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  1. https://rathena.org/board/topic/102531-icabits-exclusive-is-now-free-to-download-good-luck-to-all/ give away for everyone before i go. good lucky everyone ill pass by if i have the chance
  2. my problem is about usable items specifically on this example in item delay i added their respective delay on consume like 607,5000//ygg berry 608,4000//ygg seed 504,3000//white pots when i use item 607 it will give me the delay of 5 seconds but within that 5 seconds i can use another usable like item 608 or 607. so basically players can use another usable while the 1st usable used was still in cooldown any idea's how to script this? i tried google but i failed
  3. icabit

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    seconds = DIFF_TICK(td->tick,gettick())/1000; try replacing 1000 with 5000 might work im not sure its worth the try though
  4. i dont get this line "i cant seem to understand when it will work, . will not effect if your not being attacked by enemy is this how it works? cuz before you can use it as buff in normal town but now cant use it. " what are you trying to say? be more specific question: additional question, how to increase normal attack damage? answer: items question:why when I place the server in maintenance using char_Athena.conf answer: look for this "group_id_to_connect: -1" in login_athena.conf then modify it restart your server or use @maintenance command
  5. icabit

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    skill_cast_db.txt check it in db/pre-re if your using prere check it in db/re if your using renewal //===== Guild Skills ======================= //-- GD_EMERGENCYCALL 10013,0,0,0,0,300000,0,5000 // SkillID,CastingTime,AfterCastActDelay,AfterCastWalkDelay,Duration1,Duration2,Cool Down,Fixed Casting Time change the cool down to your liking
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