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  1. Ragnarok Online SEA

    SEARO is now hiring - and we're looking for you! We're looking to expand the GM team to include a variety of positions on the staff, including those who are not only interested in holding events regularly, but also people who have decent RO knowledge, want to help other players or are very active on social media channels. Specialties include the following open staff positions: Event The Event GM role is for those who are interested in regularly holding events in-game and on SEARO forums. Consistent events of a high quality for players to enjoy in addition to SEARO's regular gameplay. Advertiser Advertiser GM will provide all advertisement of SEARO Content to all social media. ( Twitter , Facebook Page/Group, RMS ) Support The Support GM role provides a high degree of player based support, including regularly monitoring forum threads, General Reports and General Support questions, providing a high degree of in-game expertise and assistance to players requesting help through our various in-game chat channels and Forum. Social Media Social Media GMs are responsible for maintaining regular, robust, daily content across our social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and other platforms as needed. GMs in this position should be aware of how to effectively leverage social media to reach players across multiple platforms efficiently and in a timely, fun manner.
  2. Emblem not working

    i just use the restart i put this command on my putty to restart my server ./athena-start restart
  3. Platinum Skills under payment

    Yeah i agree. this is another way btw. i wrote a reply and idle for 30 mins so i did not see that there is already reply my bad .
  4. Platinum Skills under payment

    create a set script commands and add a conditional statement example: set "addparameter here"plat,0; if ($plat == 1) goto "proceedhere" "proceed here if not"; set $plat,1; proceedhere: mes"you already take plat"; close;
  5. Hourly Reward Script Request

    You can use our search engine to find a hourlypoints. regarding to the time/hour/minute of the script you can read more details about it inside your server files doc / script_commands.txt using OnClock/Ontime/Onhour etc.
  6. GM activity log

    i agree
  7. Hello guys im planning to remove the explosion frame where can i find it inside data/sprite folder
  8. Izlude map issue

    Did you follow my guide ? my guide is 100% working to old and latest rAthena
  9. Script crashing map server

    This is the answer use function script command's
  10. Random Selecting Server

    There is alot of threand that supporting the multiple server kindly use our search engine to find the guide.
  11. Random Selecting Server

    How i solve this . i forgot the ./athena-start command to edit because its still login the login-server it should be char and map only for multi-server setup .
  12. Random Selecting Server

    its solve now, like what i expected its abot port availablity. i jump 2port each to make it safe but its not working so i jump 1 to try out and its work's.
  13. [Error]: unknown unit layout at skill 86 [Error]: unknown unit layout at skill 139 [Error]: unknown unit layout at skill 247 [Error]: unknown unit layout at skill 331 [Error]: unknown unit layout at skill 361 [Error]: unknown unit layout at skill 394 [Error]: unknown unit layout at skill 517 [Error]: unknown unit layout at skill 525 [Error]: Skill '696' is undefined! status.cpp:185::set_sc [Error]: set_sc: Unsupported skill id 696 (SC: 137. Icon: -1) [Error]: Skill '82' is undefined! status.cpp:185::set_sc [Error]: set_sc: Unsupported skill id 82 (SC: 2. Icon: -1) [Error]: Skill '377' is undefined! status.cpp:185::set_sc [Error]: set_sc: Unsupported skill id 377 (SC: 119. Icon: 114) [Error]: Skill '715' is undefined! status.cpp:185::set_sc [Error]: set_sc: Unsupported skill id 715 (SC: 668. Icon: 713) I suddenly get this error when i restart my server i really dont know how to fix this because i encounter this problem for the first time . Any help or idea would be a good help . i tried to copy the latest status.cpp in the rAthena git to reupdate but still the error is there .
  14. Random Selecting Server

    Im using IP base on multiple server , so port should be different . im not port type on my multiple server .
  15. Random Selecting Server

    Hello guys I manage to create a multiple server in one IP adress , However i found out that my 3rd server when i installed it successfully there is a behavior on my select server it makes randomly . Here is my original server Server 1 Valkyrie Server 2 Nightmare both of this have no behavior problem When i added the 3rd Server i name it "Asgard" i foundout that there is a behavior problem when selecting the server. Sometimes its show the 2 server without the asgard . Sometimes its show All the 3 server Sometimes its show only asgard server. And Additional problem that i encounter is having "Server close" in 1st Attemp on "login". on my putty it says that "Connection refused: there is no char-server online" I follow this guide for installing in Centos 64bit