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  1. check the logs. char or account numbers.
  2. Good day! Can someone help me. Been trying this v4p but after 12hrs interval i cannot re vote anymore. no points added nor clicking the vote wont let you go to voting site. https://github.com/sanasol/FluxCP_Addons-VoteForPoints
  3. Hi I don't know it this is okay, but can someone convert this to Hercules script? thanks!
  4. How can I lower success rate of this? It seem I won 8/10. tnx
  5. Help me with this script please. if it's below 00:00 it becomes -00 : -00 negative. how can i stop it to 00:00 claim prize now? Payon,161,240,3 script Playing Game 911,{ [email protected] = #lastTimeTalked + .countdown - gettimetick(2); [email protected] = [email protected] / 60 / 60 / 24; [email protected] = [email protected] / 60 / 60 % 24; [email protected] = [email protected] / 60 % 60; [email protected] = [email protected] % 60; mes [email protected]$; mes "Sorry you can get the"; mes "Reward again after "; mes ""[email protected]+":"[email protected]+":"[email protected]+"!"; close; } if (#lastTimeTalked + .countdown > gettimetick(2)) { mes [email protected]$; mes "Hello "+strcharinfo(0)+",I"; mes "am here to give you a daily"; mes "Reward. Do you want to have it?"; next; switch(select("-Yes,sure!:-No,bye!:-Cancel")) { case 1: mes [email protected]$; mes "Okay going to give you the item!"; next; mes [email protected]$; getitem .rewardid,@rewardamount; mes "Okay have fun with it!"; set #lastTimeTalked,gettimetick(2); close; case 2: mes [email protected]$; mes "Okay goodbye!"; close; case 3: close; } } OnInit: .countdown = 60 * 60 * 24; end; }
  6. Anyone please?? Every time i summon homunculus i need to do @refresh to have it show, and when i do @go 0 and walked once homun walk it got error. I am using 2014-10-22bRagexe client. please help me.
  7. Good day! Who has sprite for .act and .spr for the missing sprite? Don't know what to google and i tried searching inside the data.grf and rdata.grf both are none. Please give me. thanks! 00# [FAIL] sprite\¸ó½ºÅÍ\Ãʺ¸ÀÚ.act [860 ms] 01# [FAIL] sprite\¸ó½ºÅÍ\Ãʺ¸ÀÚ.act [860 ms] 02# [FAIL] sprite\¸ó½ºÅÍ\Ãʺ¸ÀÚ.spr [860 ms] 03# [FAIL] sprite\¸ó½ºÅÍ\Ãʺ¸ÀÚ.spr [860 ms]
  8. Good day! May i request a multi-currency shop like Emistry with different function like, i have hourly coin, daily coin, fishing coin, hunting coin and mvp coin. What i wanted is to let players view the item first and place the shop in one npc however: case 1: for hourly coin are non-trade able Case 2: for daily are rent items Case 3: for fishing are trade able, Case 4: for fishing is trade able Case 5: for as mvp coin. Because i have like 5 npc shops just to implement each function, wanted to know if i can place them in just 1 npc, Is it possible? . please help me. thank you!
  9. Good day! I did lzma compression of grf using tokies grf editor to compress my grf from 1.9gb to 1.3gb. However when I launch the client it will automatically close no crash log. How can i fix this? Please help. Im also running gepard and no crash log on it. Please help me. It is so helpfulp since it lessen the size. Thanks!
  10. Can this be compatible to hercules? wanted to purchase the script. //===== Compatible With: ===================================== //= rAthena Project (pajodex) //===== Description: =========================================
  11. Hi @Cydh which folder? tried to edit in CSS. don't know which section. By the way i am using FluxCP Theme v2 - Brightix. Please help me how to fix it. Thanks!
  12. Good day! How/where can i edit this table margin to place it inside (in the center) of the main table? thanks!
  13. Hi functor.

    Wanted to buy gepard from. Already pmd you. Please let me know how much and where to send payment. ASAP. Thanks.

  14. i see. thanks for the information!
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