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  1. Maybe your GPU Driver is not updated or is generic? Did you try to update your Video Card thru NVIDIA?
  2. Maybe you forgot to allow the ports of login, char and map servers? Or packet_obfuscation is enabled in server while disabled in client? Just a thought but I don't know the real answer.
  3. Need this one too! I hope you can help us with this.
  4. Can anyone update this to the latest rev? Thank you.
  5. Did you already uncommented the ADJUST_SKILL_DAMAGE in core.h?
  6. Hi, I tried to implement this in my test server but still, it can't attack and allied guild. Git hash: 6bea2da3
  7. You may contact @vBrenth
  8. Hi @Scylla! I have tried it again just now. I forgot to FCP the other character. It all works fine. Thank you!
  9. @Scylla thank you! The source mod is working fine with the error. However, how to fix to make the single strip always consume 1 GCoat for every attempt? The current mod is not consuming any gcoat.
  10. Very nice update and it is working! Is this possible to reload when the server is currently up?
  11. Provide the missing files please Thank you
  12. Open skill.c Find: struct map_session_data *tsd = BL_CAST(BL_PC, target); After, add: struct status_change *sc, *tsc; Find the 2: if( require.weapon && !pc_check_weapontype(sd,require.weapon) ) { Replace with: if(require.weapon && !(pc_check_weapontype(sd,require.weapon) || (skill_id == LK_PARRYING && sc && sc->data[SC_SPIRIT] && sc->data[SC_SPIRIT]->val2 == SL_KNIGHT && sd->status.weapon == W_1HSWORD)) ){
  13. If I remember correctly, I made it work in the latest rAthena. Will send you the fix, possible later when I'm in office.