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  1. i checked those the thing is i added a diff that adds the KRO inventory expander, which is like gym pass for inventory, i got that error.
  2. im getting this error when im compiling i need help..
  3. bumping this thread, where can i see that file? i wanna take a look on it, thinking of buying it if ever
  4. yess something like @mobcount and it will check how many mobs needed to be killed to summon the true mobs and the mvp
  5. i want to have a mob count for nightmare biolab, this is for player to have a counter for them to know how many more they need to kill for the mvp to spawn and keep in count of how many true mobs (true seyren, true eremes etc etc) still left needed to be killed thanks in advance1!
  6. im not that good in reading the script still kinda new .. i dont know whats wrong sorry newbie here
  7. onster .AvailableMaps$[[email protected]],50,69,"World Boss - "+getmonsterinfo(.AvailableMVPs[[email protected]], MOB_NAME),.AvailableMVPs[[email protected]],1,"worldboss::OnWorldBossDeath"; "World Boss - "+ like this?
  8. i got this error , can someone help me fix this . i asked akkarin already but i think he is busy
  9. bump on this, how can i adjust the auto warg damage?
  10. Thank you so far it is working fine with the force end and the mob count
  11. can you teach me the steps how did the latest SDE able to read the item db yml? its not reading my equips
  12. i removed it, when im checking it. however when i posted this K M is still there is there a way it can read just numbers without K and M?
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