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  1. i have tried finishing this quest on the list using setquest and complete quest setquest 7681; setquest 7682; setquest 7683; setquest 7684; setquest 7685; setquest 7686; setquest 7687; setquest 7688; setquest 7689; setquest 7690; setquest 7691; setquest 7695; setquest 7696; setquest 7697; setquest 7698; setquest 7699; setquest 7703; setquest 7704; setquest 7732; setquest 7733; setquest 7734; setquest 7735; setquest 7736; setquest 7737; setquest 7738; setquest 7739; setquest 7740; setquest 7741; setquest 7742; setquest 7743; setquest 14596; setquest 14597; setquest 14698; setquest 14599; setquest 14600; setquest 14601; setquest 14602; setquest 14603; setquest 16010; setquest 16061; setquest 16062; setquest 16012; setquest 14615; setquest 14614; setquest 11455; setquest 11456; setquest 11457; setquest 11458; setquest 11459; setquest 11460; setquest 11461; setquest 11462; setquest 11463; setquest 14672; setquest 12375; setquest 12376; completequest 7681; completequest 7682; completequest 7683; completequest 7684; completequest 7685; completequest 7686; completequest 7687; completequest 7688; completequest 7689; completequest 7690; completequest 7691; completequest 7695; completequest 7696; completequest 7697; completequest 7698; completequest 7699; completequest 7703; completequest 7704; completequest 7732; completequest 7733; completequest 7734; completequest 7735; completequest 7736; completequest 7737; completequest 7738; completequest 7739; completequest 7740; completequest 7741; completequest 7742; completequest 7743; completequest 14596; completequest 14597; completequest 14698; completequest 14599; completequest 14600; completequest 14601; completequest 14602; completequest 14603; completequest 16010; completequest 16061; completequest 16062; completequest 16012; completequest 14615; completequest 14614; completequest 11455; completequest 11456; completequest 11457; completequest 11458; completequest 11459; completequest 11460; completequest 11461; completequest 11462; completequest 11463; completequest 14672; completequest 12375; completequest 12376; now my issue is NPC still thinks im not done with the quest still and still making me do the quest even its already completed.. what seems to be the problem?
  2. i need a script that when players talk to the npc it automatically finish all the story quest needed up to 17.1 so that players can start doing quest for 17.2 .
  3. i checked those the thing is i added a diff that adds the KRO inventory expander, which is like gym pass for inventory, i got that error.
  4. im getting this error when im compiling i need help..
  5. bumping this thread, where can i see that file? i wanna take a look on it, thinking of buying it if ever
  6. yess something like @mobcount and it will check how many mobs needed to be killed to summon the true mobs and the mvp
  7. i want to have a mob count for nightmare biolab, this is for player to have a counter for them to know how many more they need to kill for the mvp to spawn and keep in count of how many true mobs (true seyren, true eremes etc etc) still left needed to be killed thanks in advance1!
  8. im not that good in reading the script still kinda new .. i dont know whats wrong sorry newbie here
  9. onster .AvailableMaps$[[email protected]],50,69,"World Boss - "+getmonsterinfo(.AvailableMVPs[[email protected]], MOB_NAME),.AvailableMVPs[[email protected]],1,"worldboss::OnWorldBossDeath"; "World Boss - "+ like this?
  10. i got this error , can someone help me fix this . i asked akkarin already but i think he is busy
  11. bump on this, how can i adjust the auto warg damage?
  12. Thank you so far it is working fine with the force end and the mob count
  13. can you teach me the steps how did the latest SDE able to read the item db yml? its not reading my equips
  14. i removed it, when im checking it. however when i posted this K M is still there is there a way it can read just numbers without K and M?
  15. im having problem with skill damage it is not showing damage above 6digit and will change into a 5 digit skill damage this is my screenshot may solar burst damage is 2m per tick however it only shows 40k, supposedly is should have been 4m
  16. im wondering why if a non vip player goes to the sky fortress , player was able to get vicious gear with random option, if it is a vip it doesnt get anything, i also tried farming crimson weapon with random elemental option still VIPs dont get anything with option only non VIP
  17. i wanna know if there is someone who has a script to do like a mob counter , this is for counting killed mobs specially needed for bio 5 to know if they have successfully summoned the mvp the requires certain number of kill mobs thanks!
  18. im waiting for this one to be released here, this is a good change for the RO
  19. im adding map_index and then i did a server restart and that one pop outs, our server since the last restart been up for 48+hrs already
  20. hi @Alayne im trying to use your Sky Fortress and im getting this error i hope you can skill help me badly need it
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