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  1. Hello people! Where to play?

    1. mrlongshen


      Hello. Play what? RO ? hehe /abs

  2. ShowWarning( "Monster \"%s\"(id: %d) is dropping an unknown item \"%s\"(Drop %d)\n", db->name, mob_id, str[k], ( i / 2 ) + 1 ); It is already showing by default the mob id. Maybe it is coming from a different call, when the server is loading itemdb files.
  3. Any free installation creator will do, as long as it does its job to install files to the proper directory. I used Install Creator in the past.
  4. Clue: npc_event(mvp_sd,md->npc_event,0); What I would do if I were you: 1. Make a new scriptcommand so you don't have to edit every script that uses *monster script command. 2. Add a new char in mob_data struct, or just a flag to indicate that it is a OnMobAttacked event. 3. Look into battle.c to force run the script everytime it encounters a flagged attack.
  5. <map name>,<x>,<y>,<xs>,<ys>%TAB%monster%TAB%<monster name>%TAB%<mob id>,<amount>,<delay1>,<delay2>,<event>{,<mob size>,<mob ai>} See the <event> field, that's what you are looking for.
  6. search for function in battle.c int64 battle_calc_damage(struct block_list *src,struct block_list *bl,struct Damage *d,int64 damage,uint16 skill_id,uint16 skill_lv) add if (skill_id == MO_EXTREMITYFIST ) damage = min(damage,500000); That way, it will be capped to 500000 damage.
  7. search in status.c, something like status_calc_aspd
  8. Just an advice, what you invest on your hosting is what you get as a service. You won't get as much ddos protection from budget servers.
  9. Ask from the SMF forum as this is a concern within the forum software. Try the ff though: 1. Restrict viewing of replies to logged in users only though. 2. Disable replies to this subforum.
  10. Do you mean categories? Add this clause to your url, don't forget to change x to your category number. c=x;
  11. here..go figure.
  12. Ohh neat. I was wrong, readparam was updated.
  13. There's none. Unless you customize the source, you can add a script command that reads the actual ATK1/ATK2.
  14. Did you try attacking? I think bAtkRate reflects only on the actual damage(not shown in the char info), unlike bAtk