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  1. Very nice Najara! It came out really neat. I really like how there are actually leaves on the floor rather than the floor being 'painted' fall'ish colours.
  2. Wow that's awesome. It's coming along great. Nicely done.
  3. Isn't cart termination supposed to already bypass reflect shield? o_o
  4. A lot of us still are.
  5. Is that cat in a chocolate balloon? o-o
  6. Interesting o-o. Never thought / seen before xD. Nice one.
  7. Im not sure if you're going to find those. I've been trying to search for them too... =/ Quite hard.
  8. Hm, to bad there isn't a bunch of screenshots with different variations of fonts xD. I normally just stuck with the 'default' xD
  9. Why people like Ragnarok Hosting Services : Everything is pretty much setup for you. Why people don't want to use other Hosting Services: They don't know what to look for, They have to setup the server and configurations themselves.
  10. I found a Ragnarok World Map PSD I was working on awhile back... I guess I should release it lol

  11. If it was 100% done but it isn't lol. If I were to change the entire layout, but kept certain elements (i.e. fading header, footer; kafra, etc.) then yeah. However, depending how much I feel like putting into this theme, it'd end up being free. So, you can fight me on that all you want.