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  1. its already implemented, I think you need to use the Body Script to change sprite. refer to Stylist Script to get the gist of what I'm talking about.
  2. I don't know where to ask, but are we not posting Digestive Updates anymore?
  3. This is kinda' vague. this is what I get from reading your request. its kind of a recycle thingy.
  4. I'm thinking of returning and help the people of rA. but I need to catch up on things first. I highly appreciated who tries to help. thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. L O N G L I V E rAthena!
  5. this is great. after taking a long break. this is a good starting client for the new features. i'm looking forward on debugging it.
  6. since the unpacked client thread on Herc is Discontinued. and I'm also outdated on whats new. I was wondering if where can you get the unpacked clients nowadays. im kinda interested on trying the latest 2018 clients or zero clients. anyone would like to gives me an heads up? thank you.
  7. Thank you so much for the Hard Work Guys. Long Live rAthena!
  8. knew it. thanks for the heads up. and thank you for your hard work.
  9. Client Link: 2018-03-09aRagexe_zero I was trying to experiment on this particular client, but I can't find the packets needed anywhere on rA. and I try to use the packets on Hercules but seems not compatible with rA or I maybe I mess up on something? Hehehe
  10. @Lelouch vi Britannia in client it still reads as ansi or ASCII characters.
  11. I'm having difficulties on converting UTF-8 to EUC-KR. The newer clients reads only KR Encoded Format. a lot of misplaced strings on msgstrings and some lines.
  12. can you post the structure inside the grf? If remember correctly, inside palette folder has a costume_1 folder for alternage 3rd job clothes/sprite
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