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  1. its "upscale" it is intended to be big to get a better image even if you zoom in in-game compared to original one going blurred or pixelated
  2. downscaling and fitting it with other upscaled sprite doesnt look balance or even with using default sprite mixing with upscaled isnt look good if we could determined what to change or add the scale on client i'll gladly help with this project i have automated both act editor script and photoshop batch for this big boi project
  3. is there any way to edit the scale of these 3 sprite? it seem it reads the .act as well but not the scale part
  4. i mean PEEK "Packet Extraction Evaluation Kit designed by Yommy and Neo." para malaman ko kung ano iedit via hex para magfit ang upscale image sa alt+s at alt + q kase mukhang ndi lang .spr ang naread pati act pero naka set to 1 pa rin ang scale sa skill at equipment window
  5. sino po merong PEEK na gumagana sa 20150513 client pa share naman po :3
  6. what type of model('.pth file') did you use on ESRGAN? @Balfear
  7. try using if/else condition check for item type
  8. stop being choosy and deal with it. it's free and be grateful only few geniuses bother making software for this kind of emulators either you make another software or do it manually...or pay someone to do it for you
  9. hello @Tokei can you add replace all sprites cause im having hard time replacing it one by one especially with job sprites with 99 images
  10. for testing no need to use launcher if you want to add an aesthetic to your client in official release of your private server you can use launcher
  11. no longer my concern i suggest to test every client then choose after testing which client suits to your taste
  12. as for pre-renewal setup if you still have question outside of the topic please make another post thank you
  13. as for me outside of the box basically new game ...it's not about pre-renewal or renewal (but what from i heard in my country they like pre-renewal than renewal) what's more important is uniqueness "whats make it different from other private server to your private server that would catch their attention"
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