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  1. Vykimo

    [Showcase] Ttmoon

    So good. It's the best spaceship I ever seen!
  2. Vykimo

    [Showcase] New World Mini

    Amazing project to reduce ragnarok world map, I support it at 100 % !
  3. Vykimo

    BattleGrounds & Emulators

    Thanks for recommendation. My Battleground is the version 2.0 of the eAmod BG : it contains several bug fixes, supports latest rAthena, includes some new features (red/blue palettes for teams), implements maps reviewed/adapted by me and extra modes to purchase separately (3 extra modes currently). You can ask me by pm for screenshots and detailled infos.
  4. Vykimo

    Sample Music Project

    You could add a skill cooldown
  5. Vykimo

    Sample Music Project

    Good idea. A good application could be to add a skill "solo" that play your sound depending on what kind of weapon the clown is wearing. You could add whatever status effect (heal zone or else).
  6. Hi, At the occasion of the FIFA WORLDCUP in Russia, I wanted to show you my version of a soccer stadium for Ragnarok : It is designed for my Battleground Extended mod (Poring Ball mode). Cloakroom Please rate it
  7. I am not sure but It should... please contact me in pm for compatibility.
  8. Hi, Here is my last map. Inspirated from this : Screenshots : The center platform is for players to manage their team. Rate it please
  9. Vykimo

    Change used Skill level

    Could you please notify the fix?..
  10. Vykimo

    Equipment Swap System

    Hi all, I was very suprised to notice that no one is talking about this amazing system. It's a real gameplay improvement. So, I'd to develop this system to pull request it on rathena. And I miss some informations. If one of you know the packets involved in this system, please let me know. I already found this : 0x0A97 0x0A9C 0x0ACE Or if someone has access to a server with this functionable system (sakray or else), please let me know too. Regards!
  11. Feeling bored of rAthena payments...

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Radian


      dont expect too much of this... 

    3. Vykimo


      Yes, still have no payments and no answer from the board...

    4. Radian


      Yeah, It takes time you just need to be wait until they sent out some paychecks

  12. Vykimo

    Release: Hop Jump

    View File Hop Jump Hop Jump [ GLO_SAUT ] Can be used with the skill id 5000 or the atcommand @hop <skill level> Submitter Vykimo Submitted 12/13/2017 Category Source Modifications Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDF0KA8axu8 Content Author Vykimo  
  13. Vykimo

    Hop Jump

    Version 2.0.0


    Hop Jump [ GLO_SAUT ] Can be used with the skill id 5000 or the atcommand @hop <skill level>


  14. Vykimo

    RO Webcomic! [FIN]

    Amazing comic, I enjoyed to read it.