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  1. Also might be great if you add special effect on the user when he snap to make it more epic
  2. fresh from github throw a compile error with
  3. right now, using the old source release about @afk will work but after the server restart. it will not load like real autotraders.
  4. Hi, I don't really know where/what file to look about this mapflag but it seems to be not working. EDIT: lmao i was testing this as gm. not normal player. so its not really bug.
  5. 06-29-2017 kRO data.grf works fine but with 2019 data.grf it says error opening
  6. http://avonro.com/ found on this server.
  7. Whenever i change job to Acolyte, Monk, Priest. this error msg show up. anyone know about this?
  8. Hello! Is there any psd for bg.jpg? so we can rename "Your RO" easily? thanks!
  9. Good day! I'm having error on adding custom monster on the server. having above 4k+ id result into client crash. i can't seem to find a suitable place for 3k-4k since its already been use by default. any suggestion what to do?
  10. Hello Good day to all. Can i request a function of delay. The function will have a list of item ids that will share its delay/cooldown. for example i put item id 501,502,503 on the function and set the delay to 500ms when i use the 501 item id. the other item (502,503) will also cooldown the same time with 501. Thanks!
  11. Hello, so i've setup a paypal donation on my fluxCP. set the business email. and ipn to mysite.com/cp/?module=donate&action=notify the balance would transfer but in the account on fluxcp there is no credit increase. it just remain to 0. i've tried sandbox even real one. still the same result I've research some of the topic but seems no one to work.
  12. Hi thanks for answering! now i have idea
  13. I wouldnt post here if i ddnt search on google even the link you gave me give the wrong result. Im looking for SQL to TXT not TXT to SQL. try to read sometimes it helps.
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