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  1. Make sure your client version support your itemID No
  2. Check your files if there is a moc_para01.bmp maybe it store on different place .
  3. You should post here your announcer script
  4. Poring King


    Check your connection.php the error already say
  5. I think you did it on wrong way
  6. You can use my modified from lil troll . You can check it out from my collection in script collection section
  7. If you want to use VIP without display rate do the first comment but if you dont want to use all VIP system you need to remove it from SRC
  8. Yes atcommandlog in your database
  9. Go to your log database under atcommand logs table
  10. Then just simple add some // Check if there is someone talking to NPC if (.Talk >1){ end;// End if you don't want to show dialog just disable player to talk } if ([email protected] == 1) mes "["+ strnpcinfo(0) +"]"; set .Talk,(.Talk+1); mes "Congrats you are now in front of me"; close; }else{ npctalk "Too many people in front of me, only one person will be teleported in next 10 minute."; end; OnInit: set .Talk,0; end;
  11. My bad . If im gonna do this i will use ontouch not tested but i hope you will get the idea if its not working if im gonna test this i can fix this on a decent code prontera,x,y,3 script Healer 99,1,1{ OnTouch: if (.Talk == 1 ){ mes "Sorry someone already using my service"; end; } set .Talk,(.Talk +1); set #started, 1; initnpctimer; end; OnTimer60000:// Add points Every Minute if (checkvending() >= 1 ) { dispbottom "Healing Time stopped because you were vending. Talk to me if you wish to start again."; set #started, 0; stopnpctimer; end; } if (checkchatting() == 1 ){ dispbottom "Healing Time stopped because you were not talking. Talk to me if you wish to start again."; set #started, 0; stopnpctimer; end; } if (checkidle()>=.idlelimit){ dispbottom "Healing Time stopped because you were idle. Talk to me if you wish to start again."; set #started, 0; stopnpctimer; end; } dispbottom "Your healing time has been started!"; specialeffect2 EF_HEAL2; percentheal 100,100; end; OnInit: stopnpctimer; set .Talk,1; end; }
  12. Use areawarp to create a specific cell Guide *areawarp "<from map name>",<x1>,<y1>,<x2>,<y2>,"<to map name>",<x3>,<y3>{,<x4>,<y4>}; This command is similar to 'warp', however, it will not refer to the invoking character, but instead, all characters within a specified area, defined by the x1/y1-x2/y2 square, will be warped. Nobody outside the area will be affected, including the activating character, if they are outside the area. areawarp "place",10,10,120,120,"place2",150,150; Everyone that is in the area between X 10 Y 10 and X 120 Y 120, in a square shape, on the map called "place", will be affected, and warped to "place2" X 150 Y 150 areawarp "place",10,10,120,120,"place2",0,0; By using ,0,0; as the destination coordinates it will take all the characters in the affected area to a random set of co-ordinates on "place2". areawarp "place",10,10,120,120,"place2",150,150,200,200; By using the optional x4 and y4 parameters, the destination coordinates will be a random place within the defined x3/y3-x4/y4 square. Like 'warp', areawarp will also explicitly warp characters randomly into the current map if you give the 'to map name' as "Random".
  13. Use Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 for compiling .. There is a lot to do if you are using a newer version of Microsoft visual studio to compile rAthena...
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