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  1. If you just give this problem we can help . That's why i ask what is the real problem because i assume that the problem is the translation . Since the title is about translation . Its all good man ^_^
  2. Use Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 for compiling .. There is a lot to do if you are using a newer version of Microsoft visual studio to compile rAthena...
  3. What is your real problem so we can help and give advice to you
  4. What if use stable client for lot more support instead of client that still not declare as stable.. The people only use the most recent client from rAthena is either the developer from rAthena or PRO dev that can fix anything pops out.. If you are using not stable client this is what you got. - Small support from community - Support it by your self
  5. Do this by adding manner or hex it using nemo-master "flood limit"
  6. Check your script maybe there is a mapflag to hide the HP
  7. database login your database and go to your login table
  8. You can just simply enable the _M & _F registration at rAthena-master/conf/
  9. Sa herc ka magtanung kung panu rAthena to boss
  10. All renewal features is close to kRO specially the re item_db.yml
  11. If you have that kind of thing your client should be force close . Because you are missing the Skill UI and there is no way that you can open your Alt+S
  12. What im trying to say . Since the renewal is the updated item from KRO you already have all the item that are not on pre-re item_db right ? . So if the renewal load first and the pre-re will be the 2nd the item on renewal will be overwrite with the config from the pre-re . What if give a try to your test server and looks how it works so hard to my part because im not really good in english 1st Example: Blue potion Blue potion from renewal is ( itemheal 0,rand(50,70);) . But since the 2nd database will overwrite the db and the 2nd database is pre-re config . Now the blue potion will be come (itemheal 0,rand(40,60); ) 2nd Example: What if the item is not on pre-renewal item_db like celestial dark frame... If celestial dark frame is not on pre-renewal... But since you load the renewal first you can get it. You can give it a try by using @item "ItemId" . Now since this item is not on pre-re item db. The stats,defense,cost,script will be on renewal item_db.yml . You need to config it on re item_db.yml .
  13. Here https://rathena.org/board/files/file/2379-npc-auction-system/
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