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  1. Guys if you want to see my Project the owner uploaded it to his webhost here check it and give me some suggestion Website: http://playloki.ro-game.net/index.php
  2. Rate my Web project design and suggestion thank you.
  3. hello everyone im using 2018-03-07 and it has calendar icon how can i activate this system anyone can help me or is there a guide to make it work. thanks you.
  4. Hi I got this message in my map server please help me I did everything HELP me please TY
  5. Hi Im using 2018-03-07 I want to know how to work this attendance in 2018 client help please ty i saw in hercules they are using it. how to make it work in rathena?
  6. where? sir? I need example the box can be open only if you are level 50
  7. 14002,Adv_Siege_Supply_Box,Veteran Siege Supply Box,18,20,,10,,,,,0xFFFFFFFF,63,2,,,,,,{ getitem 11503,50; getitem 11504,20; },{},{} example Avs seige supply box need to be level 99 to open the box.
  8. Can anyone teach me where can I edit the link rathena.org in the sliding banner also where can i see the link in sliding banner I already search in my system folder and data folder but I didnt find any of them my cash shop is working 100% my only problem is i can't find where to edit sliding banner in cash shop and also the link every time i click it pop-up rathena.org i want to edit it thank you for someone who will help me godbless
  9. Someone know how to enable Refiner + cuttin like this can anyone tell me how to enable this i saw someone enabling this refine + cuttin
  10. Hi sir Rododark how did you fix it i have same problem can you share me your data.grf?
  11. Hi im looking tutorial RO mobile too Alice chan if you found a good tutorial please teach me... Im noob