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  1. Archetype Saber

    April Digest 2018

    Thank you so much for the Hard Work Guys. Long Live rAthena!
  2. Archetype Saber

    Does rA Supports 2018-03-09aRagexe_zero Client?

    knew it. thanks for the heads up. and thank you for your hard work.
  3. Client Link: 2018-03-09aRagexe_zero I was trying to experiment on this particular client, but I can't find the packets needed anywhere on rA. and I try to use the packets on Hercules but seems not compatible with rA or I maybe I mess up on something? Hehehe
  4. Archetype Saber

    How to Convert UTF-8 to EUC-KR Encoding?

    @Lelouch vi Britannia in client it still reads as ansi or ASCII characters.
  5. I'm having difficulties on converting UTF-8 to EUC-KR. The newer clients reads only KR Encoded Format. a lot of misplaced strings on msgstrings and some lines.
  6. Archetype Saber

    Palettes 3job sprite

    can you post the structure inside the grf? If remember correctly, inside palette folder has a costume_1 folder for alternage 3rd job clothes/sprite
  7. I kinda troubled to understand how's this works. I need an 8bpp (256 color) with a size of 32x32. but in Photoshop(CC 2016) it is impossible to modify a Indexed .bmp image. what setting should I use on new canvass setting?
  8. on a bitmap file 255 0 255 is the total transparency. I was thinking if its possible to make it "Glass"- like transparency.
  9. Archetype Saber

    Empty Error Message

    Show the Diff you use, Client Date of Clien you use.
  10. Archetype Saber

    Does anyone still have this Custom Auras Mod?

    If I remember correctly, I don't know if you check it already.
  11. Archetype Saber

    [DISCONTINUED] Secret's Updated NEMO Patches

    Everyone is not having the same issue like mine. but I use the updated clean KRO. and I'm using Secrets NEMO and 4144's recommended NEMO. I revert back to 2017 client still on very small fonts. Also did KRO removes the Booking button on RO Menu? Additional Bug Encountered: OptionData is not Saving when you open a new client session. Sharing these problems I encountered. In some aspects. 2018 runs perfectly but still has a lot of bugs that I didn't encounter yet. Thanks for the heads up everyone especially @4144, @Ridley
  12. Archetype Saber

    [Q] Calculate Rate

    100 - 0.01% 1000 - 0.1% 10000 - 1% I think? In my case I just put any numbers until I reach the percentage I want. lol
  13. Archetype Saber

    2018-03-12 Client Small Font is an Error or Not?

    I'm using @4144's NEMO Recommended by Asheraf. Since I haven't tried Secret's version of NEMO. Im gonna try it now. Thanks for the heads up.
  14. Archetype Saber

    Discord Group for rA?

    Thanks @Radian!
  15. Archetype Saber

    2018 client error

    @Lelouch vi Britannia Tried that as well, Custom Font size 12 makes the font a lil' bigger than the small. but some strings got "cutted". as of now I'm trying to use a Clean Updated kRO. Thanks.