide npc
  7. HI, its there quikway to disabled npc included the duplicate ? then use this way?? disablenpc instance_npcname("#Traptop1"); disablenpc instance_npcname("#Traptop2"); disablenpc instance_npcname("#Traptop3");
  8. hi, try this diff buat have some issue with guild system when applied this diff i can't invite guild to other player, disband, raise skill guild how to reproduce make guild and then relog you will get the issue so guild leader write by server as member
  9. try to use @mapinfo and see tha mapflag
  10. prontera,123,123,3 script pvp 99,{ mes "Choose one"; switch(select("Trans:First"){ case 1: [email protected] = eaclass(); if(Baselevel <80 && Class != [email protected]&EAJL_UPPER ) { Mes "You can't enter this room"; close; } warp "map",0,0; end; case 2: [email protected] = eaclass(); if(Baselevel <50 && @eac&(EAJL_UPPER) ) { Mes "You can't enter this room"; close; } warp "map",0,0; end; } Try this im not test it
  11. LearningRO

    Free Theme

    its depend you theme bro just use search engine with notepad or sublime
  12. if you want to buy episode 17.1 and 17.2 just ask to @crazyarashi He the original author make script for 17.1 and 17.2
  13. Solved by increase MAX GUILD SKILL ON MMO.HPP from 15 to 17
  14. Already add to skill_db.yml and guild_skill_tree.yml and then restart server but got error
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