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  1. if(getstatus(SC_ITEMBOOST,1)){sc_start SC_ITEMBOOST,-1,getstatus(SC_ITEMBOOST,5)+<time of item>} Try use if else logic But this gonna broken coz you try to combine 1 function for Permanent BOOST with durable BOOST" You have to modif the source
  2. --- a/src/map/skill.c +++ b/src/map/skill.c @@ -695,7 +695,7 @@ bool skill_isNotOk(uint16 skill_id, struct map_session_data *sd) break; case MC_VENDING: case ALL_BUYING_STORE: - if( map[sd->bl.m].flag.novending ) { + if( map[sd->bl.m].flag.novending || strcmp(map[sd->bl.m].name ,"alberta") ) { clif_displaymessage (sd->fd, msg_txt(sd,276)); // "You can't open a shop on this map" clif_skill_fail(sd,skill_id,USESKILL_FAIL_LEVEL,0); return true; On Skill.c shop except alberta is prohibited
  3. Nice Work haha i think you are success bring the game rules & system to the comic artwork
  4. did you refering to one cast abra and no more per player?
  5. Kichi

    About skills

  6. change your maya purple card script to be like this. if(!getmapflag(strcharinfo(3),26)){bonus bIntravision,0;} Maya Purple will not work at castle Untested, more info and support contact me
  7. Kichi

    VIP System

    possible, but why an emblem? how about putting a custom aura upper their head?
  8. there are many kind of @afk in this forum like you found
  9. you request bit confused me if you want fixed cast just add fixed cast time like this and remove all non 3rd job fixed cast if any