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  1. New Additional Renders ~ here
  2. blah... it's getting cold outside... 

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    2. Mystery


      What is your ID number beside your tag?

    3. Kido


      That KidoCat#0753 :3 happy new year ::3!


    4. Mystery


      Can't seem to find you... use mine lol Mystery#6173

  3. Welp... didn't know the rules were updated... my apologies lol.

  4. Very nice Najara! It came out really neat. I really like how there are actually leaves on the floor rather than the floor being 'painted' fall'ish colours.
  5. Isn't cart termination supposed to already bypass reflect shield? o_o
  6. Interesting o-o. Never thought / seen before xD. Nice one.
  7. Im not sure if you're going to find those. I've been trying to search for them too... =/ Quite hard.
  8. Hm, to bad there isn't a bunch of screenshots with different variations of fonts xD. I normally just stuck with the 'default' xD
  9. Why people like Ragnarok Hosting Services : Everything is pretty much setup for you. Why people don't want to use other Hosting Services: They don't know what to look for, They have to setup the server and configurations themselves.
  10. I found a Ragnarok World Map PSD I was working on awhile back... I guess I should release it lol

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