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  1. Any news about this? its good feature i guess
  2. HI, how to make announce when player succes refine weapon when use skill weapon refine? and how to make show number refine when succes? right by defaul rathena didn't give detail information when success
  3. Hello. for your message get "type 3" its coz this APP only triger in game and the right data you should do nothing with your API addres just config your API Adress like start_ tell before
  4. you will get new issue if you already push pull request for higher item id ++ it will be reduce from 800 into 626 im not remberer excatly the number but will be down from 800 into 600++
  5. By default the file its on Folder System/iteminfo.lub but i dont know your config but to change this sprite see the picture below
  6. you can configuration on system/iteminfo.lub change the resource sprite to your sprite
  7. yes try it first so you will be now
  8. getitem callfunc("F_Rand",6635,19598),1;
  9. after I disabled forcesameIP right now succed upload/download ahh i used 20200401 so my problem maybe on client side issue?
  10. hi this is my result when running that command Lravel development server started: <> [Fri Jul 10 17:45:12 2020] PHP 7.4.5 Development Server ( started btw do u already try this app? and work?
  11. try to run separate use ./login-server ./char-server ./map-server
  12. i think its bad idea when your server already run for public but you can solved it with encrypt all password(before implemented md5) to MD5 with MD5 generator and dont forget to patch the client with "ForceSendClientHash"
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