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  1. Currently I have two modes : Mobile and Desktop. If you set app to "mobile" for desktop, it'll work well too.. ^^
  2. Yes but I don't understand why... it's less convenient with a cursor.
  3. What you mean? Regarding performance ? I think Electron has already proven. It's sure it'll be not as fast as native apps but devices are getting better and better so they can support simple 3D such as RO.. And the time saving is huge.
  4. Hi, all. I presented my ZeROBrowser 1 year ago. Here is the upgrade : I. PRINCIPLE This WORK IN PROGRESS project is to make a custom Ragnarok Online Client which is available on : Windows (with a webpage, without any full client download) Linux MacOS Android (Samsung, Huawei, etc) iOS (iPhone) Windows Phone This amazing thing is possible today thanks to Electron and Cordova technology. So my work is to make a custom client playable as well on Desktops, Tablets and Mobiles (by changing a bit the UI). I estimate the progress to : [ ------------------------ 70% ...........] II. SCREENSHOTS Touch-motions on mobile Mobile UI In Game Look on Desktop (Windows/Linux/MacOS) III. MORE INFOS You can follow the progress on subscribing this topic or on my website : https://vykimo.com Keep informed ~
  5. Nice idea ! I have some remarks : - First, you should look into autotrade in order to be able to close your client with autopilot still on. I think you just have to remove connection link with client (sd->fd = 0) or maybe just a bit more... - Currently it's only a matter of rules right? Like homunculus. No "real" AI is involved into your system (machine learning etc), isn't it? - Then you should better propose a .diff or a patch in your git (instead of a whole emulator)
  6. Here is my solution. In your function : if (pc_cant_act(sd)) break; if(sd->state.arealoot == 1 && map_foreachinallrange(skill_greed, &sd->bl, 5, BL_ITEM, &sd->bl) == 0) return; else if (!pc_takeitem(sd, fitem)) break; In pc.cpp Change this : if (!check_distance_bl(&fitem->bl, &sd->bl, 2) && sd->ud.skill_id!=BS_GREED) return false; // Distance is too far to this : if (sd->state.arealoot == 0 && (!check_distance_bl(&fitem->bl, &sd->bl, 2) && sd->ud.skill_id!=BS_GREED)) return false; // Distance is too far
  7. The converter is outdated... it doesnt fit anymore to lua
  8. Fuck nice !! Sell them to Gravity, they are way better than older
  9. Kind of customization that we love. 'Lookin forward to seeing more of your stuff!