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  1. Hello to see if someone can help me correct this error when I am compiling the emulator I just downloaded the latest version of rathena.
  2. Hola seguro por lo que e leído te faltaría esta carpeta select_character_ver4 y si no es 4 debe ser 3 prueba.
  3. A question is there any way that in the renewal mode the defense is ignored the physical attacks that is, when the player versus the player fight, the melee attacks are more effective because it happens to me that too many fail, even if the Hit is high. I already tested on Pre-Renewal and Renewal and there's no way that Melee attacks work as before. Help please I want a PvP and pve balanced.
  4. Very good contribution, thank you very much
  5. I have already solved it thanks you can delete the post
  6. What happens to you does not connect you, you have to have in your data clientinfo.xml and sclientinfo.xml and in the luas it changes to usa service_usa.
  7. Anyone know how I can solve this I'm using the 2018-03-07 client . once I refine, the images come out distorted
  8. I think it will recover 999999 if I remember correctly upload it to see what happens
  9. I like it but I think it lacks the top pvp and it would be better to see that you have a space under the top Mvp

    1. Vietlubu


      Thank for your suggestion, I will consider to add on next version

  10. Hi, I would like to know if I can change the aspd max from 199 to 210. It is that once I played a server that the atroce_card when it was activated was put in 210 of aspd, it sold me a great help to know how it is done so it has more value card. Thank you
  11. Well on this route rathena/db/mercenary_db.txt
  12. In order to give back to this community, and as a huge thank you and I leave you an instance that many seeks I hope you enjoy. Mob DB Mob Skills Quest DB Instance DB Mercenary DB devil_tower.txt
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