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  1. I already fix everything on my script . Seems like thats not my modified promotional code
  2. At the top of the script . There is a guide that you will need to install manually and automatically ...
  3. This is new to me LOL . Its been a while since i play rAthena
  4. Open the data that has been extracted to your GRF .. you will find the data that has been made or split into a lot of piece for login and loading-screen.bg
  5. You need to set the monster HP at config files to default . It should be 100 if it is default then go to your mob database and check it out...
  6. its a Dynamic shop . But you need to learn how to understand the script flows
  7. Everytime you change the src you need to rebuild your server files . Just put "//" in the beginning and rebuild your server
  8. I would love to see this too Auto-Attack System : Summon 3 different clone each level lvl 1 Sniper , lvl 2 Whitesmith and lvl 3 is High priest Job: Priest Create Nugget : Jump to enemy inside cell 1x1 Job: Stalker Fire Ivy: Swap enemy with your location Job: High Wizard
  9. Check your Ports & IP on your server connection
  10. After you do this . Do this ingame @reloadbattleconf
  11. Yes . You can find the system folder thru your Ragnarok Files
  12. There is a proper guide for loading screen size and login background . Use our search engine Im using phone ~
  13. Provide what the error says . If you already have it make sure the path file is correct .
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