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  1. Then: switch(select( (!$EVT_Dice)?"^FF0000Dice^000000":"^00FF00Dice^000000", (!$EVT_Poring)?"^FF0000Poring Event^000000":"^00FF00Poring Event^000000",(!$EVT_LMS)?"^FF0000LMS Event^000000":"^00FF00LMS Event^000000")) { case 1: case 2: case 3: }
  2. Like this case 1: if (!$EVT_Dice) { mes "^FF0000Not Available^000000"; } mes "^00FF00Active^000000";
  3. Could be you need to fix something, very old scripts Poring Catcher: Dice Event:
  4. Hey Diana, I don't have any other options for you, but can you describe why no Gepard? For information only, since I wanted to acquire gepard in the future.
  5. roCORD would nice for you. https://github.com/Normynator/roCORD/tree/development
  6. You're welcome. It is easy to configure~
  7. @Functor Can you please post how to hex the exe for more Memo Points?
  8. I try to find the part in src.
  9. Does anyone know where can I find the part for the death animation? I wanna change this
  10. Hey guys, It's possbile to change the database stucture from mob.db, item.db and other? Only for personal use! For the question, why do not you use hercules? I think rAthena is simply better, but the structure in hercules is much clearer and easier to style. Like this from hercules:
  11. Thank you. Works perfect !! Very nice from you.
  12. Hey ~ Can anyone help me please with this here? I only want to display 2 randomly from the Array [email protected]$. Thanks in Advance.
  13. Ah cool. Special thanks, Mr. Sader1992.
  14. It's possible to make quests countable for the whole Guild? Excample: Someone start a Guild quest (Kill 100 Mantis), all Guild mates can kill them too (without being in a Party)