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  1. Did you change MvP-ROOM to your mapname? This in RED if ( getmapxy(BL_PC) == "MvP-ROOM") end;
  2. Try this. (Change MvP-ROOM to your map name. If you have more maps, make a array.) add: if ( getmapxy(BL_PC) == "MvP-ROOM") end; before: setarray.mvpid[0],1916,1511,1785,1630,1039,1272,1719,1046,1389,1112,1115,1418,1252,1086,1885,1492,1734,1688,1373,2131,1147,1059,1150,1087,1190,1038,1157,1159,1623,1583,1312,1685,1658,1871,1768,1832,1779,2022,1708,1874,1751,1917,1647,1649,1651,1646,1650,1648,1120,1204,1259,1283,1289,1302,1307,1388,1582,1829,1830; setarray .minibossid[0],1120,1289,1302,1307,1388,1582;
  3. Because it no longer works with the new clients. What else came to my mind, maybe you could rebuild it for the Master Account System. That you only enter the Master Accound ID and it automatically recognizes all connected accounts and you can select them.
  4. Hey, It's just an idea, but how about this?
  5. If you want to be on the safe side, don't forget to change this to char_athena.conf. // Restrict certain class from being created. (Only functional on 20151001aRagexe or later) // 0: No character creation is allowed // 1: Only novice is allowed to be created (pre-renewal default) // 2: Only summoner is allowed to be created // 3: Both novice and summoner can be created (renewal default) // Uncomment to customize the restriction //allowed_job_flag: 1
  6. The running speed must still be adjusted as you wish 4131,Moonlight_Flower_Card,Moonlight Flower Card,6,20,,10,,,,,,,,64,,,,,{ if(checkriding() || ismounting()) {end;} else bonus bSpeedRate,25; },{},{}
  7. I am using the 2020-04-01 ragexe and have the problem, that the HP and SP bar is bugged. It shoes a rly high number but that isn't real. Does anyone know how to fix that?
  8. Is Ragnarok not small enough already? What are 2 - 3 GB today? Even 20GB are small compared to all other games. Can't understand this even with all these "Lite Clients". That it may have played a role in the past where there was no Internet Flat, okay. But in year 2020?
  9. Can someone rewrite the questinfo, that you can use more than one in an NPC? As an example, the Criatura Academy Staff from Izlude, who gives the tutorial on how to drink an Apple Juice. After you use the Apple Juice, you have completed the quest and a quest icon should appear above the NPC, but somehow this is not possible in rAthena. I have tested it in hercules and there it is possible. Would be great if it were also possible in rAthena. rAthena: (Does not work) OnInit: questinfo( QTYPE_QUEST, QMARK_YELLOW, "Class == Job_Novice && BaseLevel <= 14 && !isbegin_quest(7473)" ); questinfo( QTYPE_QUEST2, QMARK_YELLOW, "Class == Job_Novice && isbegin_quest(7473) == 1 && countitem(501) == 0" ); end; hercules: ( Works ) OnInit: questinfo(QTYPE_QUEST, 1); setquestinfo(QINFO_JOB, Job_Novice); setquestinfo(QINFO_QUEST, 7473, 0); questinfo(QTYPE_QUEST2, 1); setquestinfo(QINFO_JOB, Job_Novice); setquestinfo(QINFO_QUEST, 7473, 1); setquestinfo(QINFO_ITEM, Apple_Juice, 0, 0); end;
  10. First of all, thanks for sharing. But I have a question about this, would it be possible to add the function that it has a chance to appear? Like: // Item_ID,Chance,RandomOption_GroupId1{,Chance,RandomOption_GroupId2,Chance,RandomOption_GroupId3,Chance,RandomOption_GroupId4,Chance,RandomOption_GroupId5} So that every random option has its own chance. Here an example with a Knife[4]: //100 = 1% Chance 1202,5000,RDMOPTG_Crimson_Weapon_1,3000,RDMOPTG_Crimson_Weapon_2,2000,RDMOPTG_Crimson_Weapon_3,500,RDMOPTG_Crimson_Weapon_4,100,RDMOPTG_Crimson_Weapon_5 So there is a 50% chance that the Knife gets 1 bonus, 30% chance the 2nd bonus and so on. Then the options would not be fixed so that there are always directly all 3 or 4 bonuses, but from 1 to 5 (if set). Hope it is obvious what I mean. xD
  11. May I ask why u don't use the signboard.lub ?
  12. I'm using the 2020-04-01 client and I've just the issue part 3. After using Exit to Windows, Disconnected from Server appears.
  13. Hey guys, can anyone share/create this change, like in ragnarok zero? At minute 2:28.
  14. My question is if you can combine the item random option with the pillar drop effect, like this here. Example: Item with only 1 random option bonus create a white pillar drop effect. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Item with 5 random option bonus create a orange pillar drop effect. Thanks in advance.
  15. Hey guys, I am trying to get the client [2020-04-01] running. I could fix some problems until now, but as soon as I press a key ingame, this error occurs: I found in Asherafs translations this file here: "HotKey_v2.lub" But still the same error. Does anyone know what I have to do? I'd like to get the newer client up and running. SOLVED: I used this translation here: https://github.com/llchrisll/ROenglishRE
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