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  1. too lazy to upload free mod, too lazy to upload paid mod here

    • nobank mapflag to disable account bank functions (deposit & withdraw)
    • nocashshop mapflag to disable cashshop (icon) functions (open the window & buy)
    • force_drop mapflag to drop all items in player inventory if leaving the map (except if the item cannot be dropped)
    • auto_respawn mapflag to auto-respawn killed player just like in castle
    • hp mapflag to set minimum and maximum player's hp
    • sp mapflag to set minimum and maximum player's sp
    • modified pvp_nightmaredrop to drop all items from player inventory on dead also able to specify the amount to drop (except if the item cannot be dropped)

    all $8. PM me if interested

  2. Cydh

    Custom command

    assume you know how to script, use [email protected] = readparam(CASHPOINT_VAR,"char name");
  3. Cydh

    Need help regarding errors

  4. pincode change is timestamp of "when the last time pincode changed" safe, better you add the e-mail & birthdate too, because deleting need one of them nothing. just if u decide to run use m5 for password, you need to set md5 too on password while insert new record
  5. Cydh

    Global Damage Adjustment

    Updated diff for Git Hash: 0d773983 (20180918)
  6. Item like Horn of the Goblin General from Overlord will be cool. Summon permanent followers!

  7. Cydh

    Change race on card equip.

    try this
  8. Cydh

    Change race on card equip.

    not officially implemented nor planned
  9. OTP for FluxCP?

    1. Litro Endemic

      Litro Endemic

      that would be good thing

  10. I'll answer this for you. so here's the answer. no answer yet... the problem is not the donating, the withdrawing xD
  11. Cydh

    Perbedaan client Ragexe dengan RagexeRE

    RE => digunakan di Sakray kRO
  12. Cydh

    Need Help Tax Vending EXE2018

    just do what Mahiro says, it works at least in the server-side. the client-side value are hardcoded in client. there' s no answer "how to remove/change it on client" for a year and for more years
  13. The idea was from my old mod "to open other's storage" but somehow it's gone with corrupted git dir. And this mod is about a shared storage system that in simple example somehow like guild storage that players can access 'the same storage' as long as the player has same guild id. So, players that registered to shared storage id, can access the same storage. Shared Type None: Specified by your own script Guild: Example 3 guilds have 1 shared storage Account: Example you have 2 accounts and want a storage to easily move the items Characters: Example for married chars & adopted child has shared storage Permissions Based on my-now-as-rathena's premium-storage, each players maybe have different permission (read-only, put, get) even the storage_id is same. But the permission/access mode can be overwrote by using script command to open the shared storage. FluxCP Add-On Added FluxCP Add-on to manage the shared storage entries which are stored in SQL. Limitation Multi-map servers dupe..... shouldn't be happen anymore (need further test xd), I added a flag to mark if the storage is opened in inter-server which in for guild storage, players can access same guild storage in same time.
  14. Cannot found my old source mods, maybe buried alive with a broken git dir 😑

  15. Cydh

    Help with ticket refiner

    only some hints, you can do the rest setarray .tickets[0],5,6235, 6,6234, 7,6233, 8,6232; [email protected] = EQI_HEAD_TOP; [email protected] = getequiprefinerycnt([email protected]); disable_items(); //add some var to store equip data for F_IsEquipRefineHack for ([email protected] = 0; [email protected] < getarraysize(.tickets); [email protected]+=2) { if ([email protected] == .tickets[[email protected]] && countitem(.tickets[[email protected]+1]) > 0) { callsub(OnRefine,[email protected],.tickets[[email protected]+1]); break; } } end; OnRefine: // callfunc F_IsEquipRefineHack, .... delitem(getarg(1),1); successrefitem(getarg(0),1); end;