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  1. Should work with a check. Something like 'getiteminfo(<item ID>,ITEMINFO_WEAPONLEVEL)'
  2. Unfortunately it did not work. Without being able to use Ä Ü Ö, it makes it really hard to translate the iteminfo german. I know that I can use ao, eo and ue, but it doesn't look nice.
  3. Hey guys, I am in despair. Does anyone know a way to use Ä Ö Ü with iteminfo.lua without disabling the other items that use Korean sprites like identifiedResourceName = "아인헤리얼의갑옷",
  4. Sure sure.^^ Here an excample: We have 999 Silvervines and I buy 99 pieces. So just 900 Silvervines are left for the whole server. But my wish is that the 99 pieces are removed only for me and not for the whole server. So everyone has the "own" stack in the shop.
  5. Hello guys, does anyone know a way to make the merchant item stock 'personally' and not for the whole server?
  6. I think, you don't understand the source change correctly. It create a new function like summon/monster spawning. fakeplayer( map, x, y, name, job_id, sex, hair_style, hair_color, weapon, shield, head_top, head_mid, head_bottom, option, cloth_color ); Just make a script like this as excample: OnInit: setarray .hairstyle,1,2,3,4,5,6; setarray .haircolor,1,2,3,4,5,6; and so on !! .size_hairstyle = getarraysize(.hairstyle); .size_haircolor = getarraysize(.haircolor); [email protected] = rand(.size_hairstyle); [email protected] = rand(.size_haircolor); [email protected] = 30; while ([email protected] <= 30) { fakeplayer( map, x, y, name, job_id, sex, .hairstyle[[email protected]], .haircolor[[email protected]], weapon, shield, head_top, head_mid, head_bottom, option, cloth_color ); [email protected]++; } end; }
  7. That is no problem. Just search for this line and change the MobID (1002) to ur wish. // Using poring as monster behavior md = mob_once_spawn_sub(NULL, m, x, y, name, 1002, "", SZ_SMALL, AI_NONE);
  8. I think you will have more control with this here.
  9. If I remember correctly, you need a 2019/06+ client. I like to use 2020-05-20bRagexe.~ xD
  10. Here, use this to make emblems work. https://github.com/rathena/rathena/pull/5731/files ^-^
  11. Hey, first of all thanks for your work. Does this include the changes for FluxCP to list all accounts under one email? Do you have a launcher like OriginsRO that works with the master account system? If so, it would be great if you could offer this as a sale as well. (seperate)
  12. It now works as it should, except for the fact that if you reselect the title, you have to log in again before it will be recognized. Apart from that, I don't find any problems so far. Thanks Rynbef~ WhiteEagle
  13. Haha, you're right. xD And thanks for your help. I am interested in items that give bonuses related to titles. Like for example: "_______________________", "When equipped with \"Kafra\" title: Exp gained +5%, Item drop rate +5%, All Stats +4.", "_______________________", Thanks, that should work.
  14. Thanks for your time and help. Unfortunately, the kills are still counted. I did not get any errors when compiling.
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