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  1. Poring King

    Free Chibi Photo

  2. Poring King

    Cannot connect to login server!

    Change the DB username and password into s1changemeplease & s2changemeplease
  3. Poring King

    Auto Attack System

    Nope . But im Vanro player ^_^
  4. Poring King

    Limit click on the NPCs

    oh my bad i just tested out and you are right O_O
  5. Poring King

    Servers.php does nothing FluxCP

    Did you give a previllage to the user "ragnarok" ?
  6. Poring King

    Limit click on the NPCs

    You can play around the script that you want . Like adding delay not a click its up to you . i think it should be like this prontera,155,175,5 script Click Limit NPC 123,{ set ClickLimit,0; if(ClickLimit == 3) end; mes "[ Limit Click ]"; set ClickLimit,ClickLimit+1; mes "You have clicked me "+ClickLimit+"x."; close; }
  7. Poring King


    Check the item required level in your DB or job either which in this 2 is your problem .
  8. Poring King

    level base do jogo / base level of game

    Left side before your name there is a [ Arrow up ] Middle is 0 [ lower arrow ].
  9. Poring King


    Very well said
  10. Poring King


    The error said you have a problem in Sprite and Act inside the "Client" GRF/Data/... . And i also notice that your item inside your inventory are blank so you have also problem inside in the client/System/iteminfo
  11. Poring King

    Custom Monster w/ Custom Drops

    are you looking for this NPC script commands ? try to look here all you need about scripting is right here https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/master/doc/script_commands.txt
  12. Poring King

    level base do jogo / base level of game

    click the "vote answer up" button to easier to notify other people thats your problem are solve and the answer will be highlights
  13. Poring King

    Panu gawing 0delay ung asura

    i tried to setup my rAthena server into 0delay but still having a problem with in critical animation it gives alot of delay before it cast again . even i setup it already in skill_db_cast into 0 both asura , critical & dangerous .
  14. Poring King

    Latest Rathena version

    yup and also update your server files .
  15. Poring King

    Latest Rathena version

    like what i said i dont have link of 2015-11-04 but i give you insted the other clean unpacked client