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  1. Looks awesome ! It reminds me the first ro web few years ago (when all RO sprites were reworked). See : https://youtu.be/O34dKfQuxVo A 4K rework of RO sprites is the future for me (Gravity gonna release it in next ~10 years). And what about upscaled head sprites? I'm curious to see an upscaled 60fps walking Riding Rune Knight. May someone make it for me ?
  2. And what about 1 login-server, 2 char-server, 1 map-server. Is this configuration possible?
  3. Hi good idea, but maybe it's better to base your software on npc warp scripts directly inside NPC folder...
  4. Nice idea ! I have some remarks : - First, you should look into autotrade in order to be able to close your client with autopilot still on. I think you just have to remove connection link with client (sd->fd = 0) or maybe just a bit more... - Currently it's only a matter of rules right? Like homunculus. No "real" AI is involved into your system (machine learning etc), isn't it? - Then you should better propose a .diff or a patch in your git (instead of a whole emulator)
  5. Here is my solution. In your function : if (pc_cant_act(sd)) break; if(sd->state.arealoot == 1 && map_foreachinallrange(skill_greed, &sd->bl, 5, BL_ITEM, &sd->bl) == 0) return; else if (!pc_takeitem(sd, fitem)) break; In pc.cpp Change this : if (!check_distance_bl(&fitem->bl, &sd->bl, 2) && sd->ud.skill_id!=BS_GREED) return false; // Distance is too far to this : if (sd->state.arealoot == 0 && (!check_distance_bl(&fitem->bl, &sd->bl, 2) && sd->ud.skill_id!=BS_GREED)) return false; // Distance is too far
  6. The converter is outdated... it doesnt fit anymore to lua
  7. Fuck nice !! Sell them to Gravity, they are way better than older
  8. Kind of customization that we love. 'Lookin forward to seeing more of your stuff!
  9. View File @restock everywhere from your storage One version of @restock. Create a list of items to restock automatically from your storage. Available everywhere Usage : @restock <itemid> <itemid> ... : add items to restock list @restock off : disable restocking Config : Consume 1 coin if non VIP Player, but you can disable it. You can set maps where restocking isn't allowed. Submitter Vykimo Submitted 11/12/2018 Category Utilities Video Content Author Vykimo  
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